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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato brothers and sisters, and welcome to this evening's episode of Ask him and we're going to be here with you, as usual for the next hour live, to take your questions and get them answered for you by our shift today authentically, according to the Quran and Sunnah. So if you have any questions, give us a call right now on Oh 203-515-0769 Otherwise, you can send your questions our WhatsApp number on Oh 742-239-8833 Inshallah, you can also send your questions on the comments section on YouTube or Facebook at the live stream. And for now, I'll be starting the show. So I'll be your host for today. And joining us is Iman within

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Clemson. Assalamu Alikum. Chef, welcome to the show. When it comes down to how are you today sir? I'd handle that medical officer. Thank you. Sure. So I'd like to ask you for a short reminder to start our show and then we can get some questions from our viewers in shop.

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It's been layered manner Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID Ambia he will say don't sit in. While early he was hobby he urged me not to praise belongs to Allah made a piece of blessings of Allah be upon his fellow messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa he was a limb

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I want to

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remind us all today is of course you want drama.

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And it is the last hour or so.

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Last part of the day, in which it is highly recommended for us to make a dua to Allah subhanaw taala and the sound Hadith of the prophets Allah was so limited the days made up into different parts, and that her servant calls upon Allah subhanaw taala in that last hour,

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then it is hoped that they do I will be accepted another sort of course of the day with Joomla.

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So this is the time to make lots and lots of desire to have lots of hope and trust in Allah, Allah Allah and secondly,

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To increase or salata upon the prophets of Allah Salam,

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as the prophet Ellis has reminded us all to increase our

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sending of Salah salatu salam upon him and so Salam on numero Juma, so this opportunity still for us here on this day now

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been sitting with a

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good friend of mine. And we agreed that twice a week. And we both benefit from that because for some of us not all of us maybe those who've returned to work their routine has somewhat returned but for maybe others where they're

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not able to kind of have a fixed routine in the week.

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Time becomes one kind of all the week seems to become one long extended period of time and it goes really quickly.

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I saw the benefit of carving out specific times during the week to do something of benefit

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seeing that time is passing so quickly

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and we agreed that we would read a book called A LITTLE WHILE margin

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FEMA difficult Alicia you can and this is a book

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pearls and

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pearls just the other words the pearls and

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somebody was value they'll come to me in a second is a book compiled

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in which all that are Hadith, which are found in both Bukhari and Muslim they both agree upon. Hammond Abdullah Baca Rahim Allah Tala compiled this into kind of one volume.

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And we were reading through an hour How beautiful is just to without, you know, going through a great explanation by just to have

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a connection with the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And how, how much benefit because we chose five days one of the days

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and every time you read a hadith, you read the Rawi, you mentioned the companion who

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narrates the Hadith and then you mentioned the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And then of course, this coincides with you increasing your salah upon the Prophet Ellis was a devotee Omar. So we did this, because of course, the time suits I suppose. And I would in it as an encouragement for brothers sisters.

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to If you can, even if it's a 40 Hadith of Immerman, no rock mo Allah is just a route through the Hadith. Read through the narrations and if you can find a basic explanation of those books, especially the 40 Hadith of Imam and know that to him Allah, then you will find that there is a urine cathedra there is a lot of benefit and a lot of goodness in going through these, these narration statements of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So

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if one is able to at least once a week, just find a hadith book it doesn't have to be so horrible quality of Sahih Muslim, which contains you know, 7000 Hadith and you can soon lose the motivation to read through such a long book to something which is much smaller, like 40 Hadith of Imam and nowhere Rama Allah or bluehill muram

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the translator as attainment of the objective

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just to read through statements and narrations of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and you will find out that there was so much benefit in that. And Allah Subhana

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Allah Fisher thank you so much.

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So, chef for someone who's starting there,

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would you like to pals and corals present corals I just came to mind

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corals. So chef I wanted to ask someone who's starting their journey

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in in getting close to Allah don't say seeking knowledge because the objective is to get close to Allah. I still read by first shift when I first started practicing is like please tell me where do I start? And he said this read the Quran and read the real son Hayden. Thoreau said, Hey, I'm actually so for someone chef. I just gave an example. But you know, I'm gonna ask you chef, for someone who's just starting their journey. They want to know specifically where to go to get closer to Allah to know Allah better. They're like all of these books, the show you could loads of lectures, you know, people talking about this name that name. Where do you go when you're starting? Sure.

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It's a good question. Because you find so much if you're just starting, you know, you get to know everything. Yeah. It's a good question. Important question and not always

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The easiest question to answer because there are so many different ways you can

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get close to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Number one, of course, reading the Quran is very important for us and reading the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and reading and studying things according to your level, I would say, of which you need, you know, you're talking about the beginning of your journey. Remember, we say your journey, this is a lifelong journey, this is not something you do for 10 minutes, was not something to do like once a year, this is something that you want to continue or for the remainder of your life. It was the with the intention of strengthening your Eman, getting close to Allah subhana lowing knowing Allah subhanaw taala better.

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You know, there were a limit, for example, who passed on to him a while to Allah, when they have great works on many, many different subjects, whether it's creed, faith, belief in Allah subhanaw taala whether it's answering questions, or whatever the topic may be, and you know, towards the end of their life, they would say that the thing that in terms of my,

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what I learned and studied and taught, the thing that I feel that I should have done more in was

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explaining and trying to learn the Quran more.

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Now, this is how often this is said to us how often

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you know, nearly every lecture, every reminder, you're told to read the Quran, ponder over the Quran.

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And it seems that Allah subhanaw taala allows a certain people to be in a place where that are the valuing the Quran is absolutely everything

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that they have Eliza, it's like a gift that they have a love and affection in wanting to read the Quran.

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You know, many time after time, just as examples have been given previously, where

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a person has a novel that they like, and they'd like to read that novel every now and again, same story, I keep reading it, because they

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have an attachment to it. Imagine you have that with the Quran. And of course, the words of Allah subhanaw taala not like anything else. So you can be enlightened in so many different ways because your life is constantly changing trials and the things that you face will always be different. But the Quran hamdulillah will always have answers for that. solutions for that. So starting with the Quran, you know, and and basic a hadith like every other Salah who has a beautiful, beautiful book by Imam and nowhere as well for him Allah and having good company as well. These I think, along with you making dua to Allah subhanaw taala to allow you to remain firm and have understanding of their

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religion is equally important.

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thank you for your answer on next question is going to be from YouTube. And the question is a Salam Alikum can I give sadaqa jariya for a living parent? What can someone who had a bad relationship with his parents or parent and has reported do now that parent has passed away to atone for the sin

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so that they're not living then you so think is two questions? What could you do for the living parent? And then secondly, what could you do to atone for the site so a sadaqa jariya a continuous charity you can set up like in your name and your life and people benefit from that.

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Then inshallah you get rewarded for that there is also permitted for you to set up in the name of a deceased, as we know, in the sound Hadith that the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, that all the actions of the sons of Adam, are they coming to an end, except three, and one of them is sadaqa jariya. And that is a continuous charity that may be set up in the name of

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a deceased person, none who has more right than your own parents, for you to just as you were, at least should be good to them while they're alive. Also, when they pass away, you can do so many things for them. So this is how you can be an obedient son and obedient daughter, good son, good daughter, to your parents, when they are alive, or your parents, and also when they when they pass on. So yes, when they're both alive and passing have passed away, then you can do those things. Now. The third part that you mentioned, and we can break the question down, is that they have passed away and that there was something that you didn't atone for, you didn't ask for forgiveness for, then,

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you know, I would say that, first and foremost, seek forgiveness and repent to Allah subhanaw taala. Sincerely, usually as much as you can. And secondly, is to do as much as you can for your parents, seeing that one of them or if they have both passed away. May Allah Israel have mercy upon them, but you need to do as much as you can for them.

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Hey, this isn't Jonathan and we'll go good way either late either. You're trying to make up for any shortcomings that you feel that you have committed.

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Thank you so much. With that, we're gonna go to our next caller of the show to our brother from Peterborough, masha Allah Assalamu alaikum. Welcome to the show. What's your name? My brother. Well

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welcome to the show. How are you today? I'm fine.

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Very well. And your question,

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my question

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somebody asked one of

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the most

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you know,

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obviously the

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things you can do.

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the guy

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got to question, the second question. Okay. Could you repeat your first question efficiently with saying Bismillah in the bathroom?

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That's right.

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Is it permissible or No? No. Okay.

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Okay, thank you so much, my brother, may Allah reward you, everyone else watching at home. You can all give us a call, if you have any questions on. Oh, 203-515-0769. So you got the second question that I said?

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No, I said, he said, Oh, yeah. Of the Could you read anything in the bathroom? Saying less? Miller? That was the first question. Yeah, but understood the second question and that you heard what I just said, because I just forgot what he said. Well, he's questions like, Oh, yes. He said he can. Can he read anything? Not just the best month now, but it wasn't a question. Buying the vehicle. Dynabeads right. Yeah, I remember doing okay.

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Okay, so with regards to saying Bismillah before making although the gym hold the majority of the aroma of the view that it is

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Sunnah, okay, it is not an obligation.

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And it is not attached to the validity of your wudu.

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Now, if you're in the bathroom,

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obviously, we do not say the name of Allah subhanaw taala. In the bathroom.

00:17:26--> 00:17:34

There are those orlimar who say because you're in the bathroom, then you shouldn't say Bismillah. Okay, you just start with the actions of Aldo and your will do is valid.

00:17:36--> 00:17:46

There are those who say that you've said the best male or internally best manner you begin, okay. And there is also a view to say that you can sit very quietly to yourself, like

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and then you can go on with the world. Okay, the last one that I mentioned, the shallows allows you to do, you're not saying the word out loud, you're just saying it like under your breath. And then you can start your World War chatter, okay. Bearing in mind that there are other views

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as for dyeing the beard,

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then the Prophet salallahu early he was

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the dyeing of the beard if the color of the of your being changed color.

00:18:14--> 00:18:46

And he at least was encouraged using henna. And also it's called, I think kitten, I'll check that is both of them are like dice, you can of course use in your bed. Pen, there's a very famous one. And the longer you leave it in, dependent when you mix them, you can if you want it to be dark brown or whatever lighter than that you can accept you should avoid black, there's a fill up between the aroma.

00:18:48--> 00:18:50

However, the ahaadeeth Concerning the

00:18:52--> 00:19:20

staying away of staying away from using black dye in the beard or your hair is quite clear trying to tailor so that you should avoid if you use like a very, very, very dark brown. Nope, as long as it's if you had like a black and then you die, you put some other dye with it that lightened it slightly, that's fine. As long as you're not using plain, get the black. Then you can use whatever dyes you want to do in Chinatown or lower. Like Lakeisha Thank you.

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We've covered the question about water and right.

00:19:25--> 00:19:47

Our next question chef is a Salam Alikum Can you give the names of the books again? So I think just about the books we were speaking about earlier, okay. Yep. So obviously we went to the Quran. Yeah. And we mentioned Riyadh or Salah Hain okay guidance of the pious or guidance of the righteous by Imam and now we are able to Salehi

00:19:48--> 00:19:54

this is as been translated into English. Okay. And it's in two volumes as far as I know, in two volumes.

00:19:56--> 00:19:59

Get the Summarized like books summarized

00:20:00--> 00:20:06

version but I know what the two volume one it also has the rulings on the Hadith whether it's you know how so nobody foresaw here

00:20:08--> 00:20:20

and the other book also by the same compiler in another we got to him Allah the 40 Hadith of Imam no is very famous. The third book I mentioned as well actually was Bluehole muram

00:20:21--> 00:20:33

When they translate as attainment of the objective objective This is a Hadith book which is all to do with Hadith do with halal and haram okay, but even 100 Allah scaloni That's one volume. That's got about

00:20:35--> 00:20:41

approximately what 1500 Hadith 1500 Okay, was over in a New Year's got about just over

00:20:42--> 00:20:44

4243 Hadith.

00:20:45--> 00:20:57

And Ricardo Salinas in two volumes, you mentioned all Muslims. Well, Mr. John, yeah, that's also been translated, or has that translated that the note Yes, it has been translated, it has yet and it's in two volumes as well.

00:20:59--> 00:21:00

And when reading that book,

00:21:02--> 00:21:13

you can be sure that every Hadith you read, is the very highest level author of authenticity because those narrations are found in both Bukhari and Muslim

00:21:15--> 00:21:18

and with Lord Almighty January nice book because the wording

00:21:19--> 00:21:24

for those who you know, know a little bit or want to delve into the reading of a hadith

00:21:25--> 00:21:28

a little vermogen mentioned the entire

00:21:29--> 00:21:41

part of the Hadith because it's taken from Sahih Muslim. The wording of the hadith is taken from Sahih Muslim, but the order is like the order of cycle piety as a very beautiful kind of

00:21:42--> 00:21:48

compilation. But that's that's something that could cause piles and quarrels, translating English like this.

00:21:49--> 00:22:23

Analyze best and surely, you know, because they're all Hadith books. How do you how do you approach them in the understanding because it's all Hadith? Yeah, and you can get lost in the fact that it's just all Hadith. Yeah, I agree with you. Yeah. What I would say is and it's very important that en I'm not telling people not to go and study and make up your own rulings. I'm not saying that. I'm saying is that for people for Muslims to to lead, be in contact with the words of Allah subhanaw taala and the words of the newbie Raisa to Salem, okay, I'm not telling you to start going now. Make rulings from Quran and Sunnah become your own Mufti. Mr. Learner, I'm not saying that in any way,

00:22:23--> 00:22:33

shape, or form. And I'm saying to you rather what our logical world says to us, and contributor element after people have knowledge if you don't know about matter. So, you know, there are

00:22:35--> 00:22:48

certain things at the beginning of rollable margin for example, okay, and it talks about some of the major sins that a person may commit. And that that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says concerning that person may reside in the Hellfire for eternity as talking about

00:22:50--> 00:23:27

suicide, for example. Yeah, okay. So, the prophets have said that person who does that will be in highly than McCullough done via, like, like three times as an infant that the person will remain there forever for eternity forever. So this person may think that a person a Muslim used to do that will be in hellfire forever. That's it, however, the majority of Allah but that's not that's not the view at all. It's not like that at all. So you may read something, but the understanding of the Hadith may be different from that. Okay. So it is important that you know your limit in terms of where you're going to go with

00:23:29--> 00:23:31

understanding these issues

00:23:32--> 00:23:34

and Allah. So

00:23:35--> 00:23:46

our next question is if one would like to observe the six forces of showgirl after Ramadan, well, I firstly need to make up all my period fasts. Well, we're very late in the show well, now

00:23:47--> 00:23:49

only a few days left. And

00:23:52--> 00:23:54

it's not possible to foster six after a while now because time is gone.

00:23:58--> 00:24:05

In future, if a person fasts, Ramadan what they can and then there's some days remaining because of

00:24:06--> 00:24:10

the monthly cycle, there is a view based upon the duration

00:24:12--> 00:24:17

that you should make the obligatory fast stop first and then follow up with shall well

00:24:20--> 00:24:20

there are other views.

00:24:22--> 00:24:31

But you know, of this view, by the way, that you should you should make up the obligatory first first and then do the six Futureworld. But there are other views and there are valid views.

00:24:33--> 00:24:41

Some might say that, you know, there are more odermatt who take the view that you can force this show well first, and then you can make up the obligatory days after that.

00:24:44--> 00:24:48

Thank you Sure. I've never actually heard this question. So I'm asking

00:24:49--> 00:24:59

you now and Ramadan, you can make up your fast if you're for women on their menses so if you're sick in general for everyone, for sure. Well, if that is the situation, you're not able to do that, right. And it's not

00:25:00--> 00:25:14

Questions. So it's not relevant to the menses, let's forget, both for the 66 days of show work. Now, if in the case that you're sick for the entire month of sugared, you're not able to make the intention, I can make these up or forced him off the show. So if a person

00:25:16--> 00:25:17

fasted Ramadan

00:25:19--> 00:25:22

and intended to foster six functional word,

00:25:24--> 00:25:34

however, it was decreed that that person becomes ill, and wasn't able to do fast the days of Chawan was the whole month has gone now.

00:25:35--> 00:25:37

Can I now make the show later, was enough the time has gone,

00:25:39--> 00:25:42

however, that you will be rewarded for your intention.

00:25:43--> 00:25:45

And that Allah subhanaw taala will reward a person

00:25:46--> 00:25:50

for the good actions and deeds that they intended to do.

00:25:52--> 00:25:52

But how was

00:25:54--> 00:26:02

that an excuse? Or something happened that they were unable to fulfill that. So one shouldn't have seen in a situation like that, that I've missed out on that.

00:26:04--> 00:26:08

Allah subhanaw taala knows what your intention was. And who's to say that

00:26:10--> 00:26:49

like the hadith of undisciplined murder could be a line where when Khabib No, Malik did not participate in the Battle of Tabuk. There were three individuals, Allah Allah, Allah mentioned three individuals who did not participate in the, at the Battle of Tobruk, and the Knights here of the Hijra. And then, after the end of the story that the professor said that there were people who did not travel with you in the valleys, didn't cross the deserts with you. However, they will participate with you in the reward, even though they didn't do the same actions they will receive that they will participate with you in the reward. So this is a great mercy from Allah subhanaw

00:26:49--> 00:27:15

taala, that a person may not do that action but intended to do that. So if this is the situation, we hope that Allah subhanaw taala would reward that person for the intention that they had Allah. Circular Fisher, thank you. We have our break shortly coming up, but we'll try and take our next caller very quickly. So As salam o Alikum, to our brother or sister on the line, welcome to the show. What's your name? And where are you calling from?

00:27:17--> 00:27:18

I'm calling from

00:27:19--> 00:27:24

Masha Allah, I remember you, you've called us before, right? Yeah, I'm not sure how old are you again?

00:27:26--> 00:27:31

Allahu Akbar. That is amazing. So, brother, young brother, Amar, Roy, is that you need

00:27:32--> 00:27:45

a man mashallah, what's your question? My question is, are we allowed to pray for the sunrise? Like if you accidentally miss And my second question is,

00:27:46--> 00:27:50

could you please explain how you pray when you're traveling?

00:27:51--> 00:27:59

Okay, all right. Thank you so much. My brother Aman. We're gonna answer your question right now. So you can either watch on your TV or you can use on your phone. Okay.

00:28:01--> 00:28:02

Thanks. Thank you so much.

00:28:03--> 00:28:06

Yep. So if a person sleeps through a prayer,

00:28:07--> 00:28:43

whether it's Fudger, or any prayer for that matter, or they forget, then they're to pray, offer that prayer immediately when they wake up or when they remember. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said men NEMA and Salah tin o NESEA. That whoever sleeps pastor pray or forget set values or Leah either that they are going to pray immediately when they remember that there is no expectation like a father to Allah, you know, there, there's no explanation for that. Except that you do that. So person says, Oh, it's coming to sunrise you offer it you have there's no problem we offer the prayer at that time. So that's no problem Chantal as a traveler, then you are permitted to shorten your prayers

00:28:43--> 00:29:21

throughout your journey you offer her an answer together in any of their times. And Margaret in Asia in any of their times shortened Okay, so though her NASA will be to and to Margaret is three and Aisha is to whether you join them in the latter time or the earlier time alone is best. Just like Lakeisha thank you for your answer. Thank you to everyone who's tuned in so far. We're going to take a short break now for a few minutes and then we'll be back for the second part of our show for another 30 minutes live would you brothers and sisters so when we're back, if you'd like to give us a call, do pick up the phone and dial oh two or 35150769 Otherwise, you can send your questions to

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our WhatsApp number, email address or on social media in shop.

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bla Welcome back to all of our viewers at home. Welcome to Ask you man live, we're going to be here with you up until 9pm inshallah so that's another 30 minutes to take your questions and get them answered for you by our chef live. Inshallah. So the numbers call us on is coming and going at the bottom left side of your screen, and that's Oh 235150769 And with that, we're going to continue our show so welcome back after the break when the Clermont economy shut down, and we're gonna go to our next caller now, Salam Alikum to our brother or sister on the line. Welcome to the show. What's your name? And where are you calling from?

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I'm calling from Birmingham.

00:34:03--> 00:34:04

I have a request and

00:34:05--> 00:34:11

you can go ahead. Yeah, first question is about woman one day again, this will be covering

00:34:12--> 00:34:14

a whole field 50

00:34:16--> 00:34:20

And then also, this will be covered with the dress is the dress didn't

00:34:21--> 00:34:24

fit they can use if that's okay.

00:34:26--> 00:34:29

And also if they're going out, do they have to

00:34:30--> 00:34:48

cover their feet again, even going out? Because sometimes if you're going out you got you bedrest not to cover your ankle, but it doesn't cover your feet. And sometimes you feel like you want to fit flat and without any soft. So I don't know if that's allowed or not.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

Thank you, Sister for your questions. You can stay on the line. Inshallah, to hear your answer from from our chef or you can watch it on your TV.

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

initial question. Yeah. Can I say another one? Yes, you can. Yes, you can. Yeah. Yeah. Also if, if, if, is women allowed to put relaxer on their hair in Islam?

00:35:15--> 00:35:27

And third one is, if somebody did voodoo, and then they didn't take during the time like, like, for example, four minutes before that.

00:35:28--> 00:35:32

And then they went crazy. And somebody came and tell them

00:35:33--> 00:35:40

the time is not yet. Can while they're playing can they pick up debris? And then wait for the time and pay?

00:35:41--> 00:35:52

Okay, you go with a question? Sure. There are three questions. Yeah, yeah, I got. Okay. Thank you solid sister. You can stay if you don't mind staying on the line, just in case we missed any of your questions. Okay.

00:35:55--> 00:36:04

Okay, thank you so much. This is there's only one Okay, so the first question is about the covering the feet and there's issues with covering your your feet in Salah when you go outside

00:36:05--> 00:36:10

the majority of the amount of the view that a woman should in Salah

00:36:11--> 00:36:30

should cover her feet, whether that's done by wearing socks, or she wears a long garment. I mean, she does not actually wear anything on her feet, but the garment actually covers the feet. And that's enough. So when she goes into the court and she goes into sujood, her feet will remain covered because she's wearing a long long garment, that's fine a shorter

00:36:31--> 00:36:37

also the drummer also, when she goes out in public, she should also cover her feet

00:36:39--> 00:36:43

because they consider it part of her aura. There is another view

00:36:44--> 00:36:45


00:36:46--> 00:36:47

the foot

00:36:48--> 00:36:54

doesn't necessarily have to be covered. And there's also different views whether it's the top part of the foot or the bottom part of the foot

00:36:56--> 00:37:07

but I think it's safer inshallah because there are some deviations from the ematic meaning that the foot really should be covered in Charlotte Taylor respecting the other views but the foot really shouldn't be covered in Salah and when you go outside

00:37:08--> 00:37:11

now the second one is

00:37:18--> 00:37:31

sisters on the line we can know if she began her prayer we might miss the one before that come to me Charla that they began the form of prayer before a few minutes before the time actually entered. And then somebody had told them

00:37:33--> 00:37:33


00:37:35--> 00:37:40

you're talking to somebody when they're praying which really you shouldn't do that should wait for them to finish

00:37:41--> 00:37:47

but that being the case, or finish the Salah, and if it was done before the time that it obviously doesn't count as the follow

00:37:48--> 00:38:10

by Count is enough enough for you so actually voluntary prayer for you. But then you'd have to order or obviously offer the form of prayer in its time inshallah Tada straight after that. There was a question before it hasn't come to me relaxing, relaxing the hair Yeah, yeah, that's no problem. Just just want to relax the hair. That's no problem mashallah men relaxed men.

00:38:12--> 00:38:14

If they have curly hair, and they want to relax their hair

00:38:15--> 00:38:18

Lambert's habits as long as you know that

00:38:19--> 00:38:26

the hairstyles are, you know, men hairstyles, and women have women have women have women hairstyles. Not a problem.

00:38:29--> 00:38:47

Does that guy Fisher, thank you so much. Thank you, Sister for your questions. May Allah reward you. For everyone else watching at home you're able to give us a call or ask your questions if you have any right now. We're gonna go to our next caller. So salam Wa alaykum to our brother or sister on the line. Welcome to the show. What's your name? And where are you calling from?

00:38:48--> 00:39:28

Polycom Polycom Salama. Hello, work it. What's your name? My name is Imani. Masala, Salam aleykum. And how old are you? I'm 13 years old. Masala. Welcome to the show. And your question. My question is when praying as a group, and you break when do you stop praying or wait until everyone is finished? And then pray good. Okay, so is this if are you following the Imam? Yeah, question. Yeah, so you're not it's not you're not asking about the Imam right? No. Okay, because I think we can ask both questions.

00:39:29--> 00:39:39

Okay, okay. All right. Are you gonna stay on the phone or you're gonna watch on your TV? Or watch on my TV? Alright, then thank you so much for calling on money. And thank you to your family for tuning in as well.

00:39:42--> 00:39:59

Okay, so for any person who's in the gym or during the congregational prayer and they break they will do whatever reason, then they leave the Salah, go make judo and come back and join the Jamar okay, it happens happens. person shouldn't feel embarrassed.

00:40:01--> 00:40:37

Somebody will know that I broke my wall. It's not a laughing matter, it's salah. And if a person finds that funny then they should be told this is not a laughing matter is not a joke. So there's absolutely no problem and you go just make your window and start your prayer again, because then the question maybe is, well, do I carry on from where I left or not? You start from you start from your start again. So you might do in the beginning. Yeah. So if you'd finish two, and then you nullified you broke your will do and then you go to MIT Well, dot, right. It will be your first one. Okay, so you continue from when they're finished, you've got whatever's remaining. Wherever you missed, you

00:40:37--> 00:40:38

continue at the end.

00:40:40--> 00:40:51

As for the man breaking the window, then the different views on is the simplest views, if you like, is that they will leave the prayer, obviously. And

00:40:52--> 00:41:07

for the sisters because they have a line. They don't have like a person Imam praying in front. The sisters are praying alone, then they end up when he's leading will be in the center, she leaves and then they just close that gap and continue. Okay. And one of them obviously will

00:41:08--> 00:41:14

designated or will choose to lead the salah. Okay. Like this.

00:41:17--> 00:41:22

Although I think that was the only question was, yeah. Thank you so much. Amani.

00:41:23--> 00:41:25

Okay, so we're going to go to our next question,

00:41:27--> 00:41:33

which I believe we have a few questions from our brothers and sisters on YouTube. Hamdulillah. So our next question

00:41:35--> 00:41:50

is I forgot I did my second Raka. So stood and did it again, halfway through it, or halfway through it. I remembered I had already done it. What should I do continue the third that aka I am in or go down immediately to do the tissue.

00:41:53--> 00:42:28

Okay, so they missed the tissue held simply then. Yeah, so they forgot it on the second rocker. So they done right, and then you know, stood up as if they didn't have to do it. Right. So, as I said, Mr. Schad, is that correct? Basically, right. All right, so they stood up for the. So if you've already stood up, and you're you know, even if you're halfway up, then you continue to stand up. And that will be your third that occur. And all you need to do in the trial attire is to perform to prostrations or forgetfulness before you make the screen. And that will make up for the shortcoming of the missing of the t shirt. At the second at the end of the second tilaka Allahu Allah.

00:42:31--> 00:42:38

Zack Lakeisha thank you so much. Some of our viewers were actually helping us when you were trying to find the corals and

00:42:40--> 00:42:42

like so our next question is

00:42:45--> 00:42:55

will the parents with the parent be punished for feeling frustrated and upset with their parents, even if they don't act up that frustration respond with silence to them?

00:42:56--> 00:42:57

Okay, so

00:42:59--> 00:43:00

sometimes our

00:43:02--> 00:43:08

another person may do something which may frustrate us or annoy us. But we don't say anything, we keep it inside.

00:43:10--> 00:43:16

Your reaction may be justified, maybe unjustified. But you don't act upon that.

00:43:17--> 00:43:26

So that you're not sinful for that those thoughts that may come to you. If it's justified, then you may be rewarded for the controlling of your anger or the controlling of your feelings.

00:43:27--> 00:43:30

And if it's unjustified, you have no reason to feel like that then

00:43:32--> 00:43:40

you're right to keep quiet and not say anything and this is something you need to work on yourself. Okay? But especially with one's parents, you need to really

00:43:41--> 00:43:56

be very careful in how you respond to them. And not to say or do anything which may upset them. You know, the person may say, Well, I have you know, they're doing something which annoys me. Well, you know, when you were growing up, you did many things that probably annoyed your parents.

00:43:58--> 00:44:02

But they still looked after you fed you cleaned you washed you

00:44:03--> 00:44:08

so the debt that you have towards your parents can never be paid back. So

00:44:09--> 00:44:13

keeping your notes in full for my last don't make it easy.

00:44:14--> 00:44:20

Thank you. So if we have quite a few questions on YouTube, so I think we can get through them inshallah. Our next question is

00:44:23--> 00:44:37

why? Why why is someone not dreaming of his deceased father? Is there any special data apply the dream about a deceased person? You love? Yeah, so not having a dream about a deceased person doesn't mean anything good or bad.

00:44:39--> 00:44:46

A person who shouldn't be there I'm waiting for the dream to come to me for them to tell me they're okay or everything's fine and things like that. Not at all.

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

What you should be busy with is making dua for them. supplicating for them asking Allah's partner to forgive them to overlook the overlook their shortcomings. If there's any good that you can do in their name also do that.

00:45:01--> 00:45:07

So don't be too hung up and thinking about, you know what's going to happen in the dreams and things like that.

00:45:08--> 00:45:20

Thank you, Chef. We're gonna go to our next question now from our coolers, so Salam aleikum to brother Hanif on the line, I believe. Welcome to the show. How are you today? My brother

00:45:21--> 00:45:22


00:45:23--> 00:45:24

My name is Salim

00:45:28--> 00:45:40

Bhushan peace, can a boy marry against these parents? Will? I mean, will there be any punishment if the man is against their voice against their decision?

00:45:41--> 00:45:54

Okay, got it. So, thank you so much, my brother for your call your your calling all the way from Bangladesh. Mashallah. So, does that. Call it for tuning in from all the way across the other side of the world?

00:45:55--> 00:46:03

Yeah, so can avoid chef marry against the will of his parents, right? So what I'm going to mention is a generic answer.

00:46:04--> 00:46:12

And it would be not right for me to comment on a situation, which is ongoing between a family.

00:46:13--> 00:46:22

I don't want to be the cause of any problems between them, especially the splitting between a son and his parents, I can't take that responsibility.

00:46:23--> 00:46:30

So my answer is completely generic and is not specifically concerning your situation, I hope you appreciate the situation I'm in.

00:46:31--> 00:46:40

So in general, I think it's important for both the parents and the children to be on the same page. And for them to both have an understanding

00:46:41--> 00:46:44

about that what pleases everybody? Okay?

00:46:46--> 00:47:23

Obviously, you want as parents, your children to be happy to find a spouse that they are happy to marry. And you don't want them to marry somebody that they don't want to be with quite simply, no, you can't force any child to marry somebody that they don't want to marry, they should marry somebody whom that they are pleased with. Secondly, that if you find somebody according to Islam, to the according to what the Prophet SAW, Selim told us good religion, good manners, okay? Then, these are the most important reasons and most important criteria for you to, to marry somebody that the parents really shouldn't block that.

00:47:24--> 00:47:27

And at the same time, if the parents advise the child,

00:47:29--> 00:48:04

the son about a matter and advise their daughter as well, about something, they should also take the opinion of their parents. Okay. But it is not a battle between the two who has the strongest view, okay? But you ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow your hearts to come together on that what is best for the future? Okay, it's not about you know, you have to listen to us. Or you have to listen to me. You have to do the things together. Okay. And if the intention is correct, then I'm sure that our last panel will bring your hearts together and that what is best, and

00:48:05--> 00:48:13

just like a la hisher thank you for your answer. Our next question is going to be from YouTube. And the question is,

00:48:14--> 00:48:15

is there a hadith

00:48:17--> 00:48:23

which states that we are not allowed to keep dogs as pets? Yes, there are a number of narrations

00:48:24--> 00:48:32

that the prophesy Salim said that whoever keeps a dog will have a plot of reward taken away from them for every day that they keep a dog

00:48:35--> 00:48:44

so it's not allowed for us to keep dogs in our homes. There are certain exceptions for us to owning dogs. For example, a hunting dog or farming dog

00:48:46--> 00:48:50

These are clearly stated in durations as for God dogs,

00:48:52--> 00:49:01

then some of the rules have extended the keeping of dogs as God dogs by analogy, because God dogs are not mentioned in durations.

00:49:03--> 00:49:14

Now in a person may say, Well, you know, I live in a dangerous area and you move to me keeping a dog in my home is an absolute must. And they this is how they justify keeping a dog in the home

00:49:16--> 00:49:17

or close you know,

00:49:18--> 00:49:40

close within the vicinity of the home where natural there are substitutes like alarms. And there are many other things which will deter thieves. Okay. So you have to be very careful about a person justifying or allowing to keep a dog on this basis. It's not an absolute yes or no. But it depends really on your situation.

00:49:41--> 00:49:43

If a person has

00:49:45--> 00:49:49

large grounds, large areas of property

00:49:50--> 00:49:54

you know, there could be a justification for keeping dogs to to protect your your land.

00:49:55--> 00:49:59

But in inner city for example, okay, well the situation is vastly different.

00:50:00--> 00:50:00


00:50:01--> 00:50:06

keeping dogs in your home has got dogs and things like this when there are many substitutes for the you don't need a dog in your home to

00:50:08--> 00:50:32

prevent, you know, people stealing whatever you have, and alarms and things like that can be maybe a better deterrent. So if a person is not sure as to what the situation then go and ask for personal knowledge, explain your situation with regards to God dogs. And I've gone a bit of a tangent, but there are clear narrations that you don't keep dogs in your home. And there is a decrease in reward for the one who does that.

00:50:35--> 00:50:52

Thank you so much. Just for everyone watching along on YouTube. We are gonna get to all the questions, so apologies for the delay. I've seen some questions, if we're asking if we're gonna actually answer them, we are going to get to them. So we're gonna continue to show a lot on YouTube after our next caller. So I believe we have another caller on the line.

00:50:53--> 00:51:01

Right? So as salam aleikum, to our brother or sister on the line, welcome to the show. What's your name? And where are you calling from?

00:51:03--> 00:51:05

I'm calling from again.

00:51:06--> 00:51:13

I have the one question about when women reading Quran and when they are in many men.

00:51:14--> 00:51:19

Can they for example when they are in Accra? Can they make a salute or not?

00:51:20--> 00:51:31

Okay, no, no. Can they do prostrate? Yeah. Is it the prostration of the Quran? When you read it? Yeah, when you read like for example.

00:51:34--> 00:51:35


00:51:37--> 00:51:38

But yes, right. Okay.

00:51:41--> 00:51:49

So when a woman is on her monthly cycle, is she allowed to make the prostration of reciting? Okay.

00:51:50--> 00:52:04

The first question is that do we consider this prostration of Salah or not? Even before that, is a woman allowed to recite the Quran while on the menses there is a minority of you to say that you are allowed Inshallah, that's you are allowed to recite the Quran while your mind says even though

00:52:05--> 00:52:09

a lot of the elements say that you should not read the Quran while on menses unless you fear

00:52:11--> 00:52:13

forgetting what you've memorized.

00:52:14--> 00:52:38

But it is allowed for you to read on humans is number one. Number two, the frustration is that we do not consider it Salah it's not prayer. Okay. So therefore the conditions of prayer are not applicable. So it is not a must for her the sister that is for her to wear the hijab. You have to cover her head when she's making that prostration so it's allowed for her to do that inshallah Allah. Okay. Preferably that you will face the stapler.

00:52:40--> 00:52:43

And you make the prostration of recital. Okay.

00:52:45--> 00:52:51

It's, yeah, so it's allowed for it because it's not considered below.

00:52:52--> 00:52:53

Thank you.

00:52:54--> 00:53:00

Our next question is from YouTube. And our next question is

00:53:02--> 00:53:21

if someone has similar Alikum, if someone has a lot of gas problems, and and he can't keep although even if he repeats will do three, four times, what's the ruling for him offering prayer? Okay. So in a situation like this, where the person is unable to keep their will, then they are they have

00:53:22--> 00:53:33

they're an exception to the rule. So, certain rules will be only applicable to them. So what they can do Charles Taylor is just at the time of Salah, they intend to pray you go and make wood

00:53:34--> 00:54:01

and then after you make that model, you will go to make Salah straightaway, you make sell off straightaway regardless of what happens after. So if you nullified you will know by passing when you're excused, okay and you just offer the model rather you offer the Salah in the state that you are in so you just made although you go and offer Salah straightaway, and your Salah is valid inshallah. Thank you, sir. Our next question is, what's the ruling on portraits or images that without eyes on them?

00:54:03--> 00:54:06

Without eyes like a silhouette Joe said, the question is a bit vague.

00:54:08--> 00:54:27

Question is a bit vague. Now, what we should avoid is drawing anything with that a rule anything that has a soul, you should avoid drawing it. Okay? If a person likes painting likes drawing, you have a talent for it a lot of robotic. There are many things you can draw. And I know that people have certain skills in you know, in

00:54:29--> 00:54:37

drawing people have a skill in drawing people as opposed to drawing you know, mountains and scenery and things like that. I'm not very good at that. But if you have a skill,

00:54:39--> 00:54:43

use it in the correct way. Now drawing things which have souls,

00:54:44--> 00:55:00

you should avoid that the person says Well, I'm not going to draw the eyes and things like that. Okay, if that's what you find is you want to go too right to the edge, okay, of what's actually permissive and go right to the edge, okay, as long as you don't fall into a haram so that the way

00:55:00--> 00:55:00

aim of

00:55:02--> 00:55:05

doing something like this would be to make sure the head

00:55:06--> 00:55:09

is not connected to the body. Okay?

00:55:11--> 00:55:17

Or you don't put any detail in in the in the face at all, no detail in the face at all.

00:55:19--> 00:55:40

This would be somewhat, you know, permissible if you like, as long as there's no detail in the face. Or if the head is separate from the body, then you can do that. Jonathan Alajuela. The question was me look up. The very famous old portrait of the guy with the ball had the apple in front of his face.

00:55:42--> 00:55:42

Do you think that

00:55:46--> 00:55:46

may have?

00:55:49--> 00:55:52

Have you seen it? There's no detail in the face. Yeah.

00:55:53--> 00:56:08

So yeah, I mean, that would be permissible. Okay. Sorry. It just came to me when the question is called the Son of Man. It's just a famous painting from 1964. Nationally, so it's got he's got Apple in front of his face. Yeah. Alright, so moving on. Our next question is

00:56:09--> 00:56:20

a Salam Alikum. Chef, my question is, what is the ruling if we visit a deceased person's home, as its he after he passed away? Previous the previous year?

00:56:22--> 00:56:33

So I don't know. There's no significance in visiting the person's house. They passed away, whether it was one year ago or 20 years ago, six months ago, there's no significance

00:56:35--> 00:56:44

of a person says, right. I'm going to make an issue of visitors visiting it once a year, then, you know, what was the purpose of that?

00:56:45--> 00:56:51

Person is seeking something there's nothing to be sought by doing that. But in essence, it is.

00:56:52--> 00:56:54

Maybe they have relatives that are the home

00:56:55--> 00:56:57

relatives of the deceased to visit them is good.

00:57:00--> 00:57:05

Yeah, so if you knew them, and you want to give them gifts, and you know, and things like that, then no problem.

00:57:06--> 00:57:12

Thank you, Chef. Our next question is from YouTube, and the question is.

00:57:21--> 00:57:24

Okay, so a friend has a

00:57:26--> 00:57:28

girlfriend and

00:57:31--> 00:57:32

bass, yeah.

00:57:33--> 00:57:34

Is it permissible?

00:57:35--> 00:58:12

Yeah. Is that a girlfriend? No, we don't have girlfriends in Islam. have boyfriends. Okay. And just to clarify, because there's a bit most of the question, but you know, we can't, you know, judge or speak about six, you know, stuff like that. Just Well, I slam down. Exactly. the only the only the only way of life we believe to be correct and true. Is Islam and other anything? Yeah, well, Muslims. And so there's no such thing as in a specific sect, you're allowed to have a girlfriend, right? Just to clarify, not in Islam. There isn't? No, I don't care whatever is in the schism you mentioned, but Islam is not. We don't we all know each other. In Islam and the prophets I seldom.

00:58:13--> 00:58:20

And first and foremost, the last panel explains to us how, as human beings, we interact with each other words with one another, upon

00:58:21--> 00:58:35

what level and how we respect each other. And that way, if a person wants to have a relationship with the other gender, then they get married to them if it's allowed for them to do so. But outside of that, you know, Allah subhanaw taala clearly forbids

00:58:36--> 00:58:49

having a one on one, not when a person says a girlfriend, we're not saying we understand the term and it's customary kind of essence, and meaning and having girlfriends like this, then no, or boyfriends and things like that. This is

00:58:50--> 00:58:54

it's not allowed in Islam. We asked last man to make easy and keep us safe.

00:58:55--> 00:59:29

Thank you so much. That brings us to the end of our show. We have a caller on the line. We have more questions on YouTube and WhatsApp. But brothers and sisters, we're going to be back tomorrow at the same time at eight o'clock. And we'll get started exactly where we left off from. So if I could ask the caller on the line right now to give us a call at 8pm. Tomorrow, we'll start the show with you. And also all of our questions from YouTube. Apologies. We haven't had the chance to get to them. But we'll start with them as well on tomorrow's show at 8pm. Thank you so much for tuning in for everyone who called everyone who sent their questions. We'll be back as I said same time tomorrow at

00:59:29--> 00:59:32

8pm. For now, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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