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AI: Summary © The superstar series discusses the prophets lie, including Luca Benioff's actions and his son's actions, as well as the importance of being a Muslim. A rabbi named Pamela claims to be a great chef and a woman named Pam claims to be a woman of gender. A man named Mr. lamb claims to have stood for the people and helped the people, but the series also touches on the man himself and his actions.
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Salam Alaikum Welcome to Labor Council Quran Weekly This is your brother on Muslim on Welcome back to the superstar series. When the prophet SAW I said I'm came to Medina, you know there were many different tribes and many different religions that were already there. That's how a lot we find that some of their leaders accepted Islam and some of their leaders hated the prophets. I saw them immediately because they they feared for their authority. One of those people who sincerely wanted to know whether or not this was the truth, was a rabbi by the name of slain if no, Saddam Hussein with Assad. And Assange was Saddam was the greatest Rabbi amongst the people of Medina. He was from

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the very well known tribe of Ben Okay, no car. So he was known in that in that society, he was well established, great rabbi, great scholar. And so when he heard about the prophets lie, Selim, he knew right away that from a scripture from the perspective of the Scripture that they had, that this was indeed the messenger that was foretold by the other prophets, sallAllahu wasallam. And what means peace and blessings be upon all of them. So he went out and he waited to see this prophets lie Selim. And he's to climb the tree every single day, and his aunt by the name of holly that she would see him and she would see how excited he was, you know, to see the prophets lie Selim and she was

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disturbed by it. And in fact, when he heard that the prophets lie, some arrived, he said, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, he actually did the tech via. So she said, Well, law he if Musa alayhis salam was to come, you would not be this excited. So he said, Oh, my aunt's. He is the brother of Masada, his Salaam, with the same message as Mossad. He said, I'm sent by the one who sent Masada, his Salah. And so she was she was convinced and she also accepted and so he came in he said, I wanted to hear what he was going to say. So he said I entered into the assembly, when he said I saw the profit slice alone. And the first words that he said a yohannes epsilon, well, Mo bomb or solubility when

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asked Oneonta to region, the Salah, oh people spread Salam amongst you feed the poor amongst you, and pray at night while others are sleeping, and you will enter agenda in peace. And he said I looked at his face. And he said Fela and Alvaro to Isla YG he are off to an edge who lays to be what he can love. He said I looked at his face as soon as I saw his face. I said, there is no way that this is the face of a liar. So he said I set my eyes on the prophets lie Selim. And I knew that he was not a liar. So he said I went to the Prophet sly salon. And he said I asked him some questions and gibreel Ali Salaam gave the prophets lie some of the answers right away. And he said and I said

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a shadow Allah, lower shadow Anika rasulillah. I took the testimony, I became a Muslim. And then he said to me, your name is now Abdullah he asked me what my name was a sort of a saleable seller. And then he said your name is Abdullah of no Salah. And he said, Well, like I don't want to be called by anything else after this. And these are the most beloved names to Allah subhanaw taala. Um, Rahman, and Abdullah, now I'm the loving Salaam went back to his family and he gave them data and they became Muslim as well, his wife and even his aunt, and his children. They all became Muslim, and I'm the loveliness that I've said but keep it private right now. I'm loving Mr. Lamb then told the

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Prophet size when we said, Listen, I am the most, you know, the most famous scholar amongst my people, the most famous Rabbi amongst my people. He said, bring them in. He said, let me hide behind the curtain and bring them in and ask about me. So the prophets I send them did what he said, I'm the loveliness that I'm hid behind the curtain and the prophets lie some called some of some of the people from ventilate a new car, and he asked them, he said, What do you say about Rosaleen? musella they said, alumina, alumina, hyena, Webb, no hyena habarana. Love No. havoline. They said he is our our alum. He's our scholar the most and he's the son of our scholar. He is the best of us and the

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son of the best of us. He is our Rabbi and the son of our Rabbi. And the prophet SAW sent him said, What would you say if I told you that he became Muslim? They said, That's not gonna happen. There is no way that Jose mussalam the rabbi would become Muslim. At that point, I'm loving Mr. Lamb came out and he said, a shadow Allah illallah wa shadow and a colossal lie pointed to the prophets lie some, so that I bear witness that there's only one God and that you are the Messenger of Allah. When he said that those that same group of people said Sharona Webb who suddenly now He's the worst of us, and the son of the worst of us, and they said, Yeah, he's gonna love ninja Hina. He is the most

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ignorant of us and the son of the most ignorant of us. So it shows you somehow people were stunned.

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By the greatest Rabbi of Medina, immediately accepting Islam and this is something that the prophets lie Selim said, well, soulless. isonem said piata come from jehoiada confidence now that the best amongst you in the days of ignorance are the best of you in Islam. So he had these good characteristics, these good qualities. He was a sincere rabbi, a sincere monotheists. And so it was easy for him to recognize the truth. And he brought those same qualities that made him a great scholar of Judaism into Islam. And hence, he became one of the Mufti of the Sahaba, he became one of the scholars of the Sahaba. And that shows you something very special. So Paolo, because there's

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this idea that all of the Jews hated the Muslims, and that every one you know, all of the Muslims were anti semitic, and that there was no cooperation whatsoever. None of the Jews accepted Islam and all of these No, I mean, their greatest Rabbi accepted Islam. Okay, so so pantalon he became a shift he became a scholar, amongst the Sahaba one who gave fatwa, one who Subhan Allah who all of the companions would refer to throughout their lives and he lived he lived very close to the prophets lie salon. And just as the prophets lie, some named him anytime he would have a child he'd bring him to the prophets lie Selim, so that the prophets lie some could name him. So this is actually

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narrated, another bill muffler that he brought. He brought his son when he was a baby to the prophets lie Selim. And he asked the prophets licenciado, sola, you name him. So the prophets license them named him use of and he started to wipe his head and making their app for him. So it's Pamela This is something that became a practice this great Rabbi became a great companion, a great chef, a great scholar, and even in the times of hardship in the oma, he was one who stood and who tried to remind the people of a loss of adamantine the messenger slice Allah, whenever it's not only allowed to have and who was being assassinated, of the love Mr. lamb was one of the people that

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stood up while the Allahu anhu for the cause of Earth man tried to educate the people and bring them back to moderation and bring them back to Islam. And there is no greater testimony perhaps in the testimony of the prophets, I saw them. When the prophets lie, Selim once said to the companions, that man is a man of gender. He's a man of the people of gender. And so Pamela, there's a beautiful narration that I want to end with. It's a narration that's narrated by Annie Mamet, and is Muslim and also other authentic collections, by a man by the name of place, a bad case of not a bad law, the law and what I think a whole lot is a temporary. So he's from the second generation. He said

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that, you know, one time I walked into the masjid, and I saw a man who looked very humble, and very beautiful, and with and with good character, and he prayed to duck eyes beautifully. So he said, I asked the people about him, and he said, I heard that people were saying about him, that this is a man of agenda that this is a man of paradise. So he said, I went up to him. And I asked him what his name is. And he told me, I'm the loving to Salaam. And he said, Why were the people saying that you're a man of gender? So he said, Subhana, Allah, he said, People should not say that, which they don't know. He said, but there was a vision that I once had a dream that I once had. And he said in

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this dream, I was in a garden. Okay, so in a genda, I was in a garden, this big genda, this big boulder, okay. And he said, as I was in this garden, he said, I walked around, and I saw in the middle of this, the middle of this garden, there was a mood, there was a pole. So he said, I walked to the pole. And he said, and I looked very, very high up, and I could see a handhold urwa. So he said that while I was looking up, a voice commanded me to ascend that pole, and I said, How am I supposed to get up there? And he said, No sooner than that than a man or that the angel blew under me. And he said, I started to ascend until I grabbed on to that hand, told until I grabbed on to

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that Ottawa, and he suddenly woke up and he said, I went to the messenger, so I sent him and I told the Prophet slicin, and what I saw, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, Mr. Lola, for older to Islam, as for the garden is the garden of Islam. As for the poll that I moved, it is the pole of Islam. And he said, As for the other one, for healer, other words will whisker it is the trustworthy handhold that Allah subhanaw taala had talks about in the Quran. And also last night, someone said entitled Islam had tell them what you will be in Islam until you die. There is no fear upon you. So Pamela, so, you know, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us amongst those who

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grab onto the earth or withdraw and who are convinced about our Deen and who will live and die in Islam. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to be pleased with the companions to raise us with them and with the family of the prophets lysozyme and when the profit slice, and none of those along I mean, does that mean? Oh, hold on, hold on, hold

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Abdullah ibn Salam (may Allah be pleased with him) was a Rabbi in Medina. But when he met the Prophet (peace be upon him) he recognized the truth and said, “This cannot be the face of a liar.”

From Rabbi to Shaykh – Omar Suleiman

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