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Let me know salatu salam, Ala Moana cillian. Right It was how good or bad

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it was Rihanna dalla

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said in the Quran and hagwon, Taka, so had the word Macaulay.

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staccato this competition between you

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will destroy you.

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And this will not stop until your dormakaba until you see your power.

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Think about this. Why is this competition because even the non Muslim even the

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person who is not even Muslim, even he knows that whatever he accumulates in his life, he will not take it with him. Nobody claims that, whether it's the Hindu or Christian or anybody, nobody says that whatever he got in his life, he will take it with him. They know this, everybody knows this. Then why do we resent?

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What? You have to think about these things? Because you know, the issue with us is that we are not used to living lives without thinking.

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And Islam is about living life thoughtfully, not without thinking. So you might think, why is this but

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the reason for this is that all our lives are conditioning from the time we were little children. Our conditioning is that we have linked our personal significance, and our personal possession, to our possessions.

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We have linked our personal significance to our possessions a little kid a little kid like that feel good if you have more choice.

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And if you're a poor kid who comes to his house, he will show off his toy only three years old. He's only four years old but in to add to that two years old he knows that I am a better than him because I have more price

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in the reliable this is what we're teaching and this two year old mentality stays with us throughout our lives unless we change it

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and that is why right through life we are only chasing behind Tony

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because that dounia gives us a sense of significance I am somebody I'm what something What is the meaning of networks is the language we use the sun saw his net for high net worth individuals

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whose net worth individual demand was more money.

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What kind of car do you drive, what kind of brand clothes Do you wear? What kind of watch Do you have, what kind of shoes you have all of these are supposed to add value to you as a human being. This is a tragedy. And that is reason why we are significance is related or and attached to the possessions that is why we choose to live even though we know that car will stay the shoe will stay or that cloth will stay here that handkerchief will say the pen will stay at the watch will fail. Nothing will go in go we came out of our mother's womb naked and we will go into the womb of the earth naked.

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We know this everybody knows this.

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But we just because that is what gives us significance. And the mental switch we have to change.

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Yes to take significance from pleasing Allah nanotech

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to think about it, the Sahaba regarding de la mudvayne after the first years of difficulty, ones Allah subhanho wa Taala opened the doors of the Sahaba had more dunya that you and I will ever have

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no zahavi, at least to my knowledge, no zavier one way.

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They all had more than one way.

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They had a number of children. They had property they had their property to the extent there's a lot of confiscated property

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from zagara belaga new tracts of land,

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that whatever you can cultivate, to keep rest of it is going into the reservoir because we need the land for to give other people the land or the luxury of that user How can you take the game

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he gave you what I'm taking it back for disease. So if property, then mother had land they had, you know, the genes as an hour ago delana when they went to Iraq for the footrot they they actually passed them doesn't Amara Delano May Allah give him the highest pollution agenda, he actually created a law which said that the land will belong to the state because land use to be taken as vanilla. So the land is taken as a variable, whatever the soldier is getting at some company like the size of you know, the whole state of Hanover that belongs to me.

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Then where will the state revenue come from? It is I know you will get some land or whatever it is but the land actually belongs to the state where the state will get revenue from now point I'm making is that it was not that they did not have money. They had plenty of the dead.

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The only way is to come gold silver all kinds of things but that's jr did not distract them for one second from pleasing Allah

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not for one second

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but how is it that we we don't have we can't even compare can you compare what will you have with what abdomen in overall delana can you can I compare what I had with vanilla

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accounting, but that little piece we have got is sitting inside our hearts as we are chasing but more and more and more

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reason is because we have linked our personal significance to this unit. We have to break this and link personal significance to the result of that

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and therefore we have to teach our children who is a better child the one who knows more and who is a better person the one who knows

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who is a better person the man who is more focused because pleasing is

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the one who is more following the suit now

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not someone who has got more money or a bigger house or who is a better person the one who follows the sun Number The one who follows the poor and the one who is more obedient than the one who does know but more the one who's a bad actor now we're not saying that we have to tell our developers in the world oh but our for ourselves you know, just like we question ourselves to yesterday What was my income last day? What was our my income?

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Last year or last or yesterday or last week? How was the state of my salary?

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today How is the state of my salary? Is my side a little bit better? is am I able to concentrate a little bit more Am I able to get through a lot Do I look forward to the Salah Is there any flow is a sweetness in the Salah or not.

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And that is only one piece again. As a reminder, I don't want to take more time by just saying that that is enough inshallah inshallah because Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah azza wa jal from Milan to Milan Rhonda,

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Tamara to Selena Gomez in less than one day you will see the Johanna and then you will believe with certainty with nl Yaki what the certainty of actually seeing physically

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and then you will be asked what about all that comfort that you see in the world?

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That time will be so hard let us not lend up in that situation where that question will be asked what are

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we gonna what we what we take from Halloween Allah has made for us in January nothing wrong with that. But let us not fall into this trap of getting personal significance from that Jessica Jessica Jessie because that one leads to a lack of water because

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we don't want to live we do not want to go there. So let us be very clear inshallah, that we seek only the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala that we take personal significance only from obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala and from the following of the Sunnah of the Habib, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that then our position will be something worth talking about before Allah subhanaw taala so one of our bigger abilities at your mercy food was 11