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The Muslim Family is a short course brought to you by Al Madrasatu Al Umariyyah. Due to the recent pandemic of COVID-19, you are probably spending more time at home with your family than ever before. Use this as an opportunity to grow closer to each other, and more importantly, closer to Allah. Muhammad Tim Humble lays a foundation of simple principles, guidelines & practical pieces of advice to help you and your family maintain a strong bond with each other as well as your Creator.

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Tim Humble
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Muhammad Tim Humble is from Newcastle & graduated from the famous faculty of hadeeth and Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Madinah in 2011. Ustadh Tim Humble is a British revert, who has ijaza in the six famous books of hadeeth.

He is also experienced in the field of Ruqyah, the Islamic method of healing with the Quran, specializing in treatment for black magic and evil eye. He accepted Islam at the age of 14 & is currently involved with a dawah organisation called IDC North East which is based in & around Newcastle.

Tim Humble became interested in Islam during Religious Education classes in Primary School. After researching it further on the internet he accepted Islam at the age of 14. Thereafter he went through a period of 4-5 years where he struggled to implement and practice his new-found faith. The Muslim community in his hometown was unwelcoming and unhelpful to New Muslims. In his own words, “One of the biggest problems we have in the Ummah is that we are excellent at selling the religion; we’re great salesmen…What we’re really, really rubbish at is keeping them in Islam once they become Muslim.”

A suggestion by a friend sparked the idea of studying in the Islamic University of Madinah. During his first Hajj pilgrimage he applied to and was accepted into the University. He graduated from the Faculty of Hadeeth Studies in 2011. Notably he memorized and is certified in the six canonical works of hadeeth.

He is currently involved with a Da’wah organisation called ‘IDC North East’ which is based in & around Newcastle. The Ustadh is married with 3 kids & is the founder of Humble Foundation.

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