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Alhamdulillah euro Bill alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he was already he Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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We begin as always, by praising Allah, by asking Allah to exalt the mention and grant peace to our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions. Welcome to this short course. By madrasa tutor Maria

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and the short course in sha Allah. Allah is all about the Muslim family. And the Muslim family is a comprehensive topic, it has a lot of different aspects to it. And we're going to try to take it in a comprehensive way, step by step. So I wanted to start with the math home of all sorts of Muslim what's the general understanding of the Muslim family? You'll sort of start at the beginning what is the Muslim family and what are perhaps the different words that are used for it in Arabic or might the words we find for in the Quran, some of the general ayat and a hadith about the Muslim family just to give us an overview, and then a shout Allahu Allah from there, I wanted to move on to talk

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about the beginning of the Muslim family, which is obviously marriage because the Muslim family starts when two people get married and they start their own little family and that's the beginning of the Muslim family and then on from there inshallah, to look at children and the relationship of parents with children and children with parents to look at the relationship between the siblings in the same house and then to look at the issue from a wider perspective and look at the wider members of the family and how we should keep ties with them. And some of the issues that our people commonly face in all of those different relationships, whether it be issues relating to the relationships

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between husband and wife or between parents and children or children and parents or between siblings, between wider family members inshallah, to Allah. So, we really want to try and approach this in a comprehensive way. And inshallah hota Allah try to bring evidences trying to make it evidence based to bring your evidences from the book of Allah from the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam and from the statements of the righteous people who passed away before us, so then inshallah Allah, we can get a really good understanding of this topic. And right at the beginning, I just want to remind everybody, and I want to remind myself before I remind anyone else,

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that the purpose of studying the short course is not just for the sake of knowledge in of itself, you know, knowledge for knowledge sake. In fact, that might even come under the statement of Allah azza wa jal, Alarcon would take care of

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your your hearts have become preoccupied with just gathering things for the sake of gathering them just having more of something for the sake of having more of something. So we don't want this knowledge to be something that we just want to have more of it because there's a course available and I just want to watch the videos and I just want to know it for the sake of knowing it. But really, we want to put it into practice. We want a lot as the Magellan We ask Allah azza wa jal alumni, eliminare main foreigner, when foreigner Bhima Lambton, I was in a coma, or Allah, teachers what will benefit us and benefit us with what you teach us and increase us in knowledge.

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So we want that knowledge so that we can put it into practice. We want to be able to implement it, we want to have a better relationship, or better relationships within our family, have a better home a better Muslim home and inshallah to Allah be an inspiration and an example for those around us. And to do that we have to have knowledge because remember, knowledge comes before we do any actions at all, as Eliza, which has said violin and hula ilaha illallah wa stealthily them know that there is no god that deserves to be worshipped except Allah and then seek forgiveness for your sins. So knowledge always comes before we put something into practice. But if we just get the knowledge and

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we don't put it into practice, then that's a problem in of itself. So we want to ensure allow you to either start with the right intention, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to purify our intention to make this action of ours sincerely for him alone, and to make it pleasing to Him to make it in accordance with what the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam brought to give us the knowledge that we need and the ability to put it into practice in sha Allah.

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To edit. Also, before we start the course and we get into the content of the short course in Sharla, I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that as a student who is following a structured course, it would be really helpful if you have a notepad and pen with you. And you were to take notes and shout loud to Allah, and inshallah try to jot down any questions, any things that you don't understand, likewise, things that you would like to read up on things you would like to research more about, you'll get you'll have a much, much better experience that way, inshallah. Tada. So that being said, we want to get right into the content of the short course. And we want to

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start with the move home the understanding of a little slower, and more slimmer, the understanding of what the Muslim family actually is going to start with the language. That's typically where we we start, when we when we talk about these different topics, we usually start with the Arabic language. And we're going to look at the different words in Arabic for family, and try to understand something about them or try to, to inshallah extract some benefits from them. So the word that probably comes to mind more than any other word is the word surah. Al Nusra.

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And I remember looking this word up, I went back to some of the dictionaries, some of the classical scholars of the Arabic language, and just wanted to know where does this word come from? This word l Sora, which we use for the family. And I found something very interesting. I found this to be a real benefit that some of the scholars they mentioned, it comes back to our Rob to Bill Emeril, why'd, it comes back to all of the members of that family being bound together by a common bite by something in common that binds them together and brings them together. I read that does tell us a lot about the family. Because you know, as it's famously said, you can change your friends but you can't

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change your family, you Your family is something that you are bound to, whether you like it or not, you're going to have responsibilities towards those family members in sha Allah as Eliza gel has legislated even regardless of of the way that certain members of the family might behave, still, those responsibilities are going to be there as we're going to hear. So the fact that the family also, it's something that brings people together. And it's something that binds people together, almost no matter what happens there, there will always be that bond that exists between those family members because they're tied by something which brings them together. And that is perhaps one of the

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meanings of an orchestra. As for an orchestra, as it relates to sort of the more technical meaning then it's used for a lacava was, it's used for

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relations in terms of marriage, and relations in terms of relatives who are near to you. Another word, which comes to mind is Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. And it said that the difference is that our our Illa refers specifically to those who live under the same roof. And that's going to be the focus of our course, in Sharla, hota, let's go, we're going to be focusing on all the people who who live under the same roof typically. So you might have in a typical household, Mum, Dad, the kids have some siblings, and you have the relationship there, and so on. So that is what you would call Ella, Ella, that the IRA, they live together in the same house. And there's something else that some of

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the some of the scholars mentioned. And that is that the I ILA are people who are under a single, or there's, there's a person who is like the head of the household, there's a person who is the head of the household. And all of the members of that are ILA are kind of look back to the head of the household, so to speak. And that's something again, we're going to be talking more about as we get into the dynamics of the family and how the family is structured. But that's something we can take from from the word in terms of the language. Another word that we hear very commonly is L L, L L L. And l L.

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Original originally refers to a person's wife.

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For example, a person would say,

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oh, like we find in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam the Hadith is in the Hadith of the adverse or the Allahu and Homer, it's also a hadith of I shall have the alarm on her. Hi, eurocom Hi, eurocom Leah Holly, he will enter hydrocone le, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the best of you are those who are

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Best to their family and hear the primary meaning you take is to their, to their wife or to their wives. And I am the best of you to my family I to my wives, but the word family the word and it goes wider than that it starts off originally as referring to a man and his wife, and then sort of expands or people use it in a more general way to refer to the wider relatives and other people who are in the house. Another word that we hear very commonly is an ad.

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Like when we talk about aloe Beatty and Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam the people of the household of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the word Allah comes back to the Arabic word Raja, to go back to meaning Yarrow, Jiro la him. He's the they're the ones that he goes back to either in terms of his lineage goes back to them, or in terms of the fact that, you know, he kind of comes back to them. And it's used in terms of nessip, like the word alcohol. And it can also be used for followers, like when we talk about the followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wila, early, he was so happy that the alley can be used to mean the family. And it can be used also to

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mean followers as well. But we're going to use it here in the context of the family in the context of an ad. And another word that we also hear being used is elbaite and l Beatty. It doesn't mean the house as in the place where the people live, but it means elbaite as in the household,

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as in the household, and they are like the scholars say Allah, Allah leadin, a schooner ma arrojo, they are the family members who live alongside a man. So a man is living with his family members, and those family members who live alongside him, they are from the beat of that person, the household of that person. So these are all words which we can look at which will come up but only some of them are used in the Quran and in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and we're going to give some examples of that. So when we come to the Quran, I want to start off with an idea which has a lot of lessons in it for us about the family in general. And that is the statement

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of Allah azza wa jal will la hudaydah come in and foresee come as well. Which I

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mean, as well as you come, Benny, now a half adder was aka coming up to you but fob lubao really you mean on our B net Mattila he homak forum? This is in soda tonight.

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This is in salt and Natalie. So Allah azza wa jal he said well, la houjicha Allah Allah come mean and fusi come as wacha Allah has made for you from yourselves, wives. Now there's two things here first of all, this refers no doubt to Adam and her work Allah Hema salah and Adam and how were Adam and how work who were the origin of mankind, Allah azza wa jal created all of mankind as we're going to come to the ayah inshallah, to Allah shortly. Allah azzawajal created all of mankind from Adam and from how Allah him asylum and Allah azza wa jal from them made many men and women. So that's the first understanding well law which is really convenient for SQL as wotja. Allah made for you from

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yourselves wives. But another understanding that we take from here and some of the scholars of Tafseer mentioned it also is that the meaning here will Lahu Jaya, they're coming and forsaken as Raja is that Allah azza wa jal made wives for you who are the same as you. They're not like a different creature or a different sort of, you know, a different species to you they are, you're both human beings, you're both the same. And that's part of what makes the family live together because at the end of the day, you have things in common and the most basic thing you have in common is that all of you came from Adam and her work so that's part of what is meant by the Iowa law who

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died in a coma and for sickness watch, boy john and have come in as well gee come, Benny in our habit. analyzer gel has made for you from your spouse's Benny, offspring children will have heard this would have other scholars had some different opinions about it, this word Halford, but the word itself when we come back to the word itself and what this word actually means

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The word itself actually means the one who serves you. And lady Yatim aka, the one who serves you who does a hit him up for you.

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And a lot of different things the scholar said about this particular word. But I think one of the things that I wanted to highlight in this word and the word itself generally we understand it to mean the grandchildren. So you could translate the eye and say that Allah has made for you from your spouse's children and grandchildren. But when you come back to this word, Halford, I was really surprised at how much the scholars differed over this word and how much they had so many different opinions about what this word means. But actually here, when we look at it, it's because the original meaning of the word is the one who DMCA alethea demak, the one who serves you, the one who

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helps you out, the one who is there for you. And not I feel is really profound, because that's what really you want from your children. Right? You know, you want to build this family to be there for each other, to be there for each other. And that's a blessing of allies that we gel that Allah subhanaw taala has made for you from your family, Benny, our Halford. He's made for you, children, and he's made for you, those people that help you out those people who are there for you. And even if the word itself, the meaning which comes to mind is that it means grandchildren. But still, the origin of the word is the one that serves you, the one that helps you out and that is truly a

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blessing of Allah azza wa jal was akumina Thai baht and Allah provided for you from all of these good things. And from the tea bucket Allah provided for you is that Ally's Oh Joe provided you with family members. And this is from the risk of Allah subhanaw taala has no doubt that having children is a great blessing from Eliza which is a risk from Allah provision from Eliza which and that the blessing of having those family members that help you out look out for you and support you and are there for you and serve you. That is something which is a great blessing from Alliance origin. And it's one of the tigey about one of the beautiful things that Allah subhanaw taala has provided for

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us and we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at dunya Mata, this dunya is a temporary enjoyment and the best metallic Ohio metallic dunya and murottal saleha and the best of the of the enjoyment of this world is a righteous wife. So this family members that are within this household are part of the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given us and then aligned so we just had FRB birth really you mean on will be near Mattila who make phone? Is it the false hood that they believe in? Meaning do they believe that these things are provided by the idols? Do they believe these things are provided by other than Allah webi near Mattila he who make foreign and yet

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by the best through the blessings of Allah or towards the blessings of Allah, they're ungrateful. So I really wanted you to

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really take this ayah the is sorta natural Ayah number 72. And really to reflect upon it, think about it and think about the blessings of Allah azza wa jal and how much Allah azza wa jal has blessed you when it comes to your family. So as we said, the word Halford

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in its original, sort of the original meaning of the word is the one that serves you and the one that looks after you can mean grandchildren, it can mean those who have a relation with them through marriage, ie the in laws, it can refer to the husbands of your daughters and some of the scholars of Tafseer. They mentioned that it refers to the children of your wife that she had before you married her, for example. These are all things that scholars have Tafseer mentioned about the word half adder. But really what I wanted to focus on, as I said is, this is about the one who supports you and serves you. And primarily the meaning that sort of comes to mind when you first hear the is that

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refers to children and grandchildren. And so paneling the way that you think about the way that your children benefit you. It's not just that they benefit you in this life through serving you and through hate, but they also make that creedmoor that service of you even after you die, and we know the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he then met Adam in copper Ahmed who who 11 fellas, if the children of the son of Adam dies, all of his deeds cease except for three and

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One of them that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned is that he said, Well, well I don't soil honeyeater ruler, a righteous child, that supplicates for that person. So that the headmaster service that your children your grandchildren do for you is is more than just actually serving you when you're alive even extends onto after you die. And that's one of the virtues and the blessings of Allah azza wa jal that come from the Muslim family. So really, it's about remembering the blessings of Allah and about thanking Allah azza wa jal for those blessings. And on that topic, I wanted to come to another ayah

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Allah lot so we went talks about

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thanking Allah azza wa jal for the blessings that he's given you. Allah subhanaw taala said, What if, then our bukem Let me Shackleton, let as he then.

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Wala incoterm in either be less shaded, the lines are which I said, when your Lord declared, if you show gratitude, I will surely give you increase. And if you are ungrateful, then indeed my punishment is severe. So we have to show gratitude to Allah azza wa jal for the blessings of our family. And the question then comes, well, how do we show gratitude to Allah azza wa jal for the blessings that he's given us the blessing of the family that he's given us? And perhaps we can quote the ayah in sort of Sabha, which is a number 13 in which ally xojo said Airmen will earn a Delta shortcode What do you mean by the

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act or family of doubting gratitude? And how few of my servants are truly grateful? So Allah azza wa jal commands us to act in gratitude commands us to perform actions to do things that show our gratitude to Alice pinata. So if Eliza gel has blessed us with a family, being part of a Muslim family, then there's no doubt that this is something which deserves gratitude to Allah azza wa jal, it's an area of Allah we don't want to be like those people about whom Allah said efa Bill balclutha human wellbeing, Mattila homak phone, is it the falsehood that they believe in, while they are ungrateful or rejecting of the blessings of Allah. And also we want to show by putting it into

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practice by striving to make our families the best that they possibly can be. The next idea that I want to cover is the statement of allies so whether you're a un nurse in klockner, comienza, carrying weapons, which I know control BAM wakaba elite are awful. In a Corolla comme en de la he at car comm in the LA Holleyman copier.

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Allah said this is sorted hoodrats is number 13.

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All Mankind we created you from male and female, and we made you into shuru ben wakaba Ella, we made you into tribes and we only made you into nations and tribes a sharp is more general than the Kabbalah the Kabbalah is like a tribe and within the Kabbalah there are other like sub tribes and all different it goes down many levels. So at the highest kind of level Eliza Jen made a shop and sometimes people translate it as a nation but perhaps it's it's underneath a nation. So you know, the highest level you have a nation and then you have a shop like a community or a big group of people within that nation. And then you have a Kabbalah within that. And then within the Kabbalah,

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you have various

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branches, sub tribes, and so on. Even down to the four sila that Allah is Allah just said, Well, we'll see you later he Leti to the sort of close family members that protect a person. So these are all allies, which I said which are under control, Ben will cover it a little out of all allies. So a gel has made this society in a way with a wisdom so that all of us know one another. And this just talks about the you know, the the broad the way the society is built up. And the society is built up starting with just small families. And that family eventually turns into, you know, like a big family and from a big family, you know, it forms part of a bigger unit and a bigger unit until it

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becomes you know, all the way up to the level of our Kabbalah and a Shabbat which Allah subhanaw taala made this these nations out of. So Allah subhanaw taala has made us into family unit or family units for a great benefit and a great wisdom that is with him subhanho wa Taala so that we can know each other and allies are just

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told us and this is going to be a theme that comes up again and again when it comes to the family. In a Chroma come angle light. That's what really matters. The one who is really normal in the sight of Allah is the one who has a taqwa. The one who has a taqwa, the one who has a fear of a large origin who protects themselves from the punishment of Allah by doing what Allah commanded. And by keeping away from what Allah azza wa jal prohibited, and again in the beginning, yeah, you Hannah's inner Hala Kanako means a caring monster. All Mankind we created you from male and female. So it's again that referring back to the fact that all of these nations and tribes all of them came back

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from a single marriage and that is between them and how our Allium is set up. And it's on this topic that a lot as the witch has said, Yeah, you Hi nurse with taco Rob Bakula de holla hakomi nefs in wahida wahala caminhadas jaha web SM in Houma, regional and kefir on one is

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what taco la hilarie Tessa Luna v one or ham in a la her Karina la Ra Kiba

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Allah azza wa jal, he said, Yeah, you have nurse with taco Rebecca.

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Again, that concept of taqwa. And it's so interesting that all of the ayat or many of the IR to deal with the family, or even the IR that are customarily read at the time of the Nika they deal with a taqwa having taqwa. And that's because taqwa is really the building blocks which are Muslim built everything upon including their family. So if you were to kind of have a single word that would summarize what you want from your family dynamic and what you want from your household, it is a taqwa. It is a taqwa and taqwa as some of the scholars defined it, they said it is an AMA we thought it Allah, Allah nor Amina Allah, Raja Isola, Bella, water Kumara, Silla, Allah neuroimmune Allah

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Maha Fatah either Billa that it is to act in obedience to Allah, upon a light of guidance from Allah, hoping for Allah's mercy, and to leave disobedience to Allah, upon a light of guidance from Allah fearing Allah as punishment. So to do your best to obey Allah, and to do your best to keep away from disobey Allah, all mankind have Taqwa of your Lord, who created you from a single soul and created from that single person, Adam, his meat, HAUER And from those two, all of the men and women came

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and have Taqwa of Allah. Alevi TESSA aluna be the one that you ask by him. So you say Wallahi or you say biLlahi as Allo Kabila. I asked you by Allah, I asked you by Allah to do this for me. You ask Allah by it, while our hand and here if we read our hand with a fat hat. Then the meaning here is, be careful. Fear Allah with regard to your relatives. Fear Allah with regard to your relatives in Allah her Karina alikum rocky but Allah is always watching over you. Allies always watching over you. So this country's Ayah contains First of all, it tells us that that Allah azza wa jal began this entire

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this entire note all of Benny Adam Eliza gel began this entire human race out of just two people out of Adam and how work the first Muslim family and then Allah azza wa jal tells us the rights that our family members have over us. With Taka la la de hacer la una be he will

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have Taqwa of Allah the one that you ask by his name and fear Allah with regard to your relatives and indeed allies ever watchful over you. So those are just some of the ayat which kind of set the scene when it comes to the Muslim family. And a shout Allahu to Allah. In the next episode, we're going to be continuing that and looking into more detail about some of the AI art and Heidi, that just deal with the Muslim family in general before we go on to talk about specific aspects of it in short, Lolita Allah. That's what Allah made easy for us to mention and Allah knows best was Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa Allah Allah, he was so happy he married

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a Salaam Alaikum. If you're enjoying these videos, and you'd like to keep up to date with all of the courses we're going to be running, make sure you head over

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