Haifaa Younis – Strive for the higher level I Ramadan Reminder

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing a situation where one of them is struggling to find a one bedroom apartment. They talk about the struggles they faced and how they eventually found a solution. They also mention that they were fasting for twelve hours and that they gave up their food and drink for the day.
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Don't settle for let's just get to Jana.

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That's not the ambitious people nobody just settle for a one bedroom apartment in this life.

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If I want to be in the highest level Europe be I mean all of us. I have to do something externally, and more importantly something inside me.

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Many people don't have it. That's what made Satan Abu Bakr different than anybody else. What did he say about him? Massa Baca Komaba Corinne B Kathy salamin asada. He was talking to the Companions, including Satan Ahmad and say, Natalie. And he said, Well Booker did not

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became where he is right now because he does more soul more fasting and more prayer.

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Well, I can see in Walker of Kobe,

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some something reside and he lived in his heart.

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That's the first thing you need to look internally. What Who are you with Allah? What do you have inside you? For Allah only?

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Make it practically easier. Go home and answer this question. What did you give up of something you love? And you have access to it? But you gave it up for Allah. Like you're gonna give up your food and drink for about 12 hours roughly for Allah only. That's why we're fasting. But what did you give up from this dunya let alone internally for the sake of Allah.

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What do you do extra between you and Allah and many people don't do

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