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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of documenting people's faults to avoid mistakes and avoid embarrassment, as well as avoiding insulting others and comparing oneself to the people who are worse. They also discuss the topic of justice and its meaning in one's life, as well as the need for proper investigation and verification of one's actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of proving claims and being cautious, as well as finding one's own success and finding one's own success in life.
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Santa Monica our condo. Welcome to the o'clock class. Today inshallah we will finish this subject for the first semester. This is the last session for the semester.

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Imam Hassan Rahim Allah said, if one is not aware of any of his faults, He therefore has fallen from grace, and has become so insignificant, wicked, and heedless that he is no longer above any vise, and he is the lowest of the low. We've discussed this last time. If you are unaware of your own faults, then this is the greatest problem. While

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when you know that you have problems, you will work on solving them, if you deny that you have any problem, then your problems are forever. As the member of Camelot mentioned, he should save himself by searching for his faults and busying himself by trying to correct them. Instead of being vain and seeking the faults of others, faults, that do not harm him in this life or in the hereafter.

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Imagine if every one of us was busy with his own faults.

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You heard someone talking about another person.

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And you tell him Look, why don't you talk about yourself. If every one of us talked about himself, we will eliminate backbiting.

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There will be no slander at all. Why? Because we have many things within ourselves to talk about. We're not perfect. So imagine if each one of us talked about his own faults, when you talk about them, you will try to work on them, we will try to correct them. So you will not busy yourself with the faults of others.

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What will help you with if if others have 100 wrong things or 10 mistakes.

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As the ma'am said faults that do not harm you in this life nor in the hereafter it says problem, it's not your problem. It will become your problem when you talk about them. Because in the Day of Judgment, it will be considered backbiting.

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So this is a great thing. If we try to implement it. When we talk about our own faults, whoever talk talks about another person's faults, tell him Please stop. Why don't you work on your own faults.

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Because the same if he's talking about other person, when he is with the other person, he may talk about you.

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And that other person is talking about the one that is talking about again.

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So each one of us is talking about another person. While when we all talk about our own selves, what will happen, we will improve ourselves. We will not have any backbiting anymore. Try try this. It's really great. Because again, we have lots of faults. No human is free of errors.

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That's what the messenger sallallahu Sallam said khulumani Anima Hata

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I know of no value. Imam Hassan hemolysis, I know of no value of hearing about the faults of others, other than learning to avoid them, and working to correct what one might share of these faults.

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I know of no value of hearing about the faults of others be with us other than learning to avoid them. And working to correct what one might share of these faults all the time relying on the powers of Allah Almighty.

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He is telling us this is the only advantage of knowing the faults of others, just like he mentioned a couple of weeks, a couple of sessions ago, when he talked about the future of writing

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the good deeds of people and the bad deeds as well. He said documenting these things will help not to praise them but to learn from them.

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And not to back by them but also to avoid the mistakes they did. Now when we hear about the Islamic history, what happened 400 years ago, how they halifa he did not

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take the responsibilities very well. How he did not he betrayed the Muslims or whatever what what we will learn from this will try to avoid them. So he's telling you this is the only reason why we should sometimes document the vices of people to avoid them, not to talk about them. Because each one of us he has his own mistakes. He has his own faults

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but to speak of the vices of others is itself a great device and unacceptable. Just to speak about

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people's mistakes. This is unacceptable. So it is one's duty to keep away from such speech, except to advise someone who might be harmed by keeping the company of people with faults. Imagine if someone

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he doesn't know, you notice him with another person. And he tells you always, this is my friend. And you know, that friend

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is doing many things wrong. And you fear that your brother was with that friend, you may follow him may follow that footsteps. So you don't want to. In that case, also you tell him, Look he's doing so and so you want. You want your brother to avoid that friend, you don't want to insult that friend, you don't want to show off to tell him I am better than that person. The only reason is to avoid these faults, except to advise someone who might be harmed by keeping the company of people with false or to scan the vein in his face and not behind his back. Also, you come to Him and you tell him, Look, this is what you did. And this is wrong. Again, you're not offending the person himself.

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You want to correct the mistake. Why do you go behind his back? And he talks about him? Why don't you tell him? Unfortunately, many times what happens?

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You see something wrong. Instead of going and correcting that wrong thing. You go until someone else or you know what that person did? What's the use?

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Maybe that person does not know he's doing something wrong. Maybe he did not know maybe he is doing it. And he thinks nobody knows.

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Either way, you did not correct it. But rather you are backbiting him, while when you go to him and you tell him you advise him so you will get the reward. And you may correct the mistake. And also you will be rewarded and he improved himself as well. But when we talk about others in their backs,

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there is no good.

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One should say to the vain, examine yourself. If you recognize its faults, you have recovered from your vanity.

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This is a good way to advise, examine yourself. And I don't want to imply anything, just

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think about it. Don't listen to me. Do not compare yourself to one who has more faults than you. This is something many people, unfortunately they do all the time comes to the message no handler I pray many people they don't pray, don't do that. So you would indulge in more vices and imitate those who are evil. Because I guarantee you no matter how evil you are, you will find someone worse than you. So if you keep comparing yourself to the people less than you, you will keep indulging or keep going down and down.

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That's why

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in health and wealth, we should compare ourselves to the less fortunate than us.

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In religion, we should compare ourselves to those who are better than us.

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Because what will happen if we compare ourselves to the people who are worse than us? We would indulge in more vices and imitate those who are evil. imitating people of goodness is gone, let alone imitating the evil ones. Look, how beautiful is this Subhanallah imitating people of goodness is gone. Like if you copy people only because you want to copy them. This is gone even if they are doing something good. Why you did something good just because they are doing it or because you want to do something good.

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So a man has won Hello seven, imitating the people of goodness is can't let along. The people have evil deeds.

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So you don't imitate people. You try to do your best.

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Again, the prophets are seldom said Lai Akana had to come in man. If people did something good, you do something good just like them. And if people did something bad you do some. That's why the blind following is not accepted.

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Unless the only exception as we talked about it, in fact, when you don't know anything, because that's the best you can do. But if you can, is it permissible for you to follow blindly? You have to follow the messenger cisilion not to copy others, although they are doing good deeds they are doing which they had in their religion. How about the people who copy the evil doors?

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Another topic which is interesting also here, Justice is a fortress in which every frightened person seeks refuge.

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Do you have anyone who hates justice?

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Have you ever heard about someone who hates justice? It will never happen.

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For you see those who practice injustice and those who don't once they are treated unjustly by someone cry

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Justice and condemn injustice.

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Everybody claims that

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he is just he's doing justice, even the criminal, the criminal when he kills he says this is justice. So everybody is calling for justice.

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Look at the ex presidents once they are in trial.

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They say we want justice. What happened to your 20 to 50 to 30 years of injustice ruling? What happened to all this? Now they want justice. So he's telling you, it's a fortress.

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Everyone want the refuge in it. You do not see anyone condemning justice, whoever has justice in his nature lives. Whoever has justice, in his nature, lives in that strong fortress. So he's telling you be just try to be just natural.

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And in Islam, we can do that it is very easy.

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We could do that inshallah. Try to keep this as your nature always, we just and start within your own self. As we said, the clock starts within your own self, even if there is nobody around you, then it starts with others, close persons, your family, then with your neighbors, and then with your community, and then with everybody else.

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It is incumbent upon the reasonable person, not to render a judgment for someone, just because he is excessively crying, turning and complaining about an injustice that has befallen him.

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Here, man has normalized telling you do not be deceived by the outcome, only

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the outward of the things

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you have to investigate. He's telling you I have come across people who engage in such practices, and they certainly are the oppressors, aggressors, and thoroughly unjust. That's why they tell you always do not listen from one side. Always you have to listen to both sides. How can you judge from one side? So if you see someone crying, or Subhanallah, he is he has experienced great injustice. But when you hear the other side, what will happen you will find out that actually, he's the oppressor, the one who's crying.

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We have a saying in Arabic, it says who Baca was about, can you wash Taka,

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you hit and you cry, and you go before and you complain.

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But you are the aggressor.

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You are the one who transgressed. So he's telling you do not,

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do not do that. And I have seen some oppressed people who are quiet, do not complain, and show little care. So one might have the impression, and before careful examination that they are the oppressors Do not be deceived by what you see. Try to investigate.

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I mentioned the example of Amaro de la one when a man came to him, and he told him complaining about another man that he poked his eye. So Omar said, Where is the man, maybe you poked his two eyes. And that's what happened. Many times, we only look to what happened to us. We don't look to what we did to others.

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You have to see what are we doing to others? Always try to see

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how others think about what you did.

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This is a place

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in judgment. This is a place where matters must be verified, and inclinations must be resisted.

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That's why in Islam, we have the great rule in Albania to eliminate that you have a claim, prove it.

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You have a claim, you have to prove it.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the Hadith, in the context of Simona, LA, you come to me complaining disputing

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and some of you are more eloquent than others. So I hear I judge according to what I hear. But if I judge wrongly then do not take it because it's a piece of fire that you are taking it from your brothers right. So there are some people actually, they may

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change the facts. You may think that they are oppressed, while in fact they are the oppressors. One should not be inclined for or against one who complains because of the behavior we described above. Just because crying. I mean, some people it's easy for them to cry.

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They are actors, they are very good actors, especially woman.

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They could cry easily. And do you think all that has happened is very crucial.

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He's very rude. But when you hear his side of the story, believe me, this happens a lot. You say this woman should be hand

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attacked, I mean, but anyway, so sometimes this is the case, you don't judge. By hearing only from one side never.

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One should not be inclined for or against one who complains because of the behavior we described above, but should seek fairness as required by the truth of the matter.

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Now, we're moving to another thing.

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There are occasions when trying hard to avoid a frightening matter causes the matter to happen.

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Another thing

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sometimes you are

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too careful about something too much careful about something and this will cause others

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to look at it, what is it they will try, because again, people they try to know what's going on,

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you will pay their attention. Why? Because you have excessiveness in caring about this thing. Imagine if you have

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10 rooms, nine rooms are opened, one room is locked. And you tell your your son, your son, you tell your daughter every time they have nine rooms they could play, but every time you tell them this room is closed, do not open it. Next day you tell them this room is closed, do not open it. What they will do,

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they will try to open it because they want to see what's going on there the same thing. You try to hide something, you are frightened about the matter. And believe me it will happen. Why? Because it's too much.

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When working diligently to keep a secret hidden causes the secret to become known. The same thing. You go and you tell someone there is a secret.

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And then you tell another one there is a secret people will start or there is a secret they want to know. That's the nature of people they like to know what's the secret.

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So because you try to hide it too much.

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It will be exposed. People will disclose that secret

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when working diligently to keep a secret hidden causes the secret to become known. And when thoroughly trying to ignore something is more suspicious than paying keen attention to it again the same thing.

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People tell you do it and you ignore it the second time they tell you do it and you don't do it. What will happen they will start suspicious. What's going on? He ignored it. That means there is something

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so what do you do? If you try to keep it secret too much. It will not work. If you try to hide it too much. It will not work. He's telling you the reason for all these things is excessiveness. Don't try.

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excessiveness be fair, which transcends the bounds of what is reasonable.

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That's what will encourage people to try to find out what's going on.

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whoever lacks knowledge of the virtues should rely on what has been

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decreed by God and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for this contains all virtues.

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Whoever lacks knowledge of the virtues should rely on what has been decreed by God and His Messenger sallallahu wasallam for this contains all virtues, people ask which is better to do this or to do that. Now, when you ask some people how you have good luck, they tell you be nice.

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Everyone likes to be nice.

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And if you are nice to everyone, everyone will increase to you. But this is the question how you become nice. What is nice.

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It is according to the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu sallam. But again, what if we don't have it in the book of Allah and in the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu sallam.

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prophets I seldom said Morocco Mr. Monaghan and firewind Allah has if all Muslims were together

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and they liked it, then that means it is good.

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If they are all were to be together, and they did not like it, that means it is not good. If you are in a community and they consider this thing bad even though there is no text from the book of allow this and other messengers awesome Don't do it. Don't do it even if it's not mentioned because it's against what people people's nature.

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So, I hope inshallah with these short sessions, you'll learn something practical, because they show is not only what you read, or what you hear the issue is what you implement. The prophet SAW Selim is a club where the Quran Could you tell that whenever we open a page from the Quran whenever Allah says

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Is Mira wasabi, be patient show patience, persevere? Are you one of them? When Allah subhanho wa Taala

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mentions the forbearance mentions mercy? Are you one of them? Could we say that or not?

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It's a long way to go actually we just started and we will continue inshallah in the second semester with more things to come. Other solo salami

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