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like more than billion people.

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When calm Ramallah, this is everything. I don't think about five because I believe

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this is my religion, religion for me number one sport number one for the carabiner mega metal fans This is a denizen of the Russian republic of Dagestan. For the MMA fans, he's an undefeated MMA fighter. And I'm going to go ahead and discuss some peculiar idiosyncrasies you've seen him do it some things, he's done some things he said, during some of his fights, so you can appreciate I'm sure you will appreciate when you can connect it to something you're familiar with the winner by submission.

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Now, let's start off with what he's doing here. This is not just particular to him, you'll see many people who don't want to keep it humble, and who are thankful and grateful. They point up, pointing up to the one up above, above the creation of above the heavens and the universe, the one who created this whole universe, the galaxies, the seven seas, everything in this world, isn't he not Worthy of all praise and things. And that's what he's doing. Because people become very arrogant. And this is something we have to be very, very careful of. And we can all take a lesson from this to keep it humble. To keep it humble. You cannot go wrong with keeping it humble. arrogance will get

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you lost. We'll lose you friends who likes to be around arrogant people. And at the end, failure, failure at the end.

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Why is he putting his face on the ground? What's he doing kissing the ground. But let me connect it because the point was, if I can, if we can connect it to something that you are familiar with someone who you're familiar with, you're probably going to appreciate it a lot more. You might even start doing it. And if something works, if it's gonna help improve your life, why not give it a try? And check this out? You know, Jesus, we know Do you ever I mean, did you know Muslims love Jesus, his fighter here, if anyone knows who he's wearing, he's another mixed martial arts fighter. He's got a he's got a shirt on talking about how Muslims love Jesus. Did you know that? So if you're a

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cubby, cubby fan, you've learned something already. You'll see that Muslims they have a deep reverence and love for Jesus as a mighty messenger who was sent just like Abraham No, and all them other messengers, calling people to connect with the one who gave us these abilities. These gifts in life, like Kirby was given some very talented athlete. And he's acknowledging that this is from the Creator. And now again, he's taking it a step further. And just like Jesus and related to someone you know, Jesus, in the Gospel of Matthew 2639, it says that he went and he went a little further, and he fell on his face and prayed to God.

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Is that amazing? This is something that Habib doing not only him, but Muslims 1.7 billion human beings. And Muslim is simply one who surrenders who submits himself, not to a man, not to a woman, not to money, not to fame, not to anything, or anyone, but to the creator up above that beautiful if you learned something already, he's doing what all the prophets of God did. So it shouldn't be next time you see him do that next time you're a fan of Aviva. And you see you see him fighting at the end. And if he wins, God willing, and he prostrated puts his head on the floor, you can connect it now you watch this. He's all he's doing what Jesus did, he's giving praise and thanks, keeping it

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Excuse me, guys. Oh, hamdulillah now let's move on to the next thing. What he said he says some some words. Now sometimes when we hear something in another language, we can appreciate it. Excuse me, guys. Alhamdulillah I want to say something. He says Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. What does that mean? Why is he saying something in another language in Arabic? Now I want to connect this again back to the one I'm sure many Christians who love Jesus people who aren't even maybe Christian, but they heard Jesus they have they have a connection to him. Do you know that Jesus He called on the creator if you ever watched The Passion of Christ

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Allah, in Arabic is just Allah, this is the crater we're talking about.

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And he is saying hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Everything God gave me. So again, he's keeping it humble, if anything we could take away from this video is is, is that quality of keeping it humble, we got too much. We're all susceptible to an ego. The ego can take over and you become very arrogant, who likes to be around arrogant people keeping it humble? Again, he's saying it humbly like just like saying, Thank you, God. Everything's God gave me

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very simple now. Can you appreciate that? Let's go on to the next thing.

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And the last but not the least, a law, buddy hear him saying it?

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What does it mean? Is it some work? cried jihad. They're coming to get us? How ridiculous is that sound? But that's what some people think. Do you know that?

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over 60,000 books in a span of 100 years have been written against Islam, according to the Times magazine article published in 1979, April 16, I believe it was and that the Islamophobia industry is a $250 million annual business. So you know, probably the information you got the book, you read, false propaganda, fearmongering and the hate mongers, they're making money bashing, throwing dirt on Islam. So Allahu Akbar is not a war cry. It's simply Allah God is greater, greater than that money, that dollar, that job, that woman, everything that you can imagine God Almighty, the creator, Allah is greater than this. And again, going back to keeping it humble, always thanking the one who gave

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you the abilities to win that championship, to get up in the morning, to eat the wonderful food to breathe this air. You don't got to go to Walmart to get it. It's free. So you say God Almighty is great. Like saying Hallelujah, Hallelujah, you've heard that Allahu Allahu Akbar, God Almighty, is the greatest.

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So that's what CBeebies say, Now helped you to familiarize yourself with some of the things that he does what Muslims do in general, because Kabbalah is a Muslim woman who has consciously submitted to the Creator, the heavens and the earth. And some of those stereotypes that one might have in the back of his head. He's heard this term allow og but now, if you were to equate, because Islam is a beautiful way of life, can you have peace, with the greater peace within yourself, so you can have that peace that money can buy, and you have peace with humanity, if you were to take all the ISIS and the Boko Haram and Al Qaeda, which, which didn't even exist a decade ago, it's because all of

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these wars is that hate, war, hate violence terrorism cycle that we got to stop innocent blood here, there everywhere is human life, we got to condemn one condemn all and when you have any large group of people, you're going to have radicals, you're going to have extremists. But we also have to see what's the root of all this and Islam is not the root my friends know, Islam brings that peace and happiness into one's life. And when someone has peace and happiness, he's not trying to blow nobody up specially himself for innocent people. But you have these things going on. But this is a geopolitical thing. And if you were to add up all of these groups, this is just a side note, I'm

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going off on a tangent, ISIS, Boko Haram and all these groups, I'm sure you've heard and people out there associated with some people gonna watch this video, they're gonna think, you know, again, those those because of the effect of the Islamophobia machine. So take all these radical groups. Compare that to the over 1.7 billion Muslims all over the globe.

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It would only equate to via this small fringe element to the 1.7 billion last time I checked, it would be like 0.006% is like taking the KKK Lord's Resistance Army, or some of these, the secular atheist groups PKK and all the tymal tigers, all of these, these these, these terrorist groups, and now you try to

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pump them up.

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Put them up as if they're exemplary representatives of Christianity, a secularism of atheism, whatever it is, that wouldn't be fair, that wouldn't be rights. You can't take a radical fringe element and try to pump them up as if they represent it's not. They don't they don't represent Habib. They don't represent me. They don't represent over 1.7

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billion Muslims, who again, are trying to keep it humble. Keep it simple, live a peaceful life. Like everyone else. People who have connected with Muslims john Dutcher will straight out tell you what he thought of Muslims. I actually hated Muslims, the women with their headdress on, you know, I just was sneer, Adam Dutcher was surrounded by the people he loved, but Muslims moving in, moved him. It took this to yeah to to wake me, you know, wake me up Yeah, a change of heart for the man who didn't realize he had such a big heart. You know, what struck me the most honestly was when I took a minute to actually talk to some of the Muslim people to find out, you know, they are just like me and I am

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an educated on their religion. You know, I can easily make as many mistakes, judgment calls as any other person out there. But when I took a second to sit down and listen to them, and actually enter their mosque, and go on and watch some of their prayers, it was a beautiful thing and they answered some of my questions that I had. And I just feel that maybe that that's something that they should do too, for the people a lot. A lot of us foreign educated, you know, educate us on their religion, let us know that not everybody is a bad bad person.