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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. My name is indien. I'm your host, Eddie. And we're here talking about serious issues. We're here talking about things that are very important.

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We're talking about something also, that's very cool. I think it's very cool to be a Muslim is very cool to be practicing Islam.

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And knowing what your purpose in life is, knowing where you're going when you die having some direction, and who best to give direction than the one who created you might take direction for anybody else. Why not take it from the one who took care of you when you were in your mother's womb? The one who's running this whole universe, and he's in control of everything that why not take direction from him?

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We're going to talk to one brother who's just a cool cat. This brother is not a rapper. He's not an actor. He's a Muslim. He's doing something cool. We're gonna be talking to our brother, the cool brother Omar Carter here on the deen show. So you don't want to go nowhere. We'll be right back.

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There's only one

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is His Messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice as salaam alaikum brother,

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Omar Carter, thanks for having me on the D show. Thank you for being here. It's a pleasure to have. I'm glad you're here with us. We've known each other for a bit of a long time. It's been a while and I've been having you on my mind. That's good.

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So when I introduced when I made the introduction to the show, I said you're not an actor. You're not a rock star, movie star, hip hop phenomena. But you're a Muslim. And I talked about how cool it is to be a Muslim. And I wanted to bring that up. Because nowadays, you got to be sitting down with one of these individuals to 50 cents and a Tupac for people to think that's cool. But I think is cool to talk to our brothers first brothers to talk and to talk about something that's cooler than all that Islam. And we want the people to hear the story because you weren't always Muslim. And you weren't always doing the coolest thing in the world Islam. You were doing something else structure.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself what you do and some of the history of what you used to live before. And then we'll come up to how and where you are now. Well, as you already know, I grew up in Jamaica, I moved to the US when I was about 12 years old. My father was what people would say a clergy member in the church. Yeah. My mother was also a clergy member. We were we all we grew up in the church, basically, yeah. If I remember, Sunday mornings, I would cry saying I don't I don't feel well, I'm sick. I don't want to go to church today. And my mother would say, come to church, we'll pray for you. So, all throughout my life, I've had that. You know, I would say church upbringing. I

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was grew up in the church and moved to the United States when I was about 12 years old.

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Same process continued. I was still going to church, my mother was actively involved in the church. My father was also actively involved in a church. And throughout that time, you know, we would we would always go to church.

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Pray. But there was always something in the back of my mind wondering, is there something beyond all of this, that I'm, you know, that you know, I go to church every Sunday, and then Monday through Saturday, you pretty much return to the things that people do. So church was just a component. Or we would say God was just one part he was maybe he would go to church on Sunday, and then maybe Monday we go and we do whatever else we we would normally do, and hit at points and during the week, we would

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think about God, we would pray before we eat but there was still something that I felt that I was just missing, then I you know, and for years that bothered me and I researched I read that a lot of reading, and I just felt very uncomfortable. Now for some people. It's okay, you know, to go to church, and then every Sunday maybe

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involved in a youth group or visit the sick people. Those are all the things but at the end of the day when you go home, and you're going to bed laying on the pillow thinking okay, so that this was the end of my day.

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And that was the

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point where I felt that is there something else to this life? So

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as I continued when I was when I was around 19 I mean, I stopped going to church when I was about 14. Yeah. And

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at 19 I just I did a lot of reading because for some reason, the question become more and more embedded in my mind, why are you here? There has to be more to life than just what you see here. And at that point, I started studying and I studied Buddhism, Taoism, all the isms you can think of. And somehow I came across a book, I had a friend of mine, he would always laugh at me said, you know, all these things, all these things you're reading, you could find in Islam, but I thought Islam was this weird religion, you know, people wearing hats on their heads, long beard and men wearing dresses. And,

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you know, it was just something that, you know, it's okay, you know, I don't have any problems with these people. But it's not something that I wanted to do. I wasn't attracted to it. And, you know, this, this friend of mine is we're still friends today. He, he, he was very patient with me. He would give me books to read, he would check in on me, we would have a lot of conversations, a lot of going back and forth. And, you know, slowly but surely, I started discovering Islam. You don't. By the way, you mentioned hats and dresses and all these other things, but you don't have any hats or dresses on you and you're a Muslim man, you look very sharp. Mashallah. Well, that's the beauty of

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Islam. Being a Muslim is, of course, there are people who they were what's called a thobe and the Koofi. And that's, that's true. That's traditionally something that people do in their country. It's also what we would say, it's a part of the sadhana because the prophet may peace and blessings be upon him, he wore those things. Yeah. And some people feel that it brings them closer to Islam, it brings them closer to the Prophet. It shows love for the Prophet, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that wearing those clothes. But on the other hand, Islam is also a religion that takes into account that there are different people from different areas with different colors, different sizes,

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different shapes. And the one thing that brings us together is the love of Allah, the oneness of God, the belief that there is no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger, and that Islam is a religion that promotes tolerance. Yeah. So So that's an interesting point. Yeah. Because Islam, I mean, you if you want to dress modestly, if you want to imitate a lot of the prophets, the last and final messenger, the best person to emulate, which is it's actually not a dress, some people would say, from the outside, what are these people wearing dresses? Now, this is something just a modest way of dressing dressing like the Prophet's dress. And if you look at the Muslims today, you

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This is how Jesus or any of the prophets, they used to dress in that not in that modest way, the way a humble way. Isn't that true? That's right. Yeah. So let's talk about cool because we kind of got this thing mixed up, we think you know, that being cool is, you know, getting some

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champagne and going to the nightclub and riding around in a limo and trying to be with these superstars that you see on the TV. But what was your we know, that's not cool. What was your definition of cool before? What were some of the cool things, quote, unquote, that you were doing before Islam? What did you consider? Cool, what did you find motivating you back then?

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And for most people today, I would say it's the same. It's money, money. And money was a great motivator. Yeah, I love the money. And with the money came a lot of things you had, I had a lot of I had nice cars. I had a lot of nice women I was running around with. But at the end of the day, it always came back to the question, why are you here? Are you happy with what you have? The you know, you have all this money. You have a nice car, you have pretty girlfriends. But at the end of the day, there's there was something knocking in the bottom, you know, behind the scenes in my soul to soul, where where's all this going to take you? What's going to happen? 20 years from now, that

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question always, was always coming back to me. And I was just, you know, I thought getting a nicer car, getting another girlfriend, or just having more things would fill that void. But the thing I found out was that the more that I acquired these things, the more that I want it, and that void wasn't being filled. Because it's, it's a void that cannot be filled cannot be satiated with material things. So you mentioned Buddhism, you mentioned some other isms being brought into a family of, you know, people who you mentioned one time that you were actually you consider yourself like a bible thumper. Oh yeah, you got

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to that stage, so you had some knowledge, right? So let's briefly talk about all these other isms before you came to the cool way of life. Well, with with Christianity, I mean, I was involved. I got baptized when I was nine years old. Yeah.

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And, you know, I was, I was heavily involved in the church, I had a Bible I was quoting verses from the Bible, you know, Psalms 23, or psalms 91. All these things. And what were these verses psalms night? What was in these verses? Well, Psalms is basically what Muslims today call this a poor parts of it, where David that would allow Islam, he he was inspired by our Creator. Yeah. And he, he would, he was revealed the Book was revealed to him. Yeah. So that's the equivalent

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of what Christians today would say, are the Psalms, Psalms 23. That said, The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Yeah. And on and on. And these were things that, you know, were carrying me throughout my life at that point. But then again, it was going back to the Why are you here? Is this enough? Do you feel comfortable with what you're doing? So that's when it actually, you know, the answer your question, led into led me into searching. I mean, I even looked at rest Rastafari in Islam for a while.

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And then, you know, Buddhism, it's a, it's a, it's a cool thing. But at the end of the day, I was still left with the question. Are you satisfied with the way you're living? Is this something that when you go to bed at night, you would feel comfortable with?

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My soul just still wasn't satisfied with all these isms? So did you not find the evidence you didn't find sufficient? proofs that these were the truth? And the the, for instance, now in Buddhism, or in these other isms? Was there something there that gave you a clear way how to live your life from A to Z that wasn't there? What were you looking for that you just didn't find fulfillment in these other ways? What what criteria was that you were use headset? Let's take Buddhism, for example. This is a religion that,

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or a philosophy that says, you know, you should be a very peaceful person. Yeah, you shouldn't even hurt the app. It allows you to reflect, for example, my favorite Buddhist quoting is one that says, the man who's pulling the carrot pointed the way with the carrot. It really allows a person to kind of take a step back and look at life and give you a peaceful view of life. Yeah. So in terms of living this life and being comfortable and being peaceful in this life, I think Buddhism answers that question. Now, the bigger issue with for me in Buddhism is okay, so what happens when you die? Who do you answer to? For me? And for some people, Buddhism, they found their answer, but for me, I

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had the question. Why are you here? Buddhism really didn't answer that question. For me. It showed me how to live my life, how to get through the day, how to deal with chaos within my life. But I was still was not satisfied. At that point, I still felt that there is something or there's someone, some entity outside of myself outside of this world, that is moving things that's causing things to move. And for me that wasn't answered. Now, the way of life, the religion of your parents believing that Jesus was one in three, three, and one two, Trinity that he died, he came as a man he died. And what about this talk about this briefly? Well, my that that was something that we that that was one

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of those one of the values or religious values that as Christians we espoused.

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I remember, you know, before I was baptized, we would quote x 238 that says,

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No one comes about being baptized in the name of Jesus, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. And that was something that led me to get baptized. But

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at a point in my life, I was still faced with the question, well, if God is Jesus, and Jesus is God, and God is a spirit, then how do you reconcile that? There was always something that you know, and when I asked that question that was given to me like, Well think of an egg. There's the shell, there's the yolk, and then there's the white. It's still one egg, but

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it's, it's three in one. Yeah, I wasn't satisfied with that. There was also the the answer of there is there's water and ice and ice can become water and it can become vapor think of that. And

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I said, okay, but something that kind of pulled me towards Islam was when

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My friend, again, his name is Vince. He said to me, You know, there's, there's nothing like God, you can't compare anything to him. And that kind of jolted me towards, you know, learning about Islam, I still thought it was a weird religion, it was something that, you know, people that sell bean pies and people who visit the pyramids, and men who dress in weird clothes, I still saw it as that religion. But when he mentioned to me about, you know, this is your Creator. And he started reasoning with me, which was funny, because I think at that point, Buddhism actually prepared me for Islam in the sense because

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my reasoning ability, I think, was developed and enhanced, studying Buddhism. But Islam really forced you to think and to say, Okay, if you're here,

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then there has to be a reason why you're here.

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And it's your job, it's your responsibility to find that out. So I think, from an Islamic perspective, that kind of forced me to rethink the whole thing that we call life. And I think, at that point, I think I studied Islam for two years. And it just it I found slowly that questions were being answered. There were things that at first, I found a little bit, this is strange. But then after I thought about it, and I reasoned with myself, I asked the right questions, and I spoke to the right people. I had no choice. If I walked away from this thing called Islam, no matter how weird I think it is. There was something in my mind that said, you need to look at this. Take a

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second look at this. This is this is what you've been looking for. Yeah, so too much mental gymnastics, going on trying to figure out how God could be a man and then be three and not three, but one and all this other stuff. It just didn't make sense. It didn't fit. But you come into Islam, it answered all the questions. purpose of life, the purpose of life is clear. It's clear for me now the purpose, the purpose of life is clear where you're going when you die. Is it clear? It's clear who God is? Is that clear? That's clear. Tell us who is God? Well, that that's a that's a whole show in itself, briefly know that God is nothing we can imagine the most beautiful thing that our

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imagination will allow us to, and that's still not God. Yeah. as Muslims were taught that you cannot put God in a framework, you cannot put them in a box. Yeah. Which

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is great for the human being, because he can then aspire towards something greater. Because if we think, okay, if we if we think as human beings that we can enclose God in a box, then

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it's going to limit our thinking, our possibilities, it's a it's actually a disservice to ourselves. But as the Quran teaches us, that God has attributes, and we can look around the creation and see things that we're forced to ask ourselves, then why is this here? How could this happen? just

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by chance, we know that when we go to bed at night,

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we were practically dead. When we then we come back, we start up again, we start a new day. Yeah, we look at the days we look at the night, we look at the seasons, we look at the water, we look at the the earth that produces apples, oranges, bananas, plutonium, all these things are coming from one place, and no human being or no other thing. But something

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magnanimous, would be able to create all these things from one Earth. I mean, the Apple has different tastes and has a different smell than the banana or the orange. But they're all coming from the same place. And through the scientific process, the creator is, is able to bring these things forth, and they nourish us. And what's even

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more fantastic is that he brings us back into the earth. Yeah, so just looking at that one aspect of his creation is enough as a proof for me that there's something out there that is in charge of all of this. So Islam clearly defines who the Creator is. And this was something that just went down easy, not too much. It's not mental.

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Nothing complicated, not a complicated let's talk about before we get into

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Islam and how this is benefited you and how it's changed your life. Tell us we got you know, something that's very convenient. You know, you've been a young man and now you have someone who because we acquire sins throughout life where we make mistakes, but I want to and you got this idea this story about someone who's caring

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Your sins now, how did you get away from? And was this embedded in you that someone died for your sins? And all you had to do was believe this and you're okay. That's something that is very easy. I mean, it's if you really want to take the easy way out, hey, all I have to do is just believe, and I'll be saved. Yeah. But in Islam teaches you that you are given,

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you are given faculties, which which you must use as a person to save yourself, or to harm yourself.

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Each individual, Islam really puts the responsibility on the individual. So if I go out and I do something, I can say, Okay, I'll be saved. In reality, life doesn't work like that. If I go out right now, and I go kill someone, I have to suffer for it, I have to go to jail, I have to go through due process. And the state is going to make sure that justice is done, then why is it that a creator who is all wise would say, Okay, do what you want. And all you have to do is believe

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the logic just doesn't hold. I can't say, Hey, you know what, I'm going to do things. And when I do something,

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I'm going to be saved, because I believe Islam teaches you, you have to believe but then you also have to have something behind your belief that solidifies that belief. And what is that? That is action, you have to you have to do things, and you have to believe so the belief belief has two components. It's in your heart. It's a and it's also actions, what you say and what you do. I can't say, Hey, you know what, I'm a Muslim. And that's it. No, I also have to work I have to do good works. And the converse is true. You can't say, you know what, I don't believe but I'm gonna do good things. No, the two go together, you have to believe it in your heart, you have to testify with it

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in your tongue. And you have to use your hands. You have to use your mind you have to use the faculties. Which

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any person who has

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a brain or the ability to think, I think that would resonate with reasoning. So there's accountability. And now you got to prove your your love, you got to prove your your belief right to actions. Exactly. Okay, that makes sense. Now, talk to us, now you accepted.

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Now that we got to find some words, because we got a lot of non Muslims, they hurt Islam to hurt Muslims, and they might got some other things in their head, and we bring up these words. So we're gonna just take a second, Islam simply means render a submission to the creator alone, him, you pray to Him, you give charity for he is the one that is dictating your life. And a Muslim is one who is doing Islam. Islam is a way of life that all the prophets and messengers follow. Whoa, and we can turn off the noise.

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Now, you're a Muslim, now you've chosen you've taken that free choice, that free will that you have now to either go and worship a man to worship or counter worship the sun, the moon, maybe your desires now you could have stopped it just made up your own religion, people. They don't say they're making up their own religion, but when they're just doing their own thing, making things up. So you know, I'm just a good person is in my heart. And they'll just make things up as they go along. You knew that no, this is not union even do we need to get into that? But was there a point before I go to my next point that maybe you said that, you know, the heck with all this, I'm gonna just do my

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own thing? Did you ever come to that? At this point in my life, to be honest with you, I felt that you know what, I if I'm just a good person, and I take all the good things from that, you know, I kind of cherry pick the best from Buddhism, the best from Judaism, the best from Christianity, the best from Islam.

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And I do a good thing. I should be okay. Yeah, there was a point when I, I felt that that would be okay. Why don't you do that? Because again, in the back of my mind, I just did not feel there was something I cannot tell you what it is. But there was some there was always the question of

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what is this all about? Yeah, are you being is this Are you being and I think, you know, most people will say it's your conscience. But at some point,

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your conscience is going to tell you this is not right. Or this is this is right. And even though in a limited sense, that, that your conscience is not what you follow, but to a certain point, it always guides you. And once you've reached the point where you should be guided, then

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things kind of take over from that

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may not make sense. But

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at some point, your conscience is always going to give you an honest feedback. So that was you wouldn't be being honest and sincere that just the easy way. That's the easy way out. Okay. So let's go on to this. Now. Now you're a Muslim. Now you've chosen to do God's thing you've chosen to do the cool thing. Islam is cool. You want to do what God wants you to do. That's Islam. Simple as that. Nothing less than paradise. Tell us now. What

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Are some of the challenges? Was it easy at first? Is it still? Is it easy? Now? Do you feel like you got this one way ticket? You know, it's just all, as they say, hunky dory, or is just good. Tell us now for those who have accepted Islam because I personally witnessed it that, you know, it's, it's not something that you know, it's gonna take some work that it takes some work to start praying five times a day that it takes some work to leave off some of the things that God tells you to, to leave off.

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And that's something that I think

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the human being is a lazy and forgetful person. That's why we have commercials, you know, always reminding us go buy this or go buy that. And I think, to be honest with you, when I first when I was first introduced to Islam, I was

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you know, I, I didn't I love pork? Yeah, that's an example. I said, You know what, I can't give up the pork. Yeah, I can't give up and for I think it may be a year, I just said, You know, I can't give up the pork test now. And it was a test. And slowly, but surely, I was able to, I was able to overcome that. But there are things that we all every person has advice. Yeah. And even he could be the biggest shift. Or you could be the smallest evil door. Yeah, he's he, he has a vise, or she has a vise. And that's something that that's a challenge that is placed within the human being, whether he's a Muslim, or a non Muslim, a good person or a bad person, that if he or she is over, it is able

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to overcome that, that vise or that thing that can actually pull you one way or the other, then that person is beginning the process of being true to him or herself. Because you recognize, hey, I'm a weak person when it comes to this, or I'm a weak person when it comes to that. But then once you're able to recognize that, and move beyond that, and always keep that in mind, then I think the process begins where you can be honest with yourself, you can be honest with others, and most importantly, you can be honest with your Creator. Tell us what are some of the proofs nowadays, look, you know, people when you bring up any kind of Islam, they say, Okay, this is just one of those religions.

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What distinguishes Islam from the rest of these man made religions, because I don't think we should have to follow a man made religion, a way of life that we follow should be from the Creator. So how does someone know that Islam is a way of life from the creator? I think the responsibility factor, I mean, you look at the, you look at the fact that as a Muslim, you're required to pray five times a day.

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No matter how much a person believes or disbelieve, that's going to be a test for him or her. Yeah, you're not just going to say, you know, what, I'm gonna pray. And I just go through the motions, if you're going to spend a great portion of your day, or a significant times in your day, when you're praying.

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That should say something, the other thing is the fasting. If you don't fast,

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I will never know you could. Or if I can say, you know what, we're fasting.

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We're all fasting, and I go sneak and have something to drink. All right, go do something I'm not supposed to do during fasting. So

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and come back and pretend that I'm fasting. But

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these are the individual things that we do, that develops us that develop our belief system to believe that,

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you know, there is a creator, and he sees me, no matter where I go, I can't escape my Creator. So the responsibility factor that, okay, I'm responsibility for, I'm responsible for what I do. And I will be asked about everything that I do

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that really

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put something in the human in the mind that says, you know, at some point,

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you are going to be held accountable. And if we are honestly aware of that, if we're sincere to ourselves, then I think that's enough proof for us. And there were 1000s of prophets that came. And their message was, you know,

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believe in the one God and obey me. But in order for you to believe and in order for you to obey the Prophet, you have to be responsible, we have to take responsibility for the things that we do, and the activities that we engage in. You think if someone's sincere, he wants to know the truth, that it doesn't take too much.

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Too many degrees to figure out that Islam is the way that is from the Creator. does it provide an ample amount of evidence that someone just because it's easily

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we tend to as human beings always look for the easy way. So I think that, you know, you mentioned something before right now there's a good point.

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You mentioned that, you know, the actions that Islam has you do because a lot of the other ways is kind of like, you just blend it in with your life, right? God says, No, no, no, Allah, the Creator of the heavens, air says, nah, you put me first everything else comes second, third, fourth, you blend Islam in, right? So now if someone's sincere, because some people like you mentioned about the poor, or maybe you've alcohol gambling, you know what, you know, this things by their action is more important, because they don't want to give this up, you are sincere enough, you gave this up for the crater, you think is someone sincere and they use their intellect? What would be the first things

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that they would have to do now to come to where you are doing the cool thing doing? what God wants you to do? Islam? I don't want to,

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you know, profess to be someone who's, who's at a point where I'm, I've perfected, that this whole, none of us are far away from perfect. But, you know, we all have our struggles. But I think in order for someone to come to that realization, honesty, you have to be honest with yourself honesty, yes, I think honesty, it plays out yourself. Yes. If you're not honest with yourself, then it's going to create a lot of issues

00:31:14--> 00:32:01

for you. And for those people who you come in contact with, your whole life is going to be based on something other than honesty. So, in order for someone to come to the realization, they have to be honest, they have to go out and seek knowledge, and use your intellect, we were given an intellect for a reason. And in order for us to you to, to use that intellect to to its to its highest level, we have to have a certain degree of honesty, because if we're not honest, we may see the truth. And we can even intellectualize away from the truth because we are not being honest with ourselves. So be honest. Couple more points that tell us we're almost at a time is Islam something for a certain

00:32:01--> 00:32:31

race for the black people? Because some people when you think of Islam, they think that this is a black thing. I mean, I have the same that. Like I said, before, Islam was just some weird religion for and some, you know, like for the Arabs or for the blacks, or, you know, people selling being Thai and farrakhan, and no Islam. Unfortunately, Islam is a religion that sees no color. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. Islam opens its door. So you see the black and the white.

00:32:33--> 00:32:34

Right here. So

00:32:35--> 00:33:19

we live in the United States, and this is a great country, we have just elected a black president. In Islam, this would not be a this would not be something great. Why? Because even when there was slavery in the US, Islam was saying, No, there's no difference between the black or the white is the difference between the man and the woman. So as far as a radically as you would say, cool thing, that as we go through time. And if we wish to be honest with ourselves, we go back and we look at what Islam has been presenting, that takes other entities and entities or isms to figure out as they evolve. Islam told us that 1500 years ago, 1400 years ago, we knew that having a black president,

00:33:20--> 00:33:41

it's not a big deal. Why? Because in Islam, you're judged by your deeds, and what you believe and the things you do not by your physic your physicality, tell us a terrorism this might be on some of the non Muslims mind they tuning in, and that you know, Islam Muslims, and, you know, right away they got this stereotypes terrorists, we gotta say about terrorism.

00:33:42--> 00:34:25

terrorism has no place in Islam, no places, as defined. And people always go through, you know, well, there's no need to apologize if someone is a Muslim. doesn't doesn't necessarily mean that the person is not if someone really is a Muslim, he's not a terrorist. Yeah. Because Muslims in this sounds like a cliche, but it's true. Muslims believe in justice. We believe in peace. And as cliche as it may sound, Islam is a peaceful religion. It's not a cliche. I challenge anyone out there to do any research. When Islam ruled Spain, you had Jews, you had Muslims, you had Christians, all living in the same society.

00:34:26--> 00:35:00

And you can look at throughout the history of Islam, people say it's timeless spread by the sword, that that is not true. Again, I challenge that that notion. Islam has always been a religion that promotes peace. When Islam ruled the world. The world was in peace when Islam doesn't rule the world, the world is in pieces. So terrorism has no place in Islam. No Muslim believes in terrorizing other people, or, you know, killing innocent people for no reason that is against Islam. It's against humanity. It's against the

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

Basic belief of

00:35:02--> 00:35:08

life in regardless of your Muslim or Christian or Jewish or Hindu or Buddhist, whoever you are.

00:35:09--> 00:35:12

terrorism has no place in those religion. And in that,

00:35:13--> 00:35:53

in that arena, Islam is no different as far as Islam and terrorism are not compatible, and with that notion of peace, I like to wish you peace, a salaam aleikum, thank you for being with us, my brother. Thank you for having me. Thank you, Joseph. Aloha. I'd like to thank you for tuning in to another episode of the D show. You got to hear another man's story of how he came to Islam. Islam is the cool thing cause you to think to ponder Why are you here? Are you here just to play, just have fun, make a little money and then you die. Think about it. Be sincere and like our guest said Be honest. search for the truth as the one who created you know word of truth, who give you truth and

00:35:53--> 00:36:12

will give you peace and contentment in life. That's the only way to live. How the creator wants you to live. Simple. And that's a slam doing Islam submitting your will to the will of the Creator tour. And we hope to see you back here every week on the deen show. We'll see you next time. Until then. Salaam Alaikum. Peace

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are you

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while I was here to levy shame. Me levy Masha was yaku See?

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I arrived in escalada thinking me own law you see, oh law you know, all my sins. I do. A turn to you to pick him cinza ma.

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