99 Names of Allah #96 Ash-Shaafee

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Salam aleikum. tonight's theme is a Shafi Allah subhanho wa Taala is a Shafi. A Shafi means that Allah is the healer. He's the one that cures people. He's the one that brings people back from being sick and makes them feel good again, maybe you've noticed this, maybe sometimes you get a cold or you get an illness or you become sick. And it's very, very light, it's easy, and maybe you get a little runny nose, just for a day. And then it's, it's all

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and then somebody you know, can catch it from you. And it can be so much more difficult for them. They have to stay in bed for a week, and they have to take medicine and all of this.

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That's because the law is a Sheffy. He's the one who decides who he's going to heal and how

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we know that we take medicine because that's what Allah has created to heal our illnesses. But some people take medicine and never get better. How do we explain that? We explain it by Allah being a Shafi. He's the one at the end of the day that decides if the medicine is going to cure you or not. And there's nothing nothing, no illness, no sadness, no heartache that a law cannot cure or heal. That's because the law is a Shafi and that's all for tonight. I said I'm on equal to law