Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #42 – Surah At-Tariq

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Iran is controlling the situation and controlling the narrative, even after their own plan was lost. They talk about the actions Iran is taking, including shooting people and causing chaos, and how they are trying to steal control and steal control of the situation. The speaker also mentions the actions of Fidel and the sea, and how they are trying to steal control and steal control of the situation.
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One of the lessons of Surah Tarik is that Allah's plan is supreme. Allah's plan conquers everything. You have certain people in this world, that they're arrogant, they're arrogant in a particular way and that they think that they can through their coming through their plotting that they can do something that Allah hates, that they can get away with whatever that they're doing, right. And these people, they become kind of addicted to controlling, controlling the situation controlling the narrative, the archetype that we're given in the Koran is around, right surrounds always trying to control the situation, always trying to control the narrative, even when his magicians contradict

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him and his magicians leave and accept. What does he say to him? He says, This must be your teacher. He talks about Musa he says you must be his students. He's the one that taught you magic. Oh, that's why you're going you're defecting from me, he always has to control the narrative. Right? Musa comes in the first place, he has to control the narrative. He's just coming to evict you out of your homeland. Right? Sounds like something that people talk about immigrants today. Right? They're coming over the border to take your jobs, right. That's basically what Iran is doing with his own people. When Musa cops he's like, he just wants to your power. He wants your land. He's gonna kick

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you out. So if Iran is always controlling, controlling, controlling, because he's plotting and doing something that a lot doesn't like, okay, but Allah's plan reigned supreme, in fact, fit islands plan as part of the loss plan. And that's the thing that people who are arrogant, don't realize, whatever conniving, they're doing whatever plotting, they're doing behind the scenes, and we take it from the Sierra, right in the province of the love I sent them all the people that tried to kill him or tried to assassinate him. Right. You have the hypocrites that were inside of Medina, you have the kuffar the Quraysh, and they were making all these secret deals and the secret plans, they're going to come

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in to Medina through the backside and surprise attack and all these sorts of things and they don't even realize that their plan is part of a lost planet. Allah subhanaw taala is undoing them through their own plan. And that's exactly what happened to Fidel and we're going to chase them out. We're going to follow them out of the city and then we're going to catch him Oh, the sea was parted. I'm gonna follow him through, it's gonna stay open for me the whole thing, the whole thing, all of the control that they were under the illusion of having it was all Allah's plan in the end, swallowing them

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