Everyone Is an Expert Except the Experts

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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Today we live in a time everyone's an expert except the experts. Everyone's been ambushed. Everybody has an opinion. These people will very particular very particular. They said this is a science. It's not for any Tom, Dick and Harry or Coleman Hubbard say in Arabic, not everyone's job to start giving fatwas and religious verdicts until a person does not spend time under the guidance and does not undergo training under the guidance of a you know, expert for P he is banned it is haram. Even earlier scholars said this katiba Baghdadi mentioned this in his book The whole mother*ing So, this was something that they really emphasized upon you know, Imam Malik said, day two I never gave

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a fatwa fatwa doesn't just mean like the official photo but even telling someone illegal verdict. Hector Shahida, Lisa, Verona man who are our other mini Bernie Malik until 70 People who are more knowledgeable than me, gave testimony that I am worthy of giving you my magic How many people 70 And you know, the 70 people what kind of people with money when he was when he was telling this? Teaching us this in class? He said Remember, don't worry don't look at the number 70 look at a man who Allah Mooney 70 people above me not below me. So people under you can all tell you mashallah the greatest chef you know on Facebook they're all like you measure like amazing chef doesn't matter

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doesn't do anything. But if your teachers if people above you if they say yes you are great, then this is an indication inshallah that according to Allah you are, you know, you have something