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peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, peace, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims. And we got a very hot topic for you today. jahannam the Hellfire paradise. So sweet, delightful. This is something that we're all trying to strive for hellfire. We're trying to stay away from it and we're bringing on our special guests. Take a break to let you read about him. Doctor and training Schick to sit tight, we're gonna bring him on in a second on the show.

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Peaceful peaceful, peaceful,

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peaceful, peaceful, peaceful.

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Salam ala, are you hamdulillah thank you very much for being with us today. My pleasure. We like to get straight down to the topic. Okay. You have a series that you did journey to the hereafter we encourage everyone to go to the website, the deen We have his

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series, it's under the video page. And it takes you through a step by step of what happens when def reaches you. And then the steps from there. Now we want to ask you some specific questions.

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A lot of people we try to reach out to the non Muslims and explain to them about Islam. And in a very simple way. Now once thing we'd like for you to simplify is this misconception that everyone dies in peace. You've heard this word, you know, he went to a better place. Yeah, you know, he at least he died in peace. Let's talk about this. Yeah.

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Love Songs, such a such a difficult topic to talk about, you know, because really, it's it's the it's the most difficult time of a person's life. You know, we think that everyone dies in peace, right? But the prophets have told us something else. He said, in the authentic Heidi fits in without sooner Timothy, he said that, in a little Motorola morato and the Motorola sakara. Verily, death has its trials and tribulations. And death has its terminals and its stress and pressure and pain. That's amazing, because the professor himself was going through a lot of pain and difficulty in his own time of death. And we know that the person was actually asked for a bucket of water to report.

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And he kept on dipping his hand in there and then rubbing his face and then dipping his hand into it and rubbing his face. And and then, you know, Father, mother in law walked in and said

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to my father, look how much pain you're in. You said yes, indeed, I feel double the pain that anyone else feels in this earth. And that's how last patella was actually going to raise the level and gender by actually giving him more difficulty more pain. And so and also at that point, he said and he kept on dipping his head and rubbing his head. And instead in the little home Mattila cammarata in the motorcycle very early death has difficulties and pain, very early death as it has its trials and tribulations. Let's go into what we said in the beginning of the show, the place that's very hot. And it's not something from hollywood, bollywood is a reality is the Hellfire in Arabic.

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Johanna? That's correct. Can you describe it a little bit? Talk to us paint a picture of this place where someone can end up eternally Yeah. You see the concept of jahannam is not the concept of jahannam that

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you know, perhaps Christians may have you know, if you ask Christians, for example, okay, what is Hellfire too many of them would say, you know Hellfires, they have this vague notion of Hellfire is you know, they have this these Hollywood images of perhaps, you know, Satan being there, the fire coming out of here, but then you end up falling into this piece of ground which there's nothing there. As far as you know, you and they have these vague, vague ideas. Some of them even say things such as, you know, john adams like this earth Anyway, you know, it's like this earth is difficult and you have to work hard in order to earn a living. That's a concept of Johanna, the concept of

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jihad and that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran is totally different. It's totally different. It is a file that has been lit for 70 years, until it became became white. And then 70 years until it became red and then 70 years became black. It is a fire from which a stone was thrown to the top of which only after 70 years it reaches the bottom. It is a fire that in her lover the president says in less popular says the Quran, can in Allah ne verily it is the lava. Lava in Arabic means something that when as soon as it touches, vaporizes and destroys. So it is a fire that is so intensely hot that it vaporizes and

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Burn straightaway. You don't you nearly don't even have time to sweat in house today. There's so hot, there's no way of sweating because it just evaporated away. This is not something that will evaporate actually destroys the whole skin straightaway color in lava nezhat. And the shower Allah says and it is a file that has been created to scale the skin and to burn and tear away the skin as soon as it touches. So this is a concept of a fire. And we know the fire is huge because the professor also said, I lost what the law says that in her tummy beshara wrinkle causes jamala to suffer.

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Hello, it's amazing verse. He said, verily the fire throws out sparks when you see the sparks. When the sparks coming out. You think that they're like hordes of camels, huge sparks, the camels a huge animal right in front of it when you see it sparking. It's like a huge horde of camels running away. And then this is anathema to suffer. In the attorney beshara casalini. The spark itself is as huge as a castle and when it goes and they and huge sparks come out you think like they are these running hordes of camels. So they're so huge. And we know the process of also described the jahannam has 70,000 rings and each ring is a rope and each rope is being pulled by 70,000 angels. It's an

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indication of how great the number is of Johanna we know that you had them also.

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It has an insatiable thirst you know it keeps on asking for more and more and more. And then, you know Allah subhanaw taala when he also tells us that he will ask Jana Holly tell it what the * we moseyed when Allah says in the Quran, in Surah cough? He says no, and when Allah asks Johanna hallym, tality Are you full yet? And Jana will say, Hello, me mosquito analyze it more, I want more. And so the authentic relations right that that that Johanna will not be satisfied until Alice pattern with that assumption with his own feet. Now for our non Muslim viewers. Who are they heard? Some few Arabic words? And yeah, so they don't feel like they have to take an Arabic class. Yeah.

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Can you just define some of like you said, a law you said, the prophet you said some other Arabic words. Could you just for our audience go to find these? Yeah, of course, Allah is is God, the one and only deity worthy of worship. That's, that's God. And he is not one of three is one in one. That is who God is. And he is the one worthy of worship, and Mohammed that is the Messenger of Allah,

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a man who lived 40 100 years ago in Arabia, and we believe that he is the last of the Abrahamic prophets, and that all the other prophets attested to his prophethood. And he is a final prophet of of God, and also spoke about what else to speak about. You talk about

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what will go on as we as we go on, we just need to find some of these words. Now. We're, we're Why do we talk about this? Why is this serious Deus and many people they think this is like some joke. And and I want to tell the people this is actually out of the the the love for the people that we want to not see them there. We want to see them in paradise. So we're trying to warn them about the hellfire. Yeah. Because you see, the whole point is that religion is a serious business. It's serious, it's reality. It is truth. It is the truth. It's not something you just do once we got the monster, if you believe God exists, then you should know that God has power to do what He wills.

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Yeah, he has a right to do what He wills. We believe in a God that does what He wills. We believe in it, believe in a God that is more merciful to us that our own parents. Yet at the same time, we believe in a God that also has the attribute of kingship, he is the king of the heavens of the earth. And being the king of the heavens of the earth. He has a right to

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honor and glory and authority and power and ability. Right. So if someone were to then question is on question his authority, he is a king of the heavens and the earth. He can do what He wills and what he what he pleases. And he wished to have mercy on those people that he loves and he wants to be good too. And so he has given them an eternal paradise that the eyes have never seen. Let's talk about that. Now describe the paradise.

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paradise what will tell you a paradise is a lesson that he has prepared for believers, that which no eyes have seen or ears have heard and no hearts have ever thought of. If you can think of anything that is the most beautiful thing that you can imagine the Paradise is better than that. And if you can imagine a place wherein there is no sleep, because you will not you will not want to sleep because you don't have to sleep and plus it's all about enjoyment. If you can imagine a place wherein you don't have to

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do anything, everything is done for you presented to you. If you can imagine a place wherein the first of your family and the last if your family are together with you, if

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You can imagine a place in which is all about eternal blessings and happiness and about enjoyment. If you can imagine a place wherein

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when you will, you will die and and you will feast not out of hunger or need, that you will do so out of pleasure because it is a means of pleasure for human beings. If you can imagine a place where in,

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you will be able to fly in in Paradise, like a bird, that is what paradise if you can imagine a place that is everlasting, that is like the heavens, Heavens and the stars, at each level being the distance of the heavens of when we look up, that's one level of 100 levels of paradise. As you can imagine, rivers flowing in paradise if you can, if you can imagine that, whenever you want to eat a fruit, that the tree actually bends itself and comes to your presented and presents itself. If you wanted to look at if you wanted to eat a bird, or, or a fowl, for example, it would, it would become barbecued, and presented in front of you straightaway as soon as the desire if you can imagine the

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most, you know, absolute pleasure that you that you'd want. Any sort of pleasure, any sort of blessing that you want. That is the perfection of pleasure. And that is exactly what you need. And that's forever. Ever no more. No more stress, anxiety or stress, no anxiety about the headache. I gotta take Advil. Let's finish. Yeah, no more dose. No more cold sickness, fever.

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That's amazing stuff. Isn't it? Amazing? Amazing? Because Because remember, time itself is a creation of God. Yeah. So God intended there to be time. So that's why we can't define God equal time. Yeah, it is invention, right? Yes. So therefore, eternity itself is a is what we try to say that according to our own definition of time, but that itself is a creation of God. So therefore, yes, forever, there is not ever going to be a time or a know that said God's gonna change his mind said no more everyone could have agenda, get out of Paradise and go go back to the earth or whatever it is. And do you actually in paradise get to see the face of your Creator? You do get to see the

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face of your Creator. So that's one of the most beautiful things, isn't it? Isn't it? to actually see Allah, you know, the one that you've been worshipping, and praying to and saying, I wish I could see him. You know, that is the most, the worst thing that could really happen to you is for you to live in eternity and never be able to see God. There would just be horrible people, horrible. People get excited to meet the Donald Trump's of the world of Michael Jackson, their * hairs are and now we should be striving to see our Creator. That's right. So the creator of Donald Donald Trump. That's right. People are that they have, you know, actually, way back, they actually had a show,

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where now they'd film people, their reaction to who they wanted to meet. So now they get to meet this person. And and then you can see him just going phrenic they're about to meet Michael Jackson or no to me. Yeah. Yeah. So this is something amazing to really see. But why do you think so many people aren't striving to meet their Creator? They're not really pondering over this, because I believe that there's a lot of distractions, distractions. Yeah, a lot of distractions. Like, for example, you know, messages from which people are unfortunately being fooled. Yeah. Let me give you an example. Okay, let's say coke. You know, when you think about Coke, what do you what do you think

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of you think about a nice bottle? That's nicely shaped, right? Yeah. And when you see an advert of 444 Coke, what do you see? See, you know, girls and bikinis and men with pumped abs. Yeah, ripped abs and you know, pump bodies and you know, the beach and they're playing beach, volleyball, whatever it is, right? So what's the reality? The reality is when you drink cold, Coke, you get fat, right? Yeah, it's reality. It's a distraction. These are all distractions taking away from the reality. Music in the same way is a distraction, taking away from the reality if music was was really happiness and enjoyment, why was it that the ones who had the most music Elvis Presley Why

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did they have to kill himself? The guy to kill himself? And he had anything wanted money, girls, music, whatever you want? Me right there, here there. Marilyn Monroe. Why did she have to kill herself? The Queen of the of the cinemas, why and the new one that just died there was mimicking her Anna Nicole, Nicole Smith, why did you have to kill herself. She was every man wanted her right. And she had money she had while she had everything. She was taking drugs like crazy. She's what in the world. It's because these are distractions. Nothing gives you true pleasure. Like truly knowing your Creator. Nothing is a pleasure. Except knowing your purpose in life and believing when you don't

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know your purpose in life. That life is not worth living. When you think your purpose in life is to buy a dog. When you think that your key has a purpose. And your your keychain has a purpose and your your door has a purpose. Your car has a purpose. Your computer has a purpose and you don't have a purpose. That is absolutely pathetic. I'm sorry, but you're better than that. Okay, so I think you know, take away, stay away from all these distractions. clear your mind. Don't let the distractions bother you think about what is the purpose of a human being Why was it created? Why am I here? Why am I going to pass away and you know you

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passed away. Your parents have passed away your family's passed away people you know has passed away, you know, you're gonna pass away? Why are you going to pass it? What's gonna happen when you pass away? Is it really that there's no, you know nothing after after death? Or is there really something? Where did you come from? Did you come from nothing? You came from nothing. So therefore,

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what is the purpose of your life? Try and search for that I'm sure once once someone searches for that, and really starts to give this as value. That's when you start questioning and asking these really important questions. It's unfortunate that we, you know, give all these other things value, we don't give our own life value. That's just not acceptable. Sure, a couple more points we want to cover. We want to give the people the formula to get to paradise, and stay away from the Hellfire

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formula for getting to paradise and staying away for hellfire. Great, you know, Paradise is surrounded by difficulty, and Hellfire surrounded by enjoyable, beautiful things. That's not to say that you can't enjoy Islam, and that Islam is all about difficulty. No, it's just to say that ultimately,

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Paradise is a very expensive gift. It's an expensive gift, right? It's expensive. Yeah. And that's what Allah says in the Quran that God says that. He says when he mithali valic, affiliate the nafcillin, with an episode, and for the example of that, let the competitors compete. Let the competition begin is is what Allah saying, right? is a competition for the heavens and the earth? Why should we not compete. And then Allah also says no adversary, or will ever fill out the model because you're not

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and compete with one another for the heavens for the paradise that is expansive, the heavens and the earth prepared for the believers. So let's compete, Eddie, you mean we're going to compete for the gentleman, because ultimately, that's eternal. That's what I'm talking about. The 70 years of my life is just not worth it. It's not worth it. It's gonna go like that I remembered, you know, what, when I was 10 years younger, and it's just now like, Oh, my God, look, still just 10 years younger, and you suddenly see someone right you haven't seen 10 years ago. So Oh, my God hasn't really been 10 years. And before you know it, your life is flashing out in front of your eyes, like a breeze in

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the wind, you know, and, and then you're on your deathbed. And everyone's rushing, and everyone's trying to, you know, pump your heart and put some drugs into you try and revive you. And you see your life flashing away in front of you. And you say, Oh, my God, of the nothing this world. I have not ever left any lasting legacy. My parents don't know me, my children have disowned me, I have no no hair, no goodness, nothing I've left on this earth. And that is the most

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that's the worst thing you could do as a human being. I think that's, that's just that's just a poor example of a human being. rather give yourself value. Come back to God, come back to the truth. Learn about your purpose in life. When you do, then you learn about about paradise, learn about how to come closer to closer to God, that will bring you closer to paradise. So really, the gates to Paradise is just like a key. And the key is the Shahada, that it Shahada, meaning the testimony of faith, that is to believe that there's only one God that is worthy of worship, and that is His Messenger, Muhammad, the prophet is His Messenger. And that is a key to paradise. Then thereafter,

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when you believe in your heart, you have to actually the limbs right, because when you when you believe in your heart, you got to show it on your on your, on your lips, your act to act upon it, right. Otherwise, if you don't act upon it, that's that's a hypocrite. Yeah. So first you believe then you act upon it. So what actions will actions in Islam such as prayer and fasting, such as pilgrimage to Mecca, such as fasting in Ramadan, abstaining from food and from sexual * in the days of Ramadan? It's not not the Knights. And these are the pillars of Islam through which you then enter into gender. And then you stay away from those things which God has prohibited such as

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what just associating partners with him, such as, for example,

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adultery, such as, for example, killing a soul beyond, that Allah has given you given you a right for. So just for example, you know, dealing an interest and, and usually, and these are things that that really will take you away from, from paradisaical, towards towards gender. But let's talk about just one more point about the one thing you talked about associating partners with the Creator. Give us elaborate on this a little bit why this is so dangerous. Yeah, it's it's dangerous. Because, you know, people don't really think about this and think they think it's something really simple because, you know, you could just say God has a son, God has a partner, and God has a wife. And it's

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very simple words that we use these days without thinking about the gravity of it. But in reality, if you knew that God was a king, if you knew that God had great honor, and his honor was greater than yours, you'd be very careful about the words you use. Because ultimately, you're gonna offend, offend the word, offend that offend, offend God. And imagine if the Queen was in front of you, the Queen of England, or you had the president united states, you'd be extremely careful about the words that you use. Yeah. And that is only a human being whose own only elected for

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For a few years, what about God's eternal God? And are you not meant to be careful about associating partners with him? Because ultimately, think about if there were multiple gods? Wouldn't there be chaos on this earth? wouldn't they be chaos in the in the universe? What God would have this world what God would have that will. And we know that even Christianity with this this form of Trinity was only really not was what initially there was Unitarian belief before there was only in 300.

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Ad when in the, in the cultural nicey. And yeah, when they decided to actually take Trinity as the basic faith of Christianity, and then they killed other Unitarians. And ultimately, ultimately, that's when Christianity became a pagan religion because ultimately what happened was a Rome was a political system through which they could maintain the pagan belief as well as the growing Christian population. And so they said, so Constantine said, basically in 320 bc ad, if I remember correctly, he basically said, You know what, I need a political system I need a system through which my people will who are pagans will accept it. And the Christians will also accept it. So they came up with

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this pagan Christian faith of Trinity, three Gods instead of one. So the pagans are happy because it's more than one cushions happy because now you know, they got more than one got to go back to and you know, that's This is crazy. It's only one guy. It's only one God, worship Him alone, worship Him alone partners with no pot, simple message, very simple. Shake, I'd like to thank you very much for being with us. It's really My pleasure, inshallah. we'll have you back again. It will be my absolute pleasure to be back again. Thank you. Thanks. And I'd like to thank everybody for sitting tight to another episode of the deen show. If you miss us, on the TV in Chicago, all of our shows on the deen

00:21:43 --> 00:22:05 th, e. d and show calm and the main message of Islam and if you can dig this, that you worship no one except the Creator of the heavens and the earth and not his creation. And then you can dig Islam. As simple as that. We invite you to come back every week for a new show. Until next time, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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