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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The Javelin Javelin race is the holiest days of the year, with a focus on the holiest days of the year being the last 10 days of the year. The rise of the military, the rise of the military, and the return of Islam to Iran are discussed, along with the use of animals and hedges to prevent animals from leaving the country. The upcoming weekend event is described, including virtual piano performance, a postcard advertising, and a family member's actions to make people feel safer. The segment emphasizes staying true to Islam and not being in a situation where one is not the best person to be in.
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relying on a shakedown rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Ali he also had remain my beloved brothers and sisters. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu

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hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen. Always and forever we begin with the praise and the praise of Allah Masha Allah Ilaha illa Allah we testify that he is none worthy of worship besides Allah and we send our love and greetings salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu, wasallam, to his pious in his pure family, to his companions, and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, may Allah make us to be amongst them, I mean, 100 and 100 Praise be to Allah who has given us to be in these holy 10 days of the hijab. And as we know, the holiest nights of the year are the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And the holiest days of the year are the 10 days of the hijab, we're in the

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middle of those 10 days now, the days of hajj are about to be upon us, the day of Arafa, the hajis will go to alpha on Tuesday in sha Allah and Hijri will start on Monday, the eighth of the ledger. And so, then IBM says, There is no deed that is done in these 10 days, that will give you more reward. So whatever you do have good in this whether you reciting Quran, or giving a five Rand charity or giving out a sandwich or whatever, saying a good word, the reward you will get in this time is better than any deed you could do outside of the Sahaba sin jasola. Even jihad, if I fought jihad, last month, the reward I will get now is more my five grand is more than jihad. And it says

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yes, except for the person who goes out and he doesn't come back meaning if you die as a shade, when the reward is more, but even Jihad outside of these 10 days, the reward cannot equal the reward will get now so in sha Allah, if ever you had an opportunity to give charity to do good to do kindness, maximize it in these these 10 days. It's not just for the hedges. It's not just for the judge. It is for all of us. And of course it is most important to us Allah to grant Hachimangu Amin. So on that note that this great act of Ayurveda, which the OMA is going to be focused on, we're going to talk about the Hajj of that Musa Salaam. And we have a beautiful narration it's called like the mother of

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all Hadith about Hajj, long Hadith about how the abbyson performed Hajj narrated by a very, very famous companion Jabra or the Allah and now many of you must have heard and Jab Jab enrich the Hadith Jarabe Ravi Alon is one of the great narrators and reporters of Hadith. And so before I talk about the actual story, I want to talk a little bit about the backstory of Jabil who is Jared and why is he reporting so many Hadith? How did he have such a close relationship with Annalisa Salam Jabby Rhodiola and was from the people of Medina, so he wasn't from the elite makin Sahaba not to Abu Bakr and Omar Hassan Vidal is the original Sahaba when the reason comes to Medina, Javed is a

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young boy, a teenager. And one of the first incidences that we have with Javelin is there was a campaign a jihad, and he joins up as a teenager and he's on his way back. So they had the, you know, the campaign that he saw, he came, we saw he conquered, and now they're coming back to Medina and Jabulani, Alon, he has a very, very old tired camel, and he's falling behind everybody. The people are moving back to Medina, and he's falling behind. And he's like, Yeah, Allah, you know, look at this, you know, you maybe think of your time with driving this cookie, and you think, you know, every five minutes you must stop because it overheats and everything and he's like, you know,

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frustrated with his life. And then abyssal Salem notices this and then I'll be some falls back until he side by side with Java. And then he starts talking to JB and asked him How are you what's going on connecting with this young man? And he asked Jabulani Alon what's going on with you camel, so he says jasola My father passed away and all we had was this camel and that's what I have for the hamdulillah I'm not complaining. So then Ibiza Salam says okay,

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let me let me see

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And then at least it makes DUA and the camel becomes super strong and fast. It becomes amazing through the bulk of gonna be Salam use da and so now that the camel is strong Jabil picks up the pace and he wants to rush home to Medina. So why are you so eager to go home to Medina? Why are you so excited to go home? So Javin CDR rasool Allah wa sallam, before the battle just before I just got married. So basically, on my honeymoon, I want to get back to my wife. You know, I haven't really enjoyed her yet. So then I says, no, no, no. Take some time. Trust me. Let her know you keep getting the clip the news of you reach her before you reach her. It'll be better for you. Meaning later

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prepare yourself to get herself ready. Don't surprise her like that. Also, when I was talking to her, so which girl did you many of you want to know which girl did you choose to get married to? And Jabra says I married a older lady. Which obviously young man said, Why are you married? You're a young guy. Why don't you marry a young girl instead of a big lady. So JB Ron says, Look, I told you my dad passed away. And I don't. I also didn't have a mom. So I've got four younger sisters. Now he's he's also picture from his perspective. He's got four young sisters needs to care for. He's got this old camo. He's really got a lot of things on his mind. And he says I've got four young, cute

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little sisters who don't know anything about life. If I'm married another young, cute little girl who also doesn't know anything about life. I have now five ladies to take care of. So I chose a big lady who can take care of my sisters. So let me tell you chose well, okay, so there was Jabari Swat. He's thinking long term. And so now that the camera is strong and fast than the businesses, you know what I want you Come on, give it to me. Now you can see job it is not yet of the elite Sahaba if the visa Salam asked anyone, give me your shirt, they will take it off immediately. Javelin is still a young man, he's still a bit. So he says no, the company is good. Why would I give it to you now when

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it's at its peak? So then I'll give it to me. So Jeremy said, Okay, I'll sell it to you to the resource alum. So now they're negotiating the price. And eventually they agree on a on a price that is fee and then Jabra says hold on yada Shula Wait, wait, wait, before I send it to you, in our greement Allow me to first ride home. Because if I sell it to you now I must walk to Medina. Let me ride it to Medina, when we get to Medina, I'll give it to you. I'll send it to you. So this is no problem. In this little bit of a conversation. We learn business transactions, you can actually make clauses in your contract that I'll sell you the house but I will live for one month until you you

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know so these there's a lot of fear in this. So this is a no problem. You can write the camel and when you get to Medina, this is the price you will get. So now they get back to Medina. And then the salam of course is in the masjid. Javid comes late maybe it was the one time he only gets around a shy time. As soon as he says I only see you now. Like you only coming out to the masjid.

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And obviously Javis been busy with his with his new wife. So then avviso Salam says to jab jab is also also salam. Yeah, I brought the camel and I'm giving it to you and analysis, okay? Bilal bring some money and add some extra to it. Give it to Java. So Java gets the payment, and he wants to hand the camel over. And then abuses the you really think I want to take your camel. I don't want to take your camel. You keep the money and the camel in the Nabisco polite way. He didn't want to make job and feel I'm giving you charity. I'm gonna give you Yeah. Are you struggling? You got four sisters, you just got married. He has 1000 rent for you. You've made up this elaborate, you know,

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transaction. And then he said, keep the money and keep the camera. And this camera, of course is a much stronger cable and he gets the money. Now from a young man, that wasn't so close to the salon. That wasn't really next to him. Now Javed is with him like he shadow.

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See the caliber of going to a salon. And that's why after this job is gonna run the rate hundreds 1000s of Hadith. He would want to make sure every moment I get I want to stand next there'll be some every opportunity I get. I want to record every word he says. Amazing. I'm going to be so simple. Right? So now let's talk about the hedge. we fast forward many many decades. Javeed is an old blind men can't even stand property. And the grandson of Hussein Hussein the grandson of gonna be Salam, his grandson Muhammad, right, the grandson of saving up a sign comes to Java. And Java is blind. He can't see Robbie alone and he says who's here and he says I am Muhammad, the grandson of Hussein,

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the grandson of the ribosomes, oh Masha, Allah and Jabil touches the young boy and seems like one of the only paid families going to be Salam. And the Java says, Oh, my my son asked me anything you want to know. So I can tell you any question you have. Let me know. So Muhammad, the great grandson of the responses, tell me about the Hajj of my grandfather. I want to know how my other enemies Salam perform Hajj, so jabber about the Alon, he smiles and he's becoming nostalgic. He's thinking back when I was a young man, and we made Hajj together and he put

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He's hands up nine to make some shows nine. He says nine years then abbyson was in Medina for nine years. He was in Medina and there was no Hutch. There was Hutch but then I just didn't know what how much and every year we excited is this the year he's gonna go for Hajj but obviously didn't go for Hajj. Then after nine years, the 10th year came, and then IBM announced now to everybody, I'm going on Hajj this year, I imagined the Rasulillah Salam saying to the Muslim ummah, this year is the year I'm gonna go on Hajj no one has seen him before Muhammad yet. And so everybody, this is the year we want to go. I mean, who wouldn't want to go for Hajj within Ibiza salaam as the as the motto as the

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man in charge. And so everybody from every tribe, every Muslim that there was signed up and said this is the year we want to go on Hajj with an ISIS alum so Gob Rahman says on the tin Thea we all went together he's obviously going with and we left Medina and in the Hadith when the writing is to help you understand what the hijab you're gonna do hamdulillah our religion is we follow the Sunnah of the enemy so we don't have to think and innovate. We follow step by step the hajis do exactly what the enemy some did. So Jeremy, this is we left Medina and just as we got outside of Medina, a little place outside of Medina is called deulofeu lifer. It's the me caught. It's called the

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MacArthur McCarthy's where you enter the State of Iran. So then I'll be Salam lift Medina and we muddy. The meat court is maybe 15 minutes from Medina. It's not very far. It's just outside Medina. And then we stopped at the masjid. We performed Salah and then Elisa Salam was standing was on his camel and as far as I could see live for I just could see people job is I was amazed. We had all these people come from everyone from everywhere came to Medina and they're all stopping within a visa Salaam and now there have been Salam is like prominent on his camera he's standing up and they could all see him so Muslim is when you say haram clothing and he says Lubbock Allahu Allah bake in

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our enters the State of Iran. So at the makeup, there'll be some into the sticker State of Iran. And just as they everyone is now entering Iran said Abu Bakr comes with his wife to going to be sent I'm saying what are the Allah Annie says, my wife, Osama, she just gave birth. She was pregnant and when she got to the Miko she gave birth, meaning can she into Iran while she just gave birth, she's bleeding and all of that, then it says no problem later also into the State of Iran. She also like the judge would do she will bandage her private parts, but she will interview her arm so we learned now a lot of Lady in hate. She went into haram our sisters there are many sisters who are going to

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be an alpha in height, but they're still in the Haram hate does not invalidate your haram and so then obviously she into the Haram like everybody else and job it is then he makes a cider this is yeah Allah Those were the days. Can you say can you imagine? At that time there'll be someone was still with us and the Quran was still being revealed Allah was still talking to us. Allah was still sending revelation how great that was. So then he says

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then to be Salah made the Tobia is salted Singla bake Allah Humala bake what is Lubbock Allah mean? What is Lubbock mean? The hijiki was once they into Iran, they will not sing la bake the Tobia What is this? Lubbock means I am coming. I'm responding here. Hola. Hola. You've called me I'm coming Lubbock, Lubbock I'm unmown de la be color Lubbock Allahu Allah Baker Baker la sharika like you have no part in Allah in Alhambra or near Metallica. Well, all the praise and all the things and all the worship and all of creation is for you alone lash any color. You have no partner Allah. And so there'll be some seed the Tobia and Java Vinci's and the people also see a Tobia with added some

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words in it. Some said love bake Allah Humala, bake Allahu Akbar Allah Allah has the added little bits of ACARA and then a bit solemn Japanese, he didn't stop anyone from the way on Tobia, but he the visa Salam repeated the Tobia, which you all know meaning the Tobia which is famous he only said that one meaning Japanese saying this is the best one. The one that A B salaam says the one that is famous, it is the one that he he said, then then a B so Salam did not reject anything out of it. But then a visa salaam adhere to his own Tobia, then we did not have any other issue. So now Jabil says when we went for Hajj, the way Hajj was done in the past, you came to Mecca in Iran, and you stayed

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in Iran until the end of Hajj. Right, so you got to Makkah, like the first of the Ager, you stayed in your parameter aid, you stay 10 days in Iran, and we all that's how we thought that's what we're going to fudge and so we all came to Makkah. And when we got to Makkah, we had the intention of Hajj, oni being unaware of Umrah that you can make umara with Hajj. And when we came upon the house meaning we came to the Kaaba, and we perform the tawaf and everything. And we made tawaf around the Kaaba, and we performed salah, behind them a column of Abraham, and then we made side my father said, whatever. So now job ads my father said, and I do not know whether he made made a mention of

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it but was from the visa He said, He is Allah and cysts on believers and eaten so then there'll be some jab at saying that he's adding this little bud

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that he returned to the polar and kissed it they're gonna be Salam kissed the Hydra last word. And then he went to the gates of Safa and Marwa he performed Safa and Marwah and he made the site. So now when they were done with OSI, then abyssal Salam says to the Sahaba, if I had known what I know now, that means if I, what Allah has told me now, I would have informed you of something different out of city, you shouldn't bring your animals with you. What does this got to do? The results were saying, for those of you who came to Makkah, without bringing your Corbon animals you had made umara you can execute haram. You can enjoy haram. Now, you might Umbra Institute haram and you're out of

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the Haram and you can now enjoy yourself and you can live like normal. And when Hajj starts, we'll enter new Iran. And that's what all the projects are doing. It's called tomato. So all the hedges, they come from Medina in Iran, they come to Makkah, they make Amara, they exit the Iran and now for the next couple of days they're going to be outside of haram Haram is really difficult. You can't pull the heat. You can't kiss your wife, you can't hold hands. You can't do any of those romantic stuff you can't really perfume, so to do 10 days of Haram is very difficult. So then having some says, If I should have informed you all that you should not approach your animals. Why? If you came

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to Makkah, what's your quarterback with you? You must stay any haram until the animal is slaughtered. So if anyone flies with his sheep with him in the bag, then he's not allowed to exit his harem. So then our responses all of you guys who have not brought your animals with you, except you Iran, but as for those enemies, I'm one of them I brought my animals we will stay in Iran. So then a visa Salam and perhaps Allah Allah this is perhaps the higher level how that Allah had prescribed for him. He's going to stay in the Haram the full length of time, and but he's encouraging the Ummah, you guys don't do that. You shouldn't do that. And he says, If I were to ever

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make Hajj again, I would also do tomato. I would also not come with my animals, I would exit the Haram but Allah had decreed it such I will stay in the Haram and anyone else who brought the animal stay in the Haram with me, but the rest of you, you exit the haram. And so one of the Sahaba said you had a suit Allah, You've now made a new type of Hajj, will you have to break away from a new hedge? Is this thing just this year? Is it only now this year, or forever? And then I mean somebody's fingers together. So this is like this to piano. And this is how it's gonna be forever. And this is why the hedges, everyone myxedema to * Wordsworth tomato. This is the hedge that

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you're going to do. And this was all the hodgepodge to wherever they come from the world. They come to Makkah make O'Meara exit the Haram and then they enter a new Iran as they enter a new Iran. Now, Java adds a little side story, because this is the grandson of Satan it. So he says also, when we came from Medina, your great grandfather say Nalli wasn't with us. Why? Because he was coming from Yemen. He had just completed a campaign for jihad in Yemen. And now he's coming from Yemen and meeting us we are going to meet in Makkah. So when he got to, when you say now Ali got to Makkah, he performed this camera, in Iran in alleys in Iran. He made Amara, now he's looking for in Fatima, his

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wife. And when it comes to Satan, the Fatima, the daughter going to be Salam. He finds him with perfume. She's dressed up, she's out of the Haram and say now listen, what's going on your hygiene you're looking around what's going on? So far tomorrow? The answer is my dad said so then abuse from informants is what we need to do. I'm I didn't bring an animal so I'm going to be haram said analysis No, no, no, this doesn't make sense. I'm gonna go speak to that column. So say nobody speaks is going to be Salam. And the Prophet Salam tells say Nalli it is correct what Fatima said that if you didn't bring your animal with you executed haram and she I told you to exit the Haram

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like everybody else. So in Allison's okay. Then the next one says, Did you bring your animal with you? So he says yes, there's no you stay with me. You're gonna you're gonna be Niihama with me. And then then I also said to Satan, Ali, what was your intention? When you may tell via the bake? Allahumma What was your intention? What was your Nia so Satan and his partner he said, Oh Allah before I enter the haram icdr Allah, I will be on the same Toby I like gonna be so whatever he's, he's gonna be he's my hedge. I don't know what he's gonna choose. But that's my hedge. So Satan, so then I'm so good. You and I are gonna say in the Haram together now until after Hajj. And to say

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that Ali brought 100 As we know, 100 camels, I'm gonna be someone's gonna show to all of them on the Day of 800 camels is going to be some squat ban on the day for eat. So then

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the navicent Salam.

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Now Jabil says so now we were in Makkah for a few days, and then the eighth of the hija the eighth, which is now Monday, Monday is the eighth inshallah. We left to Mina, everybody packs up in Makkah, and they go to Mina and the only haram now for those who were in Iran, we stay in Iran, and those who are out on the day of on the eighth, so the morning so if you have any relative who's on Hajj on the morning of the Fajr on the eighth, they will enter the State of Iran from where they are they don't go back to the me court. And then from there, they will go to Mina and you will stay on Mina for a few for a day. For five what's the word Osama will be shy and Fajr. The next morning you stay

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in MENA and there is no

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To jump them, there is no ritual on that day, you're not going to pelt the gym at all. You're not going to do anything that day is a day of preparation. Because the next day is the big day or out of it is a day where you reflect and you consider now

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what is our offer? Really, our offer is your one on one appointment with Allah subhanaw taala out of if you imagine your you know, imagine your calendar, most of your MS teams or Google imagine you open the calendar and you saw on this day, you have an appointment with the Creator of the Universe one on one appointment, you will have a personal audience with him.

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We're only one only one day in your life you're not gonna get this again.

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There's no other opportunity. Most people only going out of our once and this is a time and so for the Muslim you've performed Salah your whole life you performed your fasting in Ramadan you gave given you a Sokka you don't come a chick but the Hajj pillar has not been done. And without had you Islam is not complete. Your Islam will be completed on the Day of Arafah your position as a Muslim, your position in Jana is completed on the Day of Arafah. So really, that day, the day before Are you considering going to meet Allah tomorrow?

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Now Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, we can't give a can't give any kind of likeness. But the CEO of your company wants to have a meeting with you. The President wants to have a meeting with you, how do we check? How do we feel? How much prepared? What am I going to wait, it's on your mind weeks in advance you the 10 minutes before the meeting starts Subhanallah This is the Lord of the universe inviting you of all of creation. These special 2 million people Allah is inviting him, this is where I want you to be. So I can have a one on one conversation. So the projects stay on me now. And the only thing they do differently is the forecasts Allah or serve the word Anisha. They make

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two and this is the Sunnah going to be Salam, he made the salah too, and he did not join them. He kept them in the talked. So then the next morning Fajr time they were still in MENA, after budget, they lift towards Arafa everyone is moving towards Arafa and the Quraysh we just recently embraced Islam. They thought that see the Quran had a practice where they had special places they could stay. It's called the mosh Haram is a special place, the Qureshi got to stay, and they said the rest of us sinners, you must go get your sins forgiven, but we Quraysh in it, Allah as people, we get a special place a VIP spot for us. So the Quraysh thought that this salaam will get there and you'll also stop

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the but he bypassed he didn't want nothing to do with us. He left that place. And he went straight towards Arafa to show that there's no elitism here in Islam. Everyone is going to stand with Allah alone. Everyone has that unique, unique relationship. And just think, also, as we picture the Haram, what is the Haram, it is that same cough and you're going away when you die. They haram you don't put anything on your head why you can't put any Coffea or turban on your head why in the past, your position in society was determined by your headgear, the bigger the Buddha saw the bigger than the Animus chef. That's why the king was a golden thing on his head. But Allah was to show no one is

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going to be anything on the hit today what are the main obviously, because none of you have any status with Allah subhanho wa Taala it is only Allah who has status. So then this is the num bypasses this place, and he gets to Arafa before the word and then he stops. And he waits. I'll be showing you the time of woof begins at a specific time, he stops outside our offer. And he's waiting for the doctor of the world to come in. So now he can show the Ummah this is when Arafa begins not before. And so when the what is what comes in the lobbies of Salem into Zarafa. And he stands on Arafa. And he gives that amazing speech that we all know his final Farewell Sermon, where he's

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basically saying goodbye. Most of the people, they never got to see him again, within two or three months, two and a half months that I've recently passed away. And he's saying to them, I don't know if I'm going to be here again. And we can talk we spoke about the Farewell Sermon, everyone should actually download it and read it within our business talks about the Oneness of Allah being good, do not hurt each other don't cause harm and mischief to each other look after one another. A white person isn't better than a black person and Arab isn't better than non Arab. There'll be some is advising the ummah of the high level stuff. And then some Annaleigh choses wisdom, that time the

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Ummah was small, maybe 100,000 People now we have hundreds of millions of people that maybe some stands and he says, I'm standing here of the spot, but all of this is Arafah meaning Don't you people the next 100 from now will fight to stand on the spot this within this place I'm standing is no better than that place, but I must stand somewhere. So this is our offer. All of this is our offer and he gives it amazing sermon. And then he made the word and answer together to rock as the word to rock as for answer and after that job it says then at least on found a spot, facing in a direction. Now what did you do in Ottawa and he just said the

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And he made dua the hedges on our offer the greatest, the most important five four hours of your life. Your Jana Jana position as a Muslim is determined in that few hours. There is no Jamrock there is no tawaf there is no salah, even even there'll be some made Salah showed the word so quickly. Why you need to speak to your, you need to speak to Allah. Five, six hours, pour your heart out to Allah, this is what I need. This is what I want. Thank you Allah praise him. Thank you making Toba every sin, every mistake, you repent to Allah, there is no one else in the world, just you and Allah, even though you're surrounded by millions of people, it's just you speaking to your job. That

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is the most important moment of your life. And then Jabra says as the time got close to mothership and the Shadows got long like a half an hour before Muslim, then obviously stood up and he started to raise his hands and he became more determined in his dua as if to say my time with Allah is running up. The next time we're going to be like this with Allah is on the day of piano.

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The next time we'll have an appointment like this is on the day of piano and so he is you know, deep into our in the last half an hour he stands up in the light and he's improving Allah for His mercy for his love with guidance. And then when the sunsets are off is finished and then then a visa Salam he got onto his camel and he put with him who summer who summer the son of Osama the adopted the Osama is the adopted grandson I'm gonna be some so it's like a grandson that was on the camel with Osama radula and and Osama sees the Navy some held the camel very very tightly. And he didn't allow the camel to rush and he says to the to everyone that I've been saying to everybody slowly so take

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it easy, no rush. We leave slowly. And as they're going in a very slow gentle manner leaving Arafa towards must deliver in the night. Osama says Yaroslava it's almost marketing, its marketing and the works going out says don't worry, don't worry, we're going to make marketing any shy together on must deliver. And so the edges so if you look at what's gonna happen on Monday, they are in MENA, Tuesday is the day of Arafah and then the whole day inshallah from the word until Mercury they are at Arafa making dua, then they leave out of a Tuesday night and we'll get to Mr. Alpha in the evening. It's a long, slow journey, even though it's very short. It's places like you know, to walk,

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it's a half an hour, but with millions of people on the road, it's going to take very long then they get to miss Delphi. It's late at night than me some just made multigrip and Ishai no tattooed no switch to sleep, go sleep. And the next morning he woke up made fun of Mr. Alpha. And then he moved on the day of our aid to to Mina we also a nice little tip but we then Elisa Salam is on the camera with another nephew of his and a lady comes to ask them a question. You know, my dad is too old. Can I make hajj on his behalf and while she's talking chubby reaches she was very, very critical. She's a pretty looking girl and the nephew of the NABI Salam Alfonso, he's looking at this girl and every

00:27:53 --> 00:28:29

time he stays in the salon moves his face away, and he puts it back. Now this is in hajj on Arafa on any haram that I'm not saying anything nasty to him for they didn't say stop it they just moved his face away. Don't look don't look don't look also shows you that even the most pious of people that just human beings, and then at least he's not like reprimanding images. If you're not supposed to be looking and thinking of this you only haram on Hajj but one young, a young man looking at a young girl and so there'll be some just reprimands him likely like that. So there'll be solemn now comes to on the day of Eid, he gets to Mina, and he does the rituals of of eat and they said eat is a very

00:28:29 --> 00:29:03

busy day for the ages. They're going to put a ban, there'll be some slaughtered 63 camels with his own hand. And then he brought the remainder of the 187 so nearly slaughtered. And from this sponsor, meaning that he's only lived 63 years, there was a premonition. For every year of my life. I'm giving a quarter band and the remaining 37. He said to say not only you finish the job, which shows that not every person will slaughter, you can appoint someone. And then of course, there'll be solemn, pelted the world first he pelted the big jam rock, he slaughtered the camels. And then he exhibited his haram. And then he went to Makkah, to perform tawaf and sigh and this is the throw

00:29:03 --> 00:29:16

off. A father the main tawaf, this is the talk of Hajj, and bash for the hijab, the most difficult one is to do this towel after OMA trying to perform that very, very big toe off. And so then when he came back from

00:29:17 --> 00:29:54

when he got into a little bit, lost the Hadith kind of India, then everything gets to the haram. And now for the first time he really sees his relatives that lived in Makkah, remember he made each other up 10 years ago, and it was the job of the bundle Hashem the family of the nobbies tribe. Every tribe had a job their job was to give them some to the people the bundle Hashem so there'll be some comes to the to Makkah, it makes it a lot and he sees his relatives going in the wealth putting out the water. And so he says to the peace family, you know, Allah He, I wish I can be with you, pulling out the water, giving zum zum to the judge, but if I did it now, the whole man's gonna want

00:29:54 --> 00:29:59

to do this. It'll be coming sooner. Think about it. 3 million people all of us would say must give you water and if

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

was going to fight. Look at his fake look at his wisdom for the Ummah throughout this Hajj people are going to come to him and says yo rasool Allah, I slaughtered first then I love the Jamrock so if Allah Allah Hara Don't worry, do it and it's fine. The ladies will say Ya rasool Allah, it's I'm scared about the Zama Can I leave early, if Allah Allah do and don't have no problems with it every way he had an opportunity, he made life easy for the Ummah, it shows that he knew this from profited A time will come when millions and millions of people will be wanting that same spot. And so he made as much as he could, easy for the Ummah and of course, he turns to me now, and that's the end of the

00:30:34 --> 00:31:10

spins the next three days in the days of Tashlich. And of course he ends and intends to Medina so this is the Hajj of the visa Salam and the judge will follow this exact steps may Allah grant him Hajj Maqbool, Hajj, McBroom Allah grant that everyone that travels that the every ritual every dua every activity by others accepted, may there be no accidents, no harm and even return safely. I mean, couple of announcements. As I said, this is the best time to do X of Obeida or perhaps the best deal we can do is to Corbin so anybody who still has the ability by the means to Corbin 3000 around you to Burano Islam or if you do online for more affordable no problem but let every family

00:31:10 --> 00:31:48

at least to one Corbin inshallah and feed someone in this time. Also tomorrow, tomorrow, Saturday morning. From off course nine I'm doing a see a talk on Muslim pride, Islam and the LGBTQ XYZ discussion. If you want to attend, and I think you should attend, and your kids 15 years and older, come to the Islamic auditorium, and we'll discuss this can you be friends with someone what if you're a Muslim and you feel that way? What if you're a Muslim and you act on that? Are you still a Muslim? Or these Why does Allah make it haram? Someone is born that way? How can I'm gonna do it? So we talk about these kinds of very, very frank conversation. So that is tomorrow in sha Allah. We

00:31:48 --> 00:32:29

also make dua Masha Allah has a fantastic anti anti fighting microphone was on the corner. It's a 100th birthday. Mashallah. Mashallah. 195 my still, you know, ask the sun house maintenance is better than us. She's faster than us. Or hamdulillah Malaga raanta. You know, strength health, Melissa grant, baraka and blessings May Allah grant that all of us are accepted Amin and when she does this part of the masjid I'm told was originally part of our home originally 25 Max, he lived in that part of the masjid before the renovation, mashallah and make dua for Uncle Omar shabu Dean who passed away three years ago and Allah grant him genital Philadelphus I mean, I mean insha Allah and

00:32:29 --> 00:33:03

His this insha Allah is going to be a workshop as well for anyone who wants to do classes during the the the June holidays let me know I'll give you the details exactly how it was done Allah say no Muhammad Allah, Islam saying I'm not a big anime so now Oh, eat Eat Sorry, just announced eat is on Wednesday. It will add hop on with maca inshallah and Purana will have it on Wednesday. It is on Wednesday inshallah the Quran will happen and of course as we know the mucky muck there's a split no problem Shala whatever day you keep Allah grant you a blizzard read we have the days of Tashlich so inshallah but Ronald's eat program is on Wednesday morning eight o'clock that beats seven o'clock

00:33:03 --> 00:33:07

that beef stuck me from seven Salah from eight to cycle of it. So now why

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