The Reality of The Refugee’s Life – Reminders & Reflections

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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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some finishing up what we started Few days back 1945 After World War Two, some like to call it Western world. Number two,

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a lot of Europeans were displaced inside Europe as a result of the war that took place. And that is when the UNHCR was initiated High Commission for Refugees to talk about what to be done about, about refugees. And some of you might have heard the secretary of the United Nations Gutierrez Few days back, he was quoting the Quran as one of the most beautiful principles to how how to be how to deal with how to deal best with refugees.

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And he quoted the verse in Surah Toba

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and a lot of people, especially non Muslims view Surah to Toba as one of the most quote unquote violent sutras in the Quran because it does speak about the concept of war. And as you know that we Muslims believe in the concept of a just wore at any case, what does he quote he quotes a verse where Allah Subhana Allah says, we're in a huddle minimal shakiness Dejagah for a year who had died a smoke alarm Allah He some little homeowner, if one of the palace polytheists asks the for amnesty, grant them amnesty lets that they hear the words of ALLAH and make sure that they are safe had Diablo mana until they get to a place that is that is safe.

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What is nice about the verse Mr. Misha very, says Mushrikeen polytheist here is not just a person who has who spiritually is defected. But what they're saying is that it said that this is actually a mohareb. This is somebody who has waged war against you. So he said that if these people ask for a safe haven, they asked for safety. It said, you grant them you grant them that, which is Subhanallah, an amazing concept that is in the Quran, and that is people who seek refuge, they are to be granted that refuge. And the way that the Secretary Gutierrez was was quoting this verse is that he said that what was interesting about the verse is that the Quran did not say, give refuge to

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people who are like you, he said, give people to the kind of people that we believe to be guilty of the most serious crime and that is associating others with Allah subhanho wa taala. So he said, you know, give real refuge, not only to the people who are not like you, but you also give refuge to people who may not like you, you still give them you still give them refuge, just to give you an idea of, you know, on a day like this, which is, you know, World Refugee Day as to how to be addressing

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these issues. And then also, if you remember, one of the kinds of people who are to be the recipient of Zika is this idea of urbanists, Serbian people who are shelterless people have no places to go. And generally speaking, that is the that is the case with with refugees. In my previous job, I did mental health assessment for refugees. And I know that a lot of people talk about, you know, when refugees come, they get so much money. When refugees come, at least during the time that I was working there. The first month, they get $900. They're supposed to get rent, by furniture with that $900 That is given that is given to them. And I remember I would go with these refugees trying to

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get them a place to rent, nobody would rent them anything because they don't have a job. Well, they just came in, we don't care. They don't have a job. There is no income. They have a job, but they don't have any credit history. Yeah, but because they just came right now. We don't care. They don't have credit history. I will cosign for them. No, that's not good enough. They don't have enough credit history. So when people think that you know what, we brought these refugees here, and then everything is hunky dory for them. That is not necessarily the case. After that they receive $267 a month for eight months, and that is the end of it. So again, when you hear about refugees, the focus

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is usually where the refugees are going, how much resources are dedicated to them. And we said that is part of the conversation. But the bigger conversation is, why did they become refugees to begin with?

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and can there be something to be done about

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about that like you said just appreciate the teachings of the Quran regarding other people may Allah Subhana Allah increases in understanding arpillera