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i here

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the border Second of all ourselves

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what are we learning so we are pushing our new set say

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wait a minute

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what a shadow of a law whack that

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was sort of like the more hecklers in our little water so

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yeah, he opened up a lot of possibility he wanted

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to see Oh

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I mean whatever companies they want to hear what other companies have learned or August I mean, you can do your own.

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What's up a lot

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in Milan, how can I promote pizza?

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A lot. I love the little complexity that you save.

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Way up to Lococo when I was gonna go componentize what goes in Lima, about the email stuff I'm having trouble long, black, heavy, heavy. What happens is on the lower your watch shows or movies

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that are popular.

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In the next part of sort of Bulevar Allah demonstrates the signs he has placed in the creative world that proved his existence and his unique power.

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Allah says, I never saw a haven that live. One Oh Shara John sack here. Boom Adonis jumps on the belly.

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Don't laugh about now we then hop on your seat off. Have you not seen how our Lord extends the shade? He could have simply made it stay still. If he had so willed, then we make a soft is Sky causing the shade to retreat gradually.

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When the sun first comes up on the horizon, it casts long shadows over everything. And as the sun steadily climbs higher in the sky, those shadows slowly disappear. The entire process then reverses course at noon, the shadows will steadily get longer and longer until the sun completely sets behind the horizon. Here Allah gives us a super clinical situation. What if why

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If Allah had made the daylight hours stand still white if the first crack of dawn was as bright, as high, or what if it was the opposite? What if you would was as shattering as the sunrise and sunset?

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We might not think twice about it these days because for us, the brightest lights of high noon is only as far away as the nearest light switch. But most of human history has been lived without full sun on demand. And many places across the earth today are still without electricity. Those people understand a little more quickly what the law is trying to say here.

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They get the point he's trying to base that all things depend upon the full sun, specifically the growth of crops and vegetation, our food system, but also the ability to see clearly what we're doing. During the daylight hours, whether it's travel, whether it's building something, all of that depends upon full sun. So what if a lot of rain the whole day only as bright as the first moments of dawn, or the last bit of dust, it would be chaos, our entire food system would collapse, nothing would grow, we would be groping around in the dark.

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Not only has a lot given us both the shade of dust and of course sun at high noon, but he has done it in the most beautiful, the most gentle, the most subtle way imaginable. By setting the sun in place and having the earth revolve around us. While at the same time we rotating upon its axis. A lot made the transition between Dawn and noon, between nights and the day gentle and gradual.

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Could you imagine if the sunrise in the morning was as sudden and startling as someone walking into your bedroom in the middle of the night, and flipping on white light switches at once. You might fall out of your bed from being so surprised. He has a law is the best of creators. He has made life and the dark and he has been our experience of life and dark the revolt the results of gentle planetary movements

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that Allah says well, who I love is Jana Lena the last one now was so bad, was

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too long. He is the one NutraSweet of ice has a cover for you, and may sleep for rest and the day for rising. After drawing our attention to the phenomenon of night and day and the beautiful way in which Allah created them. A lot of draws our attention to the purpose of life and death. It wasn't purely by accident that a law created night and day. It wasn't just for the beautiful scenes and the sunrises and sunsets, though those of course are nice too. It has a higher purpose than that. Every creatures life is ordered and structured by the cycles of night and day. Allah actually created our bodies to detect these differences in light. Our bodies respond to these differences as scientists

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have found. Our bodies produce different hormones and different levels of brain activity. Depending on how bright it is around us when the sun goes down. A properly functioning body produces melatonin, which in turn makes us sleepy so that we can rest.

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When the sun rises, our body produces much less of that same carbon. So we may feel alerts and have the energy for work and take care of our responsibilities. Some animals such as sheep, even respond to how long the day is. When the days get shorts in the season or fall their bodies produce hormones, telling them that maybe season has arrived. Look at how detailed Allah's creation is and how fine tuned it is down to those small details that are lost says oh that the off the law we have who's sort of laid off 21

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And he is the one who sent the winds ushering in his first thing and we sent it down pure raining from the sky. The wind and the rain have to have a lot of striations work in tandem to maintain the balance on Earth. The wind provides

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School relief from the heat during the day, just as it insulates the Earth from losing too much heat during the night.

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The wind carries weather patterns, pushing them across the land to give us changes in temperature and precipitation. Allah uses the winds to carry the clouds directing them, where to provide shade, and where to bring rain. All of this a lot is perfectly knowledgeable and aware of down to the most minut detail and managing all of this ever once heard as consent for tires and for confuses him at all whatsoever. So how do you go without rather

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than a law says they looked at me he

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was still in

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an aisle seat he had to do it. The purpose why we gave you to swim in the serene is to give life to a lifeless land to provide water for countless animals and humans of our creation. Allah brings life to the lifeless, not just in the initial moments of their creation, but also constantly by the provision he gives to them. One of the most fundamental parts of this revision is water. Something no one can do without for more than just a few days. Every time you reach out to turn the faucet on, or open a bottle of water, Allah is bringing you to life once again. The Companions were aware of this reality they used to say this a love every single time leaves to lower their bucket sound and a

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wealth of freshwater. Because the law can give and the law can take away. We are hopelessly dependent upon the law of bounty every single second of our lives.

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Then Allah says, Well, I'm gonna solve off now the vein of Leah Vetco further, but I've

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never seen that before we certainly dispersed or allocated as among them. Why so that they might be mindful, but most people persist in ungratefulness.

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This tremendous bounty and blessing that Allah possesses and the should use specifically the raven is not restricted by age or nationality. It is not restricted by creed or affiliation. A law grants it to everyone indiscriminately. And yet, most people are not grateful for love. People demonstrate their ingratitude in many different ways. The most heinous, the most obscene form of ingratitude is to deny that Allah is the source of our blessings. And to imagine that our blessings came from some other source, whether we believe that our blessings came to us because of the stars aligned or because of our horoscope, or because of our own skill and intelligence, or because the quote unquote

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universe gave it to us, or because of luck or chance all of this is the highest degree of a gratitude to our Sustainer toward Allah, the Almighty, the one who sustains every living creature.

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Another type of ingratitude is wasting the blessing that Allah has given us. So use more than you need or to be careless with how you use something shows that you in fact, take it for granted.

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You feel entitled to it, you feel as if Allah owes it to you.

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In fact, the law owes you nothing.

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You owe a lot everything.

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wants the prophets of Allah why he was somebody who was passing by on them washing for prayer. And this man was using a lot of water.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam asked him, What is this waste?

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The man replied, is it possible to waste when you're washing for prayer? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said yes, there is such a thing it is possible to waste even if you are washing for prayer in the middle of a river.

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Next Allah says one hour shift in the afternoon people will be familiar. Maybe you all

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had we will. If we had wanted to.

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We could have easily sent a warner to each and every society

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I hear a lot is alluding to a fact that he states more explicitly elsewhere and before that if he wanted to, he could have kept sending messengers and prophets and revelations to different civilizations right up until you know the race up until the last day. However, Allah has chosen to make more happiness in the long way he was the final messenger and so they perform better than the final message to all of humanity.

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Allah says this explicitly, we can come out of the province of sorts of out off foot yeah the head nurse in the hospital walkie unable to give me

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say oh people certainly I am the messenger of Allah, Allah

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and the Prophet Flo outweigh your son he said in a hadith collected by both authority and Muslim.

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What kind of have you you are doing at home many foster lovers doing that nurse Jana,

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the prophets or a prophet of old would be sense to just his own people, whereas I have been sent to hold people.

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The facts that Allah preserves the forehand, just as he had revealed is made it unnecessary to send another revelation after just as the fact that Allah caused the Islamic movements of spread from Morocco to China and beyond, made it fun necessary to send another prophet after Muhammad Salah love it.

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Allah already proved his points in the most dramatic fashion taking illiterates desert dwellers, who have been consumed for centuries by superstition and tribal views. Taking this group of people and reforming them with pure faith

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with pure faith and noble character until their fate triumph all across the world to all corners of the earth.

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What message is left to be said or sentence after that? Apple the poliana was something a lot how do you want to call myself a senior equally level for somebody who in level one?

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Alhamdulillah the accent was open otherwise, if anyone's seen me, why should I

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work? Why should I tell him and he shut me up and I was saying what happened in October was pseudo dairy and why

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some of our body knew he was how he was why he was studying with us even if Iraq

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next colostrum with Allah He said was really really heavy.

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was yeah, we need to have ever Camille.

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So do not obey the disbelievers the rejecters of faith, but strive diligently against them

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with a lot of sense,

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a lot of health and profits in the long run even some of the strife struggle against them with it.

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What is it

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the sore

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weapons warfare?

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That interpretations are possible here. Since this chapter sort of the football was revealed before they hit home in America, before the Muslims were allowed to defend themselves physically, rather than on mass. And the overwhelming majority of the summer said that reason it's here refers to the four islands

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strive against them with the poor end, a lot of selling us.

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What does it mean to strive against them beforehand? The struggle that Allah is talking about here is the struggle between truth and falsehood.

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Our greatest tool to make the truth prevail in this world is the poor man.

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When you make the poor man your manners, when you make this your response, when you are struggling against them and you are struggling against saucer with the poor and when you make it your guide when you make it your proof. When you make it your counselor and your compliance then you are struggling against also with the format and when you understand the format of an appliance and lipids.

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You become a walking light radiating true for everyone to see it done

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speed will be popular. There are people who prefer to live in the darkness. But at least if you can walk with the lights on beforehand, you will give others an opportunity to follow that lights.

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Then the law says we're going to leave all that behind

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for us are having a legal judge was

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about to head off.

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And he is the one who urges the two bodies of water one fresh and palatable and the other salty and bitter, placing between them a barrier that they cannot cross.

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Allah uses here what's known as the salt flooring, as true for the screen of power and control. Maybe in central New York, we don't have as much experience with this, but we're always up in New Jersey as I did along the Delaware River. Everyone knows the river is just as salty as the ocean that flows into what if you keep going upstream, eventually you will reach a point where the river suddenly changes to freshwater. If you stand on the shore at that point and look out, you can actually see a visible difference between the two sides, one salty, the other fresher. Now, if you are odd, so the glass of water and tried to pour salt into the water and try to control which side

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of the glass facade was to dissolve in

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the top or the law, the left or the right.

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We cannot do

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we will be incapable Yet Allah subhanho wa Taala is able to do justice with not a mere glass of water, but something as random as the ocean and the river. Limitless This is power and ability. Next a law says what whether they fall apart we have industrial but NASA or CIFAR law cannot talk about the law.

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And he is the one who creates human beings from a liquid then establishes for them bonds of kinship and marriage for your Lord is most capable

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the scholars and tafsir they disagree whether the liquid Allah mentions in this specific type is referring to sperm from which conception happens, or water, one of the most important ingredients for all life.

00:22:32--> 00:22:39

Both meanings of course, are correct. But I will be happy to give preference to the first interpretation.

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Since the context of this verse is talking about family and marriage. Here Allah is pointing out the miracle of sexual reproduction.

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If Allah had wanted to, he could have made our reproduction happen in some other way that wasn't dependent upon another person that didn't involve anyone else. But ourselves. We even see this with many microscopic organisms.

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But all our shows that make our reproduction dependent upon someone else, a second party, each side contributing genes and DNA shall process the offspring not to be a complete clone of either of the parents, but rather half of each.

00:23:30--> 00:23:31

Why did Allah do this to us?

00:23:33--> 00:23:37

Why does he make us have to go to someone else to produce offspring?

00:23:38--> 00:23:43

What type of relationship does Allah want us to have with that person?

00:23:44--> 00:23:47

Is it supposed to be like a business transaction?

00:23:48--> 00:23:52

Each side coldly analyzing what they're going to get out of the deal?

00:23:53--> 00:24:01

Is it supposed to be like a conquest, one side overpowering the other either by force or deception?

00:24:03--> 00:24:08

The Prophet will have been full of love it was still a piece of the marriage was half of our deen

00:24:09--> 00:24:15

because marriage Islamic marriage is like a reckoning in this world.

00:24:17--> 00:24:50

It forces us to confront our sins, our bad habits, our shortcomings. It forces us to work the relationship and try to improve it. It forces us to be accountable to another human being. When we're not seeing our best selves. It forces us to learn about sacrifice, dedication, and compromise. All of these things if you take them seriously, we'll bring you to paradise.

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The person who fixes themselves now will have a much easier time standing before a loss to happen without

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On the Day of Judgment

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almost certainly quiet. I mean often demand will pop up on paper by the law

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Saturday or Sunday on Sunday I

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have to get up all the time everybody on a Friday. Again remove the G that well that's why they won't have to come out outside and call me find out how many coming to Medina alone

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You get a quarterback in the backyard. I will tell you what happened to that guy. But we'll walk a little bit more local