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Cool, giving advice. That's what you call giving the Sangha. So why don't you know, I think the Quran is full of this. We've made a big issue about your o'clock. This is how you get people to change, really is how you get people to change. If you want someone to do something in your family, invited them around to dinner more. invite someone ran to dinner at your house, and then you pray with them. Do you think they're not going to pay off? Do you fed them? Really? I'm sure they will do fun things like eatin like escapia like whatever do fun things with your family the answer practicing and then it will be a lot easier for them to become practicing in Sharla it's a lot

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easier usually.

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The next token chalets white shirt comes as this the first time I had talked by him, it went straight over my head.

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I was quite young, I can't deny it's upon Madonna who picked this time for him. Right But Mashallah, those of you that decided to stay, stay awake, stay focused, if you lose focus for just a minute. You may lose his whole talk before. It's the last work. It doesn't take too much. It's only it's only 20 minutes is only 2025 minutes. You know, so pay as much attention as you can in Sharla

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Proceed is one of the words brothers and sisters. Friends are Elana scholars. I greet you with the warmest Islamic greetings of peace. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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today's talk is going to be about the Word of God. Certainly, that this book, this core, and GitHub law is actually the Eternal Word of the Lord of everything that exists. And this claim itself, brothers and sisters, is not just a religious, faith based claim, based on something that has no evidence. There's no based on the intellect is not based on anything that is grounded. Our tradition, Islam is a profound and powerful tradition. It's a very powerful religion, our way of life, the deen of Islam is not only based upon our nature, because we know Islam is based upon the fitrah the innate disposition, the thing that Allah has created within us to acknowledge his

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religion, that everything that Allah says, fundamentally does not go against the nature of man concerning his emotions concerning his psychology concerning his intellect has occurred.

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So our tradition is very profound and very grounded, because it's grounded in our nature, but also brothers and sisters, our religion, this way of life, is grounded in our intellect, in intellectual matters, in matters that we can show some evidence for why we have good reasons to believe in a book that came down in the seventh century, because we live in interesting times, which is also a Chinese proverb, I believe, I think it goes, may you live in interesting times, actually, Chinese curse. But from this perspective is something very positive, because we are living in a juncture of history is the crossroads of history, particularly in the West, where now the Muslims are becoming a solidified

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community. And they are have to articulate a very warm, compassionate and positive but strong case for Islam. And particularly in the West, after post modernism, where you had basically different philosophers and thinkers to attack every single aspect of religion and every single idea from a skeptical perspective, Islam now has to deal with this narrative. And I will use you everyone in this room now has an obligation to deal with this narrative in a very positive way. And this talk essentially is going to give you some,

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some seeds in your heart in your mind.

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on why this book, why this course is definitely from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I want to take you through an emotional and intellectual journey. So you all of you understand why this book is from Allah. Firstly, I will want you to understand the nature of the book, the nature of Kabbalah, the nature of the book of Allah subhana wa

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China is a very imposing and very intrusive book. What do I mean by this? This sounds a bit scary. It sounds a bit fundamentalist.

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What I mean that the Quran is a very imposing and intruding book is that the Quran seeks and wants to positively engage with your Tafseer with your internal disposition. The Quran was to positively engage with your mind with your occur. This is an amazing profound aspect of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Unlike other religious books, because what this book is telling us what the external words of Allah subhanho wa Taala are telling us is that

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Allah is addressing us as a human being not something else and acknowledges that the human being has a psychology has a disposition, has emotions, but also has an intellect and is driven and is motivated by his intellect. So the Quran addresses the human being in a very profound way. And the way the Quran achieves this is by asking profound questions will be on

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the road and in themselves, do they not see, I will admit affect your roofie also see him do not reflect within themselves? What can ellika new facility accommodate affect your own, and thus to explain our signs and evidences in detail for those who reflect effect corrode, coming from the Arabic stem fair care. And when you go to the classical dictionary, you see that this doesn't mean any type of reflection, it doesn't mean be a desert, romantic, sitting back on the chair, touching the sand, looking at the stars and writing poetry to your loved one and sipping a pint of milk.

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Just to make it Hello.

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Is not saying this type of reflection. But the reflection here from a Quranic perspective, is the thing that you're reflecting upon. Make sure ensure that you understand its implications to discuss the service and say Subhanallah Okay, don't do that, you know, those really small glasses you got small it would be it hits upon a lot, you know.

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But rather take the Quranic narrative and think instead of just saying, Wow, this is amazing. Think about what it means. What are its implications, and this is exactly what the Quran wants you to achieve. And you see many times the Quran doesn't even give you answers. It just gives you questions, because it plants, the seeds, it plants, the seeds in your heart and your mind that allows you to navigate through reality. So you could understand that you have a purpose in life, that you could understand that this whole cosmos wasn't created just in vain. Or just some random accident and you have this atheist all the time. But it could be charged. You're just kind of crazy

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narrative. You know what I do now? I don't even discuss intellectually, when people say could be charged. I just say you know what? I think my mother is actually not my mother. My mother was a pink Rhino. She was born on Saturn. She used to ice skate on the rings of Saturn and Saturn, as she accidentally tripped and she ended up on Earth. You stupid person, Mr. Moses, well, there's a chance. Well, this is kind of probabilities they're talking about is something called counter discourse, meaning you can claim anything you could claim that actually, you know, we live in the matrix. My name is Neil take the red pill, the blue pill, they stood a chance to prove to me that

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this real world is the real world. Even in science, they can't prove that the real world is the real world. It's called an axiom. It's got a self evident truth, meaning they have to start with it to build the whole philosophy. Because I know that your brain is not in Mars. And there's some alien probes in your brain, making you think and feel what you're thinking and feeling at the moment. And the point I'm trying to say brothers and sisters, that the Quran aims to engage with your heart and your mind. But the Quran goes even further than this. Not only is a book that makes you think, as the law says, in order to reflect to the use the intellect, but

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about challenges mankind.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala challenges the entire shoot humanity, actually anything with a consciousness anything with a unified sense of consciousness, man or jinn

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and challenges the profoundly intellectually and says

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we're in quantum theory. Remember, the other factor thought to be sort of a mystery he was coming to the pain and if you are in doubt, talking to Richard Dawkins, the atheist, the human

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Is the secondary.

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All the isms and schisms in the world is your book, this text that has come from the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and bring one small chapter like it once one chapter three lines long, and quote on your witnesses and your supporters besides a lot income from the team, if you're truthful in your claim. Now, these verses this Bresson, sort of backer of verse 23 is a window of opportunity that opens the door for us to try and understand the Quran for us to ponder, to find out what are the core and miraculous features. And you have so many miraculous features in the Quran that I'm going to discuss with you now. But before we do this, I don't want you to take this as some kind of

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intellectual gymnastics. I don't want you to take this, like some kind of ego boost that you take this information and you throw it in the face of an atheist or a Christian of anybody else, but rather you take this and you humble yourself, and you do it compassionately, because you really want people to be guided not because for ego boost on ego bashing, bashing, so why we took the stand is that the Quran told us to contemplate upon the Quran, and pondering and contemplation upon the Quran is the key to the Rama of Allah. Allah says in the Quran

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do they reflect upon the Quran or other looks upon their hearts? So let's do let's do reflection upon the ayah in the Quran, that tells us to reflect upon the Quran. So let's reflect this means that the more to the book, the more reflection upon the Quran you do, the more your heart becomes unlocked.

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It becomes unlocked to receive the guidance of Mercy of Allah subhana wa tada and this I want you to understand because engaging with the Quran is a means for the mercy of Allah and for us to actually find out what Allah wants from us and to really connect with a lot of panel what our hearts will become unlocked. So this is an array of miracles in the Quran, I meant to mention

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five Okay, that's mentioned five we could mention 789 and 10 but we don't have much time and Mashallah, you guys did the marathon today, you're still here. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you. So, miracle number one, obviously is an extensive kind of thesis on each miracle but it's an idea for you to take forward through to discuss why the Quran is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Number one, the Quran is the linguistic and literary miracle. The Quran is the linguistic and literary miracle, what do we mean by this? Well, they understand the historical context, at the time of revelation in seventh century Arabia, the is the best at expressing themselves in the Arabic

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tongue. If you rasik, an Arabic historian, he says, you know, the Arabs at the time there was celebrate or two things when a boy was born, and when the point rose amongst them. So there was a socialization there was an effect in society that you were there.

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The dog Okay, well from Hackney, you the good boy, yeah. Yeah.

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That's how we speak. Okay. So, you, you you like the dawn right. So this was the narrative. So the Quran came and changed with regard to the own skill, you think you know how to recite in prose and poetry will bring something like this, and essentially the Quranic discourse, the Arabic language, although the Quran is made of the Arabic language itself, the Arabic language when you try and exhaust the 28 letters, exhaust all the finite words, exhaust all the grammatical rules, you cannot produce the form and structure of the corral it's impossible. And this definition in America is a miracle because we've got the tools in place but we can't use the tools in place to actually

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reproduce the Quranic discourse. The Quranic text is a unique literary form. It's not such a it's not writing prose is not masala is not straightforward speech in Arabic, is not any of the ideas behind the rhythmical patterns of poetry, but rather if Qur'an, even David G. Stewart, one academic who discusses the Quran, he says, You know what causes karate unique form. It is a unique literary form. as Professor Bruce learns from Duke University in his book The Colorado biography on page number eight, he says as tangible signs Quranic verses are expressive of an inexhaustible truth. They signify meaning laid within meaning lights upon lights, miracle after miracle. So in this

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When we exhaust the tools of the Arabic language which are finite, we can produce the literary form of the Quran. It is no wonder Professor Martin Zammit from the Netherlands. He said, Not withstanding pre Islamic poetry. The Quran is the most eminent written manifestation of the Arabic language. That's the first miracle linguistic miracle. Second miracle historical miracle. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about history. He uses history for us to understand not to have an ego not to have civilizational arrogance. Look at the past. So when these so called the neoconservatives and these leaders have these massive second agents thinking that they could dictate the way we live

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and dictate the way we should approach life. And even sometimes do this at the barrel of a gun. They have to learn from history in the Quran tells them look at the nations before you look at the Greeks. Look at the Romans. Look at the patterns they came into a garden. People thought it would exist for eternity, but they were crumbled and humbled. Don't have civilizational arrogance Humble yourself. But also the Quran gives us some historical information which could not have been known in the seventh century. And let me give you one example.

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When we study the Quran, we see that there are two titles for the leader of the Egyptians in the in the Quran. One title is Pharaoh Pharaoh, which is always mentioned at the time of Moses Musa alayhis salam.

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Another title is Malik King, which was at the time of use of Allah, his son of Joseph, and the nether, conflated the NIV and mixed the use for these two periods. Interestingly, the Bible didn't have this information. It got it wrong. The Torah didn't have this information, it got it wrong. The historians of the time didn't acknowledge these two different titles for these two different periods. Even the Egyptian language brothers and sisters, the hieroglyphs the pictorial ancient Egyptian language was a dead language. No one knew at the time, we found the Rosetta Stone 1000 plus years after, which was the stone that allowed us to decode the Egyptian language. Interestingly,

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Pharaoh for our own was used at the New Kingdom, the new kingdom of the Egyptian history, and medic was used during the old and Middle Kingdom of Egyptian history. And the old Middle Kingdom was the period of Joseph Yusuf Alayhi Salam and the new kingdom with a period of Mousavi Salah, so the Quran is so specific with its title it uses for the leader of the Egyptian How could the Prophet Mohammed Salah love what hiding from it had ever known this? And how can some Christian academics claim that the Quran is a boring of the Bible? How could it be when the Quran corrects the Bible from this perspective? So that's number two, the historical miracle. Number three, he has an amazing structure

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from a numerical perspective. What do I mean by this? Now the Quran was revealed of a 23 year period for specific kinds of places, 23 years specific times and places it will be brought together 114 chapters and they are coherent, not only literary coherent, they have an amazing unique structure by numerically, let me give you some ideas take sort of Baccarat, for example, the largest chapter in the Quran. It was a beautiful nine year period specifically for two years. It has 286 verses do karate chop in the middle, you have the 100 and 43rd verse, And what would you find? middle?

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Take for example, when Allah says the likeness of Isa and he said that Jesus is like the likeness of Adam, in the third chapter of the Quran, the likeness why they both were created by law, they both didn't have a father. But also let's take the likeness to be literal here. Because the boat mentioned 25 times each, I've counted this myself and up to this verse, the boat mentioned seven times each.

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Take for example, what Allah says, if this book were from any other than Allah, they would be 11 Kathy

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and Kathy many contradictions, you could do two things. Number one, read the whole book and search for contradictions. Oh, you can find out if there are many 11 the word itself

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and if the last one is only mentioned once in the Quran

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also takes into account of the shooter chapter in the Quran. He has 10

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words 10 main words

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each verse uses 10 letters. And the whole chapter uses only 10 letters only once. We could go on and on, but brothers and sisters, this book was approved for 23 year period for specific times and places were put together to have this amazing coherence. How that was the third miracle, the fourth miracle brothers and sisters.

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The fourth miracle is what I called the Quran is very multi layered. What do I mean by this? The Quran has language that is appreciated by a seventh century by a 15th century European and by 21st century human being. What do I mean by this we'll take the word aloka Allah, which refers to the development of the human embryo in the Quran. So moving on chapter 23, verse 14, the word alaka has linguistic meaning number one, eye blood cross number two blood in a general sense. Number three, something that claims number four a leech or worm or number five, sticky clay that sticks to the hand. Now it's interesting that Allah uses terminology that is appreciated by different mentalities

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because in the second century, if you read the Greek works, you see Galen in his works, the 70 which means on semen in the original Greek, he described it like a blood clot. The Quran also has a word. So it's appreciated by the seventh century to understand that Allah has created the human being with wisdom, so he deserves to be worshipped. But if we fast forward to the 21st century, even to the 15th century, when we discovered the microscope, and we start looking at the development of the embryo on day 22, we see not only does it have bloody features, but it has features of a worm It looks like a worm or a leech, as Dr. Dale Dale layman, in his book anatomy demystified, he said, the

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embryo looks like a worm. So why am I using this terminology is for us to understand that the Quran addresses different types of places that there is no scientific miracle. And we I believe we shouldn't use scientific miracles why science changes, science changes all the time. No scientist claims that they're gonna bet their life that this scientific fact is absolutely true, because observations are always increased. So we need to change the narrative to become more robust, and which is the Quran has language that addresses different times and places for all human beings to appreciate the wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That was the fourth miracle. We have one more

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One more right. He guess what it is?

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Because I forgot.

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No, it's a totally different type of miracle now

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is the impact of

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which relates to the chef, Chef above. My chef,

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when he was talking about the effects of crime is profound. We have academics like Karen

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historics, she said, we don't have a natural explanation, that one man 23 years, one book change the entire cosmos, it's impossible.

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To eat lizards, these arms with an ashtray of the world, the players who want to enter, nor did the Romans, it was too hard, who cares about them. But these group of people just one book, one man in 23 years, they created peace and harmony across the whole world, not only peace and harmony, but the facilitated European civilization, the renascence and to end them explain what I mean by this. What I mean by this brothers and sisters, and it's so profound

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is by analogy to understand this, imagine a village in Oldham, new Manchester.

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working class people, one man comes along with a book. And after a few years, they take over the whole of Europe. It's an impossibility just like the academic cow Hillenbrand said, but this will happen in Islam because of the impact of the Quranic change the Sahaba that the people's hearts drastically to a point where they thought they could take over the world and they did. And not only that, look at the peace and justice and harmony they implemented and when you use as an example to show that we took care of humanity, or project leanness, we're here for the people, not from them, but for them because we're gonna take care of humanity. Take for instance,

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a Jewish historian. In his book concerning Jewish history, he said that when the Muslims cross the streets of Gibraltar in the Iberian Peninsula, the Jews saw the Muslims as the liberators of Christian persecution. Take Irish grads, another Jewish historian, 19th century Jewish

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He says the Jews do favorably under the Mohammedan. Take Adnan Cohan in his book, A World Within two volumes, he collected 1000 records of the oath

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of the Ottoman period. And he concluded that although the Jews had the freedom to go to the rabbinical courts, the majority of them decided freely to go to the kadhi, the Islamic judge the new justice lived in Islam. That's why that's why Allah says in the Quran

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18, Indeed, Allah loves to just, not only do we change society in a positive way, but also we created a framework or we facilitate the Renaissance European civilization and this is not a mad Mufti saying this, this academia, take Professor Thomas Arnold, in his book, the preaching of Islam, he quotes Muslim Spain created that environment.

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That facility facilitated European relations.

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It is no wonder brothers and sisters, that guy behind the Queen on your 20 pound note. His name is Adam Smith, the modern founder of capitalism, and he basically says it was the Empire of the keyless was the first empire that facility that needed tranquility from the political social principles of the Quran and Sunnah. So all human beings could look into the interconnecting principles of nature.

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These are the five miracles in a very short period I had, we could discuss them further but hopefully they were seeds to plant your hive mind to investigate further for you to realize that you claim that this book is not from Allah is the equivalent of claiming

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that you don't exist.

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Now the best you can use those and be people have reflection in the book and inshallah our hearts will become unlocked. So we receive the mercy and the guidance and love of Allah subhana wa. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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