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peaceful, peaceful,

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peaceful, peaceful, peaceful.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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to you welcome to another episode of the deen show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims. And today we are going to be talking about the last and final messenger to mankind, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. Those of you that are close to accepting Islam, you need to know who this man is. So we're going to give you glimpses of his life, so you can walk away knowing that indeed, he was a messenger from the Creator of the heavens and the earth that was sent to the whole of mankind as a mercy to the world sit tight. We'll be right back on the deen show.

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Are you there? All right, I was worried I was ready to to get lost. No, I made it. I have to step off for you know, coffee is the important part of my life, that you're gonna get lost in our big studio. No, no, no, no, no, I like to do

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it every time I come. I'm surprised how this plays grows, it gets bigger. And the view that you guys got?

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Oh, it's a pleasure always to have you. So you know how we do things here? Yes, sir. It's hard to get people's attention nowadays. So while we got their attention, we want to keep it and we're going to get straight to the subject. Yes, sir. We want to talk about this, this man is mercy to the world.

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The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Okay, what can you tell us about him? Well, first of all, the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, is the last of a messenger ship, of a line of messengers who start with Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, and Jesus, and we say peace and blessings be upon all of them, because in fact, they are highly respected in Islam. And to believe in Muhammad is to automatically believe in all of the prophets to believe in Muhammad is to automatically accept with no doubt that all these prophets were also great and mighty men. And as far as the belief in Jesus, I know a lot of your audience may be Christian, and they would like to

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know what we believe about Jesus, it's clear from Muhammad, peace be upon him. Jesus is in fact, the Messiah, he is the Christ, and believing in Him as the Christ is a part of our religion, just as it's mentioned in the book of john, that you will have to believe in him as the Christ. He is coming back in the last day, he is the miracle birth, he did miracles while he was here, he is the logos which in Arabic is kilometer long, the word of Almighty God, so many of the things that they would say, wait a minute, that's what we believe. So these are some of the things that we believe this is Muhammad peace be applying. And he's coming in Allah set as a mercy the Rockman to the army, which

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means he's the mercy to the worlds and believe it. There was one brother who heard about this and he said, world's there's the s. Yeah, we said it's actually in the Quran. When we say Alhamdulillah bill, Allah mean, AR Rahman AR Rahim, Maliki Yama, Deen. And this is the women. Hold on second. And he's looking at the translation here. He says, Rob, Bill alameen, the Lord of the worlds is sending Muhammad as a mercy to the world. He said, I want to be a Muslim who said, Okay, we're happy. But what was it? What you know, we'd like to know what it was it stimulated you. He said, worlds. He said, I've always wondered how come no religion talks about other worlds. But yours does? Well,

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it's, yeah, if there's, if there's life on any other world, it's already covered in Islam 1400 years ago, any other worlds out there? He's the Lord of the worlds and he sent the Prophet Muhammad as low as the mercy to all of the mankind and all the worlds. Let's go in reverse before he was summoned. And he was called upon the Creator, to deliver this revelation to mankind what was we want to know his credibility? What was back then if you want to do that, let's go back then to talk about his actual coming into being start with his father died before he was born. His father died in a town called yathrib. And he was on a journey, and his mother gave birth to him. And then there was some

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strange things started happening right away. When he was just a little older. They did what was customer tradition was to send children out into the desert with the desert tribes to be raised there because they considered that

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To be, you know, something good to do that keep them away from the big city and all that goes with it.

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We probably ought to think about that today. any case,

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when they sent him away, there was a strange thing that happened right away. The the people who took him were very poor, and even their goat didn't give any milk. Suddenly, this goat is giving milk like crazy. They're getting so much milk that other people are getting so in the milk, and they thought it was some magic or something to happen. Then as he grew, the boy was known to be very truthful, very honest, very responsible. He never endorsed in any of the bad habits that others were constantly involved in. They were drunks and alcoholics. He never tasted a drop. And they had these orgies and things that they did. They were wild Arabs, you know, pretty well, he never even had a

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girlfriend at once. So these were some of the things about his character. Then another strange thing happened while he was traveling in a caravan one time, there was a report that came back that on the servants observed that there was a cloud that followed him and kept the bright sun from burning him all the way to up into the * Sham, or,

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you know, toward Jerusalem, that area, and then they came back. Now, this is part of the story. Now you can imagine how a boy could grow into a man in that kind of society, where they had idol worship, through stone worshipers. everything you can imagine. And people coming through it was, was a trade center People come from all over. And yet all this time, he was so honest, and so upright, that everybody trusted him totally because he never lied. He was called the truthful, who's called study. That was his nickname.

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Actually, yeah. And the alameen. He was also called the, the one who keeps a trust who named him this, the people that the whole community named in this Yeah, they his, his closer relatives, of course, observed at first, but then others called him at the same name. So that's like, this is a rocky No, Nick Garcia. So this is a big sledgehammer. Tyson. His name was you know, how we I'm just sort of people kind of, I don't know, I don't know, kind of compares to profit. But just so the people in a sense, but his nickname was the trustworthy, truthful, the truthful, never had told a lie. Actually, this is very rare. Well, that's why they give him the name. Because it's obviously if

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you said the trustworthy guy. Like, for instance, today, if you said, well, there's a guy in Chicago, he lies. Okay, so and you haven't helped me out at all? I don't know you're talking about, you know, so if you said, there's a guy in New York, that's a lawyer, and he lies, so

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he never touched alcohol, he never dated. He never told a lie. Okay, so it's getting better now. So this is characters well established. And he gets married at the age of 25. He's a virgin, he's never been with any woman marries a lady who is a widow. And she has a business. And he and she together work their business. And he's able to retire and just kind of drop out at about 15 years. And instead of again, even though he had wealth and position, which he could have certainly fallen back on that, and demanded position in the community or any of those things. He already had it his grandfather actually was the leader in the community. He was, by rights, he was entitled to step up

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and just take any position he had, like, nobody could challenge him on that, because it's his birthright. He was a very good character, himself noble background, and had money. So there would be no reason for him to not take some position or not exert himself over the people. But instead, he left. Imagine this for long periods of time, similar to john the baptist going into the desert, and just eating locusts or fasting and praying. And that's exactly what he did. Who is very much a follower of Jesus in this way. When I mean by that in succession, and this is strange, you know, how come this man when he's got so much, why would he go do that? But it was because he didn't like to

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be around their false worship and the things they did. He liked to worship God on on God's terms, just praying to God asking God and not coming up with all these crazy ceremonies and things that they did. Well, then, one day, it was about 40 years old. And then in one night, there was an angel gabriel familiar with jabril or Gabriel comes to him and says to him in the Arabic language, Echo recite we mentioned this in one of our programs about the Quran Echo, which means to recite, and Quran means recitation, he said echo robe is mirror ecology Holla Holla feelin sentiment, Allah, agro buco up from Allah, the Alamo bill Calum allama in Santa Milan, Milan. The more or less the

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meaning of it is recite in the name of your Lord who creates

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to human beings from a clot of blood. This is one of the miracles we talked about the Quran, that that's how we started out. Then it continues, says recite, and your Lord is so generous who is taught man how to use a pen

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taught man what he didn't know. So we find immediately a lot of his small words, but a lot of meaning here, a lot of understanding. And him when he went back to his people to tell him about this, his wife accepted it right away. His best friend that he grew up with accepted this right away. And one of his cousin's a young boy, about nine years old. And Mr. Lee, very famous today, accepted Islam. These were the first people, but then the others weren't so quick to accept. In fact, he found a lot of resistance. And they began attacking him and saying bad things. He's a magician, he's a liar. He's this and that. But they knew he wasn't a liar. They knew he wasn't a

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magician. And they knew that he was done. At least what he believed because he wasn't coming up with something that was typical for a madman or crazy person or a magician. He was saying what he really believed there's one God, only one God, and I miss messenger to you. So this rejection went on for quite a while. And then beginning they tried to negotiate things with him. They offered him you know, we'll give you a good position we'll get you be like the king of the tribe, we'll give you women do you want What do you want money that will give you money? You want power? What do you want? He said, I don't want any of those things. He's older, his own uncle came to him and he said his

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uncle's trying to defend him and take care of me. He said, Look, I can only go so far these people are getting wild, your own relatives want to wipe you out. Because you're challenging their false gods. They don't like it. So why don't you like settle down a little bit. He said, and they're offering this they're offering that. He said, Well, I swore by God. If they put the moon in my right hand, and the sun in my life, meaning if they give me everything, there is the expression that he said I was never give up. worshiping God is one, I will never give up spreading this message. It means no matter what they offer, no matter what they say, I can't accept it. Because I'm not here

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about material things. I want to tell people, there's one god worship. That was the main message that he brought still the same message today. We're gonna take a break. And we'll be right back with use of Esther's getting to know the last and final message to mankind the Prophet Muhammad. Stay tuned.

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Welcome back to the show. Today on today's show, we have our special guests use of SS and we are talking about the last and final messenger that has been sent to the whole of mankind as a mercy to the world. So we're getting to know Ahmed Abdullah, even

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when I tell him about a man who lived 100 years ago, nope, not 50 years ago, when I drove by Elijah Muhammad. We're not talking about Muhammad Ali. We're talking about Muhammad, the son of Abdullah, the son of Abdul muttalib, who lived in the Arabian Desert, who was born in the year 570. Ad died in the year 633 ad, he's a seal of the prophets is called the Hartman and be a seal of the Prophet was I mean, there's no more prophets coming after seal when you seal up something. That's it. That's the end of it. That's what it says in the Koran. Okay, continue on. We talked about his credibility, okay. He never told a lie. And he was very truthful, it was more to it than that. credibility is

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honesty, integrity, this is one subject. Look at how when we talked about him being a mercy to mankind, look at his soft and gentle way to treat people. So soft and so gentle, and yet sometimes even humorous. I recall that one time there was a elderly woman who was talking about, you know, what is the paradise going to be like? And because she'd heard him speaking about these things, you know, and he said, Oh, you didn't know. There's not going to be any old ladies there.

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Oh, and he went off, and when he came back, he found her crying. So it's man. She said, you said they weren't gonna be any old ladies there. He said, Well, that's because you're going to be young and beautiful again. Oh, even he had humor with the way he explained things to people. Another thing that happened another woman one time an elderly woman had a big package and she was trying to find somebody to carry it for. She thought that he was so simple in his lifestyle. He looked for all the world just like a servant boy running around there. And she said, you know, come carry this package. So he did. He carry just like it was a porter. And he carried it and carried it went out in the

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desert wherever her house was. He carried it up, put it down. She said, I can't pay you. He said it's okay. Don't you think? She said no, but I'm gonna give you a good tip. She said I heard that in the city. There's this man calling to a religion about one God and His name is Mohammed and beware of him.

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He said mama

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she said, A Chateau La la la la Marzocco la was that mean? It means I accept that there's only one God and Muhammad is His Messenger. And she entered Islam. As far as I know, that's what it means what it means, but because of his character, and his action that went with it was important. You know, it was soft, it was gentle. At the same time, there were points where he was going to be tough. Even on his own followers, look what he did. One time there were a hardship, hardship, they were being beaten down. They were being abused and insulted and tortured. Right in front of the holy sanctuary right in front of the Kaaba, which is there in Mecca.

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And one of his companions said to him, you know, I wish you would pray and ask Allah because they know his prayers will be answered, just ask Allah give us victory letters, the list, at least fight back against these guys give us you know, and he said, look at this, he's trying to be patient. He said, You don't think about this, but the people before you suffered more than you. And here's the condition he's going to describe now to him about the early Christians, what they went through, he said they were torturing in such a way that they would rake their skin off with steel combs, they would take these iron combs and just rake their skin and just get them with that. And that they

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would throw them to the animals and burn them alive and boil them and even put a saw in their head and cut them in half these things he mentioned to that man, to let him understand. You want to understand what it is to believe in one God and really follow this message people have suffered much worse than us. So we had to be patient, and they were patient, they were patient 13 years of the worst kind of abuse minturn even out in the desert for a long period of time. And the left did die. they migrated up to Medina and people tried to waylay him along the way just to get them just to get rid of them. Because they believe in one God. And when they were in Medina, in this condition is

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where the verses come and tell them now they can go back and fight these guys, and even kill them if they're killing you. But you must stop if they stop. That's the clarify the way that people miss, translate or misrepresent what's coming in the Koran, it was definitely that you could be able to fight now but with these limits, but look at this, the character of Mohammed was so sweet and so gentle that when his wife talks about him, now, you can imagine that Harry is an important man. And these days now we're gonna be talking later in his life. And he's got so many responsibilities, so many things to do. And then she sees some men out in there throwing spears, and in a contest and so

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on. And she says, I want to watch that. Well, in order for her to watch, because his wife's needs to be sheltered from the people. And she has to stand behind him or she likes this idea. So she's standing behind him looking over his shoulder and watching them in the doorway of their home.

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And she had him stand there and standard standards. And she said she didn't want to watch him or she just want to see how long she was there. But he didn't mind. And he used to run and play with her. And she said we used to race together, you know, and I used to beat him when I was younger. But when I got older, I got fat, and then he can beat me. These are some of the personal things that we know about him and his character, his his kindness, sweetness, gentleness, and yet at the same time, firm on this one point, there's really only one God, this is no compromise on that. Can you tell us? What could have driven a man to go through all this torture and all this persecution? What was his motive

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behind this? That's a very good question. It's an intelligent question.

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The motivation behind people are people is always the same thing. There's no difference between you and I and Prophet Muhammad, or Jesus, or Abraham or even Adam, our father and all of us, peace with partner, all of us. We have two motivators. You can check this out with psychiatrists that they the same thing. Recruiters in the military salesmen always the same thing. The two motivators for human being is simple. First is the motivation for what protecting yourself from a loss. Nobody wants to lose the fear of a loss is a motivator. And the hope of reward or again, this is another motivator that all of us have, we want to gain but at the same time, we don't want to lose this is key.

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Because if I'm thinking that I could lose, I would rather take hold on to that and take a chance on a game. And people do this logical people anyway in the stock market's investments and things that you'll see that same thing worked out in real life, but especially here when a person has had a chance to actually get close to the paradigm

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What he did, and have an idea what's in the Hellfire, which he did, then after that nothing in this world is ever going to impress you again, anybody that's ever had any experience, I've talked to people who've had near death experiences or what they call death experience, and they were brought back, and they talk about this, seeing this light, and they talk about this experience that they've had, they're never the same after that. Because you have a motivator there, you understand that. There's something happening here. This is real, this is not a joke. And so the motivation is there in front of you all the time. And I want to get to paradise. That's what I want to gain. And I sure

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as heck don't want to go to the hellfire. So I don't want to lose my chance at paradise. But I sure don't want to wind up in the hellfire. So this is strong motivation. Being close to God, being near alone, the next life is the primary motivation behind every single Muslim. If anybody wants to know what is what is it that the Muslims want? What are they looking for? It's not something in this art is something in the next universe, the universe of paradise? That's what we're looking for? What are the benefits now for somebody who is because we know that to enter into complete submission and surrender to the Creator of the heavens and the earth? Now, you have to follow this last and final

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messenger. Now, if you follow Him, what are the benefits in this life and hereafter?

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Well, first of all, in this life, you're going to have a much easier way to go. Because there are some things that the creator Allah has revealed in Islam that we wouldn't know otherwise, for instance, how to eat and drink. One of the things very important that we do today is to sit down when we drink, the doctors and scientists and lab specialists are going to tell you that a lot of the everyday problems that people are having in their esophagus, the hiatal hernias that they get, and so on could be avoided if people would simply sit down when they eat or drink. And this is a teaching in Islam, when you eat or drink, sit down, believe it or not, that was taught to us 1400

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years ago by Mohammed and we see today, look, oh, if we'd had done that, we would have been way ahead of the game. And another thing, we talk about cleaning your teeth, he used the tooth stick and said, If I could make this an obligation on you, I would do so but he wouldn't. And still, what is the benefit here, because if you're using that tooth stick that he used, called miswak. What it does, it cleans the teeth removes the tartar, the buildup that comes in there, but it doesn't destroy the enamel. And it actually takes care of the gums keeps down periodontitis, and the tongue itself is protected with this, and the coding inside when you use it to even for your stomach. And

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all of this for mistake. We know this, from that one thing. And so many other things do even how to go to the bathroom, he taught us how to properly use the toilet facilities so that when we come away, we're clean, the hygiene was so important. And if you imagine 14 years ago, when we talk about hygiene, nobody can match the hygiene of the Muslims, even in our habit of washing that we do in the ceremonial wash that we do before we pray, it's been copied by doctors. And that's what they use when they do surgery. This can be proven by the doctors who formulated this concept that 1000 years ago in Spain, and they happen to be more some doctors.

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Now these are some of the small details given there are 1000s, you know that we came up with some I was going to do a contest a few years ago with the Muslim youth and let them come up with something I called Muhammad A to Z. And who could come up with the best one for A and B and C and go through all the letters. And I was wondering, would we have that many? When it was all over? They had so many and it went beyond ABCs it just was so many. We put up a website about it Mohammed a to z.com. And then it still got bigger and bigger and bigger and I couldn't handle it. So I said okay, A to Z, what is companion said A to Z what his character was a to z. And so finally we put up a new website

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and it's called prophet of Islam calm and all of that stuff. Is there everything is there. Everything we did on that, but you will never put everything about Muhammad in any one place. You will not be able to do that you can try. But I am trying myself and I said I don't even have a 10th I don't have even a half of a 10th of a percent of how much this man is known for things that he did. Things that people said about him throughout the centuries the effect that he's had on so many other people and one simple man who lived in a simple bill, a little room and a dirt floor and slept on a little bamboo mat. So everything we need to know in life, everything that we need to be

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successful in this life in the hereafter did he bring for all of mankind? Let me tell you what somebody said. 1970s Michael Hart wrote a book

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The 100 most influential men in history of the world, that was the name of his book 100, the ranking of the 100 most influential men in the history of the world, I think that's a big title. I think that's what it was. Michael Hart, check it out, though. And in it, he puts Mohammed is number one. He said no human being had more influence on their society around them and future generations in the way of what we call secular and religion and government. And, and he gave this long list and quite a bit about it. It's talking about Muhammad, this is not a Muslim. And he received so much condemnation from other scholars, that he's almost became defensive and want to put out another book

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and said, Well, how about the most 100 in the last 100 years, or, you know, let's get off the subject, because he said, I can't deny that this man has had the most influence on people in general, on humanity, and the world itself. So I believe that that's something to consider. I wish that people would know that even people like Gandhi, Gandhi is very famous for his what he was serving the people who had a cause. And what he would do, he would

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give up a lot of his own for the sake of getting a message to the people. But he wasn't trying to lead them in as a religious leader, per se, but to overcome a political problem of the way that the people being treated, people who endure being horribly mistreated. And so Paula, look at this, he gets so much inspiration from who he is quoting from Muhammad. He says, and we have it on the website, go read what he said. He said, I've come to conclude now in reading of Muhammad, that it wasn't the sword that went over the people. It was the heart, and look how he begins to Oh, my God, when he starts talking to us, this is Gandhi, talking about Mohammed. And he says, When I came to

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the last volume, and I was reading the end of the books, he said, I became sad, because I wish that there was more to read about this great man.

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with that said, I hope that people take the opportunity to get to know this man because come to the website, a prophet of Islam,

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met you put it right there, prophet of islam.com.com. That said, I'd like to thank you for being on the show. And I hope everybody takes the opportunity to get to know this man who's been set to the whole of mankind, right? As a messenger with the last and final revelation, which is the Quran, so you can visit this website that shaggy semester's has mentioned that said, Thank you for being with us shake esys Shukla Herrick, and like to thank everybody who has been tuning into the deen show, and I encourage you all to get to know this man, the last and final messenger to mankind, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them. And if you've missed any of our shows, you can

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tune into the deen show calm. That's th e d, e n show sh o w all one word, the D show calm. And we look forward to having you with us again next week as we bring you another hot topic. Salaam Alaikum Peace be on Team

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