Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #389 – Advice For Our Muslim Youth

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker advises Muslim youth to be aware of their influences and not let anyone ruin their relationship with them. They also suggest being patient and not let anyone ruin their relationship with their partner. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being patient and not letting anyone ruin their relationship with their partner.
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Okay, so advice I would give for the Muslim youth. Number one is be really aware of your influences, okay?

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Because a lot of stuff that happens today, this day and age, the influences happen without you even realizing it, right. So you spend time on social media, you got different social media accounts, you go to school, you got sports, you got extracurricular activities, whatever else you're doing. All of these are like channels of influence, right. And there's no avoiding all of them, right, but you've just got to stay aware, you've got to stay awake, you can't fall asleep at the wheel, so to speak. And you've got to realize, at the end of the day, that if the majority of the people that you spend your time around, and that's people that are both in your phone and outside your phone, right, or

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have a certain disposition, or even have a certain sign, kind of like, belief, or non belief, maybe they're atheists, or maybe they're or whatever, that that's going to influence you in some way. Even if it's only that it's going to make it seem more normal to you, right, because these are the things and the people that you interact with and see every day. So you should be just really, really conscious about all these sorts of people that you're surrounding yourself with.

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If you don't have any Muslim friends, if you don't have any sort of like counterbalance, like Islamic influence, that's a good one, right, it's gonna be really, really hard to set down your anchor and be you and to keep who you are. And to keep your faith and to keep your kind of your thing going, it's going to be really, it's almost like your anchor is pulled up, and you're just going to be drifting at sea, and you're not even going to realize it. Right. So that would be the first thing I would say. Second thing I would say is that don't let anybody ruin Islam for you. Right, don't let anybody else and their poor behavior or their ignorance or their abrasiveness or

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their aggressiveness, or their

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cockiness, or whatever, don't let them ruin Islam for you. Islam is not about the people. Islam is not about what the Muslims are doing. Islam is about what a law said, and what the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi. Salam said, right, and you have your relationship with your Creator. And there's going to be crazy people in your life that think that they know something, or think that they're going to be able to,

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they want to prove something to you, or they want to prove you wrong or something like that. Don't let them ruin your relationship with your Creator, your relationship with your Creator is way bigger than your relationship to that person, or even to that entire community. And the third thing I would say to Muslim youth is just be patient. Be patient. You know, one thing that the devil tries to do to us to get us to jump to get us to sin or to get us to, to act out is to convince us that we're always going to feel the way that we feel right now. Or that it's going to get worse. And that's not true. It's not always going to be that way. You're going to want to do things. The neffs wants to do

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things when you're 19. When you're 21, you're 21

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that are hasty that are going to be problematic for you that are going to hurt you or hurt people that are around you. And if you can just hold on for a little bit until you're married until you're a little bit older until you graduate, whatever. A lot of times things are going to work themselves out. You're not going to feel the same way in five years that you felt that you feel now. Right, the things that you want to do, your whole perspective is going to shift. Right? So that's what I would say. So what were they

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watch your influences. Be aware of them. Make sure you've got a counterbalance for some sort of positive Islamic influence somewhere.

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Don't let anybody ruin your relationship with a law and be patient

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