Ayah Series #25 – Surah Ad-Duhaa

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of empathy towards individuals who have experienced similar experiences and needs to be cautious of disrespectful behavior. They emphasize the need for empathy towards those who have not yet practiced Islam and encourage people to ask for guidance and forgive themselves.
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One of the main points of sort of Doha is not forgetting where you came from, right? Towards the end of the of the surah. Allah azza wa jal talks to the Prophet Muhammad sai sodomy says, didn't we find you, you know, a an orphan, and we gave you family, and we found you astray. And we got to do when we found you, you know, for and we enriched you. So then then the end of the surah, he says, this should require some sort of action, or this should affect how you're going to behave for the rest of your life, you've experienced these things. So then when someone comes to you, who's in a similar situation that you used to be in, you need to have empathy for that person, you can't forget where

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you came from. Right? If an orphan approaches you, you need to be merciful to that orphan. If somebody comes to you with a need. You've been there. How many times Subhan Allah in the Muslim community, once we start practicing, or once we find Islam, we treat people that are either non Muslims, or they're Muslims, where they're not practicing. And we look down on them we talked about May Allah guide them was you were there. You were there. How many years ago? How many months ago? Were you in the same situation? Right? So you need to have some sort of empathy, right? You used to be in the same situation. And it wasn't just some sort of meritocracy where you did something and

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Allah took you out of it. No, Allah did it from his mercy and from his love can have to do that for you. Right? So you should have a sincere intention towards those other people. You should treat them with mercy and that you should ask a lot to guide them like he guided you, right, and you shouldn't forget where you came from, or be unappreciative to Allah