Allah’s Love to His Servants Part 2 of 5

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So how do I become a wedding are devoted to listen to the rest of the Hadith? My servant Joe is not new to me with anything more loved by me. Then the religious duties I've enjoyed upon him. So what has he assigned to you or given you from your duties? Okay, let's see five prayers. Don't ever delay your prayers wake up and prefetch come on you want to be from those who lost hundreds alowed announcement for when Allah Allah Saleh Wainwright, wake up. So basically stick to your font, your duties Allah subhanaw taala assigned to you. And that is the path to Allah subhanaw taala is love. Believe me, this isn't difficult. There could be a young girl, a 16 year old may be sitting now

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listening all by herself, and she's willing to learn she's almost devotee. It isn't hard to maintain your prayers, your hijab, your assigned duties and food what's assigned? And this is about this. I'm curious, how about the voluntary act or of the Sunnah, the Hadith goes on. And my servant continues to draw near to me with supererogatory works, so that I shall love him when he is no at the end of nowhere for that.

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So after the fourth, we go on to the super, super buttery words, the Sunnah, and forgive me, but there's something I have to mention here about my sisters who haven't yet worn hijab they had come and say I fear Allah I first I pray I do all my assigned duties, but I don't wear hijab, and I'm a very good person will lie. I say one thing, the first the first what he assigned you and asked you to first we can pick and choose. And I don't mean by what I'm saying that you don't listen to lectures or do any good to littler hijab. No, continue on your path that was kind of taller. But to reach that level of fluffy love that we're just talking about right now. You have to accomplish all

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your duties first that he asked you to do, and then continue on with the voluntary or the center. Okay, so back to the Hadith, what is the lab the My servant continues to do meriting and so on. And here I say everyone in his effort everybody's according to his effort to someone might give charity even if it were a few points according to his ability or someone in his fit smiles in his brother's face, or make space for someone sitting in the mosque or seeing nice food or philosophy on autonomy situation live or lower his gaze. So what happens to that person who does this soon as of secretory works to get closer to Allah. The hadith goes on saying when I love him, I am his hearing with which

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is here somewhere Lebbeus? Yes, maybe he's seeing with which he sees his hand with which he strikes and his foot with which he walks. We're here to ask something of me. I would surely give it to him. And we're here to ask rescued me for refuge, I would surely grant him it. I do not hesitate about anything. As much as I hesitate about seizing the soul of my faithful servants. He hates that. And I hate

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saying this Abbas hematology in this

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recording of this fatality. Do you see the love loss fatalities on his hearing. So he doesn't make you here except what is halal, or what isn't prohibited, right are considered inappropriate. And if you hear something inappropriate, he lets it out of your head quickly. And if it sticks in your head, he makes you benefit by learning from other people's mistakes. People who are lost and lost so you don't even take them. He makes you here all that is beautiful. I will see him or eyes with which he sees. So imagine if Allah subhanaw taala is your eyes with which you see what would you see?

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We're talking about a very big love here. My dear teenage girls and boys. Who is their life looking for imaginary love, which you won't reach except in Hello marriage. I will love you. You've been looking for love for so long to the extent that it made you oblivious of the real love loss hundreds or hundreds love a promising guaranteed love. No fake promises or lies. Not anybody just wants to say yeah, I'll do this. No, it's a lot. It's a guaranteed love.

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One of the scholars said it isn't strange to see a servant warm up to his master. But the strangest strangest thing is to see a master warming up to a service Subhanallah Lisa laggy if you haven't yet heard that Elissa ye when I can Allah hug kulana hug fi mannequin yet our dear hubby.

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What is this? It's true. It isn't strange to try get closer to your loneliness, right? You try to please Him. But what is strange is today's lecture that the Lord is looking for his servants closeness and is trying to warm up to them. Subhan Allah tell me could you miss pleasure period up to that? Do you see his love? Here's another Hadith in which you see the amount of love Allah subhanaw taala has for us and which was new to me the span of a hand. I do I do to have the span of an arm and rudos near to the span of an arm. I don't do in the span of too stretched out arms and who takes steps towards me. I hastily step towards him. At Hawala, do you see the word Hawala or

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coming running to in history? Who is running to you? Allah who should be running to who? What are we worth? We pour humans in the last $100 universe so that he would warm up to us. What are we that he would come he's the to us

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The prophets of Allah send them says, the first haven't compared to the second is no more than a sand green or a grain of sand, and the second to the third to the third a grain of sand. And the third haven't compared to the fourth is a grain of sand and the fourth to the fifth a grain of sand and the fifth to the sixth, a grain of sand. And the sixth having compared to the seventh is the grant as a grain of sand. And the seven heavens compared to the merciful stone is no bigger than a grain of sand. And the throne in the merciful hand is no bigger than a grain of sand. So who are you and how big are you? Whoever came to me walking, I hastily come to Subhanallah it had Wanda

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another Hadith to prove Allah subhanaw taala his love to Allah subhanaw taala glorified and exalted be descends to the lowest heaven every night, in the third part of the nights, the third part of the night that the one that we're all usually faster sleeping, you know which right, the third part of the night, which teenagers usually wait for so that their parents are in deep sleep, so they can watch an appropriate channels or to chat privately on the internet, or talk on the phone when no one's listening. The third part of the night in which since increase and sleep overtakes everything. That's when Allah subhanaw taala descends to the lowest heavens and listen to what he says, who was

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saying appeared to me that I may answer it, who's asking you something, that I may give it to him? Who's asking for forgiveness of me so that I may forgive him? Have you suffered for after law? Or law? He This is very embarrassing. And the Prophet peace be upon him says, and this happens every night where they only get cooler Laila. So what does it mean every night? It means that if you oh son of Adam stayed oblivious of Allah subhanaw taala for long months, years days, if the entire humanity stayed oblivious of Allah subhanaw taala for their entire life. Still, Allah subhanaw taala will descend every night, offering repentance offering forgiveness and acceptance of prayers Subhan

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Allah a beautiful relationship. Last pinata Allah wants to create a relationship full of love between him and you, you is for servants, local Allah subhanaw taala creates this relationship isn't a Hadees kotse alone might in supplying the head said I had divided period between myself and my servant into two hands. And my servant shall have what he has asked for. When the servant says Alhamdulillah Europe behind me, Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds Allah the Almighty and sublime He says, My servant has crazy hammer then you have do you see the relationship while you are seeing Praise be to Allah the relationship is going on. A las Panatela is answering you while you're

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reciting the Fatiha and you're reciting quickly not concentrating. You want to get over them with a prayer. Right? When he says I recommended Rahim, the Merciful, the Compassionate, Allah sublime, but he says, My servant has extort me. When he says manicure with the master the Day of Judgment. Allah subhanaw taala My servant has glorified me budget and you have and when he says, Yeah, can I put what you can assign? It's usually worship and it's You we ask for help. He says, This is between me and my servant. And my servant shall have what he has asked for.

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And when he says in a Serato study in Surat Alladhina, and I'm telling you more about who

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God is to the straight path, the path of those who upon whom you have to steal favors, none of those against whom you're angry, nor of those who are straight. He says, This is for my servant, in my servant shall have what he has asked.

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This is it was.

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And that's why one of the companions said, I like to take time while reciting Surah Fatiha to imagine my lord answering me. So why is the prayer divided between us and last 100 to Hala, when the companion are leaving every time you understood this is a relationship of love. And it's not a matter of assignments and duties given to us by God that we have to fulfill like praying, fasting or giving charity and its relationship of love and said, Listen to what Ali said, If I were told on the Day of Judgment, that your reckoning will be done by your mother and father. They're the ones who will judge you for your doings, I would refuse.

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What would you think if you were told that it's your parents will judge you on the Day of Judgment? You will see what Oh, my God think God, will you have understood like Holly that he loves you more than your mother and your father more than anyone? If I were told in the day of judgment that the reckoning will be done by mother but by your mother and father, I would refuse? Because Allah is more merciful of me than my mother and father in the law or Humvee in EBI, what

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is the picture getting to?

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That you might ask me why all this stuff? Let me give you an example. So that we may understand why all this stuff. If one of us does something with his own hands, doesn't he love it? For example, if one of us wrote a story, and it was published, won't he love it? And won't you be attached to it? Don't parents say we love our kids. Why? Because they're a piece of them. They're a part of them. They did them so whoever does something or produce

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Do something or build a factory or a company or get you get work very attached to it. So you will not know dialysis to understand more why Allah subhanaw taala law says this way, we must follow to Allah ordered bliss or Satan to bow down to Adam. And he refused. Allah said ensued salt, called the bliss, no Mannahatta and that's really my HELOC, the VAT is the verb to improve terminal Halleen God said, oh bliss, what prevents the from frustrating thyself to whom I have created with my hands are the hottie or Tao one of the high and mighty ones. The relationship to Allah subhanaw taala is very close. He created Adam your father with his own hands. Allah subhanaw taala since Woodside verse 72

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But it's a way to eat as a waiter whenever to feed him and rob you for cola. He said God would not have fashioned him into proportion and breathed into him out of my spirit, then fall down before the prostrate although it's so close to us. Do you comprehend how close he is to us? Do you understand and feel