99 Names of Allah #97 At-Tayyib

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Salam aleikum. Tonight same is a by YouTube, Allah azza wa jal is up by him of Bahia. That means that Allah is good and pure. When we say that something's pure, we mean that it is completely free from any sort of bad parts or contamination. Like if you had some really disgusting water, that was sewage, and you took a cup and you got a cup of that nasty, disgusting water, you would look at it and you would say, Oh, this is not very pure. Why? Because there's all sorts of things mixed in with it, there might be little bits of twigs and leaf and maybe some who knows what's in their trash. So if you want to make the water pure, you need to get rid of the bad parts. You need to purify it, you

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need to remove the impurities, while Allah azza wa jal is a fire.

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He is already pure, there is no bad part. There is no contamination at all.

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We we can see this kind of shown to us when we think about people, people, whether it's you or me or your parents or your friends, we're a mix of good and bad, right? Somebody might be very loving and generous. But they might have a short temper.

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Somebody might be really good at saying an encouraging word and encouraging people with their words, but they might be not so generous. All of us are kind of a mix. There's a certain amount that we have to put up with. When we have other friends.

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That's not the way it is with Allah. There's nothing that we have to put up with. with Allah. There's nothing that we have to tolerate. Everything's pure. Everything's good. Everything he does, is out of His love for us and His mercy for us. And because he wants good things for us, Allah is up by him. And that's all for tonight as salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullah.