99 Names of Allah #64 Az-Zaahir

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The speaker discusses the nameake for a woman named Abaya, which is a woman who is the most apparent and obvious of all. She describes the complexity and nuances of the creation of the universe, including the use of rules and regulations to ensure everything is balanced and the presence of a single intelligent will. The speaker concludes that the woman is the most obvious and obvious of all.

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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Avaya. Allah subhanho wa Taala is a VA have a VA here means that Allah is the most apparent, the most obvious.

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Now that's a really interesting name, it might be kind of surprising. When we think about obvious things.

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We think maybe, okay, the sky is blue.

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We think that the earth is solid, that mountains are tall. And trees are hard. These sorts of obvious things that nobody can contradict. Nobody can argue nobody can debate. And if they would try to debate it, you'd look at them like they were kind of joking around.

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Allah is telling us by His name of ball here that Allah Himself is more apparent and obvious than all of that. Not in the sense that we can see a law physically like we can see a tree, or we can see a mountain, but that we can see a laws handiwork, we can see a laws activity, we see this entire creation, how complex and complicated but beautiful, and organized it is. That one set of rules, gravity and all these other things, one set of rules governs everything.

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This shows us that Allah is the most apparent thing of all, that none of this could have possibly existed without a creator.

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Imagine if you were walking down the sidewalk one day and you found a watch.

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You would never in a million years. Wonder, hmm, I wonder how this watch came to be. Maybe all the metal pieces just randomly fit together. That would be very, very silly to think that.

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When you see a watch, you know that at some point, somebody had to make that watch. It's so beautiful. It's so complex. It's so intricate, everything fits together perfectly and it works. It serves a function, it serves a purpose. The creation is the same. We look at the creation and we see how everything is perfectly balanced. And we have to conclude that Allah subhanaw taala, a singular intelligent will is behind all of it. That makes a law of law here, the most apparent and that's all for tonight. I sit down with a comb or up to law