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Ola guy the Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salaam aleikum, which means peace be unto you are very excited to talk about our next topic. I'm excited all the time to talk about these wonderful topics because they have to deal with very important things. So I'm glad that you got a chance to tune in today took the time out from the material world to talk about something serious. I got a very exciting email here that got me excited, and I'm going to share it with you. And then we're going to go into our topic with our next guest. So

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the email goes a little something like this, it says, Hey, Edie, as you may know, from the above, my name is Justin, I was raised Catholic from a very young age and could never understand the Trinity. While soul searching, I thought that I had indeed found my home in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is what brings me to your website, Mr. Eddie, I cannot come to terms to believe that a man died for my sins. I cannot believe that God sent himself as a son to die. None of this makes sense.

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But lo and behold, I pray to God, just God to show me the right direction. I'm not sure if it just happened by chance, but I came across your show. I've been looking into Islam, the Islamic faith, and suddenly, everything just made sense. from reading about it. I still do not fully comprehend all of it, but I do desire it. I'm going to get the Quran soon and immediately start reading.

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My only problem is my family. My grandparents are extremely racist. And I know that they will hate it. If I become Muslim. I just need words of encouragement to know that what I'm doing is okay. I'm seriously considering converting after I get out of the Navy, basic training this summer, please respond. And I'm responding to you. We're going to bring out our next guest don't go nowhere. We got an exciting show for you our salvation. We'll be right back on the dean show.

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is His Messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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No, I did that maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice.

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I hope you enjoyed that email that I got to share with you from our soon to be brother God willing, we're going to try to give him some encouragement, we're going to try to talk about proper salvation.

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The proper belief that the Creator of the heavens and earth has sent down for all mankind, something that makes sense. And to help make sense of it all my brother, it's incredible. Man kind of humbled. I'm very good. I'm glad to have you with us again on the D show. Good to be here. So we're gonna get straight to it. The we did a show with you earlier, and people got to hear a little bit about you. You run the Vienna Institute, you specialize in the Arabic language and trying to use, you know, the Quran, the verbatim Word of God, to the best of my ability, but I'm still very much a student. Yes. So you can help us out on this topic that we're trying to help our brother out. Who's our brother in

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humanity? I feel that almost soon he might be our brother in faith. It's a very simple step that you have to do. We're going to help give you some encouragement to show you just how simple it is. With the right belief in the one God and the salvation. Yeah. You heard me read this where he talked about the Trinity? Yes, God being three but one, one and three. God dying for our sins. Let's start from here. What do you have to say? Well, I think when I read this email, the most important thing that struck me was commitment to truth. Yeah. And

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and I think his his his request for help is very, very valid. Yeah. Human beings, they need support. Like even our messenger sallallahu Sallam made the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. In his mission, Allah supported him. A love would give him words of encouragement, and they would come to console him when he was on this impossible task of dealing with people that are constantly accusing him of all sorts of things.

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Here what I want to share with you, as far as your journey to guidance, in my analysis of if what you're saying is true of you. Your heart has already accepted Islam. Yes, if your heart has already become Muslim. The idea now is how does it come from the heart, onto the tongue and

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It becomes a manifest reality for all to see. The thing of it is the underlying issue here, even before we talk about salvation is the idea of guidance. This person, you're seeking guidance, you're you're looking for that truth. And you've stumbled by Allah's Will you fallen right onto Islam. Now the thing is, the greatest treasure you can have in this life is guidance. That's the greatest treasure you can have. It doesn't matter if you're wealthy, or young or old or sick or poor, or you know, homeless, or you're in this country or that country. It none of that matters. In the end. If you have one treasure, you have everything you need, and that treasure is guidance. Now, guidance

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itself is not cheap. You can't own it. Even if you were Muslims, we don't claim to own it. We claim to ask Allah for it every day. Yeah, right. We make one guided decision, we enter into Islam, that's one guided decision. That doesn't mean we're guided the rest of our life, it means now we are in a better position to ask for guidance, right. But when you make that decision, when you make that guided decision to enter Islam, understand this, because it's so powerful. And so pricy and so precious, you have to pay for it. It doesn't come cheap. So when people accept this guidance, in order for them to appreciate how valuable this is, a lot tests them. Sometimes the tests are through

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family, like what you fear. Sometimes the tests are through society. Sometimes the tests are through friends, sometimes the tests are through money. What ends up happening, I've just laid out for you, before you take this decision, life is good. family likes you careers going well. You have a good old time with your friends on the weekends. Life is just relaxed. It's just sailing by Yeah, you make this one little decision. And all of a sudden you become the object of criticism and ridicule of your family. Everybody starts looking at you funny. Your friends don't want to hang out with you anymore. Everybody's trying to pick a fight and debate with you. It seems like your whole world just

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turned around by one decision. And this is a very scary even to think how my life is gonna change is a very scary thought. But the thing is, if you can go through this test with courage, because coming to the truth, you know, it requires two things. It requires deep thinking that you've already done. But it requires another step and that's courage. You need courage. If you have the truth, but you don't have courage, you won't stand up for the truth. And that's as good as standing up for falsehood. So when you stand up for that truth and you start facing trials, loss of friendship, financial difficulty, family, difficulty, pressure from society, you know, ridiculed from all sides,

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it is at that point that that's the hardest part of this journey. If you can hold on at that point, then you've sort of proven to yourself and to your Lord, what this is worth to you. You ask your Lord to let you through the storm. And after you go through the storm, you get the greatest gift. Unless has about this. The Saba Mimosa button elevated Mila woman you Billa he has the Calvo. Now listen to this. He says there is no calamity that will fall upon you except by last permission.

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And whoever remains, whoever continues to believe in Allah, Allah will guide his heart. Allah will guide his heart, meaning you have to face this calamity. But in the end, the gift of it is your heart is at peace, it's fine, it finally has guidance, it finally has the right path. And it's at that point where Allah speaks about another thing and this is very important. This is the one I mean, I've laid out the trial part for you. And here's the whole part. Allah says woman yet tequila Hamas, Rajan was in high school, I have to say what that means is, whoever truly fears Allah, whoever truly is truly cautious of Allah, and acts as though they are cautious of their Lord.

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Allah will make a way out for them, whatever problems you're having, there's a guarantee from Allah, He will pull you out of those problems. And then on top of that, will your Zuko whom in high school I said he will provide that person from where they couldn't have even imagined. So two things happen. Your part you have to fear Allah, you have to be cautious of Allah. You have to make your decisions based on your relationship with your Lord. Keeping in mind this the axiom in the Quran, Allah Tasha homogeny don't fear the people don't fear them. Fear me. Allah is giving you that that scale. Basically you weigh on the one hand, do you fear me? Or do you fear the people? Right? So

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tell us brother, I could just continue just listening and not interrupting but we got a lot of points to cover. Yeah, we got so little time. Yes. Tell us brother, for the person because this is one individual who seems to be very sincere, and he's about to come out and

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get past. You know what his parents are going to say in his society.

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Looks like he's brave enough to come forward. There's a lot of people that even though they know this doesn't make sense, they know this Trinity and all this stuff. We're not trying to offend anybody we're trying to have you think. And there's a lot of people out there who are like, you know what, I'm going through the same thing. So they just just, you know, brush it off and whatnot. Let's talk about because I think if we help them to see how, by using their brain, they can see how Islam is so rational and pure. It's the natural way. But this, these man made ideologies, philosophies. These are things that we should stand and criticize and be like, hold on, this is not from the

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Creator, tell us why do you think so many people fall to feeling that? And is it possible that somebody can die for your sins, this whole idea that somebody is going to pay the price, and now I can just do whatever I want or whatever the case talk to us? I've had a number of conversations with people of Christian faith. Yeah. from various denominations, and the recurring theme of Jesus dying for the sins of those who believe in and sins for humanity. And once we accept him, we're in Yes.

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I when I asked them, Well, what about your crimes? What about Okay, so, I asked, flat out, okay, anybody who accepts Jesus will go to heaven? You say, yes. I said, Okay, well, what if a terrorist accepts Jesus? When he was killed hundreds of people, innocent people, if he accept Jesus, he's going to just go to heaven? Just like that? Yes, he doesn't have I mean, and they just say flat out? Yes. What What about a rapist? What about a murderer? What about you know, these these criminals? What about them? Yeah, all they have to do is they, they believe in Jesus. And they're good to go. And even if they were believers, before they messed up, they can come back to Jesus and they're

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saved again. Right? The idea behind it, which seems to be contradictory is on the one hand, the Christian says that the human being is born in sin. Yeah, he's born in sin. On the other hand, when you talk to Christians about theology, and you say, Well, if we're born in sin, we're prone to sin. And you're telling me I'm forgiven already? Am I gonna send more? Because you've given me open license? And if I do sin, I'll say, Hey, I was born that way. Yeah, right. Those are no people are good. If you once they have faith, they're good. I was like, but you said they're born in sin. And now on top of that, you've given them a justification for that sin, you've opened the doors for

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them. And so you find the real I mean, you could speak in theory and say, theoretically speaking, yeah, Christians are supposed to be good. And, you know, a good number of them are, but the vast majority of society that claims Christianity does horrendous things, with a crucifix hanging from the chest, or, you know, calling on Jesus here and there, but then also, you know, engaged in foul sorts of language, right? Yeah. Yes, there are bad Muslims, too. There are bad Jews too, and they're good Jews, and they're good Muslims, etc, etc. But the mentality that it's produced, is one of being able to get away with our behavior. And what this is a psychology of check. Basically, what this is,

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is a person doesn't want to take responsibility for their own actions. Yeah. So they figure you know, it's just like, kinda like at work, if you have your your managers a good friend of yours. And then the boss is mad at you. You know, what you do? You tell the manager, talk to him for me. Yeah, I don't want to deal with him. And the managers kind of got your back. Even if you come in late to work, or you mess up or whatever he's got, he's got your back. That's the idea, right? You don't want to deal with the actual person. So here we have violations against God, the Lord of the worlds, the entire psychology is what God loves Jesus so much. If Jesus puts in a good word, we'll be

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alright. I'm all good. So I actually don't have to please God, I can continue to spit on the the the injunctions of God when he commands me to do I could kick them to the curb. And if I am getting in trouble, I'll just get Jesus to put in a good word for me. And I'm okay. You got the JC Gokarn, basically. So now, and this is actually not just limited to Christianity, or any religion that sets up an intermediary between yourself and God does this, that intermediary is there because it's your your pass into heaven, without you taking responsibility? without you having to stand up for yourself, we all want the easy way. Exactly. And the other thing this does, and this is very

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important. One of the very important side effects of Jesus being the means to save yourself or any other partner or any other intermediary, is that you actually don't expect God to forgive you.

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You don't expect mercy from God. You expected from that God is merciful to him. So he'll show you mercy but God Himself Yeah, he'll destroy you. He'll destroy even the Christian believes he has destroyed nations in the past. So they've actually on the side, kind of even though they believe the Trinity or this is all one God. But to them, God is more punishment. And Jesus is more forgiveness. Yeah. And they've kind of separated the two to the Muslim This is contradiction. If God is all knowledgeable, and he's the Creator of all things, and he is the absolute

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The Merciful no one can be more merciful than the one who created everything and heavens and the earth. So we expect mercy from him. But tell me now the person says, You know what? You just said that God Almighty is all knowledgeable, he knows all. But the argument here is that God out of His love, he wanted to come down to experience what it is to be a man so he can relate to you better to me is telling me that guys not all knowledgeable. Exactly. So talk to us about this dis How do you refute this? Okay, he loves you. So he came down to die for your sins. So the idea of there are a few problems here. It's love. First of all, yeah, it is love. Where was the love since Adam?

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number one. Number two, if this was such a critical, I mean, this is, if this is the heart of the message of salvation. Why were people of generations and generations and generations being told to worship one God asked that God for forgiveness, ask him for for salvation, seek His mercy, no one else's, and ridiculed any religion who set up a son or daughter, another deity besides God, were put aside as blasphemy. Right? Then it's a matter of inconsistency. We're actually breaking apart from that. Now, the other thing about love God, Allah, Allah is one of those names.

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which actually means the compassionate also means the one who knows what you're going through. So actually, part of God being absolutely powerful and absolutely knowledgeable is actually he knows exactly what we are going through. He doesn't have to come down to the level of his creation, to experience because he created that experience. It is putting a limitation on on on God Himself. But the fundamental argument again, if God is just mercy, which is again, the punch line, in a lot of this rhetoric is God's mercy, God's mercy, God's mercy.

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The thing of it is, if God is all mercy, then there should be no concept of punishment at all.

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There is no punishment, because he's all mercy. So there has to be consequences. Now they've set up the consequences once, once you accept Jesus, then that's it. Now you've entered the mercy. But the rational idea, the rational explanation is, you do your best to obey your Lord, you will fall short, nobody's perfect. All of us make mistakes. You do your best, and then expect from God's mercy. That's the balance. If you take advantage of God's mercy and say, I'm going to disobey God, I'm not going to listen to His commandments. All of that is unnecessary for me. In the end, he'll be merciful anyway, then you are actually trying to take advantage of God. And he's all knowledgeable

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about that, too. If I could sort that out, God can sort that out much better than I can. Right? He could see right through that, that that flawed line of reasoning. So if you're confident enough that you can stand in front of your Lord on the Day of Resurrection, and argue with him about how he's supposed to show you mercy, even though you kicked his commandments to the curb, then go ahead. That's not a very smart plan. Rather, we need to be submissive before our Lord. The other thing. Notice, and this is something I've talked to Christians at length about. If you look at the life of Jesus in the Bible, yeah, it is one of worship, submissiveness servitude. He's observing the law of

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kosher. He's praying. He's engaged in acts of worship, kind of like what we do exactly like we do. He's falling on his face and praying, like, Christian asked me at the airport, why do you pray like that? I was like, Jesus. Yeah. What's his legacy? We're just part of that same legacy as it was before him, and it's after him. Right? Allah speaks about the People of the Book of Carissa that they fell on their faces praying that they fell on their faces. So I mean, such that is actually an indication of the continued continuation of that legacy. Right? But but from a theological point of view, again, you could argue why it doesn't make sense. But it's probably better to understand why

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is it that people set it up this way to begin with, it is because of that guilty conscience and not wanting to take responsibility for one's actions, to set up that intermediary. So Allah in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke because he didn't speak English, it is a god he would say Allah ha, this is very close to Allah. This is a law he called on a law, a law does he need a sacrifice of blood sacrifice? Some people will say that before they used to sacrifice animals, have you heard this argument? Yes. So tell us now does he need this kind of blood? When we make a mistake is he merciful where he can just forgive us talk a little bit about it, okay. The what we already got,

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first of all understand and this is very beautiful in the Quran. When Allah speaks about the believer doing good deeds, he uses certain very interesting terminology.

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He says For example, who will get give God a good loan? Mandela de la casa obviously when you ask for a loan your need Why is God asking for a loan? This is actually a means of humbling the

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slave, how you we know God is the owner of all wealth, the wealth in my pocket doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the Lord of the worlds, he put it there to begin with, right? And he's asking me for a load, I'll give you a parallel. Even though for a lie, there's there are no parallels. But for this scenario, I'm giving you a parallel. Your mother who you love to death,

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comes and asks you for money. Can I borrow $5, I don't have enough money to buy milk.

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A sincere son would be moved to tears, that his mother had to come to him and ask for money. Why did it come to this point? And she's asking to borrow it as though I expect her to pay me back. Right? What kind of foul son Am I that my mother would not have that expectation from me? When God asks the believers for a loan, he's reminding them, you've become so greedy, you've become so clingy to the world that you have, that you have to put it in a way that'll put you to shame. Yeah, you want to get it back right. Now. So this is this is one thing. Now, another thing he puts in nakatani. Another statement he makes is, should I tell you of a deal, a business transaction? People love

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business transactions, right? So a lot appeals to human beings are coming and talking to us through the verbatim Word of God, the Quran, the the look, morality, genre, should I tell you over trade that will save you from torture from tremendous punishment, that you believe in Allah and His Messenger, and that you struggle in the path of Allah with your money and yourself, your money is not going to save you alone. And yourself alone, you have to put both in, you got to spend in the path of a lie, you got to struggle in the path of alone, you have to believe in Allah and His messenger. You take this path, and he will forgive you. And he will showers mercy upon you. He'll

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enter you into paradise. But the idea is, in the end, will Logan you hear me This is very important. The bottom line? When I say business, when I say loan, you would think or the person on the other end is getting something out of this. One of our last names in Islamic theology is no honey, no honey, which means the one who is free of need the one who is free of need. Another one of his most beautiful names a summit, which means the one who everyone depends on and the one who depends on no one. Okay, so now, whether we sacrifice for Allah, which people did in the past, before, when we sacrifice that, who did we sacrifice it for? Our intention was to please Allah. But who did that

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sacrifice benefit? There's a benefit of life we sacrifice? No. When we praise Him, does it benefit us? No, benefit them or benefit him? No, it benefits us. When we pray to Him. It doesn't benefit him. It doesn't increase his kingdom in any. It doesn't decrease it any, because he already owns all kingdom. These are acts of worship and ritual for ourselves. They are entirely for ourselves. So the idea of why does God want me to do this? The simple answer for yourself, for yourself, Allah says in a sentence accidently unphysical if you excel meaning excel in good deeds, you've only done sort of better yourself to benefit yourself. Woman tjahaja innama up to date, FC whoever struggles puts the

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effort, the time the sacrifice and has only done so for his own sake. You're talking about sacrifice and putting in striving for what what are we striving for? Ah, see, here's the thing, the punch line, all human beings, and this is something that really hit hard when I studied it. All human beings desire some things consciously or subconsciously, regardless of religion. People generally tend to love for example, the idea of homeownership. I want a place of my own. I want to decorate it the way I like it. Right? I want I want beautiful scenery. When I look outside my house, the neighborhood should be nice, nice lawn waterfront property, even if you don't afford a waterfront

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property. When you see a mansion on the water, you pull over the car and you stare for a little while. Yeah. Wow. You know, it's it's human nature to want that. And it's it regardless of religion, regardless of language, regardless of culture. Allah is basically given us a deal in this world. Take a life of struggle.

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Take it to the end of your life, he will, he will work with you in that struggle, he'll help you out across along the way and facilitate it for you. But if you are willing to commit to that struggle, he's got a home for you that is eternal. And it'll be the way you want it to be. You know, there's no such thing as you know, that dream of homeownership, we call it the American dream, you know, in our society, that dream turns into a nightmare pretty fast. You buy the home, then there's maintenance, and there's property tax, and there's foreclosures and there's this then there's that, all of that remove just that dream, just the house. Just the residents. No worries, no concerns. No,

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you know, eternal life. That's what we're this is what we're struggling to struggling to be God conscious and everything we do to be the best human beings that we can do. The motivation that couldn't be better motivation. Yeah. Couple more points. We got two minutes. You mentioned Jesus, and tell us what do we believe about Jesus? Jesus, Lisa, I

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Same as he's pronounced in Arabic, his name. We believe that he is not the Son of God that He is one of the greatest messengers ever to have been sent. Islam counts five of them. Noah, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed salam, these are the five great old awesome, the messengers of great results. So he's counted among one of them. We believe that he was born a miraculous birth by the Virgin Mary, we believe that he does not have a father, he does not have a father. And we also believe that he's coming back, that he will come back and this might sound shocking to some of you, we believe that he's going to come back and break the cross. We believe that he was never crucified,

00:25:40--> 00:26:16

that he was actually lifted, that Allah had elevated him to the to the heavens, and he's still alive in his human form, not in a godly form in human form. And he will come back as a messenger and slave of God, to dispel the misconceptions that had been spread about him. So all the prophecies of the return of Jesus that are in the Judeo or the return of a messiah and the Judeo Christian Jewish tradition, and the return of Jesus specifically in the Christian tradition, we have a parallel to that we do believe he's coming back, or we believe he's coming back as a slave of Allah as he was first. And to dispel all the misconceptions that were spread about him and the way that's captured

00:26:16--> 00:26:51

in a very small phrase, Jesus will come back to break the cross, He will come and destroy the cross, He will, he will clarify to the people what the reality of Jesus himself was, he will live a normal life and then live, die a normal death like any other human being, the miraculous elements of Jesus, his miraculous birth, that he spoke is a baby, that by Allah permission, he was able to take a clay bird and blow it at it and bring it to life. This is what Muslims believe, too, that he was able to cure the blind by a less permission that he was able to cure the leper by a less permission to Christ. He was the Messiah. He was he was the he was the one that was appointed by a law called him

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Messiah mercy. I have no idea that he was born of a virgin mother, and that he will return Okay, just really quick. Just hit this point. We got to go there flying in us. We're almost out of time. If someone makes a mistake, what does he do? If he makes a sin were weak? Okay.

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simple answer. Yeah. Yeah. I by the Latina Asafa unfussy him all my slaves that have wronged themselves that have transgressed against their own selves. Now, do not ask Matilda, don't you dare lose hope in the mercy of Allah. In the lie of Jamia no doubt Allah will forgive the sins all of them, what you have to do, what is the path to forgiveness, number one sincerely repenting being ashamed of what you did. Number two promising a lie you won't do it again, a commitment not to go back to that sin, repentance. And number three, changing your behavior immediately. You change your behavior, you don't repent for a sin, go back to it next week, then repent again and go back next

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week. Because Allah says We love you, sir. allama Follow me on the moon. They didn't insist upon what they did while knowing what they were doing. So you can insist upon yours and you have to you have to firmly commit to let go of that sin. And if you're sincere, Allah will help you in walking away from that sin for life is the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious, he's the Creator of the heavens and earth. He's ready to forgive. We turned out to be ready to ask. That's it. Thank you for being with us to get Welcome. Welcome. And to our brother Justin, who sent us this email. I hope you really got to benefit for the show. We did it for you and all those other people who are out there

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who are confused. They might have been brought up in a family of people who had such beliefs. And we're not trying to step on anybody's toes or hurt nobody's feeling we're trying to encourage you to use those God given gifts, just like our brother Justin did, and come out and do one simple thing as the giver of guidance. God Almighty himself alone to guide you.

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He's the only one that can guide you. He's the only one that can forgive you. He is the one

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the one God to whom there is no co equal or comparable. He has no beginning no end, no equal, no peer, no partner, no father, no mother, no wife, no child, no son, no dwelling, no human body, no form, no color, no race, no nationality. This is the one God that we're talking about. The one guy that is there to guide you. He is the one self sufficient master who begets not nor was he the garden, to whom there is no co equal or comparable, who has no wife and has no child. He is the merciful God.

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And he's ready to forgive you for all your sins. He's ready to guide you. So all you got to do is as you take that first step then and acknowledge that he is the only one worthy of worship. There's none like him. And Muhammad is the last and final messenger. Just like Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, they were all messages of God delivering the same message to worship one God alone without any co equal co partner. Nobody

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Has any kind of attributes like God, God is unique? Nobody like God. He's the only one that I want to submit to and pray to.

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That's the God. So when you do that, you become a Muslim.

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And God gives you a paradise is a guarantee.

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So that's it a very simple formula. Living life according to how God wants you to live, striving your best to be the best human being you can be. We hope you got to benefit and we hope that you take that necessary step you don't know if you're gonna live till tomorrow.

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So you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

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ashampoo Allah Allah, Isla ilaha illallah wa husch me, Muhammad

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Rasulullah Rasul Allah

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and then live for God doing every day what God wants you to do, and that's that first step we just talked about.

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Okay, we'll see you next time. That's it. That's all the time we have until then. We'll see you next time here on the D show every week. I Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you

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Allahu Allah. Allah

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loves lahoma is

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the lady

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AD mana

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shame me Naomi levy Masha was

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aides comb aides lay everybody sleepy

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arise and ask a lot of thinking me Oh lol You see oh law you know, overseen die do a turn to you to begin. Cinema.

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You don't mind

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runs away.

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Guy be

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ashampoo Allah, Allah Allah Allah ilaha illa Allah Illallah

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Rasulullah Rasulullah