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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salaam aleikum, which means peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. If you want to learn about Muslims, you've come to the right place you want to learn about Islam, you've come to the source. Now from time to time we bring on different learned individuals in Islam. We cover different topics, and we bring you certain treats at time people who have accepted us not. When we come back, we're going to introduce brother Shahzad. And he's going to tell us his story, how he came to Islam, and how he's still in Islam. And he's excited about Islam, and he shared Islam to the people so tight, you don't go nowhere.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice. A Komodo monokuma Sit down. I say your name Suzanne. She said, Yes, she does that. Yeah. Okay, president of the Canadian dollar Association. Before we get into some of the wonderful work that you're doing, the people are excited, they love hearing the stories of how people come to Islam. Now you have a unique situation that, as I heard that you have a family who were some of their roots were from the Islamic origin, but they weren't practicing Islam. Right? Talk to us, tell us a little bit on your family law, basically,

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a lot of them was kind to me approximately, I say about 10 or 11 years ago, I entered into the fall of Islam hamdulillah originally, I'm from the Caribbean. So I have some roots that go back to Islam and different religions. My parents originally were Muslims. hamdulillah. But person being born and raised in Toronto, in Canada.

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You know, I wasn't raised, believing a particular way or particular vision.

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In, in school, the general schools that we went to, they would teach us the theory of Darwinism. And that is, as everyone knows, the belief that, you know, human beings have no creator and everything came about by chance. Hamdulillah, you know, after thinking about this, and going through this life, trying to look for happiness, in all the wrong places, the time looking for happiness, in intoxicants or in the past life, you know, oranges, things that have short pleasures, I started to realize that, you know, there must be more to life. And hamdulillah I would say that, after thinking and destroying the reason, I figured out that if simple things like a car requires, you know, there

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must be a manufacturer, there more so, a human being, must also require a manufacturer or creator. So began Little by little, believing that there must be a creator, there must be a god. And I began trying to search search out and find out, you know, who is this creator? And what are we supposed to do in order to fulfill our purpose in life?

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After I would say, General research, I went to churches, I went to different religious gatherings, researching through the Bible,

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reading a little bit of you know, the Old and New Testament, as well as reading through books of Buddhism, Hinduism, Allah subhana wa Taala, guiding me to eat a bit of both the Quran wait one second, please, because I want to simplify for the person who just heard heard you mentioned a law and you said subhana wa Taala. Can you define what this is for our non Muslims who are listening? Well of course as as, as you hear the word Allah, Allah is the when referred to allow we mean the only the only creator The only the God who created everything can our moon God is it? No, of course not. No moon God actually Christian Arabs, and and even you know, Jewish Arabs, they refer to God by

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the name Allah. So this is not strange to the Dr. Krishna of the Arab Jew. So when you hear me say a lot, you know, I'm speaking about the Creator of the heavens and earth, when you hear me see a lion. I'm speaking about the one who created everything, and controlling everything and sustaining everything. When can we see a lion are speaking about the one who is allowing the sun to rise in the East everyday descent into West, when I speak about a lion, I'm speaking about the one who allows the closed clouds to form in the rain to descend. So with that being in mind,

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you know, it was a, as I was saying, it was really a bounty from Allah for my Creator that he guided me to, you know, to Islam. After going through all these different stages. I have to say that it wasn't all at once, like my background. Like I said, I was looking for happiness in all the wrong places. You know, previously, I used to be a DJ, very much

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involved in the music industry very much involved in, you know, what's taking place in the entertainment world.

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Thinking that happiness was in that type of lifestyle. And after seeing so many people meeting so many people, you think that they're happy, they have everything, they have wealth, they have fame, they have women, they have, you know, everything that people look to today on television, thinking that this is, you know, this is happiness, I met many of these people, myself being one of them, and found that

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I did not find true happiness in that I would come back home after a party come back home after, you know, some of these festivals. And I would find that when I go to sleep at night, I feel like something's missing. Even though in the, you know, in the apparent Look, look at it, I had basically everything that I thought I needed to have, I'll go to sleep, and I feel like something missing. And it wasn't until after Like I said, I began to search, figuring out you know, that there is a creative figuring out that, you know, there must this create a must center revelation. I mean, if we are people who when we purchase a brand new television, or a brand new computer, it comes with an

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instruction manual telling you, you know how to work this thing that you just purchased, or there's new television, what button is for what and how to use it. So if you think about these companies like Sony, who, when you buy a brand new television, it comes to this instruction manual, we have to think well, what about the Creator of the heavens in the earth? I mean, of course, you would also send us an instruction manual. So after time, after research, I realized that yes, of course, the Creator of the heavens and earth, He did send us an instruction manual or instruction manuals, revelations. And of course, he did send us instructors, these were prophets and messengers. So

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little by little, I began to compare.

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And like I said, reading through the Gospels, reading through different religious texts, a person offered me the Quran.

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In high school, I never really had any Muslim friends, but this person was in one of my classes, and he saw me researching and reading and doing a lot of stuff like this. And he gave me a copy of the Quran. And he said, Why don't you read this book? You know, there is no book like this, this book itself is like miraculous bookings. I tell me all these things about it. Myself, not that, you know, I never heard of a book like this. But he said, no one can produce a book like it. So I said, Well, let me see, you know, I took it and took it with a sense of pride or a sense of arrogance that let me see it, I don't think is that you know, that big of a deal actually read his book and see what

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it's all about, you know, I started reading the Quran. And just in English, the way the Quran speaks to you, I started feeling you know, this Quran is speaking to me, you know, it's telling me stuff is making me think that, you know, the way the Quran speaks is very, very eloquent and very, very powerful. And it makes me think many times, the Quran says, you know, do not look at such and such do not ponder the creation of the heavens and earth. And so had me thinking, and little by little, as I read more of the Quran, I began to believe more and more in this book, that it is indeed a book of Revelation. And I read a very interesting article by Dr. Keith Moore, Dr. Keith Moore. It was the

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head professor of the Department of embryology, for the studies in in the University of Toronto. And I heard that this person, Dr. Keith Moore, a non Muslim, had written a research paper showing that the Quran or stating that the Quran could not be from a human source. And he was saying that the detailed description of how the embryo develops in the mother's womb was not known to modern science, you know, except recently, you know, probably approximately Not now, probably about 80 or 90 years since they started discovering, you know, these details about you know, how the embryo develops,

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could not have known these facts about human development in the seventh century, because most of them were not discovered until the 20th century, that God transmitted through Mohammed bits of his knowledge that we have only discovered for ourselves in recent times.

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1400 years ago, when the world was immersed in darkness, the Quran was revealed, which brought light to a beleaguered world. And whereas the earlier books came with many scientific mistakes, due to the hand of man having delved into them, the Koran had none of these contradictions. The world thought there could be no reconciliation between religion and science. But the Quran mentioned many scientific facts in great detail, like how a human being developed in the mother's womb, and described other scientific facts which Amaze The world's renowned scientists and scientific community said the accuracy of the Quran and describing it was so accurate, that this had to be

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revelation. There's no way that an Arab living in the desert of Arabia 1400 years ago who could not read or write could have come with this information. So after reading these things, and reading the Quran, and studying and thinking about life,

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I began to turn towards Islam. I began I used to believe in Islam and believe in the Quran.

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But it was a very gradual process. And when I say gradual process is a very important point, I would I would never people would tell me, Well, why don't you just believe in the Holy Quran and just, you know, hold that point, don't lose your place there. I just want to rewind a little bit, I want you to tell us bringing it back to when used to DJ, how did you from a man? I had a guest with me before? I don't know if you heard of So hey, when he used to? Were you ever on the same circuit with him? No, no. Okay.

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And he talked about his experience before and being in this scene, having people praise you having people you know, admire you, hey, DJ, can you play that song and you got all these, you know, things tantalizing, tempting you? And you feel good about this? How do you how'd you get away from that? How was it? How did you break through that? Because you know, it's getting your head big people sweating you they're around you people want to be next to you. How do you break through this so people can never have to say that, you know, a lot, a lot of times I want to add on when he started guiding me it was a you know, it was it was really this was the most inspiring thing to try and

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starting to find meaning to my life. Yeah. And so it was I started to see these things as meaningless, even though people even though I was known amongst people, even though, you know, people used to think that, you know, what I'm doing is cool, what not, I realized that the reality of situation is really just, you know, fun and game, there's nothing, there's not much substance to this lifestyle. Most of the stuff I've done, even though I was a DJ, I used to do more more like produce tapes and produce. I was more annoying from the, from the things that I produced rather than just, you know, performing or DJing, at

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nightclubs. But what the main thing I realized was that, you know, once you start to search for happiness, the main thing I realized was that I would never be happy, and less the one that created me was happy with me. And that's the main point to help me to change when I start realizing how am I going to be happiness, the one who created me, is happy with you. So that was a, you know, that was a strong point of realization, finding that where true happiness lies, so that wasn't bringing you true happiness, there was something missing, for sure. Hello, that you got past that continue on with what you were saying. Right? So I mean,

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in a nutshell, you know, the, you were talking about gradually, gradually, gradually, gradually coming to Islam. So I didn't really like just sort of reading the Quran now. And I'm a Muslim. Yeah, I believed in a kind of concept. Yes, I'm a Muslim submitting to the will of Allah. I believe in the concept that yes, this Quran, you know, seems like it's a book of Revelation. And I believe in the Quran, as far as I read, you know?

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And people will come to you and say, Well, why don't you just be a Muslim? Why don't you just, you know, just you read, so read so much about it, why don't just accept Islam. And, you know, just believe in the Quran in believing everything as opposed to believing? And I said, Look, one of the things that interested me in Islam is the theme. Quine says, produce your proof if you are truthful. And so this was something that really appealed to me, I saw how the Quran always encouraged proof, and research and so I was only believing things that was proven to me. So when we said to me, why don't you just believe in the whole Quran? I would say, Well, I can't because I have not read the

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whole Quran. I can tell you, I believe in so much as far as I read, but when I complete to her, and I'll tell you if I believe in the whole of the Quran, that that was the approach that I took. And hamdulillah allowed me to complete reading the Quran and, you know, translation English language and hamdulillah you know, I accepted Islam, I didn't know you had at that time had to say Shahada, or any type of stuff like this, or make a pronouncement. But I did in my heart, believe in Islam. And I began trying to practice what I knew, little by little humbler people that were around me, some of my friends that were non Muslim. When I went to high school with nice to hang out with, they started

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asking about Islam, before I knew it, more than three or four of them had become Muslim as well and became, you know, basically like a small little clinic that we would hang out together, and we would encourage one another in Islam. So it was really a, I mean, it's really a blessing. And Allah blessed me after that, after learning about you know, the beauty of Islam and that this is a true religion, I realized that I have to increase my knowledge, you have to go and study. And that's when I set out to go and you know, visit these different lands, I went to Egypt for a short time. And then I also then I was blessed to come and visit Medina and be accepted here to study hamdulillah

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tell us, for those who are, you know, young and they're excited about doing some of the things that you used to do. And you know, what they, they can relate, we got their attention, they were flicking through and they stopped and they're listening to your story and we got their ear, but you know, they're they're, they're indulging in some of their passions, you know, the desires taking charge and you know, what the society is like, is taboo to talk about that? They're thinking that you know what, I don't want to be around no organized religion as they say, I'll do my own thing. What advice do you have? Well, what I gotta say to

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People like that is, I mean, I used to think like that I used to be like that. I thought that, you know, I can find my own way to happiness and you can find your own way. And that's, that's all we need to do. But I mean, I'm talking about people that's been in the past life, major celebrities, I've met people who are multimillionaires, people who are, you know, world famous, who have everything that people might be thinking brings happiness. And these people are now turning around and trying to find out about life trying to find out about who God is trying to find out about what he's messages. And we have major people, people like, you know, like Dave Chappelle, who became

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Muslim, who, you know, has you started a spiritual journey and got to you know, he had the opportunity to come and visit Mecca.

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with myself, and you know, perform the lesser, Dave Chappelle, Dave Chappelle, for those that don't know, he's like, a big time. Now. He's a comedian, comedian. And he's, he's really, you know, people may just see him, you know, in the media, as, you know, a person that's very humorous, but they also there's also another side to him is very spiritual, and a very down to earth, very moral person. He's also a great family, man, he came with his family, his children, and I mean, these people, these people, after having all these different things, they realize that, you know, like, true happiness is really going to come from the one who created you, every fiber of your body, the one

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who made you,

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if this creator, the one gave you, everything created you in every fiber of your body, if he is happy with you, then you will also find happiness in your life. And many people like him, people like Napoleon, who was a major rapper, rapper Tupac. He also, you know, accepted Islam, and, you know, found happiness in it. And he came, he's also visited, Mecca, visited, he was a rapper for Tupac, Tupac outlaws, he was in a group called Tupac solos. And he sold over 60 million records worldwide, he has been on records that sold over 60 million records. So I mean, these are people that had it all and had more than many people wish that you know, think they'll ever have in your

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life. And yet, they're willing to, you know, they see, they see through it, and they can see that there's more to life, you know, morality and meaning being in contact with your Creator, and knowing why you exist on this planet. And where you're going to go after you pass away this is these are very important questions. And I think that, you know, looking into Islam, you can find the answers. as men, you know, many prominent people did find the answers and you look at people like Malcolm X, who found those answers in Islam, look at people like, you know, Muhammad Ali, who found those answers in Islam, you look at people like Cat Stevens, also who, you know, the top of frame, they

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were like the most popular people in the in the, you know, in the in those different areas. And they all found these answers in Islam. And I think that for the viewers, if you also turn to Islam with an open heart and open mind, you will also find these answers in Islam. Do you think that the majority of people are looking up to these celebrities, like when you go to, we have like jewel osco the drugstore, and you see all the different soap opera magazine, Everywhere you look, there's some kind of celebrity, right? It seems like subconsciously, somebody has a dream, the average person has a dream, I want to be like him, you think this is something I mean, this is normal this to him,

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every every human being has certain people that they look up to. And you will find, you know, that that these people that many of us many celebrities, although, you know, masses look up to them. They themselves are facing, you know, you know, trials and tribulations in their lives. They seem very happy in front of the camera. But I mean, after that they have a whole they have family, they have friends, they have, you know, whole life that they have to deal with. And so you find many, many, you know, you know, prominent celebrities that people look up to them and want to, you know, want to be like them, like a lot of people a lot of women look up to Britney Spears. But you know, it's

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unfortunate that you know,

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they basically just, you know, they take from her entertainment, but unfortunately the people don't give back to her so she doesn't she's not no one does no one there for her morally, there's no one there for her spiritually. And so these are people that have this big gap. It needs to be filled, you know. And so I think that, you know, many people are looking to Islam and finding the answer in Islam. And, and just the same way, like I said, like I found it because I mean, Islam comes from a root with Salaam which means peace. And so to be at peace with the Creator who created you, that's a huge thing. If you if you are a peace with the Creator, the one who created you, if you have peace

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with your neighbor, if you have peace with society you live in, then you're gonna have peace and peace of mind peace in your life, you know. So, I mean, the issue of the issue of these celebrities that people look up to, you know, is, is normal because they're always in the media. They're always in your face. But I think we have, we have some role models that we should also look to, and these are, like I said, as the CO creator centers instructors, he also sent us in

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sorry, as as each sentence

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instructions you also sent us instructors. And these are the messengers and the prophets. And so you'll find that many prominent intellectuals have recognized for example, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as a great, a great man, one of the greatest people to ever live, as Michael J. Hart mentioned in one of his books, we says, you know, the 100 most influential men in history, he put Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as the number one person. So I think that it's important for also for people to look into the lives of the prophets like Prophet Muhammad peace upon him like Prophet Jesus, Prophet, Moses, these are all brothers and faith coming from one God, one message,

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although they spoke different languages. So I think this is a important issue to look into and take as our role models tell us, we're going to get into some of the wonderful work you're doing. But before that, some people they forget about death, we're told that I think just in America, you got over 4200 people die in a day, I just want to reflect on this because this is something that shook me up, this is something that had me get my act together, reflecting over that one day, I'm gonna be in the grave. So this is something that people really don't think about. Can you address this? very sure, the issue of death, I mean, if there's one thing that every living person is sure of is that

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they're going to die. There is no doubt in anyone's mind, between all religions, between all intellectuals, I mean, whether rich or poor, you know, famous or unknown, black or white death is going to come for you wherever you are. And this is a reality everyone accepts. But the problem is many people don't like to think about it. But I believe that if someone reflects upon death that will truly bring life to your heart. Because when you think about death, then you realize how precious life is you value life. Every moment counts every minute counts every day is just one day closer to the grave. And when you are thinking like this, you can treasure what you have. Because

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you know it's not always going to be with you. And when you begin to treasure life is gonna bring more meaning to your life you're gonna have a more you know, you're gonna eat live everyday like your last day. And this is from the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. When he came to one of his companions had been Omar and he took him by the shoulder, he said, No confit dunya can hurry. No be in this world like you are a stranger. Oh, average Sabine, or a person that's a traveler just passing by this advice that the Prophet Muhammad peace upon him told one of his companions affected him. And this companion, even Omar, he began to say,

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either MC to fill out and either a sub or if you wish, the evening time, do not fool yourself to think that you're going to live to the morning, without us back there for Latin federal massage. And if you reached the morning, do not fool yourself to think that you live to the evening. He said, hold them in sciatic

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problematic melodic inherited Pablo motoric. He takes from your help before your sickness and take from your life before your death. And I think this is, you know, this advice is very valuable advice. And it has many jewels. And if someone contemplates and thinks about it, hopefully we got some more people's attention now, because this is a fact we can disagree on a lot of things. But the fact is that we're all gonna die and we need to start thinking beyond the money and the fame and the fortune we need to think about serious things. Tell us now you're doing some wonderful work. You're an inspiration to a lot of us because not only did you come and you accepted Islam, and you didn't

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drag your feet, I mean, you're now in Medina, you're studying what about eight years now? And you're the president of even took it to another level, the Canadian Association talk about this for a second? Well, hamdulillah after Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed blessed me to be a Muslim, and guiding me to have his peace of mind in this tranquility. My life, I realized that there's a lot of people out there like I was a person still searching, still in the duck caught up in the fast life thinking that that's going to bring happiness. And I said to myself, you know, I'm so I'm so thankful to my Creator, forgetting to Islam. How could I? How about the other people? You know, how

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about the people who never got a chance to know about Islam, we owe them this. We believe Islam is their birthright, they have a right to know about Islam before they die. So we founded the Canadian Dental Association, which is a registered nonprofit organization with the Canadian government, focusing on presenting Islam to non Muslims, also helping the new Muslims that accept Islam, and also trying to get rid of the misconceptions and many misconceptions that have been spread throughout the media. So the Canadian Association have been able to reach out to a number of the general public, although is based in Canada is not limited to Canada. In general, in the in the

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Western world, we've been able to produce material DVDs, CDs, and general flyers that inform the general public about Islam and give them an opportunity to learn about this, this way of life that's full of peace. We have like this full of tranquility. And so I think a number of people have been touched by

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another thing that we have been doing with the Canadian Dental Association. You know, following the guidance of the Prophet peace be upon him. So his Prophet Muhammad when he used to give a special

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Focus also to people of influence. The Prophet peace be upon me to write to the leaders and the kings

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of different nations. He used to focus on the leaders of the tribes in that in that area, inviting them to learn about Islam. He also used to make special supplication to to Allah saying Aloma is the hurdler moraine Ola guy, one of the tournament's meaning I will journal or over the top, because these were people who have great influence at that time. So the Prophet peace upon him took the strategies from his son, that he reached out to people of influence in an appropriate manner.

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And you encouraged him to learn about Islam, or to learn about this way of peace so that they can also benefit from the solutions of Islam. You know, a person is not fair to some people that they have to go through their whole life and they don't know who the Creator is, it's not fair that they have to go through their whole life. And they don't know that there are solutions to their problems in Islam and in the Quran. So, the creator mentions Allah subhana wa tada mentioned in the Quran that the Prophet Muhammad was sent as a raw material Allah mean, he was sent as a mercy to all of mankind. So if people are going through their whole life, and they don't even know about the Prophet

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Mohammed who is a mercy to mankind, that would explain why many people are living in punishment and misery, and you know, having a hard life. So I think it's our duty as people who are grateful for Islam, people who are grateful for the blessing and this bounty of being a Muslim. It's your duty that you share with your neighbor, that you share with your colleagues at work, that you share it with your society that you live in. And, and we have a model that says if they do not accept Islam, they're gonna respect Islam. You know, there are some people they may not convert to become Muslim, but doesn't mean they cannot benefit from the Islamic solutions. Islam has solutions that people can

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benefit from, whether it's people have problems with alcohol, whether people have alcohol problem with drugs, whether people have problem with violence, Islam has solutions for that. So we want to offer everyone This, this this, you know, this, this valuable thing of Islam, this jewel, that we believe is their birthright solutions to all of mankind's problems. We're sitting here with brother to jam with the CDA, telling us his wonderful story. Now, we're gonna hit a few more points and we're going to come to an end. Tell us now, some of these, because we talked about people nowadays they're looking up to celebrities names, so I'm sure some people are curious with who are some of

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the celebrities that are, you know, realizing that you know what, I'm climbing this ladder, and I'm getting higher and higher. But you know what, there's something missing and this ain't

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filling that void. Snape, some of these people that people look up to that anomaly. There's a number of celebrities. I mean, you don't have to look far. I mean, but I mean, from from some of them, like we mentioned, like Napoleon, who was a famous rapper, you know, I talked about him. I mean, he accepted Islam from

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the most famous rapper in in history. Yeah. Tupac is the most famous rapper in history. Dave Chappelle. Yeah. Also from his group. You're also young, noble, you got Castro, ed. I mean, he's all Picasso painting was to go from house to paint. Everywhere. He's a Muslim, he became Muslim. Okay. You know, Dave Chappelle? I mean, there are a number of people that are looking for spirituality, and they're finding their answers in Islam. Yeah. Recently, you know, you just heard it's been in the media has been in the news, just about two, three weeks. So Michael, Michael Jackson, you know, I mean, I mean, these are people that definitely had problems in their life, but they are finding

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solutions in Islam. So we encourage people to, you know, look into Islam, if people like, you know, people, like, you know, famous people like these people who seem to have everything and more than many people will ever have, are finding answers and peace and tranquility in Islam, then we're gonna, you know, we have to encourage others to look for that as well. I want to make one thing clear, though, when we hear these celebrities name, I want to make sure that we make it clear that they're not our examples. Even if somebody accepts Islam, from some of the big celebrities, they're human beings, for sure.

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Can you do this? Of course, I mean, it's known that if you want to look to a religion, you have to take it from a source. And so the best example

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of any Muslim or the best example of someone who practices Islam is the prophet in the messenger, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He himself as the example he himself is the explanation of the Quran, he himself is the interpretation of how one should live their life. And as for the many celebrities that benefited from that, that's the benefit there they have been inspired by the character by the individual by the morals and the morality of the Prophet Muhammad peace upon him so that you know, we should look to the you know, the, the main example or the top example, or the supreme example and that's the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon it's the last and final messenger sent

00:29:41 --> 00:30:00

to mankind. Now, the person even the skeptic, he wants to know what Islam is calling him to. Let's finish this up. If you can briefly explain what Islam means what it is, and what someone has to do to become a Muslim. There might be

00:30:00 --> 00:30:37

Some people right now, we want to get their keep their attention because as soon as they flick the channel, they might see some half naked women on the other side, they might be jumping in the car with two or three speakers, and you know what they're back into the worldly things, we got their attention, talk to them, given the mess, what I mean, I got it, I got, I gotta say something that I mean, some sincere advice to all the viewers and anyone out there that truly You know, this life is a short life. And no matter what, like, as we, you know, as we mentioned earlier, if you if you're watching, you know, death is a reality, and we're all going to die, and we want to make the best of

00:30:37 --> 00:31:15

our life before he passed away. And so I'm saying that coming from a background of a person that was busy in this world really like looking for happiness, and all the wrong things, looking for happiness, sometimes in a bottle, looking for happiness, sometimes in materials, we found that the only way a person will be happy if you have good happiness for the one who created them to create up to heaven and earth. And so Islam, which means comes from with Salaam, which means peace, is the way that a person can find happiness. If someone becomes becomes a Muslim, or believes in the Creator of the heavens and earth, that he is one, he's not a man or a woman, but he created men and created

00:31:15 --> 00:31:56

women, you believe that this creator has not created you without a purpose, and that you have a purpose in life. And that is to live upright life via God. You know, a godly person, a person who is moral, morally upright and trying to, you know, do good to others. If you believe in the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and believe that you know, you do have a purpose in life, your purpose in life is to try to be good to others and try to worship this creator, singling him out alone in worship, not worshiping any creation along with him. And you believe in all the righteous teachers and messages that he sent, starting from Adam, to Noah to Moses, all the way down to Jesus and

00:31:56 --> 00:32:31

Muhammad peace be upon and be the last of them, then that's how that's a simple equation of Islam, to believe and testify that there's nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone. And to testify that Muhammad peace be upon him is his final messenger. This is the key to happiness. This is the key to success. This is the key that prominent people like Malcolm X found is the prominent key, or this is the key that prominent people like Muhammad Ali found, this is the key that many, many celebrities are finding today. And I think this is the key that will be successful your life. That's it, you know what they watched the other shows were coming to an end, you heard it, you testify that

00:32:31 --> 00:33:09

there's no one worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth, Arabic Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger, and someone becomes a Muslim. How do they say it in Arabic? If a person wants to say it in Arabic, after understanding it in English, the person says a shadow and La ilaha illAllah. It means I be a witness. There's nothing worthy of worship except Allah shadow in La ilaha illallah wa shadow and Muhammad Rasulullah. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His final message. It's simple. If a person believes that and says that on his tongue with a belief in his heart, that person becomes a Muslim right away. And so we believe that person is following the religion of the

00:33:09 --> 00:33:28

Prophet Mohammed, the religion of of Jesus, the religion of Moses and all the prophets who believe that this is one religion that was revealed from the Creator of the heavens and earth. And this is the way that a person will find peace and tranquility in your life. Brother, thank you for being with us on the deen show. May Allah God Almighty reward you.

00:33:29 --> 00:34:08

And I like to thank everyone for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. I like to thank you for sitting tight through another show. As you heard it, you've heard a law, the name of law simply means the one the only one worthy of worship the Creator of the heavens and earth you heard the word Quran. This is the verbatim Word of God. And now we talked about death. It can strike you at any time. Think about these more serious questions. Why am I here? Why have I been created, continue to come back every week. Continue to ponder these are very serious issues. Islam is not a religion of terrorism or terrifying people. Islam as you heard the brother say, it stems from the root word

00:34:08 --> 00:34:40

peace, acquired by how submitting to the one true God worshipping Him alone and not his creation. It's a simple formula. And we take for examples, not the celebrities, but we take the best example to mankind, the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And then affirming all the messengers, even Jesus, we love him too. As a messenger. So we hope to see you again next time here on the deen show. Until next time, Assalamu alaikum peace be unto you.

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Allahu Allah, Allah.

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