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The Prophet (S) said, “Dua is worship.” An explanation of how dua is the crux of worship, most of our rituals are centered around dua and a brief explanation of the Prophet’s favorite dua.

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The speakers discuss the importance of worship, including the use of the word "supplicating" and the beautiful fruit fruiting fruits. They also touch on the "we" and the "weholder" aspects of Islam, emphasizing the primary drivers of one's life and mind. The importance of practicing the religion and embracing one's faith is emphasized, as well as the importance of understanding and embracing one's faith in achieving good outcomes.

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da da da da da da da da da da da Chateau La ilaha illallah wa hola Nicola

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi right? Call colada de la vida de

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La quwata illa

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Allah human Latina otaku la havapoo covenants de de de la Kumara La

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la la la hora Sula who Fatah falls on alima I'm about

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to be useless on them in

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in an authentic narration, that is worship

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to Allah is worship. The scholars comment on this hadith. And they say that what the messenger is what Sam is referring to is the essence of worship. The crux of it is found in the act of supplicating. Allah condado. Dora is the act of supplicating. Allah raising our hands to Allah, asking him and affirming that he is the master, He is the Lord and we are the servants, affirming that relationship, affirming that he is the one who gives and we are the ones who receive He is the one who is in charge and we are the ones who are subservient, that affirmation is expressed by the action of supplication, which is a dog in Arabic, the prophet alayhi wa sallam said that is worship,

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when he refers to something as such, he is talking about that this is the core of of something, for example, the prophet is not some talked about the day or the ritual of Hajj, and he said, I had Jew arafa that Hajj is out of the day of alpha, there is more to Hajj than just start off. Ah, there is the days of the sheep. There is the tawaf, there is the sacrifice, there is all these things this head on, all those things go into what makes the Hajj and accepted Hajj. But the core and the essence of Hajj is the day of alpha, the most important thing of hedge is the day about alpha. That's what the profits are, someone's referring to when he uses this expression, that alhaja alpha.

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Same thing here when the Prophet said

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it is worship. what he's talking about is that there's many types of worship. There's many different things we can do to worship Allah, but the absolute core of it, unless I say the most important word. And the most important type of it is making Dora supplicating to Allah subhanaw taala. This action is if you look at our prayer, the prayer that we pray, the salada we pray, you see that the entirety of the Salah is nothing but a door. We start by,

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by we start the prayer by saying Allahu Akbar, and then we say door out

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the douar to start the prayer. Then we have Surah Fatiha. Surah Fatiha is nothing but a beautiful door. In a Serato study, guide us this report. Then we have you go into the record and in the record you are praising the last part Allah praising Allah is a form of supplication. Semi Allah would even have

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a call and answers the call of the one who praises him. So we praise it Robin Allah can hand likewise in such that the Prophet actually said that the person accurate Maya pointed out the closest a person can be to the Lord is when they are in the state of such they're making prostration

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adhere to the law. He was Salawat whatever. That's a beautiful supplication. salon, the prophets are solid. That's a beautiful supplication. We conclude our prayer by asking Allah for certain things, different supplications you can make, you're free to choose that. From as you can see, the prayer from its beginning to its end is one beautiful supplication.

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You will get the act of fasting.

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The most prominent thing we do in Ramadan is fast. And while fasting the thing that we do, most notably is we're not eating or drinking. But the prophet Alayhi Salam told us there's more to that. The the person who makes the law while they're fasting, you know, the there the law is Mr. gela. There is a narration that says the fasting persons do is accepted.

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Live or die if the two narrations while the person is fasting, their dog is accepted. At the moment, they are breaking their fast and having a thought the dog has accepted. So even fasting, which in this essence is just not eating and drinking, even that has a very important element of supplicating and asking ALLAH and praying to Allah, The Day of arafa that we were just speaking about on Hajj, what happens to them out of them? What are the people who go for Hajj? What do they do? What are other besides eating, you know, rice and chicken that's given to them by their hunting groups. The thing that they do at arafa more than anything else, is make glar their entire time and out of the

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two hours, three hours that they're there, they're making dua asking Allah subhanaw taala

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if you look at every aspect of our worship, brothers and sisters, you will find supplicating Allah subhanaw taala is part and parcel of worship is baked into every little act of worship that we have.

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Because that is the crux of worship. I want to share with you some thing from the Quran, a very beautiful draw from the Quran.

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A very beautiful draw from the Quran. In fact, this is a door that is nomadic of the lowland who says that this was the Dora that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made the most that he said, Sarah darwaza ninja Ruby Hannah bu Salam yaku aloha Martinez, Antonio Hassan, Hassan,

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the actor without any Adobe hanabusa Dora he would make the most sauce on them was a lahoma attina Tamiya Hassan, Hassan

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our master to give us the best in this life, and the best and the next slide and stainless from the fire hell, this is the wire that he would make. This is the dog that we find in Surah number two in Surah Bukhara Ayah number 201, in which a loss has been made Houma yaku robina Allah Hassan Hassan joaquina de la ola praises people and praises them by describing their drama

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praises them by describing their to our and particularly he praises them or describes the door this one of the ratty Natalia Hassan, Hassan

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it's a very beautiful supplication, I want to share this with you, because I want all of us to make this door.

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And for our family members, of course, but I also want us to understand what this law actually means pondering a little bit about the meanings or what this law is representing, I think would be transformative. If you look at the IR before the IR before Allah, Allah is criticizing people who's making

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the contrast here is very beautiful. The eye before he's criticizing somebody making the eye after he's praising somebody making door

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right for he says the the eye before familiar nasima foodora banner ads in Estonia, wha hoo Phil Assa T, min holla.

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There's people who say, Our Lord, give us in this world, and that person has no care for the earth. So they will have no share of the earth.

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That is a lot criticizing people. And then he praises people. And the next I withdraw that I just mentioned, this is very interesting brothers and sisters, what this and this is the point number one that I want us to take away and reflect upon is that the there is a mindset to the duality. There is a there's a mindset to it, or the mindset is not correct. The result will also be not correct.

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You look at the people who are making Dora or then Allah criticizes. He says about them from interestingly enough in dunya Hamada, hopefully

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somebody who when he or she raises their hands and supplicates Allah, all they're concerned about is this worldly life.

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There is no concern about salvation, the asset I used to when I was an undergrad I was

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I did my undergrad in Waterloo, and

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we had Muslim friends, we all used to hang out together. And a few of us would pray right a few of us would pray and a lot of most of us unfortunately would not pray. But we will always invite our fellow Muslims to come and join us for Salah

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they wouldn't usually do so they'll make some excuse I'm busy and this and that I'm not clean. And then they will join us almost always for one salon. The salon right before the exam. And right before the exam we go for Salah. They will join us

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For short, right, these brothers otherwise would not be with us right before exam they're joining us like Oh Allah help me get through calculus help me get through linear algebra. So panela that mindset is incorrect. That is what a lot of partners criticizing Dora is not just meant to be that when you ask the law for just this dunya all login me this is not meant to be a way for us to get a leg up in the world. It's not meant to be a competitive advantage. I'm a Muslim, I have Allah let me use that to get a higher grade than calculus by asking oma, that is not the mindset of door. That isn't it. That is actually criticized by last Papa Mama, Allahu Allah, Allah. If you have no concern

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of the author, you will have none of your

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you will have none of it. So what Allah subhanaw taala is referring to is firstly, that mindset, our mindset has to be We ask Allah for goodness in this life, and goodness in the next life. But more important than this life is the next. So we asked a lot also to save us from the fire of hell.

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Don't they know that? That's the mindset. There are is not just meant to be here it is me. I'm making the law so I can get an advantage over john. Nope.

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Dora is meant to be something, this is my way to connect to my Lord.

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And through that connection, I will succeed in this world. But most importantly, I will succeed in the next life. That's the mindset.

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That's the first thing we have to think about. When we actually look at our doors, when we look at how we approach the religion, overall, the religion overall cannot just be for games of this world. It cannot be for status, it cannot just be for, for for keeping the status quo.

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The religion Firstly, and most importantly, is practice to attain salvation and

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to save ourselves in the fire of hell. And to get entered into paradise. That has to be the primary driving force

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for our practice of the religion, and for our doors. Let's look at this beautiful blog. Let me know my Yoku robina. Jennifer Tonia Hassan.

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Hassan, what does Allah say, in this door that Toby said had he I mean Java Mahendra Allah, Dr. Ahmed dunya Lhasa he says, that this door or this ayah is from the comprehensive gas is from the comprehensive Dora's that everything you need in this world in the next includes.

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That's what he says about this

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Qatada was a great scholar of the seat, he says, has another dounia raffia. To see her work if half work if half in

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this ayah has three parts to it, or this Dora has three parts to it. Give us the best give us Hassan in this world, give us Hassan and the next and save us from the fire of hell. What is Hassan in this world? What does that represent? The scholars will talk about that. But other for example says that has an A in this world is a FIFA World Cup half filled man. It is to have good health. It has to have good health. And has it is to have enough money to be comfortable with Fatima Do you have enough?

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That is a very beautiful example of what a good life is. You have health we have? Well Alhamdulillah things are great.

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In Islam, by the way, in Islam as a tangent, something we have to understand, we understand that tests are from Allah, Allah. We understand that if somebody is tested by their health, we know that the testimonial, if somebody tested in their wealth in their career, we know that's from a loss prop Allah, they have to be patient. Correct. At the same time in Islam, we also understand are we don't ask for tests. We don't ask a lot for tests, we asked a lot for good health. We asked a lot for well being. We asked a lot for a gift for Phil mal having enough money, being healthy, for our families to be healthy.

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This is something that's very critical, you know of the province. That is a hub below that if Allah when Allah loves a person, he tests them. He puts them through difficulties.

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That doesn't mean though, that I say to Allah, Allah, life is too good. Show me some love in a hotel. That's not the objective. That's not what the Hollywood is talking about. Our perspective is it will not test me This is a sign of a love love, I will be patient. But if Allah is not testing me,

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I have a lot to be thankful for. And I asked a lot for more of that goodness. That's what has in life represents. That's what the good life represents. I ask Allah for more goodness that he's getting

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hustle and bustle de Rahim, Allah great, Wu, the great second generation Muslim, a scholar of Islam, a great worshipper of Allah,

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He says, has led to dunya Elias mu, well, arriba, he says, goodness in this life, or the good life is to understand the religion and to act upon it.

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The scholars are giving us examples of what the word means, or what the good life represents from this ayah.

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The husband says the good life means you understand the religion and you act upon it. You do that as a good life that you're living, even if you don't have a lot of money.

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belonging, it's very true.

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It's one of the most beautiful things for a person to understand their faith, to live with clarity, to have a clear conscious, and to find the joy and pleasure of worshiping Allah.

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That is one of the greatest things that a person could achieve in this world. One of the sweetest accomplishments that a person could accomplish is having an understanding of the deen and implementing it and not having an understanding of the religion.

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Unfortunately, which is the case with many people, is it's not a state, a person should feel comfortable with all due respect to the people. If If I don't understand the fate, if I don't understand this certain aspect of the rules, and if I don't understand it ruling Islam, I shouldn't feel comfortable with being ignorant.

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It should actually forced me that lack of understanding should drive me to a point where I keep reading, I keep reading, I keep watching, I keep asking until I realize until everything is clear to me.

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That is what has an end. adonia represents according to Al Hassan.

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Alberto, he says hacer una. But in the hustler Nikita artificiality for whom Waterman legally has an attainment and has an idle burden. kotomi says all these explanations are nice, but the word hustler in the ayah is general last month, I did not specify what he means by that. So anything that's good, anything that you feel is a good thing that is legislated by the shediac is good, that counts as Hassan.

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And he said also when I'm muted, has another double or other Aparna freedonia rT uttanasana. He says that the IRA is also saying well look, give us a good just give us good stuff everywhere return after you get that.

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So this is a very beautiful and very powerful blog, Robin attina fidelia, Hassan Allah give us the best in the world. lot, you know, good health, enough money, health, for us health for our families, understanding of the faith, so feel to practice the faith correctly.

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All things considered that are nice, all give them to us.

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Come forward and just make space for those of us who are putting in later because of

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said Dora, or in the dawn will abandon the Prophet says that his version, I was speaking about what this hadith means. And in light of the Hadith, I was sharing with you a very beautiful one from the Quran, the one that the Prophet would make the most in his life, the one that he would make while making a lot

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of it after the hustler.

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And I was commenting on first and foremost, the mindset of the mindset that cannot be that I'm just asking a lot for this life. My concerns are this life only one of the laws of the Prophet actually says while at about a minute to make the world the biggest of our concerns.

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That is what a lot criticizes in Ireland for just that mindset of my faith is just a way to get good stuff in this life. That's not it. My faith is a way for me to attain a set of salvation, Philip, that's nice.

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But also, we don't compromise our Liliane woman whom we are.

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Our Master give us the best in this life, that's part one of the best includes everything, all good stuff, the good life will

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give us in the next slide has said that according to quote, to be, according to supercity is a gender religion that has an artist referring to paradise? Well, Canada and save us from the Pirate Party.

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Entering gender by default means you have been saved from the firehouse, you can't be agenda head in the fire of hell doesn't work that way. You're either in one place or the other. So why does the load repeat this part? What did not happen now?

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The squatters comment on this. And they say this is

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the full agenda. This is to emphasize entry paradigms. And emphasize it from both ways will not put us in Paradise, nor lovely save us from the firehouse. We didn't want to go anywhere near it.

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But also it goes back to that mindset

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goes back to that mindset, that for me, as a Muslim, what matters more than anything else is salvation, or

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is being saved in the fire of hell is earning and building my home and that mindset, that thing is what matters more than anything else. That is the the cooler, the general would post a photo thing, like a photo. Besides, this is a very powerful law. It teaches us how to understand the concept of law, but also generally how to understand faith and the practice of faith. It is like the Prophet said, the essence of worship. So we should suffer a loss of Allah in good times and bad times. Asking the love for good in this life and asking a love for good in the next life. When we supplicate a lot of brothers and sisters, we shouldn't be supplicating alone with a distracted mind.

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It should not be a distracted mind. It should not just be words that we've learned as kids that are just repeating this as rote. You know, words rote memorization, can't be better way. There has to come from the heart. It has to affirm that relationship. It has affirmed that a lot is a bonus. And he is the one who gives, and he is the one who takes care of us. And he is always in charge and we are subservient, and we have no power. It has to affirm that. And when it comes from the heart, that's when the pleasure of worship has helped lessen the sweetness of the man has tasted.

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So this is what we should focus on. This is something that tells you from a personal anecdote, when I feel in my life, that things are not doing right. By getting angry too quickly. I'm yelling at my kids more than I should be. You know, maybe a little extra salty when I'm talking to people or responding to emails. But I look at that attitude in my life. Always I find that my doggy has gone down. It's not where it's supposed to be.

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daughter's are lacking the moment. It's reignited. The moment that there are that connection established, everything becomes smooth.

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That's why we look at the officers alone. Most people do the thinking the most frequently in this life will be self defeating.

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topic to follow some other topic on this

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topic to make in good times and bad times. Give us a topic to make with understanding. So we ask and we know what we're asking for. I asked a lot to give us the best in this life. The best next slide is a stainless from the firehouse in the lahoma like southern

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portion of his property was

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out of water