Ahsan Hanif – Our True Enemy

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The complexion of the brain that processes information and causes stress is activated when we see or smell danger. The brain is also activated when we become aware of a danger and shape on oil. The shrooming of Islam and the shrooming of sh Congress are reflected in the culture of the United States. The speaker discusses the danger of sh Congress and the shrooming of sh Congress, and the importance of shaping on in shaping people's bodies and minds. The speaker also discusses the danger of shaping on and the power of words in shaping behavior. The speaker offers tips on how to handle it, including protecting oneself from evil behavior and avoiding bad behavior.
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when our auto billahi min sharoni and fusina amin CEO Dr. Marina Mija de la Vela mo de la mejor de Lille further hodja worshiping Allah, Allah illallah wa the hula sharika overshadow Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa, early he will be he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira Yeah, you have looked upon la haka, Ducati wallet omoton illa. One Two Muslim moon yohannes itakura como la de holla Takumi nuptse wahida mahalo kamina Soulja, Westerman. humare john and Kathy euro one Isa, what de la la de de Luna de la ham in the law kind of early Cooperativa

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de la mano de la la kulu Colin de de de la cama de como, una

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momento de la hora, sola, who further further fools and alima Umberto for in North Dakota Howdy, Chiquita bolita, Allah.

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Mohammed in Salalah. While he was sending them a shot one more image to her wakulla de timbira wakulla bid auction, bada bada that in

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the human body is amazing. last panel, Darla tells us in the Oregon Nevada holopainen in Santa Anita when we have created mankind in the best of forms, every single part of our body that a large region has created. It is amazing. For example, neuroscientists tell us that from the

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ways that we combat danger. And the way that we react to danger is that when we sense danger, two parts of the brain become active. The first is something called the cerebral cortex. And that's the part of the brain that processes information. When you see fire, you sense danger. If you're a home, and you smell gas, you sense danger. If you're walking on the street with a young child with your young child, and the child runs into the road, you sense danger. That's the part of the brain that is triggered when we see or sense or smell danger. And the second part of the brain is something called the amygdala. And that's what then sends a response throughout our body to combat that danger

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that we have seen whether we sense it sends stress hormones, releases stress hormones in our body, pumps more blood, through our veins, increases our heart rate, we have more glucose in our bloodstream, all of those different things that the body does, so that we can react to that danger in the most appropriate way. Scientists call it the fight or flight response. Do we stand and tackle that danger? Or do we run away and seek safety? That's the human body. But there is a danger that Allah Subhana Allah tells us off in the Koran in numerous verses, a danger that we don't always sense and we can't always see or hear or smell. It is a danger that because it is so hidden, unless

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you're cognizant of the fact that it's there unless you're aware of it. It is so hidden, and so, so cloaked, that it is difficult for you to be able to respond to it unless you become aware of its presence. And that is the danger that alarm set, which refers to in multiple verses of the Koran, the greatest, most constant, most persistent danger that all of us face. And that is the danger of sheep on loss of Hannah, Darla and many verses of the Koran, and a large xojo refers to this over and over again. Because it's not something that most of us are constantly aware of. Something that we become heedless and negligent of a large religion says For example, in one verse, Allah had

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unique him yeah Benny Adam, Allah taboo shavon. In the hula Komodo mubin does not take from you or children of Adam, the covenant and the promise that you would not worship shape on free indeed he is your true enemy. the worship of shavonne is not just to make record but to shape on what it doesn't simply mean to prostrate to shape on, he means that those people who choose the path of shape on over the path of Allah, the promise of shavon over the promise of Allah, they follow the commands of shape bond over the commands of Allah subhana wa Tada. That is part and parcel of the worship, and sort of felt that in a second verse Allah azza wa jal says,

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In the shavon, Allah Kumar do one factor is ohada indeed, shavon is for you a clear enemy, so take him to be a clear

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Enemy, enemy. receber Julio Konami knows how the surgeon, he only calls his followers so that they may also be from the inhabitants of the fire. This is the call of shape on that each and every single person that follows this path will enter with him into that fire of how the he knows that a lot of zildjian has already promised him that he would be within a loss of panel Donna says in yet another verse Yeah, you're living in Amman, lotta tiberiu Tata shavon

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shavon for in Monroeville fashion you will Mancha are you who believe, do not follow in the footsteps of shape on For whosoever follows in the footsteps of sheet one. He only commands with evil and corruption. In yet another verse, Allah Subhana Allah says to us, yeah, Benny Adam leftenant nacoochee Pon, Tama, Raja Abba, a communal agenda, oh Children of Adam domotec che Pon try and test you just as you closed your ancestors, your forefathers, Adam and Hawaii, Mr. Lamb to be expelled from jedna from Paradise. Near another verse, Allah subhanaw taala tells us again about the reality of shape on oil Nadel mela Curtis, Julie Adam, for such a doula a police turn them in a

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genie for for soccer, and I'm Robbie. And when we commanded to the angels that they should prostrate before Adam, and all of them did so with the exception of the police. He was from the jinn. So he disobeyed the command of his Lord. And then Allah says effort that of you Luna who was Rita who Oh, Leah, I mean dooney Well, whom la Komodo. So then will you take him and his offspring, his progeny, as allies besides me, meaning Allah, and they are clear enemies to be certain Valentina Bella, what a wretched exchange that is, over and over again. Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us about the reality of shavon why because when she bond is there, and he's ever present, whispering to us, tempting us,

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telling us to disobey Allah subhana wa Tada. Most of us aren't even aware of that fact. We're not even don't even have the presence of mind to understand that that is what is taking place. So over and over again in the Quran, and the Sunnah of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were told and were warned against our true enemy, the greatest of our enemies, every other danger that we see in this life, with the danger of poverty, the danger of illness, the danger of everything else that we see and experience. Those are dangers and yes, their true dangers and their present dangers. And as Muslims we've been commanded to deal with those issues appropriately as well. But there is a danger

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that Allah subhanaw taala focuses on more than all of those other dangers. And that is the danger of shapen in the hadith of our profits on a low it was sent him the hadith of nsmb madico the loved one in Sahih Muslim, the Prophet told us on a low hourly and we'll send them llama so what Allah who add them if an agenda will taraka who Masha Allah who and your Toka generally believes you thief will be he will own the Roma who philam Mara, who drove out of kochalka tomalak when a large village will create it and add them out, he sent him before he blew into him of his spirit, he left him in gender for as long as a large religion will, standing there. And the police came and he saw this new

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creation of Allah. And he began to walk around him and see what is this creation that Allah has created. And when he saw that it was a jewel of hollow. He understood that this is a corporation that will have no self control, shape or knows from the very beginning of the creation of Adam and he said I'm Our Father, I will reality and I will weaknesses and the things that we find it difficult to ward off and to stand up against sheep on new so when Allah Subhana Allah commanded the police to prostrate before Adam alayhis salaam, and he refused to do so. And then other money is sent and was told to go into Jenna but not to eat from the tree shape on King to them shape on King

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to Adam and he said yeah them do look Allah sherlockian holdie omole Killa yabla he whispered to him and he said, Oh, Adam, shall not inform you point to guide you towards a tree that will give you a kingdom that will never diminish. And he promised them as Allah says in another verse in the Quran waqqas sama Houma in Nila Kumar lemina nasi, he took an oath and a promise that I only come to you as a sincere advisor. She knew and he understood from the very first moment when Eliza which allowed kastri Pond from Jenna, expounding exiled him from gender he made a promise to online he said libre then Allah homeseer article Mr. T Mobile law, I will sit up on that street path to which you have

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called him

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st Catherine every single record of every single prayer whenever we recite sort of the fact that it is the only day that we make, so consistently so commonly so frequently, in the innocent, often stopping, it will not guide us to the street path shavon took an oath and he said I will stand and I will sit upon that straight path with them from that straight path, divert them from that straight path, through Malathion. I mean benei, a de munhall for him. One day imagine him on Shama Ed him while he do a thorough home shakin and then I will approach them from in front and from behind, and from their right and from their left, and you will find that the vast majority of them are

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ungrateful. That is the promise that he made to Allah. And it is the decree that Eliza which will placed that he will live until the end of time, so that he can misguide as many of us as he is able to. And so the Prophet told us a lot while he was cillum in the hadith of jabiru rhodiola, one collected in Sahih, Muslim ilesa Shahada, the Maya saraya Ferdinand, who mean human gelatin, our moon fitna for Jihad to home for your Polo fell together worker for your Punahou, Masatoshi, familia Jihad home for your pool murtabak to Hector for up to Bina who will be number it for you the knee He mean who for your punishment, the Prophet told us on a lot while he will send them that he believes

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has pieces thrown upon the oceans. And every single morning he sends out his soldiers, since out his troops, so that they may go and cause evil upon the earth, whisper to humans to mean to you to our families, to our children, to our parents, to the people around us, whisper to them that they should do evil and disobey Allah. And then the prophets are seldom set on the one who is closest to a policing station is the one who causes the most fitna causes the most evil and corruption. So when they return these armies of the police, one of them will come and they will see to a police that I did such and such and such and such, and the police will dismiss him and he will say, That's nothing

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didn't do anything, until one of them will come and they will see two he believes that I continued to whisper and cause problems between the husband and wife until I separate them, cause divorce. So he will tell the devil to come closer, and he believes will say to the devil, you are good. You have done well praise that devil because in every single thing that we do, from the moment that we wake up until the moment that we sleep, every single major thing that we want to do shape on is they're trying to ward us from the paths of good encourages us towards the path of evil. Even when it comes to worshipping Allah subhana wa tada and you want to worship Allah and come closer to Allah shaytan

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is there sitting on that street path, warding you off? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the hadith of Abu huraira rhodiola Wang clintonville Bukhari and Muslim is a new Dr. sadati atbara shavon wahoo Dora is man as an Odile as an Akuma Sumida Sufi Bobby had been for either podiatry three blockable at jacobina want to see for your boo cada waka mala Mia cuando la la la Julia de esta la sala Mr bar, when the van is given when then gives the van shape on runs. And he flees the mystery. Then he passes wind so that he can't hear that or then. But once then finishes shape on we entered the message again until the comma is given. And when the comma is given shape on flees, and

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once the timer has finished, on we enters, and then he comes in he whispers to one of us and he says remember such and such and remember such and such something that you would never have remembered or thought of otherwise, until a person is in their prayer and they don't know. Did they read three or four cars? Or did they read four? That is what she pandas alarm. silja tells us in the Koran that he gives us promises and it gives us false wishes and hopes because she knows I will weaknesses. Yeah he to whom a human need him. Woman to whom she ponto de la hora. He gives them promises and false hopes and wishes. But the false hopes and wishes of shavon are nothing except deception. So she upon

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promises when you want to give charity don't spend a shaytani r into como morrocan bill fascia will love who you are into coma Pirata men who are fabula shaitaan comes and he says and he promises you poverty and he orders you to do evil. Whereas Alonzo which will promises you His grace and His bounties and his forgiveness. The mammal has some animosity Rahim Allah, Allah says that a large xojo over and over again in the Quran. He mentions the promise of His grace and His mercy for those who spend in Islam.

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way that Allah will reward them on low will increase them and good Allah will bless them with what they have only once in the Quran. There's a large that will make mention of the promise of shape and that if you spend, you will become poor you'll become impoverished. But it has celibacy Rahim Allah said we believe that one promise more than the many promises that Allah gives us because she knows our weaknesses. Each and every single one of us our weaknesses, our temptations, what we find it difficult to stand up against in Nima Yuri Doshi Ponyo in yoga, I begin the colada with our baba baba philharmonie will miss it. She only wants to cause hatred and enmity between you by using

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alcohol. And by using gambling knows our weaknesses. Some of us have a weakness of mouth, some of us opposite gender, some of us female power, some of us drink or gambling shaytaan nose, and he deals with each one of us accordingly.

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But in reality, a large soldier tells us that the traps and the plots of chiffon are inherently weak, weak, for those people who turn towards Allah strengthen themselves with the man busy themselves with the remembrance of Allah with righteous deeds, a large origin in the Quran when he describes szczepan he calls him and was Russell harness the retreating whisperer. Why the scholars of Tafseer said because she found only whispers when were negligent of Allah. When we don't remember a lot that is when she bond becomes strong. But when we remember a loss of Hannah, Darla, she's been retreats and he becomes weak. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once riding on his riding

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animal, and one of the companions was sitting behind him and the riding animal stumbled. So the man or the companion behind the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam became upset that the animals stumble. And he said, cursed is shapen so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, don't curse sheet one, because when you do so shaytan becomes more arrogant, more haughty, more proud, and he says that it's because of me that the Campbell stumbled, or the secret laws refuge remember Allah and shavonne will become weak until he is like a fly.

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So when you remember Allah shape on becomes weak. A large religion says in Nikita shibani cannot infer the plots of shape on are inherently weak. And alliances origin tells us that she bonds weapon is the weapon of whispering. He comes to us and he whispers but he whispers directly within our hearts led us Wi Fi pseudo leanness he whispers into the hearts of people. A large soldier tells us in Surah Ibrahim, that he himself will acknowledge on human cuyama the weakness of his abilities. When Eliza which says we're polishing upon Allah mapa de el amor de la hora de Kemal Huck will work to conserve love to come shavon will see on human piano, that indeed Alonso with jelly made the

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promise that his promise was true. And I made a promise, but my promise was false. When I turned ali ali come in saponin illa, under oath to confess the job to me, and I had no power, no authority over you, except that I called you and you responded. You see, the calling is not the problem. shapen is present within every single one of us. The Prophet told us all along while he was still them. There is not a single child of Adam, except that he as a companion from the devils. They said not even your messenger of Allah. He said not even me, except that a large soldier gave me the power and the ability to overcome it. He became a Muslim, and now we only commence me to do good. Everyone has

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shavon whispering. The problem is not the whisperings of shavon it is when you act upon them. When you become negligent when you don't remember a law and you don't see galarza which is protection. In the hadith of Sophia rhodiola one handcycle Bahari, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was making erotica and Sophia rhodiola one one of the mothers of the believers one of the wives of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, she came to visit him in the masjid and that she visited and she wanted to leave the professor seldom stood up to his altar. And as they were leaving, two companions walked in, and they saw the professor send them so they gave him salaams and the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam responded to them, and then the hurried they rushed. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said ileitis likoma in the house Sofia been to a be calm, calm down, slow down. It's only my wife, Sophia. The two companions they said Subhana Allah, meaning a messenger of Allah. We would never have thought evil of you. We wouldn't think anything bad of you. Because Sophia is a woman she's covered. She's in Japan. They don't know who she is. But we will never have thought he will have you. The profits on the low Arlene will send them responded and he said in a partner, he will insert an image

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them indeed Shea pond runs in the body of a person, the way blood flows. Were in the Hershey Tonio Khalifa vehicle Beco Mattia and I fear that he would cast doubt within your hearts make you think evil. That thought that comes in that we think of one another that's evil. That is from shaytan. When you're tempted to do evil, it is from shavonne. But that is all the power that shape on has. I called you and you responded he will see a normal piano fella. Teru Mooney, woolloomooloo and forsaken, so don't blame me blame your songs, my honor be Muslim, woman to be Muslim. Today I cannot see view and you cannot save me. This is the reality of shape on but shape on become strong. And he

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is power has power over us. When we neglect Allah subhana wa Tada. When we are not mindful of a large religion, when we don't stand up and we don't pray. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that when we go to sleep at night, shaytan comes and he ties three knots upon us. And he says to asleep and have a long sleep, so that we don't wake up and prefetcher so when you wake up in the morning, and you remember Allah, one of those matches and tight and then when you make Waldo, the second knot isn't tied. And when you pray or you pre selected for the third Matt isn't tied. And then the prophets are seldom said so a person is full of energy ready to face that day. But if one

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of those three knots remain untied, you miss fragile, you didn't wake up, you overslept. The process seldom said that person wakes up lazy, no energy, no, no real vigor about them for the rest of that day. Because there is the trap of shape on the Prophet told us on a low hourly he was sent him that when we enter into our houses, if you remember Allah and say Bismillah Remember last name, chiffon says to those with which upon those that are the devils with him, that there is no place for you here tonight. And when you eat and you say Bismillah shapen says that there is nothing for you to eat here tonight. But if we enter our homes, and we don't remember Allah, and when we eat, we don't

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remember Allah. Then shavon says, tonight there is a place for you to sleep And tonight, there is food for you here. So over and over again in the Quran. And in countless Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our attention is constantly drawn back to this one ever present danger. And it's repeated many, many times. Why? Because of how grave this danger is, and how easy it is for us to become neglectful of it. Over and over again. We're told my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, beware of shavon. Treat him as your enemy, understand his flocks and his plans, understand the way that he works and his methods so that we can protect ourselves and protect our families from

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the evil of shape on male larva, which will point us that safety from him and from his traps and from his armies barakallahu li walakum phylloquinone was certainly one of our annual yakushima female

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only has a postdoc federal law howdy welcome woody Jimmy muslimeen colita midfirst ofuro in Nevada For ye

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah when he was talking to a woman, who seldom at the Sleeman kathira Amoeba

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brought upon an anthro to stone Allah subhanaw taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have told us how to protect ourselves from this danger. And the greatest way that we can protect ourselves is when we strengthen our Eman And we turn back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we increase in our worship of Allah azza wa jal, a large soldier says in the Quran in the holy Salah who Superman, or the Latina man what Allah alharbi meta cologne in Amazon Panwar, they live in a tower Luna who lives in a home Beamish Lee Kuan he has no power, no authority over those who believe in Allah have Eman and they trust upon the Lord. His only authority is upon those who ally

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themselves with him. And they make sure with the loss of Hannah Watada every single time she pawn comes and he whispers to us, we have a choice between us. Do we follow that temptation that whispering of shape on or do we seek on loss protection and his help and turn away from shapen that is the choice that we face. And that is the battle that rages within us each and every single day. A large soldier tells us in the Quran, or in millions on the communists Chez Panisse, one for stehlik Billa. When shavon comes and he plugs you, he whispers to you, he incites you to do evil, then seek a loss protection and his refuge CO Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam once came out to his mission and he saw two companions arguing with one another

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And one of them had become red in the face extremely angry, shouting and cursing his companion. The Prophet sets on a low hourly and we'll send them to the companions with him. But I know a stigma that If this man were to see all of that anger would dissipate. He said, Only if you were to see at all they'll be lying in the sheep on the regime. So one of those companions that he went, and he said to that man, this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says to the man replied, and he said, I'm not crazy. I'm not mad. So God was in his anger, that he didn't even take the advice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam the Prophet told us on a low while he was telling me the

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hadith of Abu huraira rhodiola one, one of the greatest ways of warding off sheep on is to read ayatul kursi whosoever reads it before they go to sleep at night chipin will not harm them until the morning, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recommend that we read Sora to the class and fill up a nurse after every prayer in the morning in the evening, and that it protects you from all evil. And then the prophets on a low it will send him would have specific two hours that he would make specific to us that he would make to ward off the harms of shape on the door and that he will make for his two grandsons AlHassan Racine rhodiola Juan Houma, and he said that I make this to our

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over them, as Ibrahim Ali Salam would make it for his married and his half alima Salim Kumar became the Mati light mat, when conditional upon in wahama woman called the Iranian Lama, I seek refuge in the perfect and compete words of Allah from every devil and vermin and from every evil eye. And so the Sunnah, is replete with many other many, as many as car that we need to take the time and effort to learn and to instill within ourselves and within our families and within our children. Because the greatest harm and it is the natural instinct of every parent to protect their children. Every parent wants to protect their youngsters. It is from the greatest dangers that we face, that we must

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learn to equip ourselves with those routes from the Quran and the Sunnah. Learn the dangers of shade ponder ever present, and how to protect ourselves from them. We ask Allah subhanaw taala that he showers his blessings and his protection upon us and upon our families and our children. There are large social safe clauses from the harms of sheet one, and from his armies. That alarm xojo gives us the ability to overcome his whisperings must Allah subhanaw taala that sequences that we must reward in this life and the next little loss of handle to Allah kills those four monsters that are in and that he has mercy upon those of us that those of our loved ones who have died and that alaric xojo

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makes our face easy for us. sapan or manasi foon wa salam when Allah Mr. Nene will from de la

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