Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #43 – Surah Al-Buruj

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the struggles of Muslims to unite and fight for their lives, as it is often impossible to avoid persecution and discrimination. They also mention the importance of establishing justice and achieving a bounce back from the situation. The speaker emphasizes the need to prepare oneself and one's bodies for the worst-case scenario.
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instruments of BlueJ, Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that persecution is going to happen. We need to expect as Muslims, there are always going to be people who are going to try to harm us because of our faith, they're always going to exist. And that this too, is part of the last plan. And this too, is part of Allah's Will to struggle against in various ways. One of the ways that we struggle with struggle with it is in the sense of justice and trying to unite as a community so that people can't mess with us that's there. But in those situations where it's truly unavoidable and inevitable, and it happens to us where we're taken over, we're conquered, we're subjected to violence,

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discrimination, that we meet that fate and that destiny with honor and with belief and with integrity, that we suffer nobly if it can't be avoided, right? Because Allah Spano Tata, he reminds us in Surah, Surah, borouge, that this is just the dunya. And he gives us an example of the people who are all thrown into a pit and burned alive, right because of what they believed only because of what they believed. And this is sort of a story for us to meditate on. Like, what if that was us? What if that was us, we can't make a deal just to live another day and compromise our faith because the afterlife is better and longer lasting, it's eternal. And we hope that we never end up in that

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situation, but we better prepare ourselves and prepare our hearts so that if God forbid we are in that situation, then we'll at least be able to handle it in the way that Allah wants us to. And the last bounce Allah reminds us with the things that he says about himself, he says that Allah is grasp is firm, as severe no up or shut up, because it justice is going to come. We try to establish justice on this earth as much as possible. But it's always an approximation. It's always falling short, because we don't have perfect knowledge and we don't have perfect ability, even if we did have perfect knowledge. But Allah subhanaw taala has both perfect ability and perfect knowledge. And

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so whatever we suffer in this world, once we get to the next it's a loss power data, who's going to sort it all out and give everybody what they deserve.

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