Ayah Series #41 – Surah Al-A’la

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instruments of Allah, one of the lessons that Allah draws our attention to is the disposition of faith, the disposition of belief. It's not just something where we accumulate evidence. And once we hit enough evidence, then people believe it's a disposition of the heart. It's an orientation of the soul. And so he says that for a certain person that has this orientation, then they're going to be reminded they're going to accept the reminder, right? So you will manufacture the person who fears will be reminded, the person who wants to do right will find the ways to the right will be guided to the way to do right. With agenda Well, as the person who's going to stay away from it, they're

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staying away from it due to their orientation on the inside, they don't want to hear it, right. So they're gonna stay away from it entirely. And so this is a baseline responsibility that every single person has no matter what their religion no matter what their beliefs, every single person has a responsibility to take care of their heart and position themselves in a way to receive guidance. If it comes. And people can't complain. They don't have any room to complain if they varied it, as Allah says, and sorts of shrimps, they varied it, they've buried it, they've buried it, they've neglected it. They've looked at the muscle of belief has atrophied, right, it doesn't work anymore.

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And then the signs come and the science come and you can't believe because you've let that go. You've neglected it too much. That's the disposition that we're talking about. There's somebody who cultivates themselves so that they're ready to believe. And then once a little bit of even a little bit of guidance comes, the light goes on. They say, Ah, this is it, and then they follow. So everybody has a responsibility to take care of that sort of faculty that Allah subhanaw taala has given him or her, you have to maintain your heart you have to keep your heart open to following guidance. And if you do, Allah is going to reward you by guiding you eventually.