Murtaza Khan – Like or Dislike Meeting Allaah

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The Congressional General of Publicity discusses upcoming events and cultural and political topics, including the acceptance of certain individuals as strong and strong believers. The importance of seeing Allah Subhana Allah and finding happiness for individuals is emphasized. The journey of individuals to meet Allah Subhana while traveling is discussed, including the negative reactions of actions taken and the importance of finding individuals who do not want to meet Allah's. The speakers stress the need to find a good ending and avoid feeling caught in the state of disreiciency, and to search for a good ending and avoid feeling caught in the state of disreiciency.
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London, book your appointment and then you will be able to come and get your job done again right across the board by the doctor and secondly, they will be a jujitsu class taking place for kids for boys and and and when inshallah I will keep you updated is going to run on Saturday for the sisters programmers. Like always they run between Monday to Sunday except Friday in the morning from 1030 onwards. So

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monastery in Woodstock, Pharaoh

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fusina amin say Dr. Medina manga de la la moda woman del further hodja washer

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in Dumbo Hua Hua la sharika shadow, Mohammed Abdullah sudo and Nevada Ignace da Cunha DC kita Baba Waheguru Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was Shara Moreno to her wakulla Desert in beta wakulla Bala that in wakulla Bala and

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rubbish roughly sorry, while you're Sidley Emery, wha Hello la kurata melissani of Coco Lee, after praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending him his greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey with the ahaadeeth portsea the journey of looking at various a hadith about trying to find a way into paradise, or those individuals who have entered paradise or the actions that they did. And indeed before this, the whole of the month of Ramadan was nothing less but a quest for searching for the pleasure of Allah, searching for that paradise, whose width is like the heavens and the earth are clean, which has been prepared for the

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pious individuals. And thus we find that amongst the blessings of Paradise, or the ultimate blessing of Paradise, is the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah worried when you mean Allah He Akbar

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Hey Allah, Allah inside, so to talk about after speaking about the believers, and entering into paradise, the blessings given to them. Allah Subhana Allah concludes by mentioning what would one mean Oh boy, Akbar, the greatest thing for these believing individuals, men and women will be is the happiness of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah is pleased with such individuals. This is the Quran he mentioned that rhodiola and humara do and who they are last paradise pleased with them, and they are pleased with him, Allah, Allah becomes pleased with certain individuals, certain characteristics, certain actions that they do, and that's the ultimate blessing will be inside Paradise is this

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pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah that's in a headache is a Muslim that we find whereby people have entered into paradise, and everything has been given to these individuals, Allah and Allah would ask them, is there anything else that you need? Is it something else that you want? Then of course, I would give the ultimate blessing or a dhwani my happiness, my acceptance of you individuals has been brought down upon such individuals. And as the alum I mentioned, amongst the ultimate blessings of Paradise is a lot and I've been pleased with the individual. And likewise seeing Allah Subhana Allah, the Quran I mentioned Buju Yama, even now, there are a number of Bihar now, Veera certain

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faces that they inside so an internal Yama sorry we find certain faces that they will be radiant, will be glowing. Looking at a loss of Hannah Diana, that early adolescent have concluded that this is also amongst the ultimate blessings for the believer inside paradise to see Allah Subhana Allah years of a birder hum see in Center City in Santa Sabina. 50 years, 60 years 70 years of your life becomes the ultimate blessing of seeing Allah subhana wa ala della Dena axonal Rosner was the the twin inside solar units that we find for those who believe there will be goodness for those individuals was the the twin and something extra for them called full sera Phil ahaadeeth is a

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Muslim as Xia Xia Dutton, who under throttle Allah, Allah subhana wa ala, the Z that was given to the believing individuals inside Jenna will be to see Allah Subhana Allah, what a great ultimate blessing will be for those ultimate believing individuals. And as we find that there are some deviant views that we find who reject seeing Allah Subhana Allah Hara they rejected and this is a deviation, a corruption that we find Allah Allah sadhana, take the verses of the Quran on the apparent meaning people will see Allah Subhana Allah on the Day of Judgment cause little meaning for the believing individuals here doesn't mean that this is the pleasure of Allah or something else of

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Allah given to these individuals. It is taken openly that believing individuals will see Allah Subhana Allah and likewise the opposite is mentioned as well. That certain individuals that they will be rejected. There'll be a barrier placed upon certain individuals not being able to see Allah Subhana Allah Keller in Nome Rahim Yama, Idina, Matthew Boone, inside supermoto, 15, talking about corruption, about weighing the scales appropriately, we had a man who just put on when the Quran talks about certain affairs, or more of dunya we're about to talk about business transactions. Allah pounder always takes the concept back to the earth era. Also people treacherous upon the dunya upon

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them or amulet upon the dealings by default will be treacherous to Allah Subhana Allah will not fulfill the rights that belong to Allah Subhana Allah, people who steal, who cheat who lie, then it's easy for them when Allah him to lie and to cheat Allah Subhana Allah what they may perceive that they're doing this talk and it begins by talking about people who are deceiving individuals. You heard the rule number one Latina men who were married

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to someone is going to be Morocco and Morocco, Morocco. That's how Ramadan began with that's how the Quran It begins with there are certain individuals you heard the rune Allah will Edina manual they try to deceive and trick Allah Subhana Allah that's what they think they're doing. But the Quran major The only deceiving and tricking their own selves that are only be a Muslim, a good Muslim inside Ramadan. Outside of Ramadan I returned back to do whatever I was doing my previous life fuqaha mentioned Montana near to kubla Ramadan Phoebe diety Ramadan of eternity Ramadan vs intelligence of Ramadan I would only be a good person inside Ramadan I'll only do these good actions

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inside Ramadan and as soon as Ramadan is over, I'll go back to my normal life fuqaha mentioned for cm who barthel for coming mentioned that persons fasting has been invalidated. It again had an ear to Whoa. If this is the intention, the beginning of Ramadan in the middle Ramadan, I'm going to abstain from Muhammad, stay away from her on worship alone run in Ramadan, but as soon as Ramadan is over, then I'm not going to hesitate in going back to my previous life. mega person out of mistake or weakness there's something irrelevant but a person makes was classified as a double intention inside their heart that I will disobey Allah outside of Ramadan when I returned back

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Ramadan or outside of Ramadan for sia Mubarak, you've wasted 29 days 30 days of your life standing, praying, doing all these actions all because of what matters because of your intention inside your heart, all this tab fatigue, all is hard difficulty you've been facing has all been wasted away because your intention is not pure. Because it's apparent that everything in life revolves about the intention towards Allah Subhana darina what is inside the heart of the individual yo mela, young Pharaoh melancholia, burn, a lemon Atala hubby Calvin Selim. On that day, nothing will avail the individual nothing would help the individual, neither your children neither your wealth, except for

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the person who comes with a pure heart. Allah Allah He will call this to Allah belongs to pure Deen pure commitment, pure focus. That's what Allah Subhana Allah accepts an individual does you find a lot of contact talking about al Qaeda inside so to be you know, women, elderly Abdullah meclizine Allahu de una for what we're told to do inside their lives. They were told to worship singer now only a loss of contact for worship and hoonah for Hanif. Hanif is the one Ibrahim La Silla with single jack the monotheistic belief to signal that only Allah Subhana Allah for worship, these are commandments inside the Quran, which remain for entire time that every single individual has to

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carry out certain action in the face of this earth. Likewise, I mentioned when I was saying Allah Dino takita macabre como yaku Anita Kumar Elementary, Nisa we gave legacy advice to people that came before you and you dishonor as well to fail only Allah Subhana Allah, Ramadan CFO,

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COO, coo coo coo coo coo coo, COO, coo coo, coo coo for some is prescribed for you, like it was prescribed for those people that came before you really are your customers,

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that you may have fear for law toquilla there's all these dangers be placed upon to see which individual is trying to gain the consciousness the devotion towards Allah Vandana and as if a new person gains insight this dunya will gain inside the earth. And as the person who doesn't strive to gaining the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah, then those individuals are a beam Yama a dilemma Jew born by default, there will be a veil there will be a barrier and early murcott who serum in the area that there will be these individuals will not get to see Allah Subhana Allah on the Day of Judgment. And as we find the whole journey of the individual is trying to see a lost pounder and

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inside the earth, and like what you find the whole journey is to meet Allah liko Allah subhana wa Tada. That's what the whole the journey upon this earth is for mankind or Gulick or a be for Yama. laminam solea voila, you prepared that you're a baby. I had the end of sort of gap that we find the chapter, verse 110. The conclusion is sort of that we find whoever hopes to meet Allah Subhana Allah then what is the condition and Eman Lisa bitterman de Gama call it a moment hassle a bursary email isn't that many of us Muslims today that I believe I have an aspiration I hope I will change I will do this image is not commonly false aspiration and image it's showing your your devotion, your

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commitment to Allah Subhana Allah. So those individuals who just have false aspirations, it will not evade them will not help them. Whoever hopes to me Allah Subhana Allah, then that person for Leah, I'm an MLM saleha under Amina, amen, and amen minute Amen. This is deviation people say that I'm an action, they have no impact upon your email. In a nutshell that we find an email easy to be potty yonkos will now see it simple. any single Muslim can understand that and images need to be power. Your Eman goes up every time you obey Allah while young will now see it. Every time you disobey Allah then your Eman begins to plummet and begins to come down. That in a nutshell is Akita and the

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sadhana to Gemma in a nutshell, that's simple. That's what he meant if you obey Allah, your Eman increases, becomes more committed more focused on ba you disobey Allah, you begin to drift away, drift away from the Eman builder he Subhana Allah and as we find from this ayah as mmm in Nicosia, it's an Easter seal that there are two conditions for any action to be accepted as well Mutambara to be sincere and to follow the Sunnah of the prophet alayhi salatu salam, unlike what we find is that a person has to have an aspiration and an action. That's what we learned from this ayah is not sufficient just to have an aspiration that I want to change in my life. I want to do good. The

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person has to take that aspiration to make it a positive change and positive action of obedience towards a Muslim 100 Allah tala Vinci Do you find that this individual what happens to this individual inside the era? Yeah, yeah 200 of Sumatra in Arabic He rabita Maria for the holy theory Betty what Holly genda t o sol in a state of contentment. in a state of peace. Enter into my garden, enter amongst my

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This Allah, Allah then selects the soul. So let's be worshipping Allah Subhana. Allah upon this dunya it has given his ultimate reward inside the earth Hara. That's all that life is all about being an Emmanuel Cooper between Eman and prefer between pa between obedience and disobedience towards Allah Subhana Allah. Allah will mentioned about the such individuals. salaamu alaykum, don't forget Hello Holly Dean in such sort of Zuma that we find salam, Aleikum,

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greetings be upon you salutation be upon you. What a beautiful state that you are in, enter into paradise and your sight. But if we look at the context of Soto Zuma, the end of the surah that we find, look how Allah, Allah describing Azuma is the groups, groups of individuals that will come on that day was the color the nectar for Elijah Anima Zamora. You find that Kufa will come in troops in groups on the Day of Judgment. Then when they come on that day, we said to them, did not know a message they come to you and they do not communicate to me. They know a wound or come to warn you about this day called rubella is a yes indeed, a warner did come and warn us, but we did not pay

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attention to it. And as we say to these individuals, enter into jahannam, this is your final abode. Then Allah mentions the opposite. We'll see Kala Dena Takara bone illa jannetty Zamora, the find out individuals, groups of individuals who obeyed Allah who said Allah Subhana Allah, they will come to the doors are paradise these individuals that we find well, footie has adware boo her hair we find a vein an animal allergenicity nury Whoa, one one letter for those individual be enter into jahannam there's no respect for these individuals sewn into jahannam I almost have to imagine. Agenda. Whoa, whoa. allistic ballia allistic ballia home kubla Dooku Jana yoga Sharon. Glad tidings are given to

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these individuals before they enter into paradise. These are the people of paradise. That's the whole journey of the Quran for equal fidgety were furry confiserie though the Holy Quran in a nutshell, a group of people inside Jenna and a group of people inside paradise

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Lupita Lucia CUDA will audible or a spooky or an alpha Lhasa tarjay Emmanuel Cooper that's all it returns. Muna cocoon, it will return back to two elements are the Eman?

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Cofer that's all that the Quran revolves around that whether you're going to make a decision upon this dunya to be amongst those individuals. So does Allah Subhana Allah is headed either I have Bob De Luca De Luca who is had these codes you want to dissect today but if you like the Allah a my server wants to meet me then I want to meet this individual. Why the Korean a Korean to Nico if he hates to meet me, I don't want to meet this individual. Whoever wants to meet Allah. Allah wants to be the individual. Whoever despises doesn't want to meet Allah. Allah does not want to meet that individual

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described BMT said in our mid which dinner but out of nowhere he person wants to meet Allah is the one who's holding fast to the commandments, fulfilling the commandments of Allah, and staying away from the prohibitions. That's a person who wants to meet up is a sign that a person is one who is obeying Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah panda wants to obey or wants to see the obedient individual who's obeying Him Subhana Allah, now you hit a steamroller. Well, Acoma Allah dunya Darrell Fenner, this person isn't going to remain on this, this world that perishes, that comes to an end, this person wants to return back to the home of eternity, the abode of eternal bliss. That's the whole

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journey of this individual is striving to return back to the eternal abode to the abode of eternity, whereby a person will live for eternity inside agenda that we find. And as we find that the beginning of worship is recognition, its submission, that's the beginning of worship, is to recognize the Creator is to submit to the creator and then that leads to obedience and obstacles. Obstacles means that they are going to be obstacles that come in the life of the individual, the person is able to overcome them, because some people think just obedience is enough to get into paradise. Allah subhanho wa Taala here I'm hesitant to enter hola Janata. Hola, Maria Tikka Masala

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la Vina halloumi publikum, Mr. Talbot, sir, with the raw will to do so Natalia

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am hesitant that whole agenda Do you think you're just going to stroll into paradise? Have we not seen the parallel people that came before you, that adversities and hardships and affliction and difficulties was Zulu, the earth began to shake underneath them, until they he said and even a message when will the victory of Allah come Allah in Nasrallah he Karim indeed a victory for most countries close by, likewise the beginning of the 29th chapter. And if a meme has even asked you to

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In your

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wallet Fernanda Dida macabre him for a lemon Allahu la Vina sada who will a lemon and KDB sutil Anka booth, the spider, Allah begins by talking about the real individuals, do you think you're going to be left? Do you say that we believe, and you're never going to be tested but Allah, indeed we did test the people that came before you to make a separation between who are the true for individuals and who are the lying individuals. Allah makes it separated on this dunya before era to see those individuals who have committed towards Allah Subhana Allah and as we find, amongst the mean is Hadith, that this person who wants to meet Allah, at the time of death, is given glad tidings is

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given good signs that you are an individual of the people of paradise. So now this person is yearning, as a designer to meet Allah whereby the opposite person who will face the angels of punishment of Wrath of tall men, that will come if you find that and you will come to the individual with a foul stench with a foul sack will come to the individual rip out the soul of this individual person will not recognize because person may depict or having a thought inside their mind that the angels that is certain concept of the angel but they are angels. They are angels who were studied, who are harsh, who are going to come and take the individual, la yasunaga Mamma mia for Luna Maroon,

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if an angels were harsh, stern angels okay to come, we don't never disobey Allah and I take the individual, rip out the soul of the individual, and return it back up, but you'll never be allowed to enter into Jenna, I'd rather be thrown down upon this dunya so this individual does not want to meet Allah Subhana Allah tilicho Allah wants to meet this individual, a lot of crazy certain individuals. He wants to meet certain individuals, whether it be under a yam will hedge the day of arafah that we find a lot of boats unless you look at the servants of mine. Why have they gathered here today? Why are they come here today? What are they asking for Allah? Allah descends camellia Li

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ob Jalali Sudan, the central law is heaven in a way that fits us majesty. And he knows what he servers are asking for. He knows what they want. But he boasts these angels look at these servers of mine, in a ragged state in their bad state in the disheveled state, giving up the dunya giving up their money giving up their wealth, why they come here? Why are the communists empty, plain and simple shroud that we find? Why have they come in? For what purpose to gain the pleasure of Allah to serve Allah Subhana Allah to find

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the pinnacle point of the Hadees in the Hajj, the pinnacle point of 31 there is no there is no shrine concept, there is no since there is no email there, every single individual will come on that day on that day for the and likewise in the era all on their own person will be there, that ultimate level of Allah Subhana Allah and I would like for people to earn a bag of ramen is Allah mentioned and suited for me this the fact that the individual, like what you find so many of these individuals that we find, these are all individuals. There are lots of crazy such individuals that we find. Likewise, we find the last third of the night, that last night Allah descended and asked what did he

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service of mine? What do they want, and respond to these individuals like qualifying and no thicker majority. So the code that we find whereby Allah sent angels on the earth, angels on earth to find places where people are remembering Allah and Allah, and you find that any individual who happens to sit in that gathering, who doesn't really focus towards Allah just happens to sit amongst a solid pain, then you say, but so and so individual happens to be sitting inside that gathering came into the machine for a dunya intent, to meet someone to see someone to collect something and happen to sit there. What will happen to such an individual while sitting inside that gathering. Allah will

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forgive that individual as well. Or a hematoma he was here, just because he's sitting with pious people, Allah forgive this individual overlooks this individual. And thus we find that Allah Subhana Allah encourages us to find such gatherings such places that we find obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah. So those individuals who don't want to meet Allah, were either getting a lip or a courage to live currently co whoever does a one to me Allah, that Allah does not want to meet such an individual as well. And that's the Quran he also talks about those individuals in the Latina layer coonelly corner, Waterloo, Bill hayati, Tanya, what were

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those individuals who don't want to never hope to me Allah, they never want to meet Allah. They are happy these individuals have been hired to do what man up here. These individuals become happy with the dunya and they're content with the dunya and that's the most of mankind. That's what this is talking about. Most people don't want to meet Allah. They are happy with their dunya they contend with the dunya they have been striving and struggling for the dunya these individual find will love the Dhamma and Tina alone

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will not be makin a boon for these individuals. They will come off alone

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They become heedless and aware, they become no no longer focus towards Allah and Allah. For these individuals you find, they will be they abode will be and will be the fire because of what they used to earn with their own hands, their purchasing jahannam with their wealth, their purchasing journal, that's what they're doing. They're not purchasing Jenna, they actually purchasing a stronger place inside Ghana with their wealth. Why are they disobedient towards Allah Subhana Allah and that's the verses it states, becoming heedless, becoming unaware, unfocused towards Allah Subhana Allah. And as we mentioned, that most of the people on this earth

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is going towards jahannam going towards unarmed people shouldn't try to become trivial about the affair and say that Hulu, Ella, Jenna, old paths go to Jenna.

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A pretty wide agenda kathira there's only one path to gender. There's many ways to enter into gender. There's not many paths.

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And you have to wonder ferrania Well, by doing that we find socialism communism only it isn't that we find Christianity Buddhism that we find all these ways, just being a good citizen. All these ways do not lead you to Jenna. Halas nakash because Muslims they fail to understand if it is just a good society, a good society is the Society of Islam 100 that's it simple. We should not shy away from it. We should not shy away from it. Because they are they are their way of life that we find inside you if you read the Bible, they clearly talk about there's only one way you have to be a Christian to enter into paradise and you're who they are they're the only ones that enter into paradise as far

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as they're concerned everyone else is the is the Gentiles is the record individually is what the last testament that they have inside their heads what they claim to be as the rest of this earth is all going to *. Mainstream Christians Orthodox Christians believe and Muslim in two Lumia toluna elanna mainstream Orthodox Christian belief every single Muslim is going to jahannam okay for antithetical How can you come and say, How can you say that we're all we're all going to paradise? How can we say that? There is only one way to paradise we should be crystal clear, unless you can there are places on the face of this earth to worship Allah to call to Allah to worship Allah not to

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open up various various paths and say every Khun lumen have Baba de todo Jenna any single individual entity, Peridot, whatever they want to do. Yeah, boo de la cama Yara worship Allah as he wants, worship Allah what they want to do, they sing, they dance, they force they eat, they do this, they do that. they close their eyes, they sleep at night, they think this is a bad day. SubhanAllah and a bad here topia, a bird is the Quran and the Sunnah. That is a bad Rouhani and rasuna Rouhani isn't? Isn't Buddhism in spirituality isn't karma isn't yoga isn't is a meditation? How many the Muslims that fall into this trap?

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Eva de la Subhana Allah wa here Salah, a Salah, is it finished? Whoever focused upon the sooner that we find we'll find a way of peace and contentment towards Allah subhanaw taala. When your body is begging Kufa, Allah is not happy with copper. The Quran is crystal clear, Allah is not happy with the servants who carry out gopher so people shouldn't try to try to customize it. They are not turned blindly towards people you would ever actually want to do and accept it from there those individuals you find in such social media tools and Karla Sofia wala to kalamoon Sophie hawala to the moon, and also to me after talking about our discussion about believers, it will be said to

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these individuals carry on descending, carry on descending inside Johanna Wallace to kalamoon don't speak to us. Don't speak to the angels don't speak to Allah subhanho wa Taala this was the Quran on rocky so Al Quran your focus on the Quran, study the Quran the Quran is crystal clear, black and white, doesn't chew does not mince the words inside the Quran. Because people understand the Quran. They understand as a head it is a Muslim in Quran.

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This Quran will lift up people will raise people to hold to the spirit of the Quran habla Mateen, the strong rope of Allah always please should the Quran encourage the Quran remind people about the Quran. people begin to deviate from the Quran. They open up their doors to everything else, except for the Quran. And as if we're even strangely in the end of the surah that we find certain meaning that we find about these individuals. In Nola your favorite coffee room. In Nola your favorite cafe rude cafe will never be successful. This concludes the students I total me noon and do Amina doubting Allah Subhana Allah

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Trying to question about Allah says in only a little careful

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because doors are closed unless we didn't have the window alleviate rescue the disbelieving individual and even before this that we find Allah Allah mentioned as I have saved him a number of nakoma Bertha Wanaka Elena Fatah lo Malika as I said to him Agatha, do you think Allah just created this world suit photon this happened to decided to create this world without any cost what Allah Allah she just created the heavens and earth and as a mainstream Muslim who are falling into that that life is just about eating and drinking and enjoying yourself. That's what life unfortunately

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these individuals look our own people for our life has become this entertainment enjoying ourselves every day of our lives so that we focus upon Why don't we focus upon our our Eman about a data about our worship and our commitment and devotion towards Allah subhanaw taala industry find Allah Subhana Allah is Allah and they're happy with us is a lot happier are we fulfilling the commandments? The symbols are there. The symbols in the signs of the of a community of a Muslim who fulfils obedience to Allah Subhana Allah every time a person comes across the Quran comes across the sadhana. Wakarusa, Nina wa and you're suited Baccarat the football of the final episode of Baccarat that we

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find the Quran says the believing adult individuals when the hammer reverse call to summit now we're gonna

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call Sameer now what are

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they here we disobey? Why? Why is it Muslim today that we find? Quran says either haram haram Aleikum Lima,

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Paddy marisha, tuna, tuna, tuna would be fine amongst all Muslims. But the Quran is haram but it doesn't make sense. We live in the Western world we live in a modern world we live a different world what type of thought is this?

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Al Quran is for all time. This is the Quran, the

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there can be some difficulty for the individual. But the person overrides that because why? Why are we doing these actions as we began with because we want to meet Allah. We want to meet Allah that is that is the pinnacle element of your Eman. All these commands become simple. Then, what do they say about us? This is why do they have a job to obey the house was to obey the people that they don't do it for that purpose. Why did they cut their head to toe? For what purpose? Because Allah has commanded them inside so to know inside so to Azov, even if he that we find what does the Quran say poner Johanna eyeshadow Hara in the heat of January 1, severe, but the reward is there because

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they've tried to please Allah. They obedience to Allah is why what they want to gain obedience, maybe their family members or the people around them. That is because obedience to Allah loves to be Allah strengthens individual likewise, you find a region that we find a sign of obedience, or solar fill masajid you find is a sign of a man. We find a person who prays inside the machine is a sign of a man who prays in JAMA many ideas that we find highlighting that fact that person testify to a person who we witness is the Messiah, you come to the machine frequently. What do we find inside our society, a concept of laziness that show the weakness of a man the Prophet is a man had defeated

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shouldn't be dealt with that we find if it wasn't for the women and the children at home, that he would he would appoint someone else to be the man. Then he would go to their homes and he would torch their homes, burn their homes down, burn it down. Because you know coming to Salatu jamara in the masjid that we find these are symbols of Eman all the symbols

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of Allah. We're not being judgmental of people. We're not going to judge people but these are symbols, General symbols that we need to encourage inside our life. To show that we are people who want to meet Allah Subhana Allah wakulla Cody ha that was stuck in a home What did you mean a Muslim manifesto For we know we'll go for him

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was a very human Temasek, avison, Latina yo Medina maga, we find that this concept of a man of having love towards a man and despising Cofer, that we find is a symbol that lots of places inside the hearts of the believing individuals are lost. And I mentioned that sorted for Gerard we're lucky enough to have Baba in a common man was the Yahoo followed by a co worker in a coma for a while for sukawati sheer Ola ecomo Rashid Allah and I mentioned when I came to La Habra, la can email when a person searches for email and then a lot of places inside the heart the individual a person wants to come to the

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

mission. A person wants to obey Allah

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

wants to read the Quran because it wants to force the wants to go for Hajj that wants to Amara person wants to do good things, Allah places it inside the heart of the individual. That's what Allah Subhana Allah does, and beautifies the man inside the heart of the individual, and likewise makes it despicable, disliking the individual all forms of pull forward for superelevation any form of disobedience, sinning, bad, ethical, bad behavior becomes repulsive to the individual. That is from Allah Subhana place here in the heart and the mind of the individual. And as we mentioned, that Eman is not just mere speech, you have to display your image. And that's what really we have

00:35:35 --> 00:36:09

concluded that whatever is inside the heart is displayed on the body of the individual and displayed upon the tongue, the speech of the individual, the actual individual. That's what he meant, we're not being judgmental, what he meant is whatever inside the heart, it spills out, on that ob Allah jawara upon the limbs of the individual, that this is a person who's trying to obey and serve Allah Subhana Allah and as we find all these commandments, we find inside the Quran and the Sunnah that we find we're not being judgmental of people, and they fall short, that loss of strength and these individuals strengthen us as well. But we find Allah kinda mentioned his commandments there, which

00:36:09 --> 00:36:48

are for our own benefit to help us. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah T for Hubby, there's the unknown nobody has created if Allah and Allah make something halal for us, if we know the fact that we don't know it, we have to submit if it was trying to make something haram for us, then there is there are many for why there are many benefits to stay away from that how long and for our own benefit that we find. We should not become individuals who try to question Allah Subhana Allah, try to question the Quran, try to question the context of the Quran. And thus we find that in conclusion about this hadith as the Lord Allah Allah mentioned, that is this hadith talking about Cora here to note about

00:36:48 --> 00:36:48


00:36:50 --> 00:37:28

Naturally, all of us, we hate death is a natural feeling, a difficult moment in a person's life to leave this dunya to leave their loved ones to leave their property leave this dunya is its natural event sakurako. Note, if on the stupor of death, the coming of death is at times painful, everybody has to go to feel that pain, that pang of death that we find has to leave this dunya. But the Hadith is talking about is he explained, or the professor explained to her killer, it's not that it's talking about the individual when as we began with, when the angels come to give that individual glad tidings, this individual now wants to meet a law. That's what it means. Now this person has

00:37:28 --> 00:38:03

inside their heart, they know they live in this dunya they could be seen seeing certain symbols in front of them certain signs in front of me leaving this dunya so this individual inside the bottom of their heart, they are fully content to leave this dunya and to me, Allah, and for some of us, may Allah forbid, who are not prepared, who are ill prepared, that all of a sudden that we find a multi comes to some of us, and we don't want to meet Allah, we know we haven't prepared, we haven't done the right action, or May Allah forbid, that we are dying in a state of mercy was the norm when leaving this dunya in a state of disobedience. And as earlier mentioned, a person who dies in a

00:38:03 --> 00:38:42

state of disobedience in January is classified as supl katima is classified as a bad ending. So whether that person Muslim goes to dead no jahannam leave that topic aside, but as to the apparent symbol of this individual, then it's a bad ending for an individual. All of us should be searching for a good ending, finding an ending whereby we are in a state of obedience or remembering Allah subhanaw taala and as if I'm not careful, either Bushido be either build a copy with a carefully given glad tidings of jahannam of the Hellfire and the Wrath of Allah carry Haleakala, this person does not want to meet Allah subhana wa cariaco de kado. And Allah does not want to meet this

00:38:42 --> 00:39:19

individual as well. Male, last 100 years old, etouffee capability to become those individuals who want to serve Allah who want to obey Allah from the dunya and those individuals who want to meet Allah. So by default, Allah wants to meet us and not to be amongst those individuals who fall short and begin to stray away from the path of Allah and Allah and we don't want to meet Allah. So Allah hates to meet us in number one Allah equal to soluna. Allah nebby Yeah, you're Latina. ammonoosuc to Allah centimeters Lima Allah suddenly Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ganesha later Libra Ibrahim, Ibrahim andhaka Jaime de magie de cada Muhammad Ali Mohammed

00:39:20 --> 00:39:58

Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim en de cambio de Mogi from Ghana, Tina Fey Tanya has Santa Clara de hacer de la pena de novo lambdin fusina Willem de Luna water hammer than akuna minahasa in rabbinic field and only one in Edina, Saba Puna been emailed while geographia portovino Hilda Linda Deena Manu Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim Ravana for Elena savara was a bit of the mana one so natural kobilka theory, Robin Allah to the Apollo valneva data data will have led me down kurama in naka antilla hub Ravana habla de Minas Virgina was Maria Tina Parata

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00:40:01 --> 00:40:16

robina Taco Bell midnight Nakata, Samuel hardy watauga Danai Nikita tava Rahim subhanak vichara Villa is that your seafood was borsalino al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa

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