Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #245 – The Truth About Allah

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Islam has a strong sense of justice and punishment, but there is a tension between the levels of love that one can achieve and the levels of love that others can achieve. They argue that there is a need for action that requires gratitude and faith to achieve a lost love, but this tension is not just a law or a rule.
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One of the things about Alaska, Montana is that he loves everybody to a certain degree, right? We hear this kind of claim. Some people, they speak against the sun and they say, Oh, well, your God is a God of maybe vengeance or whatever, you know, where's the love, you know, and they're coming from this assumption, because Christianity has gone gone so far off the deep end with the kind of love narrative that they imagine that love is just accepting absolutely everything and everybody and Allah loves to the extent where even the people who are deliberately flouting his rules and going against them, and you know, everything's just love, love, love. And so in a tradition, where we say,

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well, yes, but Allah is also just and justice comes from his love, right? So how can Allah love people, and those people are being slaughtered, and not do justice to the people who are slaughtering them? Right? So this is something that that, you know, in Islam, we have a much stronger sense of justice, and even of punishment in this life than the next. And we don't see a contradiction between that and love, right? So some people will come and they'll come with this doubt. It's like, oh, well, you know, Islam is not a religion of love, or the law, like the god of Islam, quote, unquote, is not a God of love. And in this sort of thing, and we say, No, that's not

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true. Allah loves everybody enough to create them, right? Love is not just one thing. Let's put that let's put that out there. Love is not just one thing. There's not just one level to love. Love is not a homogenous category, right? Allah loves everybody enough to have created them in the first place. And this is actually an extremely important point versus secular materialism, which imagines that we just came about randomly, that means there's no intrinsic value to human life or to any life. So we have to find, why is human life valuable through some other sort of paradigm, whether it's human rights or natural rights or whatever? No, we believe that we are creatures created from

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the last file, tada. And the fact that we are created by a loving and intelligent and wise God makes every single one of us valuable. That's where we get our value from. Okay, that's the first point. However, however, there are different categories and types of love. And many people can share that baseline value and being created out of love, but not have earned other levels of love due to their actions due to their choices, etc. And so how can it would not be fair or just or merciful if Allah subhanaw taala loved the same somebody who spent their entire life being grateful to their Sustainer for everything that they have, recognizing his bounty upon them, acting within his limits,

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respecting his rules and regulations, right, versus somebody who spent their whole life denying those sorts of favors upon them and rejecting the guidance and flouting the rules and flouting the regulations, all these things, you're going to tell me that a just merciful God is going to love both the same. That's not possible. And that's not fair. And that's not even merciful. Even if you might think that that's merciful. That's not merciful, right? So maybe we can say that Allah loves them both in the sense that He loves them enough to create them both right? But then there's other levels of love that need to be earned that require action that require commitment that require

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gratitude that require faith, right and then so those people are going to have more of a lost love or be entitled to or deserve more love from the Creator then then other people, right, so So this is how this is how it breaks down that it's not so simple that a law just doesn't love is that allows love is more complicated than maybe people give a lot credit for

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