Ibrahim Hindy – The Blueprint of Forgiveness (Sayed Al-Istighfar)

Ibrahim Hindy
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness for sinful behavior is discussed, including the need for forgiveness for sinful behavior and the use of words to describe reality. The physical appearance of Islam is highlighted, along with the importance of acknowledging one's mistake and apologizing for it to avoid future mistakes. The speakers emphasize the need for forgiveness and the importance of following laws and apologizing for mistakes to avoid future mistakes.
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So now I want to lay out what a cattle

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a lot

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first my

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in law

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and then an hamdulillah I don't want to study in OBE want to stop Pharaoh who want to study. Whenever we lie to Allah Manchurian fusina woman sejati I'm Melina in omya de la bufala Mobile Allah.

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Allah had Yella why shadow Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, wa shadow Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meaning one Mahajan is licking her jetten in Germany and out Allahu

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wa salam hobbies sudo was such a heavy aryan and omean Why then

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for long matches he hired on just eaten a B and

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what are sulan and our T what he said that it was

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it while he was happy, while a Jimmy minister Nabisco nuttin walked the effort he laomi Dean a my bags Oh Sequim one FC beautiful ly Tyler Fein whom a tequila

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Raja where woman hateful as I said,

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All praises due to Allah alone. And then we seek aid and assistance into him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Truly, Allah subhanaw taala guides, none can mislead. And he Malala leaves to go astray there is none who can guide

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and I bet What is it there's nothing worthy of worship sivola alone. And then Mohammed sallallahu I mean, he was sending them his both his servant and His Messenger. This is

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part of the human condition

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is that we as human beings sin, and we sin often.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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khulumani Arjuna for all of the children of Adam err and sin. Well how you roll in but those who are the best of those who err are those who make Toba to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And particularly in our day and age,

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we live at a time in which sin surrounds us. And the temptation of sin surrounds us, and the potential of error surrounds us.

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But as our Prophet sallallahu will send them said in

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Hadith in Sahih Muslim

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lo Lim says

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that Allah will become one.

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yourself your own Allah, Allahu Allah.

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He said a few were a people who did not sin.

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Allah will remove you off of the face of this earth.

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And he would replace you with a people who do sin and they seek the forgiveness of Allah and he would forgive them.

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Meaning parts of our basic relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala is the fact that we are weak, and we will air and we will sin.

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And our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala is largely built on the ability to get back to a law's origin, to seek His forgiveness, to turn back to him Subhana Allah

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because of this, our Prophet sallallahu wherever you send him taught us a way

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as in

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which he's from Allah, Who do you send them cold say even is the father say you do this to

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the master of seeking forgiveness? He said so Allah whoever you're sending them for I'll see you then it's just for

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Allah Antara de la ilaha illa and haluk 21 abduct one

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will be coming shortly now. So now what

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be fulfilling for in the hula if nobody learns.

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This. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us? He said manpower minute now move in on behalf fermat I mean, yo me He probably and you see for whom

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he said Whoever says this, in the day moved in and with certainty in this day.

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And they were to die before they slept at night. that that person would be from the people of Jenna. Woman Hala Hammond, a lady who moved in on behalf fermata from the annouce for whom Amina Jana, he said in whoever says it's before they sleep and they were to die before the awake, then they will be from the people of Jenna. This is the blueprint of is to follow the blueprint of our relationship, in fact with Allah subhanho wa Taala. The Prophet called it season is to follow the master of seeking forgiveness, meaning that out of all the forms of seeking forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. All the other drives that we can say to seek the forgiveness of Allah, this one is chief

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amongst them. This one is the master of all of them.

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And the scholars give three reasons for this being the case. Number one, this is the DA that generates the most amount of reward for the one who says it. Number two, some of them say this is the most likely to be accepted.

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And number three, they say this dry gathers the meanings of Toba and so far in it, all of the necessary meanings and understanding and philosophy and ideology of making this default to Allah is gathered in this one, two.

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And many scholars talked about this, a pull up he said,

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Nima can have the Dwight john yandina on he told me,

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he said because this to our oneness to art contained within it all of the meanings of Toba. It was then given the name of say it given the name of the essence of the master, because the master is the one that tends to the needs of other people. And the master is the one whom all the affairs go to the chief for the master of a community is the one who takes care of the needs of the people. And when there's an issue back to him. He said this is saying that is too far because it contains all the meanings of talbo. If we haven't understand your question, what is telling go back to the scenes if we need help go back to the seeds meaning this drive.

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And even john Ross said something similar Gemma also would love to send them she had Hadith. Minda de almani we're hosting unfound now you have a new somerby see you this fall. He said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gathered together in this one Hadith, all of the meanings and the beautiful terms that gave it the right to be called the master of this default. And if you say it's when you are awake or when you sleep

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You will be given the condition for seeing this too. However, the Prophet salallahu It was said that men of color have moved in and he said Whoever says it would be a clean with certainty with the depth of belief, as they say this drive. So what is the dewanna? Allah and Toby, Allah, you are my Arab. What is the if you were to open the sand and one of the authoritative dictionaries or lexicons in the Arabic language

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for Luca, and Malik was one with a bit well murghab be Well hi in wellmune.

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Rama, the meaning of Rama is the owner, the controller, the one who was in charge, the one who nourishes everything, and the one who takes care of all things. Allah subhanaw taala is the true or the true lord and master because He created us and he controls the heavens and the earth and all that is within it. He is Rob because he is the one who raises us, like parents raise their children, they sustain them, they teach them they help them until they're grown and nourished and strong. Allah zildjian has raised all the creation but realize the Dwyer is not a lot and Tara oma, you're the Lord no alone and Toby, Oh Allah, you are mine.

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You are my master. When you see this do you need to feel that you are personalizing the fact that Allah is that you are the one who created me, you are the one who nourished me from when I was in the womb and even before that until the date that I'm standing here today, you are the one who raised me and strengthened me and gave me of your blessings. This is the mentality we have to have when we are making this draw that Oh Allah you did this for me, you are my rob you are the one who controls everything around me, you are the one who has nourished me and was raised me alone the interim de la ilaha illa

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la isla So, the beginning is Oh Allah you are my ROM. Now, we are saying there is no ILA other than you

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learned there is no inner other than you, we said he is. Now we are saying we are saying is the only ILA. Now, what is the difference between Rama and between ILA, he is the, He is the Lord. He is the Creator, the only creator the only nourisher the only sustainer the only one who controls he is the ILA because he is the, he is the only one deserving of our worship. And therefore, he is the ILA. He is the law because he is the, he is the one deserving of our

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because he is the only true

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and so,

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there is none who is worthy

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of worship other than you, and the best due to Allah subhanho wa Taala contains the phrases of La Ilaha Illa Ma, we see the DA of Prophet Yunus it his sin,

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when he is in the belly of the whale, in the depth of the ocean and all of this darkness in this desperate state. What does he say?

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Allah ilaha illa Anta subhanak in the consuming of lighting in la isla Hale and there is none with the right to be worship save you. So the hi Nick how perfect are you? In the consuming of body mean I amongst those who have erred

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in the law is a powerful phrase. And if we see it with understanding and with emotion, we can unlock the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us the story of the man who will be brought on the Day of Judgment.

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And 99 scrolls will be laid out. Each scroll when it is unfold, it will roll so far as the eye can see 99 schools each one when you unfold them, they go as far as the eye can see. And all these scrolls is written on them. Written what the sins that this man has committed.

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And these scrolls will be brought. And the list of every sin that he has done will be read out to him.

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And every time the sin is being read out, the man is being asked, Do you deny any of this? Do you deny that you did this on this day? And the man will say no, I don't deny it until all of his sins

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have been read out. The 99 schools have been read out.

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And then Allah tells him but you have one good deed

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and they bring out a scrap of paper, not to school that goes so far, just a scrap of paper. And on that scrap of paper is La Ilaha Illa Ma. He said La Ilaha Illa Ma, he believed La Ilaha Illa Ma, even if he erred, even if he sinned, he believed La Ilaha Illa Ma, and that scrap of paper is brought. And Allah says place them on the skills. So on one side of the scales, 99 schools full of sins. And on the other side of the school is a scrap of paper that says bla bla bla and when they weigh these two schools, La ilaha illa Allah outweighs the 99 schools full of sins, because this is the power of you know in the law. And so law, in the law is a hallmark of is to follow. Allah is the

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source of our worship. He alone is our God, and this testimony alone may bring us His forgiveness Subhana Allah and His mercy, so alone men tunnel de la ilaha illa and Hanako 21 You created me and I am your servants.

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Everything is a Abdullah.

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Everything as a servant of Allah, whether Muslim or kapha, human or animal

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jinn, trees, rocks, stones, everything is a Abdullah. The question is, are we rebounded the villa willingly or unwillingly?

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Allah Subhana. Allah says in the Quran, Allah Allah will in order to

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attain upon Allah says, we said to the heavens and the earth,

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come to us willingly or unwillingly pilots attina thought, they both said to Allah, we are coming willingly, meaning they chose to be revived have a lot and had they chosen Otherwise, they were still going to do the command of Allah, because Allah is powerful overall things. We as human beings, Allah gave us in this dunya some free will.

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Allah gave us in this dunya

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Allah Subhana Allah gave us in this dunya some free will to choose, are you going to be the Abdullah willingly? Are you going to wait until you die in a lot brings you and you will unwillingly do whatever Allah tells you to do.

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And so here, part of this stuff, is us willingly saying to Allah, I acknowledge that you created me. Well, now I'm looking I am your servant. I am willingly deciding to be your servant, one Allah, deca, deca master pot, and I am upon your covenants, and your promise, as best as I can be. What is the covenant with Allah Subhana what ohana.

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And there are two meanings both of them are true.

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One is the primordial covenant, before we were created in this world, before we were born from the wombs of our mothers, we lived in another worlds. Allah tells us in the Quran, he took us from the loins of Adam,

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in a way in a shape in a form we don't understand.

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And he said to us, allow us to be or become,

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every human being went through this and this is the basis of the fitrah. Allah asked us allow us to be of the command my natural Lord. And all of us responded bene, Yes, you are.

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And Allah says, so do not forget this.

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Now, obviously, we don't have an actual memory of this, but we have the remnant of the memory of this, that deep within ourselves, we know that there is a God who created us, and deep within ourselves, we know there's one God, and deep within ourselves, we know that God deserves our praise and our worship. We don't know all the details of the study. But we know these basic facts, because he asked us and so we have become, am I not true Lord, and the effect of that incident is within our souls. So this is a covenant between us and Allah.

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But the more direct meaning of the covenant between us in Allah is this religion.

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The covenant between us and Allah is this Deen

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that Allah has ordered us with what he has commanded us with what he has prohibited us from. This is the the promise between us and Allah.

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When people accepted they are from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. What did they accept? When they accepted Islam? What did they accept? Allah sent our pa to here and to obey Allah and His messenger. This is the promise between us and Allah.

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And so you are saying Oh Allah I am upholding? I am firm upon and I am upon holding on to this oath, this promise I have between me and between you, I am upon this covenant, this promise, what is the covenant? What is the promise, the covenant is the religion. The promise is genuine.

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The promise is genuine. And

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that is the deen of Allah. And the word is Jenna. If you hold on to this Deen, Allah will give you genuine. And if you break the oath, you may receive the punishment of a law soldier. But he says,

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I'm on this oath and this promise, as much as I can be, as best as I can. I'm doing my best. And this phrase, Mr. Fox,

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is very beautiful. Because the phrase acknowledges that none of us are going to live up to this religion fully. All of us are going to make mistakes.

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And so it's hopeful because the prophets of Allah, wherever you send them, is acknowledging that we're going to make mistakes. And so when we make this to our to Allah, we're saying, Oh Allah, we are trying to hold on to this theme, as best as we can, we know that we're going to make mistakes and errors. But when we say this, we should feel humility in front of allies or

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weakness in front of Allah Subhana. Allah, this is the best that I can do. I'm trying my hardest, another ethical part. Ruby can mean shattering us. And then we say, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from the worst that I have done or from the evil that I have done. Part of his default. Toba

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is acknowledging

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the evil that we have done taking ownership for the sins that we have committed. We live in a day and age where people want to look for any reason to accept responsibility for their actions.

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Oh, I did this, but it's because of my parents and my upbringing. Oh, I did this. But it's because of my school teachers and the way that they treated me and taught me, oh, I did this. But it's because of society around me. Every excuse that we can find, to not take full responsibility for the deeds that we have done.

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We have committed We are the choices we've made in our lives. And if that's uncomfortable, we have to

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accept the uncomfortable situation, and try to do better in our lives. Not trying to escape the fact that it's uncomfortable by either blaming other people, or changing the religion of Allah.

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Oh, no, I don't think this is sinful. My Islam says that this is

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my Islam says that drinking alcohol is heroin taking drugs is halaal, Xena is halaal. This is why they don't want to deal with the guilt of it.

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That's not the attitude of the Muslim.

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The attitude of the Muslim is we take responsibility for our actions.

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I and I made the choices that I need in my life.

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I will be coming shortly now. So not Oh Allah, I seek your refuge, your protection, your help from the evil that I have done, I recognize that I have done evil, and I need your help or law to escape

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the consequences of the evils that I have done

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to correct the evils that I have done in my life. And so we seek the refuge of Allah subhanaw taala in his protection over the sins that we have committed.

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Near Mati Ali, Abu who means

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to permanently reside, like Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions about the ansara Medina tear down those who permanently reside in basically Medina

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right. When the Prophet makes another draw, he says, What's the West terminal jannetty Manzella Allah may or may your home be permanently Jenna.

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So Abu means to permanently reside. Here we are seeing a boo laka be near Matteoli that I am permanently occupying the position of recognized

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You're NEMA. Your blessing over me.

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Oh Allah, I am permanently acknowledging that you have blessings over me. It's a panel. It's a beautiful phrase. Let me now Matteoli. And this means no matter the situation, no matter the circumstance, no matter if I'm rich, or if I'm poor, no matter if I'm healthy, or I'm sick, no matter if things in my life are going well or not, no matter the circumstance.

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I acknowledge Allah's blessings, like the story of the man who is blind and paralyzed and homeless. And someone is walking by him on the streets and they hear the men saying hamdulillah Allah,

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tala de coffee ramen, and as the man says it hamdulillah to the one who has saved me from what he has tested, so many other people with the man stops dead in his tracks. He says you're blind, you're paralyzed, you're homeless? How has Allah blessed you?

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over other people?

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And the man says, didn't Allah give me

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a heart that believes in Allah, a tongue that is grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Like don't have belief in Allah don't have thankfulness to Allah isn't this anathema from Allah. So this is no matter your circumstance, you're recognizing the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala what will be them be and I am again I am permanently occupying the position of acknowledging my sins. Again, a theme is to follow a theme in our relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala is acknowledging and admitting our sins in front of him subhana wa Tada. We are taking the permanent position of acknowledging our sins, our religion with Allah subhanaw taala is one based on love and humility. Our love is born

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from acknowledging the blessings of Allah. And our humility is born out of admitting and recognizing our mistakes, not changing the deen so we don't feel guilty not blaming other people. So we don't feel guilty, acknowledging we've made mistakes, admitting we've made mistakes in order to then be able to work through them, fulfilling federally for inola fields and lands. And this beautifully ends with fiddley so forgive me for inland who live through the inland For indeed no one forgives the sins other than you owe a lot. Not only had those

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in order for

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smilla hamdulillah Sato cinema Rasulullah ala alihi wa sahbihi Omen while at the end of this to

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fulfill leaf in the hula for the Nuba inland, so forgive me, for indeed, no one forgives the sins other than you. There is no ma'am. There is no chef, there is no priest, there is no bribe, there is no influence that will relieve you of the sins that we have committed. There is no method. There isn't a way except through Allah subhana wa Tada. No one can forgive the sins other than Him subhana wa Tada. And a lot of soldiers when he describes the righteous people in the poor, and we're Lavina ADA and

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I will want to emphasize the coma. Those who when they commit an evil sin, or they have wronged themselves, they remember Allah festa federalism will be him. So they saw forgiveness for their sins will be forgiven all day long LA and who forgives the sins other than Allah, when I'm you sue Allah and they are not persistent over what they have done. What does persistence mean here? Does it mean they don't commit the sin again and again?

00:29:10 --> 00:29:19

Does it mean they commit the sin once and they never returned to it? Or inslaw? I listen, I saw them. It means here that the person

00:29:20 --> 00:29:29

refuses to acknowledge that they've committed a sin. So they are persistent. They say no, it's not a sin, and they continue to do it. When you sue

00:29:31 --> 00:29:40

them when they are not persistent over what they have done while they have knowledge. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the lab is a term of some

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tabula hottie. If the servant the Prophet says if the servant acknowledges their sins, and then they seek repentance from Allah, Allah Subhana Allah will grant them his repentance as let's connect to Allah subhanho data for this beautiful day. No one says it by day except

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But they will be granted paradise. No one says it's by night except that they will be granted paradise. May Allah forgive our sins May Allah rectify our affairs May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us his paradise and his mercy. I mean in the lomita it gets worse lunada Nabhi yeah you will Edina Amman also was in the woods Nima Allah sallallahu wasallam Allah says you know want to be you know, have you been a Mohammed Allah Masha Allah Mohammed a medical Cuban and abroad also the

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while he was happy for you in a while I mean well I know that the lines are the Aloma letter down in a female communism but lava Manila for Raja What are they in it for later when I'm worried I will feature

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a junior will ask

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me in alone medicine isn't everyone will mostly mean where are they before they can even help the dean along have they been in a Lehman was in houfy Rubina Walker eating and co flow and Lucien gentlemen awash in in a lion a little bit less anyway Ted and pourover way in hand if I show you and walk out he will probably come in under control to the Caribbean with cool bifocal mascara and I mean has it come

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about from Santa

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but all

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