Tom Facchine – Reflections on the Prophet’s dhikr #5

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how they have become proud of their own accomplishments and how they have no right to be arrogant. They also mention a disturbing story about a person named replacements and how they have lost their temperament due to it.
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This for another having a low sort of Sidama Sula. Another thing that Prophet Muhammad Ali Salam used to say after his prayer was level Nirma, whatever the fuck whatever, find out what hasn't been used to say that, to Allah belongs all blessing and all bounty and his or belongs to him or is due to Allah, all good praise. And this is trying to remove some of the wisdom behind this is trying to remind us that everything that we have comes from Allah, as we said before, not only our material wealth, our houses, our cars, but also our relatives, also our skills and our talents and our abilities always come from a lot.

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And the next thing the prophesy send me is to say, well, I will follow his as the bounty. And that's kind of a reminder that a lot of deals with us with bounty, if he wanted to, he could have given us just a few scant skills or abilities or talents. But if you look at human beings, in general, they have a multitude of interests, they have a multitude of talents and skills, and, and blessings, even if we were just to account for the senses, that our bodies have our ability to see our ability to hear our ability to speak and to learn different languages. And for all of this All praise is due to a law, whatever thinned out will happen.

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Sometimes, especially in our daily lives, we are encouraged to think of things as results of our own actions. Right. So what I have in this world, it's because of my own effort, and anything that so if I see somebody else that doesn't have as much as I do, it must be because they didn't try as hard or they weren't as clever, as talented as I am.

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This to the prophesies sort of made us kind of an antidote to that idea, or that attitude. It shows us that absolutely everything that we could possibly imagine that comes from Allah and so we have no right to be proud or arrogant about anything that we have that anybody else doesn't, because the only reason it was given to us and not somebody else's because a lot deemed it within his wisdom to be so that a koala hotel and Adam are so lucky to be in ramen.

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