Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #246 – Advice To Muslim Converts

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of tiebacks to one's faith to Allah's values and not to feel embarrassed by other people's actions. They stress the need for strong relationships to develop one's faith and improve one's deeds. The importance of self improvement and turning to one's own values is emphasized.
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think one thing that's important for converts is to tie your religion to Allah to tie your, your faith to the Creator, and not necessarily to what other people are doing around you make it because people are always going to disappoint you, you know, I'm going to disappoint you, you know, scholars or whatever, or speakers or whatever, they're going to disappoint you, you fellow Muslims are going to disappoint you, right? This is a creation, this is the dunya. Right? Some people have a very sectarian mindset, that's disappointing. Sometimes it's confusing, it can throw you into doubt. But at the end of the day, the social aspect of this faith is is an aspect and it's maybe an important

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aspect, but it's not the principal thing, the principal thing is your relationship to your Creator. Right? So it's easy to get distracted by this group and that group and what that says about this one, and this one says about the other one, and you know, politics and all these other things, how's your relationship with your Creator? How's your relationship to your sentence? How's your relationship to doing good deeds when no one is watching? Right? There's sort of fundamentals that need to be in place first. And if you get into these other things, these more social or political aspects without having you know, a strong foundation, then you're gonna get blown away, you're not

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going to have anything to return to, you're not going to have any bedrock to kind of keep you grounded. When somebody comes to you or tries to put doubt in you about about something or this group or that group or the things that you think that you know, right. So everybody has to take responsibility for developing their relationship with their Creator and truly turning to him and it's about self improvement. It's about Reckoning and taking an account of yourself and these sorts of things. And if you're able to have that then that will put you probably on a stronger foundation to deal with other things when they come along.

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