Wisam Sharieff – The Perfect Day 3

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of transitions and how it affects one's ability to achieve goals. They suggest writing down a list of obstacles to help with achieving a perfect date or goal experience. The speaker also emphasizes the need to address obstacles to achieve the ultimate goal of achieving the ultimate goal.
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so far for our perfect day we have we have to have done a Quranic transformation ie answer the questions Who is your Lord? Who are you? And what thing do you want? What destination goal experience do you want to have? You kind of have to have done that prayer. You have to say, I need to help God. But once you've done your Quranic transformation, can you make a list of obstacles? Is Instagram an obstacle? It's okay guys, is Facebook an obstacle? Is YouTube an obstacle? If you're like, No, I use it, you know, whatever excuse you know, I use it to learn to educate, that's great. But write down the list of obstacles I might argue with, with a with a partner. Write down the

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things that are an obstacle to getting you to the perfect date or to the goal to the experience that you're looking for.

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Then a list of obstacles, the main foe, what's the mean? In this case, we could talk about addiction that's holding you back.

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