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similar here hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Lambay when was serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was I was in love with you and because

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from above my brothers and sisters we were talking yesterday about the

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issue of

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what Allah subhanaw taala ordered and the way we approach the outcome

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of Allah's route.

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So we continue with that today.

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There are two very important things to understand from the Sharia point of view

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in terms of how we approach

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the outcome of Allah subhanaw taala and the outcome and the advice of Rasul Allah is Allah highly social.

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The first very important thing to remember understand is that every single command of Allah subhanho wa Taala is implementable.

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Right there is no command of Allah subhanaw taala there that cannot be done.

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And this is true until the end of time. So, there will never be a time where a command of Allah subhanaw taala will be impossible to do. For example, Allah subhanaw taala made Salah forth, there will never be a time when a Muslim will not be able to pray.

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Right? Not not possible this Allah made something which is possible to do.

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Similarly, Allah subhanho Daraa made fasting in Ramadan, fourth, there will never be a time when a Muslim will not be able to fast and no

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I'm not talking about a special case in a pair in a place where Muslims are under oppression and there is you know, some police force which is forcing them to eat some that's a different issue. Generally speaking.

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Generally speaking, there will never be a time when any command of Allah subhanaw taala is impossible to obey.

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And the reason for that is because if Allah subhanaw taala were to give a command which was impossible to obey and then he would hold the person accountable for not obeying, then this is justice. You're telling me to do something, I can't do it. And you tell me why didn't you do it? I mean, you know, whether you fly your command fly,

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you're not a bird. How are you gonna fly? No, I'm gonna punish you because you didn't fly.

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I mean, that makes no sense. So, Allah has never done that there is no command of Allah subhanaw taala which cannot be done. Number one,

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number two,

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or other partner, therefore, Allah subhanaw taala did not simply give a command but he gave the command and he sent his interviewees Allah, Allah Allah He was a limb to implement this command and to demonstrate that it is doable.

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So there is no hokum of Allah subhanaw taala then Rasul Allah is Allah is Allah did not obey

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that No, nothing at all, every every command of Allah Rasulillah Salam, he did it to a level of excellence. And he demonstrated that

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so that this is proof and delay until the end of time.

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How should we play? Cover it more usefully? Oh, come on Cara Lee salatu salam. How should we pray that pray as you have seen me pray? How should we first pray as we saw him first?

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How should we do Hajj although Ana Kausani Manasa goo gah Elisa that was the take from me the mana Zico has how to do watch learn from me.

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So everything, how to do the Command of Allah How do we know because of how Rasul Allah is the reason and did those things.

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So there is

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one point why part one, part two, not point number two

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is anything which Allah subhanaw taala commanded Allah subhanaw taala commanded us with the fundamental thing but anything of that nature that command applies to that also. For example,

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Allah subhanaw taala told us that alcohol is Haram al sama while may say well and Zawada Islam but it's to me nobody shaytani

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Allah, Allah said that all summer, which is haram now somebody says oh no, this cover means whatever was available at that time they used to make wine out of dates. So wine out of dates is

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but I want to drink whiskey whiskey is nothing no that's

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right whiskey is made with wheat it really with with hops so what I want to drink beer Beer in metal hops

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Whoa, nothing. It's no

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any intoxicant, whatever was there at the time and whatever may come to be until the end of time.

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So whether it is alcohol, whether it is drugs, whether it is and it doesn't matter they are in any country or whatever can legalize a drug and say this drug is recreational use of marijuana is halal, no, it's not halal. You are permitting something which is haram.

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He does not have a

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right so

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whatever Allah prohibited

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that thing in any form until the end of time remains prohibited. Allah subhanaw taala privater Eliza privated gambling now you might say well, you know, those days the kind of gambling they didn't have blackjack they didn't have roulette tables right they didn't have an MGM they didn't have

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what is that place in Arizona

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Vegas Yeah, they didn't have Vegas right.

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All you know all the name right.

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Doesn't matter doesn't matter. All gambling, whether it is cards, whether it is racehorses, whether it is racing dogs, whether it is cricket, or whether it is football, whether it's soccer, you know, the big time gambling on E cigarettes, soccer, football, whatnot, a big baby billions of dollars worth of gummy, everything is haram in Islam, anything which we invented is haram in Islam, because Allah prohibited gambling.

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Allah subhanaw taala bribe baited interest based transactions

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right now

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some people say that

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Riba is prohibited but specifically what is riba was not defined

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now that statement by its nature is false. Because what did I start with? I said that if Allah ordered something he made it possible you understood as a result of shorter how to do it. So I like somebody saying Salah is I agree Salah is is what I should do it but I don't know how to sell

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nobody showed me Ross Ross has never shot never showed her how to sell is it possible is it true? It's not true

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so interest

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any interest farms?

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Is privated and rosboroughs are awesome define what it is. If somebody says the service is not there that's they don't know that they don't know the truth or this is the novice or asylum he enumerated six things six items which were used as currency gold and silver and dates and barley and wheat and one more thing I think reasons these were used as currency they didn't they were not buying dates to eat the dates they were buying and selling dates to buy something else with it. Right in a barter system they would give a certain measure of dates for example to buy a camel

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and so forth right Rosa Rosa Rosa enumerated these and is it getting that same thing for extra on the same thing which is gold for gold silver for silver, I give you 10 grams of gold and I want 11 grams This is a labor

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I give you a certain quantity of dates and I want from you a better quality of dates I amount I gave it say I gave you some five kilograms but I want a better quality which means the price of that is more this is the rubber

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now what what bigger definition Do you want? There's a clear definition. What is this interest interest is what you are getting something more for the same thing

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money for money

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it doesn't mean like I work for you you pay me salary that's that's not about this 100 This is good.

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But money for money. And in money, these gay these these food items were included because that was the currency of the time.

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So now going forward, somebody says no, I am not dealing in in debts and so I'm leaving in US dollars. Same thing, no difference. I'm dealing now 1000 years from now I'm dealing in cryptocurrency

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same route several,

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because the akhom the orders of Allah subhanaw taala are perfect and they are perfect until the end of time and they are implementable. They we are able to implement them and wrestlers are Salem showed us how to do that.

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Please understand

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Very clearly this is a very, very serious matter if anyone denies this, then this person is accusing Allah subhanaw taala and the Rasul Allah is Allah of being unjust and of not doing his job of showing us what to do

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that is how serious it is.

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So if somebody says the rebar is is prohibited, but Ross was never defined, rebar, what are you really saying? You are saying that he did not do his job? He did not complete his job.

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Right? What do we know about his job?

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Allah subhanaw taala about the deen What did Allah say? Did he leave anything missing? No aroma, a multipolar container what ma'am? To add a commonality we're ready to local Marisa Medina.

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Completed completed means what means some pieces is not I don't know don't excuse me. You may not know that's a different thing. Everybody does not everything. But don't say it is not there. A big difference?

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may differ I don't know. Hamdulillah this is good. We should acknowledge i don't know I'm not perfect. I'm not the you know, I don't know everything but to say it is not there.

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Dean is perfect. And Rosa Santa Hogeschool. Willa, what did you do? He has the behave I conveyed everything completely. They all said yes. Yes. When Allah says that he raised his hand he said he Allah you are the witness three times.

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So now I come or somebody comes 1000 years later 15 years later we said oh no, we know something. This piece he didn't tell us

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it's a very serious but it is a very, very, very serious matter because there are people

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who are saying these things and there have been people saying below me there's nothing new. There are people who say these things from time to time country to country there.

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There's one man in India where I come from who says that zakah is for only one time in your whole lifetime. You pay the cup once you're good

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nice what was not very convenient. So you have a lot of your money there is no I'll give you a photo of that car one time after that every month give me something

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in rely on analogy.

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Brother Sisters, we understand this.

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Every single thing we have in this life we are going to leave it here.

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It won't go with us. Even the clothes or our body. Even the clothes when I die. This band generally he is the one who takes care of the janazah if I die and he does go so for me. He will take away everything.

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He will take away everything.

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He will wrap me in one white piece of cloth. That's it

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I don't wearing but if I was wearing a ring, they will take off the ring

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everything my topi will go my phone will go my clothes below my underwear will go every single nothing. And after bathing me he wrapped me in

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the coffin in a white piece of cloth and they could be my way.

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So don't ruin that. Don't ruin that place the cover for this dunya not what not what whatever you accumulate

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is going to stay here.

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The only thing which will go is Omar to cut them Boolean false ego means that you are in the lie you are Pharaoh either Raja was stuck for a while you heard the eyes. So the

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only thing which will remain is what we said before. So let us spend in the path of Allah let us do things in the path of Allah smarter, let that accumulate.

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Ask us rather to to help us to stay on the straight path and not to be deviated not to be misled here and there and to live our lives in a way which pleases Him because that is the only thing which comes was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah He was named erotica online.