Hamza Yusuf – Childhood Of Prophet SAW

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman who died while her daughter was in a river. She had a history of being a woman with a certain kind of language and leadership responsibilities, leading to her being recognized as a woman with a certain kind of language and leadership responsibilities. She experienced a loss of her father and the loss of her child, leading to a crisis in her family. She used drugs and alcohol to stimulate excitement and excitement in the family, and recounts a story about a woman named Barbara who had a heart attack and had to use a ball to wipe out her.
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Matter of the low hammer will come, how it's been shot off and who they do. So

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he says Abdullah died while the sun was in utero. So the Prophet was still in his mother's womb. When Abdullah died, and he died, he got a fever. He actually, they had a very short honeymoon and then he went to on a trip and died from his fever. And then we'll come out and shut up and who they do and what honor the clan of who they have obtained them. Been to homicide iya in Omaha to shut off at a very young age as a result of their daughter the Sadie So Ben Oh, sad, is really very close to here. And they're still sad the people there's been no sad are here. We were just our driver last night was from Ben. Oh, sad. So there's still the tribes are here. And that tribe will be honored as

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long as there's Muslims because and he said, You know, my I'm from handiness ideas tribe like he knows that that's his ancestor sharp. So that's exactly what he's saying here. How much honor what honor the clan of who they had, because they have this wetness and the story

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that it's worth telling.

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There was a drought in the, in this region, and it was a very difficult year. The the blue side were Bedouin and the Bedouin were noted first of all for their language. So they had a very high language. It was very pure Arabic and also the number of words that they used was greater than the words that they used in the city.

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What you'll notice if you when you get into Arabic, if you ever see the desert Arabs, when they relate Hadees they're very different from the other hand is actually very complicated. Halima Sadie has had this, you need a dictionary. When when if you look at the Hadees that she relates, she uses words that are just not commonly used, but that was their language. So that the Quraysh who were the ohana law, they were the people of God. They were they had a special ontological status, so to speak. Amongst the Arab, they had a special, they saw them as a special type of people that they were not like other people. And they had leadership responsibilities. So they would aristocrats

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amongst them would send their children to deal with the desert Arabs in order for them. For two reasons. They believed that the air was better than in the cities, that it was healthier air, they thought that it was good for the young children to impose a Spartan type belief like in Greece, the idea of raising your children in Spartan environments. So they have very strong

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what we would say today immune system. And then and then also to learn is periodic. So the problem is that him when he was born,

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they had a it was almost like a soup. And the Bedouin women would come in, and the women would have sit with their babies, and the better women would come and make a deal. Which one of the things you have to marvel is at the trust,

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the level of trust in the society. So you can imagine because of the tribal conditions. If people get the word, it shows you the Arabs, how extraordinary the word was amongst the Arabs, because they're handing over their baby to a complete stranger. But they're not complete strangers in that they know what tribe that farm and the tribes were people that understood the responsibility of each tribal member. So that the Arab said a narwhal and our you know, we gotta go to *, then they shame our tribe. And that was a very, very strong

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perspective. So the trust was immense. But

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I, the the Amiens of Rio was, at this point from she was in the hash my clan, you know, she says that she was because her her son is the Hashemite from Abdullah, but they were they were on hard times. And he was considered your team, because if they lost the father than the

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major caregiver of the enemy, this was the system that that men were the caretakers of women. And so the

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the loss of the father was a major event. Now obviously, you have the uncle, who takes those responsibilities the grandfather in the case of the Prophet at this time, but

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When the nurses came in, they saw and they knew because it was like a gossip thing they knew who was who and which family was going, Oh, you know, that's a mousumi. Baby, a lot of money there. So that was the kind of they were hoping to get benefits from the children. Well, Halima relates the Hadees and says that all the babies got taken except for the the profits realized.

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And she said to her, she could didn't find a baby that day. And she said, to have a cup shut her, her husband.

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Let's, I don't want to go back to the desert without any body. So let's go back and take that orphaned.

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And so she went back and and what's interesting went on the way her donkey was really wasted. It was a it was a female donkey at a time, and it was very weak and she was the last in the, in the, with the women were riding the donkeys and she was she was the last because her donkey was so slow. And so she goes, and she says, she comes in she said, The prophesied sound was was sleeping on a green blanket and she could hear his his snoring, she said, and

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she she took she made the deal with Amina and she took the baby. And she said that right when she took the baby, she could feel the milk in her *.

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She could feel the milk in her * begin to to flow. And because she had another child, she said the profits Eliasson would only take from one breath.

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So then she when she gets on her donkey to go back, suddenly that donkeys got all this energy. And she said it was riding ahead of all the other donkeys.

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And she said, the other women said, How

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did you get a new donkey and Mecca? She said, No. And they said, Well, what happened to your donkey where you know where to get all that energy? But

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that's the reality of the prophecy is that everything was aware of I mean, even the stones, some of the Sahaba had the unveilings and they heard the stones greeting him. So these are these are real events that real human beings that happen to people but she when she gets back that night,

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when he he went when I will capture went out to milk the the sheep or others were full.

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And he brings any and he's they said it was the first time that they'd been went to bed full for a long time and she's and he said to her he said you've brought a mess Mr. mubaraka

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in this is a blessing soul You brought into our house so they connected they could see the connection between what was happening and and then when they would send the the animals to graze in the

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despite the drought, they would come back with their otters fall. And so the other Saudis would say to their shepherds go follow the the animals apocalypse show, you know to see were there. But it wasn't about the physical. It was about the buttock and that's the secret of Baraka because Baraka is where a little

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something that has a little bit of Baraka has the same result of something that has that there's a lot of a little with Baraka is better than a lot without vodka. So you can eat a little bit of food, if it has Baraka, you feel satiated, and you'll get more nutrition from the food. Whereas food that doesn't have Baraka you can eat a lot of it and you don't feel satiated and it doesn't have the same

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effect on the body.

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Nevada, massage em in Omaha to shut off at variable camera to dominate it honeymoon man had to rush it so how many clear signs did Halima see from him? Among them was the excessive flow of her sheep's milk but also her own breast milk will shock us as a common enemy, even though I mean he was the enemy and the nervous of humanity's chest was split when he's aged three to two years and two months he was playing and and his so this would be he would be walking and probably talking to

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some children precocious

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children start talking by that age they're talking. But he would he would definitely have been walking so he was playing with his

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brothers and sisters in the lava. And they two angels appeared and they fled.

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And they the angels took and split his his chest in the rewire and, and opened it and took the the heart and and put it in a bath, which is like a bowl that had ice in it and then they poured over Zamzam. Now to me what's very, very amazing about that paddies is that if anybody's ever seen open heart surgery, one of the things that they do is they put the heart that a transplant, they keep the heart on ice, because the ice slows down the metabolic rate of the heart. So and then they pour over what they call a cryonics solution, which is a very cold water that has a lot of potassium and sodium in it to the electrolytes that are needed for the anabolic catabolic exchange going on. So

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the description is very similar to the description of modern day heart surgery. And Sahaba said that if you look closely on the Prophet's chest, you could see a very fine line

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up his chest from when his

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chest was split. Now, if you've ever seen people that have had heart surgery, they have that scar from the splitting up. So this is something is to have themselves witness. And it's

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you know, now open heart surgery is a common thing, but in these times to hear that the idea of having the chest split and the heart taken out. And that operation occurring is just something really quite extraordinary. So we'll shut the lid back and see what it is Sarah, I haven't come up again. And it was also split. At the outset of his Prophetic Mission, he had his heart washed three times. And then Before that, he saw according to and his, all of the prophets had their hearts washed. And and the ball that was used was the same ball. And it was actually the the ball according to some narrations. It was in the tabooed of the Jews in the ark of the covenant that they had the

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ball in there with the staff of Moses, and some of the other relics from the prophets.

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And then he says, we'll come how to waver tune in barakaatuh my brother

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how many blessings the way but gained after becoming a witness as did Baraka so these were the women that were

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that were in the way that was the one that was freed

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for giving the good news.

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So the mother the runner who America in Havana to some other only other Kafeel defaming me, so

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Barack was his nanny.

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And then after the death of his mother, he entered the guardianship, his grandfather, and thereafter of his paternal uncle of authority when he died.

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He said Nina will do it but now he has it. So his mother died and left him when he was just four years old and his grandfather when he was eight, so you should know this from either Shamim and unmute to her. We're on Murphy 3030 or Ashley de Haan, and he then traveled with his uncle to Syria after that he ended after he had entered his 13th year now

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