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peaceful, peaceful, peaceful peace, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful peace

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam aleikum, which means peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show.

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We are here trying to help you understand Islam and Muslims. And before I bring out my next guest, this show we're doing especially for those who have taken the step accepted Islam, which means surrender and submission to one God.

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you've agreed that there is nothing worthy of worship, except the Creator of the heavens and the earth. You pray to Him alone. everything under the sun, above the sun to the left of the sun, in the creation, not the Creator, you've acknowledged that the one who created the sun,

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who created everything in this universe, who created Moses, Jesus, the first man Adam, the last and final messenger, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon all of them. The God that they called upon, that's the God that you're calling upon and you're submitted to him alone. You accepted his last and final messenger, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The five pillars of Islam, the beliefs, and the angels, the messengers, the day of judgment, paradise Hellfire, the cutter, you know, all these things, the five pillars,

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praying five times a day, fasting during the month of Ramadan, paying the charity, the poor do and the pilgrimage to Hajj. You've accepted all these things. And you took that first step shadow in La ilaha illAllah.

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Shanna Muhammad Rasulullah there's no deity worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth, Allah we say in Arabic, and Mohammed is his slave Servant and Messenger. Now, you're Muslim. What do you do from here?

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When people come to the masjid

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and we're excited. There are brothers now in the dean in this way of life. But then, after a few weeks, we lose them where they go, no support. Well, my next guest is going to talk about the support that we have for these new Muslims.

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The doctor of Dawa, Dr. Seville assalamu, aleikum wa Alaykum wa Salaam, ready and not Salaam Alaikum. Peace be upon to everyone who's listening out there. It's great to be on the show. And this is a very good and relevant topic for each one of us. Thank you very much for being with us on the deen show. We'd like to get straight down to the topic. We want to know what kind of support do we have for the new Muslims talk about this? All right. So let me put that answer in the context inshallah. Okay. Now, it's an obligation for all Muslims to hear the message of Islam using different projects. So 100 a lot of praise be to Allah by the different outreach programs that we

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have 1000s of most non Muslims in this country. They have accepted Islam. They have submitted to one creator, Allah Spano Dada.

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So after they have submitted to Islam, a natural question that they would be asking is, what kind of support system that Muslims would provide for them in their learning more of Islam in the practicing Islam and in their propagating of Islam.

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So Alhamdulillah, we have seen that those people who are coming to Islam, they have lots of expectations. But unfortunately, not all of those expectations are met by the current, you know, Muslim brothers and sisters because of lack of knowledge, lack of resources, and, you know, so many different reasons. So what we have started in the game peace project, is that to provide that support structured support system, where a new Muslim once he or she enters Islam, they would have the complete package in which anything that they need about Islam learning, practicing, propagating, they would have it okay. So for that, what we have initiated as we have initiated a toll free

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telephone line, which is 800 662, Islam

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800 662 Islam, so any new Muslim or non Muslim for that matter, could pick up a telephone any time of the day,

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and give us a call. So if they have any questions about Islam, if they are reading the Quran, or any book that they have, they could give us a call, and we could clarify them, or explain to them the concept in more detail. There's number one that we do.

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The second thing that we do and very important thing is as soon as a person accepts Islam, we give them a welcome package.

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This is a package to welcome them into the family.

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1.5 billion people. So now they have became become a part of the family. Nice. They may have come from a family of four or five individuals, now they have a family of 1.5 billion people.

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So brother Eddie, that welcome package has many, many goodies for them. Talk about some of these goodies that are in this package that the new Muslims get. All right, the best goodie that they have is indeed the guidance from God from Allah, which is the end. And what does this mean Quran? What does it mean for somebody who's never seen this? This is the verbatim Word of God but someone said What does it mean Quran or ein is the guidance which was given to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And it has all the instructions, the guidance that the person has to live by. It has all the various aspects about how a person should pray, how to submit to one creator, you know, how to

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interact with other human beings, all the do's and the don'ts that is going to bring peace in the life of a person, and ultimately paradise in the hereafter. So it's an instruction manual on how human beings should live from A to Z, everything's in there, everything is in there. And along with this, then we have the example of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. So these two sources that are present in this gift package biography of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, along with the her and itself, these are the true primary sources that we provide to a new Muslim to get them started. Nice, nice. So this Orion has both the Arabic part

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in there, it also has a translation for those who do not know Arabic. So this would be the actual Quran which recited here. The the English is not Quran, English, obviously, it's not the her and her and was revealed in the language of Arabic, we have it in its original. Indeed, we have it in the original, how many versions? One one? No, no more than one version. Unlike some other scripture, we only have one or n, from the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him up until our time. Okay. And Allah has mentioned in the Quran, that he's the one who's going to protect the poor and from any change. Now, you said, a law for those of our non Muslim listeners, they never heard this word. They

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think this is some kind of, you know, different God, a moon God, a song God, what do we got to say about this? Allah is the name of the Creator, in Arabic language, the God. So it is synonymous to the Creator who created all of us, human beings, animals, sun, the moon and the whole universe. Allah is not a tribal God, allies, not the God of the Arabs, allies not, you know, the moon God, Allah is the Creator of the moon in the sun.

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So Allah is the Creator, the first and the last sustainer, the everlasting, the immortal, never dies.

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The first and the last, was there before the creation would always be there after Alhamdulillah. So that is the word that is the name of the Creator in Arabic language, don't Jews and Christians who are Arabic speaking, use the word Allah, indeed, they are 15 million Christians, and a few 1000 million Jews who are living in the Middle Eastern countries, despite the notion that you know, they are getting tortured, and they're all of their, their peacefully living up there. And when they have to refer to the one creator, that's what they use. They use the word Allah, Allah, in the Arabic Bible, brother le, and have a version of the Bible in Arabic, probably you do, too. In the first

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chapter itself, in Genesis, for the very first book,

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anytime where it says that God created the heavens and the earth, it says, Allah created the heavens and the earth. All throughout the Bible, it uses the word Allah. When they have to use poetry, they use the word Allah, wherever the word God comes. This is in the Arabic Bible, in the Arabic In Arabic language.

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The atheists, the Jews, the Christians, and the Hindus, anyone who is fluent in Arabic, they use the word Allah, I wanted to hit this point. So we covered we have the verbatim Word of God, the Quran, this is in its original, as it was revealed 1400 years ago was in touch tampered with. This is a book that everyone should look into. The first

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line is not according to so and so or so and so says in the name of God, look into it from the Creator of the heavens and the earth. We have the biography of the last and final message to mankind of Prophet Muhammad, his biography come to the source, not somebody trying to distort his name or distort Islam. You come in to the source and it's here on the deen show. Let's talk about the other goodies that you had. We got two of them. You got some more in there.

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Well, for those brothers and sisters in Islam who have embraced Islam, maybe they're from Spanish background or Polish background or you know, Russian background, they may not know English or Arabic language. So for them, we have translated the the end in many different languages 100 plus languages for that matter. So this copy of the Quran in the translation is in Spanish language. And they are close to 30 million of people who are fluent in Spanish, they don't know English, that fluent. So we have a copy of the Quran in different languages. So coming back to what you have mentioned that one is a verbatim word of Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Some of you may not possess a

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copy of the end, some of you may be curious to find out how can I in Where can I get the higher end. So for those of you who are on their situation, you could pick up the telephone, they could give us a call, the number is 800 662. Islam is le m 800 662. Islam, and we'll be happy to send free of charge. Nice. So we got that good. All right. Then one more important tool that we give, in the welcome package to all brothers and sisters who have embraced Islam is a DVD called How to pray.

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Because Islam is not just lip service.

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Islam is not just fine, I believe in what it's mentioned in the Quran. Islam is about how to practice the guidance of Allah.

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How to live that guidance, how to interact with other human beings, and how to make the place a better place. So to start off with this DVD, it explains the re citation in the prayer, the different motions in prayer, and how to connect with God and prayer. And this DVD, the contents is has. It has the prayer the way that Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him the last messenger for humanity, the way he used to pray.

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Now, one important aspect by the ad about the way Muslims pray, is all the prophets of God, they used to pray the same way as Muslims do.

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Not sure if some of the viewers were aware of that fact. Before we pray, we have to wash ourselves, right? Yes. And we have to make the intention. Then we have to stand facing a certain direction and we face the direction of Mecca. Kaaba,

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right? We have the holiest of shrine up there. Then we have certain motions and then we prostrate on the ground. And we pray to Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. So all the prophets of God they were 120 4000 prophets and messengers, they used to pray the same way as Muslims.

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This is something beautiful, you got this DVD. On prayer, you're taking the action showing your obedience and love towards your Creator dial up directly, not through any intermediary, nope. direct dial up to your Creator five times a day. Now you can pray. You know, there's other voluntary prayer you can supplicate at any time because I've had people asking you what you can only pray it fixed. Yeah, you pray at the fixed times. But you can supplicate in your car. You know, when you're in an airplane, wherever we have those supplication. But this is the prayers. That is a comment on every Muslim to do five times a day. Yeah, they're five formal prayers. And they're supposed to be prayed

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the way that God has guided us to pray us. Besides that, right now I could pray, Oh, God, guide all of us on this feedback. So we could be better human beings, and bring peace and harmony to the society. That's a prayer army.

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So now we go on from the goodies that we have. When you accept Islam, you get these goodies. So you can continue on your quest, seeking knowledge continuing education, because it's key. Islam is based. Not on just faith, we have faith because you can't see God you can't see the angels. You can't see those messengers. So you need faith. But it's knowledge based faith. It's rational. It makes sense. It's not something mystical out there. Weird. It makes sense logically, and it's based on

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faith and rationale going to get this beautiful thing. So now, yeah, so we have the support package. You wanted to mention something a note on this, and then we can go to the next point of the support system that the new Muslims get. Yes. So a brother or sister who embraced Islam they may have they may be having lots of expectations, okay. One of the expectations would be fine. I'm going to accept Islam. I may have all the books but what if I have questions? What if I need a Muslim brother or sister who could guide me into how to pray to correct my citation and to give me more information about Islam? So for those individuals at home, they lol Praise be together.

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We have a system called the buddy system, or the mentoring system. So as soon as a person accepts Islam, we assigned a knowledgeable brother or sister as the mentor of that new Muslim. Okay? So the job of that mentor is to make sure that this new Muslim brother or sister, they are performing the way that they're supposed to perform, according to Allah, according to God, that they know how to pray that they know the citation. They know the memorization. if they have any misconceptions about some things that they're reading, they would clarify it right away. So it's like a guardian angel standing next to them. 24 seven, something of that nature. This is beautiful. And you know, this is

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one of the unique things about Islam. You're watching the deen show, we're talking about Islam, and helping you understand Muslims. Islam simply means surrender and submission to the crater, one God alone, and then achieving peace as well. This is something that we're all seeking. And Islam gives you Dr. Seville.

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This is unique that you don't have to have no guesswork. It's like when you join a company, you get hired for a position they give you maybe a uniform to wear, they give you all the different things that you have to do. God has given you the blueprint, no guesswork who God is he defines himself in the Quran. We don't have to have your opinion, my opinion and got all this confusion. God tells you who he is, what your purpose of life is, where you're going when you die. And this is something that we can all agree on. We will all die, we will all

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leave this earth. And God tells you in this book, where you're going from there, it's a beautiful thing. Everything is there. Let's go to the next thing you got. We talked about the package, we talked about the mentoring, somebody supporting you being there for you. What's the next thing that we got? support?

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The game peace project. We also would like to make sure that our new Muslim brothers and sisters, they get formal education, that means we have created University type classrooms. Okay, with different levels from freshmen all the way to suppose masters, maybe we could go higher with PhD. Okay. So we have formal classes for our new Muslim brothers and sisters, where they could physically come take the class interact with other new Muslims. So they could build the bonding, take the classes, answer, or ask any question to the teacher and intermingle with other people. So we have these classes in two different locations. Okay, one of them is in Chicago. The second one is in

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Villa Park Islamic Foundation. The third class which we have is in online internet class. So any person up there from a mosque in Masjid, or any Muslim would like to duplicate the project that we are doing, about the mentoring process and support system that we have, they could contact us to speak up the telephone 800 662 Islam, we would help them in duplicating this thing in their city.

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The purpose is, once a person becomes a Muslim, it becomes our obligation of all the Muslims to make sure that the person remains in Islam gains the knowledge and remains strong and Islam.

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Nice, nice. This is something that is very good. We have this perfect system, you follow it. We are trying to get to paradise. And we're trying to reach out and help because as we mentioned, when we started, there are certain people that have come taking necessary steps but they haven't had that support that hand that they needed to help them the rest of the way. This is the show that we're covering. That is for you. called number if you even thinking about accepting Islam now or you need you know what some of these misconceptions that you might have. There's some doubts, one 800 662 Islam, tell us that Seville you got these buses, they got Islam on the side, what's been the

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reaction talk about this project a little bit in the reaction from the people you've already get.

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In the Quran. Allah the creator mentions in Surah 16 verse number 125

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illa sabini, Rebecca bill Hekmati. Vamos is that it has anything to do home Villa T or SM. So it's an obligation for all Muslims to share Islam, to share peace with other people, other individuals, because we love all of humanity. And we know that Islam would be good for us just like it is good for us.

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So we have different projects that we do all throughout the year. And one of those projects, as you have mentioned is in the city of Chicago, we have placed at about Islam on the site of the buses.

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Okay, maybe all of you know the city.

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Chicago is a very big city, lots of buses, and the airs are very visible. The advertisement says Islam, you got questions, we have answers,

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contact, gain or call us at 800 662 Islam. Then it says free harangue and Islamic literature.

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So there's one segment of the ad and on the top is a very unique banner that we have placed. Islam, the way of life of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon all of them.

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A couple points. Before we finish this segment of the deen show, there's got to be somebody out there. They might have heard something negative about Islam. They think Islam is about terrorizing people blowing things up. They might have been flicking through the channel and hurt Islam and they probably got a little nervous it does, something's about to blow up. Let's talk about this for a second. What do we got to say about this misconception? There is a very good point that you have brought, and we have to deal with that. Okay. Number one, we have to realize that Muslims are human beings, Muslims are not perfect, but Islam is perfect. Since Muslims are not perfect. Some Muslims

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may be ignorant about the teachings of Islam.

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Some Muslims may not have the knowledge about you know the do's and the don'ts and how they should implement Islam. So because of the ignorance because of the political reasons and the revenge factor, and all of those, some Muslims may be doing some acts of terrorism, a very small segment of Muslims. However, Islam teaches no oppression of innocent people, or no oppression of anybody for that matter. Islam teaches no killing, or harming any innocent person. In fact, there is a saying of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him where he mentions that in the battle in a just war, do not kill women and children. It says in the Quran, chapter five, verse number 32, that killing one innocent

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person, it is as if killing all of humanity. And saving one innocent person is as if saving all of humanity. So brother, Eddie, and my dear viewers out there, that is how much Islam respects the sanctity of life.

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So it is very important for all of us to understand to distinguish the religion of Islam, from the actions of human beings, human beings are not perfect, Islam is perfect. So it would not be fair for anyone to judge Islam, but the actions of a few people. Just like it is not fair for Muslims to judge Christianity, on the actions of a few people.

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When they did the crusades, the Inquisition, the colonization, the Bosnian killing, and apartheid, and the island and all of those things which Christians are doing, we should not attach that to the religion of Christianity.

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That makes perfect sense. You have to separate Islam from the actions of some Muslims. Islam teaches one thing, go to the Quran reduces its context as Dr. Seville the doctor of Tao, as I column was saying, Islam forbids killing innocent people, men, women, children, or anyone innocent battlefield is different. In a conflict, there's a constitution what you can and can't do. But still isn't there verse, one more that even in the battlefield, if somebody like wants peace look, and he's, you know, you have to take him and escort him to a safe zone. Indeed, this is something that's merciful, right beyond the common thread is mentioned in the end, chapter nine, verse number six, in the context of

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the battle, right in the heat of the battle, Muslims and non Muslims are fighting in unjust war. And it just works very important. Even in a just war, Islam gives certain guidelines for us.

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And one of those guidelines is that you should not kill any innocent person in non combat non combatant number one. Number two, we cannot destroy any infrastructure, even of the enemy in our territory. We should not destroy any places of worship, we not we should not touch any inner pious person who is bringing the monks under the priest. And on the top of it, if the enemy says peace, if they drop the weapons, we should not fight after them. We should not you know, if they are running away, we should not go after them and shoot them in the back. Yeah, correct. So we should also drop our weapons. So war in Islam is as a last resort, after we exhaust all of diplomatic means. And even

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in that Islamic beautiful guidance is you know, you should fight it.

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within the guidelines, no killing of innocent human beings. And if the enemy says peace, we should say peace and meant. So we're talking about we're coming to a close one more point. He's beloved to our heart. He was one of the mightiest messengers. briefly talk about Jesus Christ. Peace be upon him in Islam talk about him real briefly. We got a minute to go, Okay very good. Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is near and dear to all Muslims and Muslim cannot be a Muslim, if he does not believe in Jesus peace be upon. We take Jesus Christ as a mighty messenger of God. We believe that he was born to Virgin Mary, we believe that he raised people from the dead by the permission of God. We believe

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that he healed the sick and the lepers, by the permission of God. And he's a prophet of God is submitted to one god invited humanity to worship one God and he used to pray the way Muslims are praying. So when a Christian or a Jew or anyone for that matter is converting to Islam, they're not converting to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. They're converting to the the religion which was given to all the prophets, all the prophets deed, that's the beauty Maria brothers, this is something beautiful and that's what we talked about in this show and previous shows to worship the creator tour, not his creation, everything in the creation, had a beginning. It's going to have an

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end. The Creator didn't have a beginning, not going to have an end, worship him pray to Him, call him supplicate to him. And for the new Muslims. Dr. Dawa, Dr. Seville has given us the support formula that's there for everybody. If you didn't accept Islam, you want to accept it. You could do it right now. What they gotta say when they gotta say Dr. Sybil to come to Islam. God has made it very easy. We don't have any baptism ritual we don't have a swimming pool where we take in the back and you know, dip them into a pool. It's very simple is simple recite ation which come from the heart of the person. Okay, and the translation goes like this. I bear witness that there is no other

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deity worthy of worship except one god of law. And I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. That's it. Time is up. We gotta go. Thank you for being with us on the deen show. One 806 six to Islam. Call it up. If you have more questions, and come back every week the deen Check us out. We'll see you next time God willing, a Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you.