Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P28 280A Translation Al-Mumtahinah

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Muhammad who want to suddenly our little studio Karim Amma Bertha are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim Furbish La Jolla, Saudi UAE assembly Emery Hello Europe the Tamil assignee of Kahu Cody openers.

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Surah told mom tahina verses one to 13

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all the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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yeah a you have Oh, I levena Those who I know they believe law do not set up here do you all take away my enemies

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and I do welcome your enemies earlier. Close protecting friends to corner you all cast elate him towards them. Bill Maher word that with the friendship Wah wild card in fact Cafaro they have disbelieved the man with what Jack when it came to you all men from Al happy the truth. You're free Juna, they drive out Rasul Allah, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, WA and II icon you all to and that, to me know, you all believe, believe in Allah radbeacon You're in

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control, you all were heretical, you all went out Jihad in the stripe at most fee in severely my way, where and EBITA

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to see metal Dotty MyPlayer to see Runa you all can see La him towards them. Bill my word that with the friendship wha while Anna i i love one who knows more Bhima with whatever fee to you all concealed Rama, Rama and whatever I learned from you all revealed where and man whoever, Jafar who he does it, mean come from you all are among you all socket, then in fact bollocky straight. So

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straight a savvy the back.

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In if yes, of Foucault, they gain upper hand over you, your Kuno they will be lecom for you all our other enemies were and yerba Soto they will stretch out la con towards you all ad their hands were and I'll sing their tongues Bisou with the evil wah and what do they loved, they wished low if only suck freuen you all disbelieve

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learn will never then fire them. It will benefit you all our harm are gone. Your friendships were and last nor I would love to come your children Joma on day Alpha Yamatai the standing UFC Lou, he will decide by intercom

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between you all were and Allahu Allah Bhima with whatever time alone you all do, mercy, always all seen.

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In fact, cannot. It was like home for you all was rotten. UModel has an atone one excellent fee in Ibrahim Ibrahim alayhi salam, WA and I Lavina those who Mara who with him is when orlu they said Leah follow me him for their people in indeed we were disassociated, free absolved of responsibility. Men come from you all WA and mimma from whatever taboo Don't you all worship men from Dooney other than Allah He Allah Caverna we have disbelieved become in you all, WA and Budda it has appeared by Nana between us. And by Nakane, between you all, Elijah to the enmity, WA and Al Baca the hatred, but then forever

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had the tale to me. No, you all believe biller in our the who alone Illa except polar saying Ibrahim Ibrahim alayhi salam the OBD to his father.

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Buren surely I shall definitely seek forgiveness Leca for you WA and MA Not only Gu I have power letter for you mean from Allah, Allah Min from Shane anything Robina oh our FileMaker upon you. So what Telenor we have put our trust what alayka and to you Annapurna we turned repeatedly in repentance, WA and the Laker to you pile Mercy, the final return Robina Oh, our law, do not dijanna you make us it's nothing a trial Lilla Xena, for those who Cafaro they have disbelieved Workfare and you forgive Lana for us or a banana for our wrap in NACA. Indeed, You and you alone, Al Aziz, the always Almighty al Hakim, the always all wise Lapid certain Kana which was Latin for you all. Feed

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him in them was Fatone UModel. has done an excellent lemon for ro Khanna he was your Jew he hopes he looks forward to love Allah wa and a Yama the day I'll have the last word and man who ever get a welder he turns away for inner then indeed Allah Allah Hua he I learned you the rich al Hamid the always all praiseworthy pasa perhaps it may be Allahu Allah and that Jaya Jaya Allah. He will make Binah come between you all were and Bina between a Lavina those who are they to you all considered as enemies? men whom among them my word Dutton friendship. Where and Allahu Allah buddies always are able were and Allahu Allah are a boon. Most Forgiving Rahim on always all merciful.

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La, not Jen, how come? He forbids you all? Allahu Allah. And from a Latina, those who learn did not your RT LUCAM they fight against you on fee about a Diem the religion

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and lamb did not Ukri do they drive you out? They expel you mean from the yard recon your homes? And that double room? You all do good to them? Where? And Toka CFO you all deal justly Elohim towards them in Indeed, Allah, Allah, your Hebrew he loves al markussi have been those who are just

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in nama indeed not yen How come? He forbids you all Allahu Allah. And from a Lavina those who are the local they fought against you all be about her being the religion where and a Huracan they drove you out they expelled you all men from the Recon your homes, wha and Rahu they supported each other by Allah upon the Harajuku your expedition, and that they will love you all be friendly.

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And man, whoever get the welder, he befriends them. But hola Erica, than those they Oh, golly, Moon. The wrongdoers? Yeah, are you ha, oh, I Lavina those who am I know they believed either when Jah calm came to you all, Elmina, the believing women. More heard your art women who emigrate from Daffy noon. Then you all test them. Allahu Allah. Allah No. One who is most knowing the Imani Hina with their fake for him. Then if I learn to move Hoonah you all knew them? Me nothing.

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as believing women by law, then do not do your own. You all send them back the law to I'll prefer the disbelievers not on the Helen lawful law for them were and law not the yeah hi Luna they are local Laguna for them work and to you all give them math whatever and for who they spent work and law not Janessa anything highly come upon you all and that thank you who you all marry them either when they do move when you all gave them all your honor their bridal money, where and law do not tune SQL, you all hold the iPhone in knots in bonds of marriage. I will cover theory, those women who are disbelievers Hoover's value, and you all ask, man, whatever, and Facetune you all have spent

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while yes. And they should ask math, whatever. And they have spent Valley comm that for you all Hoekman judgment decision, Allah He of Allah. Yeah, humo he judges, he decides, by in between you all WA and Allahu Allah palaemon always all knowing Hakeem always all wise.

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Well, and, in fact, it slipped away from you all che on anything mean from as well as your wives Illa to Al puffery the disbelievers Baca, but then you all had your turn,

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to then you all give a Lavina those who the habit she went as far as their wives Mitla like, man, what? And Paco they spent?

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And it's upon Allah. You all fear Allah. Allah the who? And don't you all be with him? Me known ones who believe? Yeah, are you here for you? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam either. When Dhaka came to you, I'll move minute. the believing women Juba year in Africa. They give a pledge to you Allah upon and that law not use Richner they will associate partners Billahi with Allah che and anything WA and law nor just revenue, they will steal WA and La nor just Nina they will commit adultery, WA and La nor Yekaterina they will kill I will add the Hoonah their children were and La Nora Tina, they will come be both turning with a slander just the Rena who they fabricate it,

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Boehner between AD in their hands where and how to Julie in their feet. Wha and law nor Yasi NACA they will disobey you be in my roof and any recognized Good bye bye Johanna. Then you accept their pledge where and is the fear? You seek forgiveness the Hoonah for them? Allah from Allah. Sinner indeed Allah Allah wa Fudan most forgiving Rahim on always Paul merciful. Yeah. Are you have for you? A Latina, those who know they believed law do not that are low. You all befriend a woman or people or the bar. He was angry. Allahu Allah, Allah him upon them.

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In fact, Jackie Sue, they have disappeared. Men from here at the year after comma, just like your ESA. He has disappeared. Alko follow the disbelievers mean from us hobby companions alcova the greats

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let's listen to the recitation

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Hey how you

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doing Welcome

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that order while ordering kettle will be managed

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for your free Jonah

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people need to

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be savvy on mobile body do cell phone

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bill in our data

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set Sebby e

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why others

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you are what do we do

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your woman

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long Vina

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bodycare Anna

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has ended up

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in Barcelona

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above the law

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other than to mean he was

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he marry every last

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Emily Kameena law

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My God tell

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me love

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in a lot more

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me than our salon

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what are the rd hola hola hold off me Nyan

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movie debut on a new fridge open media

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while I'm new free to

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in law

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consulting in an iron law

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is logical

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want to

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get home

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Now either

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eating was

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there even help logging

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long windy windy funky

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as well as

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double what

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shriek nebula usually

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one is

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Gina Danny

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body is

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your body can I

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