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Al-Baqarah 234-242 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 238-242

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Are the below him in the shade line over James Smith? over him?

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lesson number 32 we'll begin from Isaiah 239. But before that 238

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Have you lost fertility

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guard and maintain all of the five prayers and especially also that it was for the middle prayer, which is that our sole prayer? Why? Because if it's great important because if a person misses this letter It is as though he has lost his entire family. He has lost his entire wealth

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and if a person makes sure that he performs that also Salah he never did is it he never misses it, as well as the budget smaller than what's the reward for that he will be able to inshallah see of us panels are clearly in the hereafter.

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So especially guard, the middle prayer,

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welcome en la carnitine. And when you're praying when you're performing Salah, how should you perform

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with galoot with obedience, meaning with humility, and with calmness and stillness.

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So basically, when a person is praying, he should show respect to Allah,

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by his concentration, by his humidity, and also with his limited movement.

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Just imagine, if you're talking to someone or if somebody is talking to you, and they're constantly looking here or there, or they're constantly thinking about something else, or they're moving unnecessarily. I, for example, sometimes when we're sitting in the class, and if you feel that the person sitting next to you is moving a lot, how do you feel?

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You feel very disturbed. So similarly, when a person is performing similar, he should show special respect to our last panel darling, how, by limiting his movements by limiting the unnecessary movements, and he should not look here there. Because when a person is looking here, there it shows that he's distracted, he's not paying attention. So only like you can even show respect to Allah during Sunnah.

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Fame, if done. And if you fear leftovers from hope and hope is to fear some danger in the future.

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It is to expect some danger or some harm in the near future.

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So if you fear, what do you fear, you fear either the enemy

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if, for example, the Muslims are in a battle, or they are somewhere where there is risk of the enemy attacking them.

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Or, for example, a person fears some disaster, such as a flood, or there's fire, or there's a landslide, or there was a recent earthquake because of which things are not stationary anymore.

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Similarly, if a person is in a place where he fears an animal that could attack him a predator, ai for example, he's in the middle of the forest, and there could be some animal that could attack him from somewhere. So basically, if you fear some threat, and because of that fear, you're not able to pray on time or you're not able to pray with Kanoute then what should you do miss your sada leave it? No, you're not going to leave your Salah. How are you going to breathe in? Fatih Jilin. Then while walking

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the javelin is the plural of the word Rogen and Rogen is one who is walking the logic is used for a pedestrian basically the word Roger is from the word region and regional is used for fort so Roger is one who is going on his foot a pedestrian

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the word regional origin is also from the same root region What does it mean men? Rajan is a man Why is a man called Rajan because he also stands on his two feet you oxen to

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sorry gentlemen. Over here does not mean that men Okay, really Jalan over here is a plural of Rogen and Rogen is one who is walking on his feet, one who is on his foot. So basically I pedestrian.

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So if you fear and you're not able to pray with canoes, then pray while walking or look bannen as writing local band is a plural of Rocky and Rocky is one who is on a recap and recap is amount or a ride.

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Service. Basically, the command is to guard the seller in all circumstances. It is to pray the seller, the mandatory seller in every situation in every

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circumstance that a person is in.

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And the command is to pray with calmness to pray with good news.

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However, if a person is in a situation where he cannot pray while standing still, or he cannot pray with galoot because of some danger, then he can pray while walking. And he can pray while writing. Even the forefather, even the mandatory sooner.

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As you know, that knuffel Salah voluntary prayer, a person can pray that even when he's not facing the Qibla we learned that earlier in the beginning of the second years, but mandatory saw that a person has to face the crippler.

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And a person cannot pray mandatory Salah while he is on a mound, in a car, in a bus in the train. Unless and until there is absolutely no option.

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For example, you're going on the plane and it's going to be 14 hours, 15 hours 16 hours are you going to tell the plane to land so you can pray you

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know, so, therefore, when you fear when you fear some danger when you fear some threat. And if you stop and pray Your life is at risk. And if you don't stop and pray what's going to happen you're going to miss your son. So instead of missing your son out what do you have to do pray while walking, pray while writing while you're on surmount even on the plane.

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So basically, the command is that you have to perform the Salah you cannot leave the Sunnah, you cannot delay the Salah

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many times we see that just because we're out in the mall. Just because we're shopping.

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We say Okay, no problem, I'll pray when I get home. Even if that means delaying the Salah from its proper time, that is not appropriate.

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We see that even when there's the fear of deaths. What's the command pray, even if you have to pray while walking, pray, even if you have to pray while you're on your animal. But you have to pray. You cannot delay the Salah you cannot neglect the Salah like this.

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So we see that there is no allowance for leaving the planet altogether. But there is an allowance as to the method of praying or the way of performing for them.

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And remember that if a person is walking, and he's trying to pray at the same time, how is he going to do sudo? He can do sudo? Right? So obviously sudo there's going to be with a gesture. Similarly, he might not be able to do record properly. So how is he going to do that? Through the gesture.

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Similarly, if he's writing an animal, if he's sitting in the car, and if he stops, there's a flood right behind, that's chasing them. Or if he stops, there's a tornado. So you cannot stop. So therefore what is the person going to he's going to pray as he's driving, as he's sitting in the car.

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This is the beauty of already that it guides us with regards to every situation. Every situation that don't leave your dean, don't leave your Avada and this is the ease of our Deen as well that if you cannot do this, then pray like this. If stopping and praying, if praying with erneut is not possible, then praying this way for the Jalan cabana

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for either a mentor and then when you are in peace, meaning when you are secure from the danger when you're secure from the fear when you're secure from that threat, then what should you do? First go to law. Then remember Allah How? By performing the Salah properly.

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So when the situation is back to normal, then again remember Allah praise Allah, how Pomona quantity

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and during this photo what should you do? Do the curve of law remember Allah?

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And how does a person remember Allah, through the tongue, in the heart and also through one's actions, and we know that Salah is the best form of remembering Allah. Why? Because he is remembering a lot has done. The person similarly is remembering online, his heart and the limbs are also performing those actions which are in there they could have in obedience to Allah.

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So if I could Allah remember,

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and we see that Vicar of Allah is a major part of Salah

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Vicar of Allah is a major part of Sunnah. I mentioned the Hadith to you earlier, that once a person spoke in salah and what did the profits are allowed to say that you should not talk about other things in the center. Salah is about doing the sphere that we and Vicar of Allah.

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So if

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A person is praying the Salah,

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and not even for a moment he thinks of Allah. Not even for a moment he thinks of Allah. What is that?

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What is that? It's just physical actions then

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it's just a physical activity then that's it. Drusilla proper Salah. Correct Salah is that in which a person remembers Allah,

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not just by his tongue, but also in his heart.

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The focus of Salah is the focus on remembering Allah.

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And also we see over here, that for either a mentor when you're secure when everything is fine, then remember Allah, meaning do Vicar of Allah. Otherwise as well. Don't just limit the remembrance of Allah to Sunnah. But rather, remember Allah, outside of solid as well.

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As we learned in so little calfire 28 will determine a fella called Blue and the cleaner with Deborah Hawa, who will kind of Unruh furuta

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and do not obey someone whose heart We have made heedless of our remembrance. Someone who does not remember Allah, Don't listen to him, don't obey Him.

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So therefore, we see that a person should remember Allah, not just in Salah, but outside of solar as well.

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And why should a person remember Allah?

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Can I love con man and Taku Nutella moon, because he taught you what you did not know before.

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Remember, the word karma is understood in two ways. First of all, karma is understood as just as in the same manner. So do the Corolla, in the same manner that he taught you meaning don't invent your own ways. don't invent your own methods. don't invent your own ways of performing silent, no, perform the Salah, do the, in the way that Allah has taught you.

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Also, we know that the word karma gives the meaning of because it gives the meaning of reason.

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Why should you do the kind of Allah?

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Because he taught you what you didn't know?

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Everything you know, who gave you the knowledge of that? Allah subhanaw taala?

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A person might say no, I learned about biology from the university, not from the Quran. What if Allah didn't give you the intellect? What if Allah didn't give you the opportunity? What if Allah didn't provide you with those textbooks? With the money to pay for school? with the proper teachers? There are people who still go, but they don't learn anything. They don't learn a fact.

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So, Allah is the one who has taught us everything that we know, everything with regards to our dunya and everything with regards to our Deen as well

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in knowledge is a huge blessing. It's a blessing of Allah. It's not something that one acquires, just by his own accord, by his own efforts. No, there are people who try so hard to learn to memorize the research, but they don't find anything. They don't learn anything. They don't remember anything, despite all their efforts. So if a person has been given knowledge, he should not be proud.

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Rather, he should be thankful to Allah, because it's a blessing of Allah.

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We cannot say that I deserve to gain knowledge or I deserve to know so Allah must teach me Allah must give it to me. No, nobody can say this is my hug. It's a favor of Allah. It's an air Mandala.

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And especially the knowledge of the deen is a huge Name of Allah. It's a huge favor of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam was commanded to say we'll call are busy the near in man say that, oh, my Lord, increase me in knowledge, give me more in.

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So because he has given you are in therefore, you should thank him, therefore, you should remember him.

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And we see also over here, that knowledge and remembrance of Allah should both go together.

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Many times we see that worldly knowledge has been completely cut off. from what? From religious knowledge, isn't it?

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When we study biology, when we study geography, when we study history, we study all of that as facts, biology, Mother Nature, and we don't mention a lot of hands on at all. And the fact is that both of them should go together.

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We learn in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says in sort of the natural is 78 well lo a Harajuku member Tony, Omaha article, letter Allah

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and Allah

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extracted you from the wombs of your mothers, not knowing a thing, not knowing anything.

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When a child is born, especially the human child is the most vulnerable. Out of all, children, out of all babies that are born, the human child is the most vulnerable. Why? Because he doesn't know anything. And it takes him much longer to learn

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other animals, other creatures, we know that within weeks, within a few days, within probably a year or something, they're completely independent. But the human child especially does not know anything.

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So who is it who teaches a child how to suck, how to eat, how to work, how to do these little little things, it is a loss of pantalla.

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So because he has given you knowledge, he has given you all the skills, therefore, show humidity to be thankful to Allah.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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As for praying in the airplane, what about the timings you have to go according to where you are. So basically, you look out the window. And obviously, you should make sure before you leave, as to which Salah is going to come while you're traveling. And accordingly, you should pray. And we know that when we're traveling, we can join the sun as well, like fudger, you have to pay on time, the hood. And also you can join together either you can pray as we'll have time, or us of time, you can join them together similar the moment of inertia you can join together.

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So look outside, and go accordingly.

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And if it's a flight that Muslims typically take, then you should ask other Muslims, as well. But with Salah is coming in particular, and how exactly you're going to pray. Because sometimes in the plane, there is no place where you can stand and pray. In some planes, there is a small, tiny masala. If you ever take the Saudi airline and you travel to Saudi, perhaps you get the opportunity of going in a plane where there is a very small muscle and you can actually stand and pray and it's a beautiful experience. And if that's not possible, then you pray on your seat. So basically, you can stand up for the piano. And you can sit down for the ruku and for the student. And also, you

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have to shorten the salary, because you're traveling. So this is the thing that a person does not forget, a believer does not forget a lot no matter what situation he's in. Even if there is a tornado that's right behind him. We know of the time of the Prophet sort of autism, even afterwards, when the companions they would stop during the battle, and they would pray for them. Half of the Muslim army would be fighting and the other half would be praying. And then they would switch the other half would pray. And the first half would go in, defend. So even during battle, the Muslims would stop for Salah.

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in this situation when you pray, it reminds you go back to a lot turn to Allah seek His help seek his assistance. So, Salah is something that takes us back to our focus, I will Qibla

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so in a situation where a person is unable to pray sometimes because of illness sometimes because of the threat of the enemy, the danger of an animal or anything like that, when a person is traveling you cannot stop. so in this situation a person prays in whatever manner that he can because it has been said clearly, for the Jalen Luke banner, by gestures whether or not you're facing the people.

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Later when if for example, if a person is in a state of danger, and he's not able to pray with colludes properly, and he prays either while walking or while writing while running, so is he supposed to pray that same Salah? is he supposed to repeat it afterwards? No, he's not supposed to.

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We see that there's so many concessions that we have been given already. Now you can live in love and have some Illa Allah does not overburden any person with more than they can bear. So if it's not possible for a person to pray with God within a particular situation, then he is given the allowance of praying in whatever manner that he can. And later on what should he do to the care of Allah? thank him for that allowance. thank him for that ease in the deen.

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Imagine if the command was that no matter where you are, no matter what situation you're in, you're supposed to stand and pray properly. Imagine if Allah wanted he could have given that command. But he made ease for us in our day.

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Then all of a sudden

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When Medina Yuto of Phantom income, and as for those people who are taken in death among you,

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and over here, you will find them income does not mean that they have already died. But rather it means that they are near deaths there are about today, they're approaching that

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where the owner of Virgin and they're leaving behind them as virgin wives, one or more young or old? If they're leaving behind themselves, their lives, then what do they have to do? What

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they have to make a wish. They have to make a request. So let him make Aliyah as an obligation in whose favor Lee as YG him for their wives in the favor of their wives. And what is this what's the year that they should make for their wives madonn off of matter of benefit. Matter, as you know, is something that is benefited from something that has enjoyed and matar over here refers to maintenance and residents. What does it mean when maintenance is ample clothing, food, residents a house to live in. So they should, at the time of death, before they die, they should make a will, in the favor of their lives when they're leaving behind that the wives should get marathon they should

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get maintenance and residence until when it'll hold up to a year that would help with how to lane before.

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So maintenance for one year later is large without turning them out.

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If large is to turn someone out, to expel to drive out. So without turning them out, turning them out from where from the house of their husband.

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So we see over here, that a person if he realizes that he's about to die, if he's near death, then he should make a will see in the favor of his wife. And that was the year is that the wife gets maintenance and residents for an entire year.

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We learned that in the days of ignorance. And even at the beginning of the slide, there is the of the widow was one whole year.

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And in the days of ignorance, the women did not get any share in the inheritance. We know that the women they would not get any share in the inheritance which inheritance, which is state, which their husband left behind, they would get absolutely no shame. Because they weren't considered as inheritance, they were considered as part of the estate of the deceased men, which is why the people would also inherit the wives. They were distributed among the people just as other things were distributed.

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Now we learn that Allah subhanaw taala, gave the share of inheritance to the wife of a deceased man as well. And that is mentioned in sort of the new set where the wife gets either one fourth, or one eighth of the entire estate of the husband. At the time of his death, depending on the situation. Either she gets one fourth, or she gets one eight, depending on other relatives as well.

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So basically, if they don't have any children, and the wife gets a quarter, and if they have children, then the wife gets one eight.

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So, when a share of inheritance was given to the wife, then this ayah was abrogated.

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What does it mean by that,

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that the men did not have to make alyssia in the favor of the woman at the time of death. Why?

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Because she was getting her share of inheritance anyway.

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And there it the that used to be one year was reduced to how much four months and 10 days as we read previously.

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So this is basically considered abrogated,

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even our best what they learned who said about this idea that the widow used to reside, and have a provisions provided for her for a year in the deceased husband's house. Later, the IRA that specified the inheritance abrogated this IRA, and thus the widow inherits one fourth or one eighth of what her deceased husband leaves behind.

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Other scholars say, however, that this is not meant to be, but it can be applicable. And what they understand from this is that at the time of death, a man may make a will in the favor of his wife that she should be given the residence and maintenance for up to a year. Because if you think of it, let's say a woman is old

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A woman is very young, and she has young children. And the man realizes that he has a chronic illness and he is going to die anytime. Suppose he finds out that he has cancer, and he's not going to live long.

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So he can write a will, in the favor of his wife, that she should be allowed to live in my house for up to a year. And after a year, then you may divide the property, then you may divide the estate. Because when a person dies, then immediately his estate is to be divided, and it has to be given to the heirs of the dead men, it has to be given to the heirs of the dead person. So imagine if the woman with all the young children, all of a sudden her husband dies, and within weeks, she's moved out of her house, or right over there, either, she's moved out of the house, it's going to be very difficult for her. So depending on the situation, a man may write a will a man may do so this is

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what other scholars say. However, it can only be up to one year and not more than that.

00:26:07--> 00:26:12

Because other people have a right over that estate, and they should get that right.

00:26:13--> 00:26:43

You may have heard of, or you may have seen in your own family, that when the grandparents die, their house or their property is not immediately distributed amongst their children, sometimes it is distributed after several years. So similarly, in this situation, if a man finds that it's better for the woman to stay in the house for up to a year, because she needs, then he may do so. But it's not a must. It's not a must anymore, before it was a must. But now, it's not a must. Because the share has been fixed.

00:26:45--> 00:27:20

for encouraging and then if they go out if they leave corrigenda from college, so if they leave meaning they leave before the one year has passed away, the women, they leave that house before the one year has passed, and they don't take the maintenance or residence benefits anymore. Financial heartache and then there is no sin upon you know sin upon who the heirs of the dead person, the earlier of the dead person, fee concerning mouawad for another day, the fee and fusina regarding themselves memoir, wolf of that which is appropriate.

00:27:21--> 00:27:45

So as long as the decision that the women make concerning themselves is appropriate, then there is no blame upon you. If she does not wish to stay in that house for an entire year, don't force her to she has to stay performance in 10 days. And after that if she wishes to leave, don't force her. There's no problem if she leaves, as long as the decision that she makes for herself, is that which is.

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And some scholars say that this indicates that if a woman has to spend their time elsewhere, because of some necessity, then she may be allowed to do so. The command is that she must spend their underwear in the house of the husband. But if because of some necessity, that she's completely alone, she doesn't have any children. She's a young girl. And if she lives on her own, it might be dangerous and nobody else can come and stay with her the father is working full time, the mother is working full time and nobody else is in town, nobody else can come and stay with her. so in this situation, it would be dangerous to leave her on her own. So therefore she may spend their data

00:28:32--> 00:28:38

elsewhere. In the case of extreme necessity, remember extreme necessity.

00:28:39--> 00:28:48

The rule is the actual rule is that she has to spend it in the house of the husband. But if she must leave, then there is no blame. As long as what they do is

00:28:50--> 00:28:54

well, Mahara is even hacking and Allah is Mighty, and he's also wise.

00:28:55--> 00:29:01

So we see that there's wisdom behind every decision of a loss of data.

00:29:02--> 00:29:20

And from this ayah we learn that a woman has a share in the inheritance. Therefore, this ayah has been abrogated. However, a person may make the will sia in the favor of his wife at the time of death, that she may live in his house for up to a year.

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Whenever locati

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and for all divorced women

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and Mother laqad is a poor enough mutanda

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and over he gives the meaning of all just as a handle. It doesn't just mean the praise What does it mean? All praise similarly, little Metallica meaning all of the divorced women. What does it mean by this all of the divorced women,

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meaning all of the different types of divorced women, whether the marriage was consummated with them or not, whether the model was fixed or not, whether the model was given or not. Any

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A woman who has been divorced whether young or old, rich or poor, no matter who she is, if she has been divorced, then what

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matar on a benefit meaning she has to be given some of that how will my roof in a manner that is appropriate

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and what is maruf

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that a wealthy man must give according to his means, and a poor man must give according to his needs. And maalouf also shows the way in which the mythos should be given, it should be given in an honorable manner, it shouldn't be given with burden or while insulting the woman No, it should be given in an honorable manner in an appropriate manner. And the amount also should be that which is feasible for them when

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somebody asked me a question that sometimes at the time of marriage, the woman does not take any monetary Mahesh,

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the woman does not take any monetary model. For example, the man is four he cannot give anything. So sometimes it happens that the man says, okay, fine, I will teach you some suitors of the Quran. And the woman accept, okay, fine, that is my mother.

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Or at the time of marriage, the woman says, It's okay, I don't need any more. I don't want it. So if this couple gets divorced, then what is it that the woman is going to get?

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How What is she going to get? Imagine if the man offers some service? How are you going to resolve as to what the woman keeps? Similarly, if the man didn't give her anything at the time of marriage, then what is she supposed to get? Because we learned earlier in this lesson, that a woman who has been divorced depending on her situation, she needs to be given something at least. So this ayah tells us that no matter what the situation is, any woman who has been given divorce, she has to be given some mother at the time of luck.

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And that matter is going to be Bill Maher roof, whatever the man can afford, whatever the man can give, whatever that is feasible for him. And in a manner that is honorable,

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because we see that when a woman is divorced, she is hurt. So she has to be compensated in some way or the other.

00:32:29--> 00:32:47

Some scholars have also said that well, in what alacati Mataram bill now, what this means is that after the divorce, or at the time of divorce, besides the mother, something else should also be given to them. Something else should also be given to the woman.

00:32:48--> 00:33:25

So let's say a man and woman were married, the man gave 5000 as mother to the woman, the woman accepted that the marriage was consummated. Now, if the divorce happens, the woman keeps the entire match. She keeps all the 5000 put over here, Allah says, Therefore, although talakad there should be matar, there should be some extra benefit. So besides the Maha, give her something else as well. Give her something additional. Give her something besides the motor as well.

00:33:26--> 00:33:42

So yes, she keeps the 5000 but give her some more. And how much has that been model? And this is how can this is worded? This is something that is mandatory. I don't want the pain upon those people who have

00:33:44--> 00:33:49

the person who has taqwa, he will definitely do this, because he is fearful of Allah

00:33:50--> 00:33:52

and he is going to do that which pleases Allah.

00:33:54--> 00:34:27

Can I only can you buy you know LaHood? It does does Allah make clear to you his verses? Like how, in the way that he has explained to you what has been mentioned over here with regards to the manhood of the woman at the time of divorce. Similarly, Allah has clarified to you other rulings, other commands of the dean as well. Go Danica, you bet you know, mahalo comm Aya t, y, La La come darkly don't. So that you use your intellect. so that you understand.

00:34:29--> 00:34:38

So we see over here that a loss of panel data has clearly explained the commands of the team. And we have to use our

00:34:40--> 00:34:49

we have to use our intellect to try to understand these comments. Because once we understand only then we can implement

00:34:50--> 00:34:58

and many times the person may say, but I don't understand this. Just try harder. Try harder, you will be able to understand

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Sometimes it is difficult to accept the commands.

00:35:03--> 00:35:40

For example, if in the case where we read that the woman only keeps half of the mother, a person might say, why not the entire mother? Why only half? If you use your intellect, if you think about it, if you ponder over it, if you reflect over it, it's because the marriage was never consummated. The man never really took the hug from the woman. So therefore, is not to give the entire half of the woman either. But he's supposed to give something at least and what is that half of the model. And in addition to that, he is supposed to give some of that. So when we reflect upon the commands of Allah, then we're able to understand them.

00:35:41--> 00:35:52

So Allah subhanaw taala, has clearly explained the if we have to use our mind, we have to use our reason that Allah has given by Allah kentuckyone. So you can understand.

00:35:53--> 00:35:55

Let's listen to the recitation

00:36:25--> 00:36:27


00:36:47--> 00:37:03

we see that sometimes Muslims were living in a country where the laws of a law are not necessarily implemented. Then, at this time of divorce, people take advantage of the law of the land, and they neglect they ignore the law of Allah.

00:37:04--> 00:37:22

So we see that Allah subhanaw, taala, has given rights to the man and he has also given rights to the woman, no matter where you are, who should you follow the laws that have Lost Planet Allah has given, even if it means you have to suffer some loss,

00:37:23--> 00:37:55

we see that it's amazing how the different cases of divorce have been mentioned. That if this is the case of divorce, and this is how much the woman gets it, this is the case and this is how much woman gets. So we see the beauty of the deen of Allah, the beauty of the commands that Allah has given that it covers every aspect of the life of the believer, not just a bother, but also dealings with other people. And when it comes to dealing with other people, every person is in a different situation. So depending on the situation, there is a different command

00:37:56--> 00:38:05

so that we see the beauty of the deen of Allah that it guides us with regards to every situation of our lives. It's so comprehensive.

00:38:06--> 00:38:06

What else do

00:38:08--> 00:38:55

we see over here all of these commands that we have learned about marriage about divorce, family life, we see that the commands have been given the rulings have been given, which are in favor of both the man and woman. And we also see that at the same time focuses on the etiquette and the manner in which you follow these commands. We see that in other laws, people do get their rights, but there's no emphasis on treat the other nicely. Do airson if you forgive that is better. Don't forget maruf we see the word maruf has come so many times. And in the case of the mother, it has been said for unthoughtful accountability for what happened. So we'll follow penico. So don't just

00:38:55--> 00:39:18

follow the law. Yes, that is extremely important. But also be the one who is giving be the one who is generous, be the one who is kind be the one who is nice. So we see another beauty of the Dean of of law, that it doesn't just teach us about what to do and what not to do. But it also teaches us to focus on our luck on the way and the manner that we deal with others.

00:39:19--> 00:39:26

Now, remember that there are different things that terminate Annika, it's the luck, it's fast,

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

which is that the law comes in the middle and terminates Annika, for example, a woman marries a man in her Okay, and another is home. But in the case of the law where the man gives divorce to the woman, no matter what case it is, then what does the man have to do? He has to give her the mother depending on the situation. And in addition to the mother, what does he have to do he has to give the mother as well, in addition to the mother and the mother obviously is going to be determined depending on if the marriage is consummated or not as we have learned early in divorce

00:40:01--> 00:40:25

There are some questions. If the girl takes Hello, then does she take back from the husband what she gave him, the woman is not obligated to spend on the man, whereas the man is obligated to spend on the woman. And if the woman gives any gifts, then we know the proper etiquette that when you give a gift to anybody, you don't take it back. It's highly discouraged to take a gift back from someone.

00:40:27--> 00:41:12

If the girl takes holidays, is there any depth for the man, he's probably not emotionally affected at all. Remember that we have this mindset that men are equal to women. And because they're equal, that means they're identical. And therefore the rules must also be identical. This concept is incorrect. It is completely incorrect. physically, emotionally, mentally, men and women are different. When it comes to rights, when it comes to rights of the religion, as we discussed earlier, both of them are the same, but they're not identical. They're not identical. The man is not going to wear the same clothes as you, you're not going to wear the same clothes as the men, you

00:41:12--> 00:41:16

can't be identical. Therefore, the laws cannot be identical.

00:41:17--> 00:41:42

Remember, there's a difference between equality and being identical. Okay, the laws are just, but they don't necessarily have to be equal. Okay? Are the integers as other and other is, yes, it is justice, but other is to give everyone the hug that they deserve. And what that means is that depending on the situation of the person, you deal with them according you give them what they deserve.

00:41:44--> 00:41:58

For example, if you're talking to a child, you're going to talk to him differently, from the way that you will talk to an adult, there is going to be different in the way that you're going to speak to them. So there is justice. But you know, being identical, that is completely different.

00:41:59--> 00:42:23

The woman that can she go visit, for example, if one of the family members has passed away, if she goes and visits, who is she going to visit other family members, she's not going to meet the person who is dead. I mean, they've passed away. So it's better for her to stay at home. And if she wishes to speak to them, she can speak over the phone, because extreme necessity, extreme necessity, only in that situation she should go.

00:42:24--> 00:42:35

Because when you go for condolence to somebody else's place, what do you find over there, people are sitting there talking together, it's a social gathering. So therefore, she must stay away from that.

00:42:37--> 00:43:18

Assembly. Granted, I was thinking it always helps me understand this and appreciate the wisdom and the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala a woman, the nature the difference between the nature of a man and woman, a woman is like a flowering shrub or a fruit tree, which needs more protection, more nurturing, it needs to be protected from the pests that could possibly attack and man is like a Shady Tree. He doesn't produce offspring, he doesn't produce flowers or fruit. But he is there to provide protection and shade to the smaller plants. So if we realize that then definitely we know that the needs of a Shady Tree are different. It probably needs more water in terms of finances and

00:43:18--> 00:44:01

all that the wheel has been with Allah has kept his heart he's getting more and the woman needs more protection and nurturing and care and this is what we see reflected in all the accounts that Alaska has given us in the Quran. So if we realize that we as women are protected, because we are a different nature of creation, then inshallah we will appreciate that with a flowering shrub or a fruit tree fight with a Shady Tree and why can it stand as tall as you? Why can't I get the same sunshine as you? We don't do that right? We realize the difference in different creations. So if we realize the difference in our creation and a man's creation, then inshallah we'll be able to

00:44:01--> 00:44:10

appreciate and actually be more grateful of the wisdom behind the last account. Otherwise shaytan would always come in put negative thoughts in our mind.

00:44:12--> 00:44:19

And if we don't accept and we try to change our nature that Allah has created us within we're only going to harm ourselves.

00:44:20--> 00:44:22

That's the recitation of these verses.

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