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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam so that said Mr. de la vaca to this Israel as as he will come in to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014 day 21 we have hamdulillah now in Australia the final countdown of Ramadan as these are the final 10 days you know of this blessed month of Ron asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those that will witness the night of the power which could be in any odd night of these 10 final days of Ramadan. So, this is the time where we should increase you know a better you know ensuring that we have a very sound heart and shallow data so at the end of Ramadan we should be amongst the talking for you to be a motor pain for you to be

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amongst them attacking you know the righteous, you need to have a very, very sound heart a clean serene heart. So let me share with you

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this amazing

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in fact prescription it's a prescription given by Sophia the 30

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Sophia 30 was a man from the the predecessors

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a man with a sick heart came to him and he says yes Sophie Anne Marie the lb philosophy they were my heart is six Could you give me some prescription some there was some some some give me a cure. Or or give me

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give me something to heal my heart from its sickness, Sophia and he said, I like Kabir. Okay colossal lip. Look at this amazing prescription. I like beer. Okay, Nicholas. He says bring the roots of sincerity you know, the roots. And then he called them the roots of sincerity. Well what are the sub and bring in the leaves of patience so the roots of sincerity and the leaves of of patience. While I'll say the thought and the juice of of humbleness, da da da da da da taco is is put put all this in a cup called sawada called

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in a taco in a taco meaning put all this in a cup of of righteousness taqwa fear of Allah subhana wa tada was so badly he met Sasha and pour some water in this cup add some water, of of fearfulness you know or or piety. We'll open it now.

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And then lit up the fire you know to this, this water with this all this things that you have put in it. He says then lit up the fire of Harrison Allah Masia the fire of sadness upon the scenes which you have committed.

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Well softly be misratan What about what and I will be Kofi. As they were a shell shocked when Cassie and is the fog water moto bhilwara website annual healthy what Palmer touche Femina Malati COVID Neela Allah, He says then then, and then drink the whole thing with the hand of truthfulness, the hand of sick or SHABOOM in castle is the fall and drink from the cup of is the fall of sickness of seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala What about bhilwara and swell with with what I can hear or feel for las panatela you know when you put when you drink water and then you move like you swear? You know the swell of the he says we talked about Bill Wallace with it with water with the

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feel of Allah subhanho wa Taala and stay away from greed to Shiva meanwhile the Kevin de la Nila you shall be cured from the from your disease so it's an amazing prescription given by this man called Sophia an authority on on how to heal your your heart especially in shallow tada in this in this final 10 days of Ramadan. How can we have a sound heart asking Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those that will witness

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you know Laila to cuddle. Remember that Helen ma

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one, one who that

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will help you know the heart is the center is the place that that that that in fact stores, you know, imagine faith or co founder or guidance or or or righteousness or guidance or or ministry or love or hate this is the you know it's the center of all this. So it is up to us on how to filter these these you know and only keep the good sound qualities in Sharma hotel that we can inculcate in this blessed month of Ramadan, especially the last

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10 days whereby hi Sharon she as the Prophet Mohammed is a synonym in the Hadith reported insertion middle manager, hadith of Isaiah also Allah Teach me teach me something to say in this final 10 days or in the in the in the day that the Prophet told her or I she said, Amanda forward to heaven FFF windy,

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you are the oft forgiving and you love to forgive. So for Forgive me, in fact, this just particularly requires one, one full segment just to explain the meaning of apple and the meaning of, you know, of why the Prophet mentioned you know, the awful you know, a couple of times or three times and what are the blessings that are descended in these odd 10 nights and what did the Prophet used to do particularly in this final 10 days of Ramadan? In fact, let us talk about you know, you know, in the future seminar episodes, about this particular Hades, and the virtues of the final 10 days of Ramadan until another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014 I say Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi

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