Reflections on the Prophet’s dhikr #4

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah something else the Prophet Muhammad SAW he said I would say after his prayer is Allah and Allah Moakley seen Allah who have been one of Kettering health care if you don't, and we translate this to mean, there is nothing worthy of worship except for Allah. And we solely devote our practice our deen to a lot. Even if what okay, how to caffeine on it, even if the people who reject Faith, despise it or even if they dislike it. There's a couple of things going on here.

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When it comes to the prophesy, son, I'm saying meclizine No Dean, and it reminds me of something that Sheikh Abdullah Shaheed, he often says, in his lessons of the prophets machine.

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There are two types of people, some people, they put themselves in the service of the deen. They put themselves, their talents, their abilities, their time, their wealth, their body, on the line for the religion, in order to further Assam and in order to help the Muslims. And there's other people who put the deen in the service of themselves. These people, they are constantly using the religion, but it's really behind it, it's pushing their own brand, it's pushing their own name, it's pushing their own

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party or whatever they're calling to. And this is a very, very subtle difference. And it's something that we have to be really, really careful about, and realize that the devil is constantly working to try to bring us from the ladder, from the former over to the ladder. He's trying to take away our sincerity and our devotion in this religion and make it about ourselves.

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The second part will okay you have caffeine, no matter who despises it, even if the people who reject Faith, despise it or don't like it. And This in essence is about being in reality, unapologetically Muslim. These days. This is a very popular slogan to be unapologetically Muslim. Regretfully, there's some people who use this slogan. And there are other actions in there other statements and their other commitments and convictions actually indicate the opposite, that they actually are quite apologetically Muslim. But in this sense, it's interesting the prophesy said I'm paired these two in his dua. He said, we're devoting our entire religious practice to Allah, meaning

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we're not looking for favours, we're not looking for vindication. We're not looking for approval from anybody else. And in that struggle, in that devotion, we don't care who approves of it and who doesn't.

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That's not to say that other people will disapprove of absolutely everything that's in our religion, it's also not to say that whatever other people disapprove of becomes our religion. Right? It's to say that what we're worshipping and what our convictions and our devotions are, upon knowledge from the Quran and the Sunnah and our classical scholarship, that this is our religion. This is our path, and we are committed to it, no matter who likes it, and who doesn't like it. Well, hamdulillah Well, I will Adam salatu salam ala Rasulillah