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Tim Humble
AI: Summary © The Muslim family is viewed as a source of protection and honor, with the emphasis on the three fundamental things that the Muslim family should achieve, including achieving their goals and bringing peace to their families. The importance of marriage and the beginning of the Muslim family is also discussed, along with the history of abuse and abuse of men. The segment concludes with a recommendation to visit a YouTube channel for more information.
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Alhamdulillah here have been alameen wa Salatu was salam, ala Atilla he was holy Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edgeline Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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We begin by praising Allah by asking Allah to exalt to mention and grant peace to our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family and his companions. This is the second part of the short course by madrasa tutor Maria on the Muslim family. In the first part of this course, we had spoken about an introduction to the Muslim family, some of the words that are used for family in Arabic and what they mean. And we've also spoken about some of the ayat which introduce the concept of the family, it being a blessing from Allah azza wa jal, the importance of thanking Allah for his blessings and so on. And where we left off the episode is we spoke about how Allah azza wa jal

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created Danny Adam, all of the children of Adam, the entire human race, from a man and his wife, Adam, and her work. And that's enough to show us the importance of the family unit. You know, from from the very beginning, when Allah subhanaw taala created Adam, he created Adam, with his wife, his meat, his spouse, her work, and then from them came many men and women and so that's part of the importance of the family unit. And it's the first example of the Muslim family as we said, so moving on from there a lot so we just said we're who will levy Hala Camino del Mar, he Bashar fudger, Allah who ness seven was the Hara, what can our boca de la

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It is he who are He is the one who created from water, mankind. And he made mankind NASA urban was a Hara. And NASA here is to do with lineage, or to do with, if you like, blood relations, he made them into people of lineage, while Sahara and Sierra is the relation ships that come about because of marriage, the relationships that come about, because of marriage. So Allah azza wa jal, in the beginning that person was was born. They had a mother and a father, of course, the lineage through the father and the father's father and the father's father, and then that person goes on to get married and start their own family. Now seven was the Hara, what can our aboukir chi de la and your

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Lord is Able to do all things?

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And this just shows us that Allah azza wa jal decreed from the color of allies origin from the color of Allah subhanaw taala is that Allah azza wa jal decreed the ties of kinship and the ties of marriage. Allah decreed the ties of kinship and allies orogenic decreed the ties of marriage. And so in those ties of kinship and ties of marriage that make up the Muslim family, there is a great wisdom from the decree of Allah subhanho wa Tada. alarms are just said, Yeah, you have levena mn, who enforce Akuma alikoum narrow in Surah tahari, M, I a number six, all you who believe Save yourselves and your families from a fire Save yourselves and your families from a fire. Now, why I

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wanted to quote this idea here, when we're talking about the understanding of the Muslim family is that this ayah tells us that the Muslim family is a protection or it should be a protection that a person tries not only to save themselves, but they try to save themselves and then they look to their family members themselves and then their family members. And so the Muslim family should be a source of protection, the family members should be protecting each other. And how is this protection achieved? This protection is achieved before it lie as a widget by a being allies the widget and therefore, can we not say that the Muslim family members the idea behind it is that this family unit

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is supposed to be a means of a being allies origin a means to achieving

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obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's the objective behind it to to have a means of obeying Allah. And through that obedience to Allah, that the members of the family are protected from the hellfire. The members of the family are protected from the hellfire.

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Another idea that I wanted to bring up when we're talking about this introduction to the Muslim family, is the statement of Allah azza wa jal kuntum higher our own Mateen reject leanness tap more on every marital war 10 honer any mooncup what I mean when I believe you are the best nation that has ever been brought out for the people, you command what is good, and you forbid what is evil, and you believe in Allah.

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Now, this ayah talks about the Muslim nation. It talks about the Muslim nation quantum higher omega the best nation. So what relationship does this have to the Muslim family? Well, if you think about it, the Muslim family is the building block of this oma, this oma is not in itself a

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sort of an abstract concept is this oma the mat is made up of bricks, Libby net, little bricks that make up the arm and the bricks that make up the own that is each individual Muslim family. So if the situation of the oma is that the oma is the best honor, because they are the ones who tell people to do good, and forbid people from doing wrong and believe in Allah, then this is an evidence that this is what your family should be built upon as well. This is what the Muslim family should be built upon. Tap more on open mouth, where 10 Hellner and in one cup, what Amina Bella, you command that which is good, and you forbid that which is evil, and you believe in Allah. So our Muslim families,

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that's what they should be. They should be a unit, a small unit in that big machine, which is the, you know, a small cog in that big machine, which is the owner of Mohammed Salalah. While he was sending him Alma to Islamic, Islamic oma, that matter. Allah said quantum higher automata or project leanness, you're the best nation to ever be brought out for the people. Because you command what is good, you forbid what is evil, you believe in Allah. That's what we want from our families, we want our families to be a cog in that machine. That means that within our families before we look outside, before we look at our neighbors, before we look at our districts, before we look at our

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societies, before we look at our countries, we have to start by looking at our families. And we have to start by implementing that those three fundamental things within our family unit. Before we try implementing it anywhere else. We tell people to do what is good, we stop them from doing wrong. We believe in Allah. That was the kind of I feel like that should be like a title or a heading for every Muslim family to get more on IBM are off with 10 hairnet and in one cup what took me Nabila command what's good and you stop what's bad and you believe in Allah? What a wonderful thing if each member of the family could have a role to play in those three things down to the children, the

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parents that husband or wife, the wider family members and everyone has that as their their goal and their dream model and I've been married for 10 hona and immune kariba to Amina Bella, you tell people to do what's right. You stop people from doing what's wrong. And you believe in Allah azza wa jal and there's another AI in the Quran which actually clarifies this and explains that this is down to the individual it's not something which is only achieved on the level of the you know, the Muslim on that as a whole Eliza which has said well meanwhile Mina to bow to him earlier about yet more on a bill maher wolf way and hold out any income. Well, you'll see more in a similar way you tune zeca

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while you're clear on Allah, how are our solar Allah eco car hammer home Allah in Allah Hi, Aziz. When hacking cinsaut October, I am number 71. So Allah so he has said the believing men and believing women, they are allies to one another. And that's how our Muslim family should be there. If anyone is deserving of being allies for people, they're more deserving to be, you know, to be helping out each other and supporting each other to be allies to one another.

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But only about their supporters and allies of each other. They command what is good, and they forbid what is evil. They perform the prayer and they give this a car and they obey Allah and His Messenger

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It is those people that Allah will have mercy upon. Indeed Allah is Aziz on hacking, all mighty, and all wise. And the reason I quoted this ayah to you is because I wanted to show you that when you hear the AI or quantum higher automata or project leanness, maybe the feeling is that this is on the level of the oma, you know, the oma as a whole or individuals, you know, special people within the oma who tell people to do the right things and stop people from doing the wrong things and believe in Allah. But it's not actually the case. It's an insult to each individual. This oma is made up of me one, one more minute. It's made up of believing men and believing women bow home earlier about

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helping each other supporting each other, telling people to do the right thing, stopping people from doing the wrong thing, performing the prayer, giving this occur, of being Allah and a being his messenger. And that if we can achieve this in our families, what are we going to get out of it? All ecostar hammer home Allah, these are the people that Allah is going to have mercy upon. These are the people that Allah azza wa jal is going to have mercy upon. So if we want our family to be a place of mercy, not just mercy between ourselves but we want the mercy of Allah azza wa jal for our family, and we need to achieve those things. We need to have a family that tells people to do the

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right thing and stops people from doing the wrong thing, each moment and each minute each believing mind and each believing woman in that family is telling people to do the right thing, stopping people from doing the wrong thing. Each one of them performs the prayer, each one of them gives this occur, each one of them a base Allah and obeys His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam when we achieve that within our family, when we optimize and we maximize the potential of every single family member, to obey Allah to obey His Messenger, so I said, like to perform the Salah, to tell people to do what's good to stop them from doing what's bad, we achieve that individually within the

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family members and as a family, if all of the families do that, then we achieve that as a society and that correct both as as as a family unit and it corrects those who are outside of that family unit as well by the permission of Allah azza wa jal

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Now, we come to talk about the importance of the family and the importance of the family unit. One of the things that came to mind is the statement of allies or gel instalador. Right, what are called Auto sellner wassalam in public, which is known as word Jen, was Maria. Allah said, we have sent we have certainly sent messengers before you, and we made for them wives and offspring.

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And from this I wanted you to take from this ayah and sorta right, that the having a family and raising a family is from the sunon of the NBA. It's from the swinnen from the, the the Sooners, if you like that have been put forward the examples which have been put forward by the prophets and the messengers, Ali himal Salatu was Salam. And that's where lies we just had which are known as virgin riveria. We made for them, wives and offspring. And indeed Allah azza wa jal has told us about several families in the Quran. Now I'm going to ask you to pause the video and have a think about this one because I think this is something that a lot of us should allow to Allah would know the

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answer to so have a little Think about this.

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Can you think of as many families and I'm not sure about individuals, families that are mentioned in the Quran as possible? I'm not going to mention to me I'm just going to call it maybe I mentioned three maybe for example, or four. I mentioned four inshallah. So see if you can, how many of the four you can come up with and maybe you'll come up with some that I didn't think of as well. Families, whole families that are mentioned in the Quran. Pause the video. Have a think about that one.

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Okay, so I'm hoping that you pause the video and had little think

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I'm going to mention to you for the first one, and we'll Ibrahim, the family of Ibrahim. So here we have Ibrahim, Ibrahim's wives, harder, Sara and her job.

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We have the children of Ibrahim Ismail and his harp, and then onwards the grandchildren Yaqoob and so on. And all of the prophets that came from Ibrahim including our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is from the family of Ibrahim

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alayhi wa Salatu was Salam. So the first one, the family of Ibrahim, the second one, Allah Emmeline.

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The family of em right. Now here, I'm actually going to kind of slightly cheat a bit, and I'm going to actually divide the family of Emmeline into two because some of the scholars majority of the scholars, when they talked about the family of imraan, they said it refers to the Mother, the Father and mother of Maria Ali has set up. So that is Maria and her father and mother and her family and and so on.

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So, they said that this is aloe MRI, these are the family of Emmeline, but others among the scholars they said that the family of Emraan refers to Moosa, the family of Moosa, so the mother and father of Musa and then Moosa and his offspring.

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So we can take both of them from that because both of them are mentioned in the Quran. So we can take from that Ibrahim and his family and we can take from it Moosa and his family and we can take from it the mother and the father of Miriam, and their family. So that was three. So who is the fourth one, the family of our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and indeed all of these are mentioned to us. In the Quran, Allah azza wa jal said in the last of them our new Han

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Ibrahim, earlier in Milan Island, Al Ameen. zuri attend Bow Bow, will la who sent me Ronnie Allah said, Indeed we chose Adam and more.

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And the family of Ibrahim and the family of Emraan. As we said, the family of Iran could relate to Miriam. And it could relate to Moosa

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over all of the people over all of the world's Zarya 10, Bow Bow, ham in doubt, offspring, some of them from the others. Now, bow Herrmann bow, what some of the scholars said about this is that they resemble each other in their a HELOC in their character. And I thought this was really profound, and it's only Tafseer of the ayah. But I just thought it was really profound. You're talking about the Muslim family, that if you have the right upbringing, and you have the right kind of family structure in place, then isn't a beautiful thing that the result will inshallah to Allah be the same. And perhaps that is one of the things which is indicated by the statement of ally xojo re

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attend Bow Bow Hummingbird offspring, some of them, like some of them, like the others, some of them resembling the others, meaning that they all had that righteous upbringing. They all had that beautiful family unit. And so they all had those fantastic manners, and they were all beloved to Allah azza wa jal from the people that we mentioned like Maria, Allah has said, like, we spoke about Moosa and how rune like his smile and his heart, what do they share in common? Look at the the righteous family and the righteous family structure. And those are all examples that were given to us. In the Quran. As for our messenger Muhammad Sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, then we know that

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Eliza just said look at Cana lecom funeral saw de la he was sweating hacer una even can Ayala jewel la ha well, yo man here where they cut a la her keffi Allah and that insulted a number 21 we know that our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in an authentic hadith, he said, Hi eurocom Hi eurocom li li li we're Anna hi eurocom look at the best of you are those who are best to their families. And I'm the best of you to my family. So that just shows how important the family was to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if we have to take the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as an example, than our family should also be really important to us as well. And in this

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regard, we have a hadith in which an S word asked are a shell of the Allahu and her mccannon abuse Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam Yes, narrow Fie Beatty. He said What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do when he was at home? Pilate can a corner of humanity and he for either how long it is Sala hora, je la sala.

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She said in the Heidi This is a horrible Heidi. She said he used to be in the service of his family. And when the time for the prayer would come, he will go out to the prayer. So Paula I find this to be such a beautiful thing. Such a beautiful beautiful thing. That the Prophet sighs lm who we've been commanded to take as an example, how important his family was to him is that when they asked Ayesha, what did he used to do in the house? Can he a corner

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Humanity it was serving his family. He was looking after his family. And if the best of mankind was commanded to spend time at home looking after his family, then that's something that all of us can aspire to do inshallah Tada. So to conclude this episode, and to conclude this kind of introduction on the Muslim family, before we go on to talk about specifically sort of marriage and the beginning of the Muslim family in terms of marriage, I just wanted to say to sort of conclude with a hadith and this hadith came to my mind, it's a very famous hides very long hobbies, but I just wanted to quote you a part of it. And it's the Hadith known as the hadith of Abu Zahra, or the hadith of

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And this Hadeeth talks about 11 women who got came together to talk about their husbands. And actually, I only wanted to focus on just what on Zara what she said, what she said about her family and how she described her family because I think it's a such a beautiful description of what a family should be like. So I just thought if we caught this, Heidi, it would be nice just because she talks about all the different parts of the family, all the different parts of the household, and how amazing they were to her, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam approved of it, and as we'll hear at the end, so it has a real value to us in in Islam and in terms of Islamic teaching. So

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I say she said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam call it in her deity Ashura. zoji, Abu Zahra firrma, Busan, an SM in her Li odo ne one mela min Sham in alto de what the Hajj any further Hey, Jet la NFC. She said, Amazon so she's talking about her husband or her former husband. She said I was on how What can I tell you about Amazon.

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He made my ears heavy with jewelry.

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And he made my bones heavy with fat. ie he gave me plenty to eat. And I was so comfortable that I even put on weight. And that was something beloved at the time. At that time. You know, among the women, that if a lady she put on weight and it meant that her husband really took care of her was really looking after her and really took care of so he made her ears heavy from jewelry. And he made her bones heavy from the weight that she put on. And he made me happy. So I became content with myself. She became so content but because of the wonderful way the husband, the husband, husband tretter a bizarre she said, What Jenny fee Ellie who Naima Tim Bishop for Jilin aefi le sahid. And

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we're out eating Wada is in one mana.

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She said he found me among a group of shepherds on one side of a valley or a group of poor shepherds. And he made me among a people of horses and camels, and lands in green. In other words, he he took her from a difficult situation where she was quite poor, and he gave her everything that she could have wished for.

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She said fine there who are kulu fella acaba, what are what are Kudo Fetisov was a shrub over at a corner. She said, When I'm with him, I speak and he never finds anything wrong with what I say. He never says anything bad about what I say. And I go to sleep. And I wake up after the morning has come in other words, I sleep in as much as I want. And I drink until I am content.

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She describes how she described her how well her husband tretter and then she went on to the other members of the family she said on what Abby's are firmer on what a bizarre, the mother of a bizarre What shall I tell you about the mother of animals bubbles up Roku Hara there? Were they to have as I said her cupboards if you like I don't know whether the right word for comb is to say cupboards but her her vessels her containers are always full. And her house was expansive. In other words, he didn't just look after his wife. He also looked after his mama cupboards were full house was big and beautiful.

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Ignore Abby Zara Fernando Ibiza. Then she goes on to talk about his son she says the son of Amazon What shall I tell you about the son of a Bizarro?

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Mother Giroux Hawk MSL Lee Shaka where you spiritual there are older jefra

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she said that his bed is like an unsheath sort or like an

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exposed part of the palm. In other words, you know, he, he's, he's he, he lives in a very simple way. And he's satisfied with only the, the vrr that the four arm of the sheep of the lamp. So he eats just a little bit. And he sleeps in a very, you know, in a very simple way. And that was something that was beloved of them that he raised his son to be a strong young man to be someone who's not you know, sitting at home with his feet up doing nothing lazing around, raised his son to be a strong young man who was content with little who's just a little bit of food sufficed him. And that was a sign of, you know, that kind of indicates his strength and that he was he was beloved to

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his mother and to his father. She said been to a bizarre family. I've been to Ibiza, the daughter of a Bizarro. What should I tell you about the daughter of Amazon? polar IB? Well, Toro only has one mil mukhisa he has a label jurati her. She said that she was obedient to her mother, or obedient to her father and obedient to her mother. And that she filled out her clothes. Meaning she she was well proportioned she filled out her clothes. And again that she was well track she was looked after. And she was the jealousy she calls jealousy from her core wife. So he describes even the daughter of Abba Zara was amazing.

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She then says jharia to Ibiza, from Algeria to Ibiza. The servant of bubbles up What should I tell you about the servant of Amazon? Let her boo Heidi Hara type Sita. When our tuna wala tuna, peaceful, me rotten at atom keitha while attending obey tena Tasha.

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She said the seven girl of alzado What shall I tell you about the servant girl of apples up, she doesn't spread and disclose the things that we talk about. And she doesn't squander our possessions. And she doesn't fill our house with rubbish. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he heard this description of apples I've had it continues. But I just wanted to quote you that because the way that Amazon describes the whole family, that and how amazing the whole family was a bizarre It was amazing. His wife was happy. His mother was happy. His children were amazing. Even his servant was amazing. He had such an amazing household, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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when he heard the story from Ayesha rhodiola on her, he said to her queen to lucky Cabazon, Leo mizar

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he said to her, that I am to you, like a bizarre is to observe. So the profit size of a firm that that's, that is a wonderful way for for a person to be and it's a wonderful description of a wonderful household. So I just thought that's a nice thing to finish the discussion with Well, we're talking generally about the Muslim family without getting into the specifics, but just to talk, in general, about the family, just to have that kind of idea of of something that was told to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam by our mother Ayesha, about that family, where it seemed like every aspect of the family was really amazing, you know, down to the children, the husband, the

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wife, their relationship, the mother, and the and the son and his relationship with his mom, and even down to the people, the servant girl that was working in the house, that that the relationship between the family was so amazing, and the household was so amazing. And I hope a shout out to Allah, we will come back to this Hadith, perhaps when we talk about marriage, to talk about some of the other benefits that we can take from it in sha Allah to Allah. So that concludes our general discussion, just introduction, if you like to do with the Muslim family, what we're going to do in sha Allah to Allah after this is we're going to start at the beginning, because the beginning

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beginning of a Muslim family is a zone which is marriage. So we start by talking about marriage, the goals behind marriage, the kind of things that people should bear in mind, go into the rights of the husband, the rights of the wife, and maybe some of the issues that crop up in marriage and how to solve them shall allow me to add all of that is coming up as part of this short course from a madrasa and earlier on the Muslim family in sha Allah who to Allah, analyze the originals best was Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy edge mine,

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a Salaam Alaikum. If you're enjoying these videos, and you'd like to keep up to date with all of the courses we're going to be running, make sure you head over to a m au adho.com

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