When Floyd Mayweather got Gifted the QURAN

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Muslim they always respect me. Never heard anything. Have you? Have you ever had a chance to sit down and have a deep conversation with someone like Floyd Did he ever asked you about Islam? Did he ever you know because I mean when African Americans when they look back at their roots you look at you know that Islam This is when Malcolm X right when Muhammad Ali when they went back and they dug then they saw that you know, this is my roots Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation Islam You know, this is the roots of the African American people has he ever you know, asked you any questions about Islam if you have any, any any talk about it?

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inshallah, do you think someone like let's say tomorrow hypothetically, if Floyd Mayweather, if he really looked into this Deen, which is based on proof and evidence, if you read the Quran, and he said, Man, this is from the Creator of the heavens and earth, and he decided to submit his will to Allah to the Creator. And now do you think someone like him, you know him, right? You think he would need he would be someone who would need to think someone like him, he would just have to have four wives.

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because Islam is practical Islam is practical. So this might be a way for some dialogue opportunity, right? Because a man's like thinking man, he wants to be right he wants to be married but how can I know you're out there but man, it gives him a a good great option to be right when his creator and to do it, you know, the way that sanction by by a law? Yeah.

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You know, if you

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have to worry about think.

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Yeah, that's beautiful out. homme de la, you can drop them, here and there, you know, some of these things have a person thing, because I remember I did a program. I did a program once I remember when he was in jail. Yeah, yeah, that was years back. And we were talking about that, you know, it's like when everything gets taken away. And same thing when you're in the grave tomorrow when you die. I mean, sorry, some people are just like spooked out right now. But this is a reality, we're gonna die. And we need to think why are we here? Where are we going when we die? You know, and I remember when he was in jail, he was thinking a little bit different. And I think I think I sent him if I'm

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not mistaken. I don't know if we sent him I sent him a Quran if I sent to his jail, I'm not sure if he'll but we reached out and gave a message to him, you know, because that opportunity when people are in jail, you know, all the distractions are away from you. Now it's time to really think and ponder. Yeah, no, I remember it was brother from the UK.

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And they gave him a Quran and some books. And also

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he wanted to take a picture with his wife, him and his wife Floyd. And Floyd knew it because he took back toys was going to be in the middle of the picture, but boy,

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he got a job on everything. He wanted to be in between them. But I mean, he got a lot of respect, Mashallah.

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Yeah, I respect Alhamdulillah