Omer El-Hamdoon – Naming of Quranic Chapters #10 Chapters of 014 Ibrahim and 031 Luqman

Omer El-Hamdoon
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My dear respected brothers and sisters, today in terms of the naming of the chapters of the Quran, we're going to talk about two of those chapters. First of all, surah Ibrahim alayhis, salam, and soret. Local man, Ali Salaam, Allah Subhana Allah mentions a name sorted by him even though Ibrahim alayhis salam is mentioned in the Quran is made very often it's made in lots of suave, and maybe even more so in some sort than in this specific one. But Allah subhanaw taala uses this specific chapter to indicate the importance of Ibrahim alayhis salam because within the verses that is mentioned is the surah Ibrahim I Salaam is making dua to Allah

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subhana wa Taala. He is establishing some of the main principles of the deen and this surah. When you look at it, it's all about the challenges that happen Allah begins this war by reminding us to remember the good times the good days, the good opportunities, times when our last pantalla has given you things and reminding you about his name or reminding you that if you are grateful, he will increase you and also there's a reminder of the certain conflict that will happen and the struggles that will happen between the human and also the other people whether in the dunya or whether in with the shavon in this life and the next life and so on. And Ibrahim alayhis salam is a pinnacle and a

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demonstration of that one more is grateful to Allah Subhana Allah despite all the difficulties that he had, he was someone who acknowledged the law understood Allah knew Allah and His drama and this is the beauty of Ibrahim is if you go back to the Quran, I hope you do go back and reflect more on the Quran. When you come to the doors of your Brahim specifically see how well structured they are, how beautiful they are, how well chosen they are. And specifically in this surah Ibrahim is stating, and it's a dialogue that he is presenting to our last pantalla about his estate. And he is asking for a loss handler to help the own the nation that is going to be based around this house that he is

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building and establishing in Mecca, and to give them the Baraka to give them the greatness but not that they would do anything bad, but rather they would establish Salah that the hearts of people come to this place, and they will come and to pilgrimage. And then he ends with a beautiful doll of making a doll for himself or his parents for his children, and so on and one of those da inshallah Tada. We'll be looking at later on in the program.

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So that's why this song is named Ibrahim at a center. And as for Lockman, while the sort of lachemann as well as quite prominent because out of the quarter of the surah is dedicated to the advice of local man giving his son and establishing some principles as well with his son giving that link if you like between the Father and the Son and the loss of hand data starts the mention of local man which is a very important because even though local man is not a prophet as many of the ame say he wasn't a prophet but he was a righteous man. And not only was he a righteous man but he was someone who was wise he had wisdom and that wisdom in itself is a gift from a loss pantalla as

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we mentioned before we're talking in a solitary Baccarat ally says within those verses of sada says you take matter Manisha Allah gives the hickmott gives the wisdom to whom He wills woman OTL hexametaphosphate oto hierarchial Where is given wisdom that He has given been given a great deal? Lot and Lockman was amongst those people given wisdom and what did his wisdom lead him to?

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It led him to be grateful to Allah will upadacitinib look man and hickmott anish could attain lokman and hickmott and spirulina. And so lokman was given the hikma his hikma led him to be grateful to Allah similar to Ibrahim and a Salaam, with his prophethood and the hikma that came with that he was grateful to Allah Subhana Allah and he acknowledged a lot and that's why bright look man went on to establish some important principles with his child no doubt the importance of associating no one with a loss pantile do not commit shirk, recognize the virtues of a loss pantile on you and be grateful to your parents who have brought you up and have given you and then he teaches him some

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important principles in arcada in belief in understanding an adverb in etiquette How to Deal people beautiful

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Words, short summarized words, but they are foundations for a good life, and no doubt foundations for a good healthy personality as well. And that's why, Look, man, I said I was given that, if you like that eternity that eternity of his mentioned, buying the mentioned by the Eternal One because we're in a loss of habitat or when you mentioned somebody than his mentioned will remain eternal. So we asked our last pantalla to have mercy and to be pleased and to be happy and to raise the status of both Ibrahim and lachemann alayhi wa sallam in this life and in the next

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