Reviving Ramadan #06 The Tarawh Story – Why We Stand the Night

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What is the history of the Tarawih prayer that we perform in the month of Ramadan? It started when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came out on one night in the month of Ramadan, and he led his companions for the tarawih night prayer for several evenings. And on each night the numbers began to grow.

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Then on the third or fourth night, he didn't come out to them. When the morning came, he said to them other eight to a ladies on Atom, Willem Yamuna anemia and hora de la Camila, Nicosia to Alto for our Aliko he said that I've seen what you're doing. You're praying behind me, that's great. But he said what prevented me from coming out is the fear that it would perhaps become an obligation upon you from his mercy. So we do have a precedent till the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam leading the Muslims in taraweeh. Ramadan, how many units were the prophets, night prayer, our mother Aisha, she answers this. And she said Machinae as you do Ramadan, our laughy lady Allah,

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Allah Taraka the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never prayed more than 11 units in Ramadan or outside of Ramadan. That was usually his night prayer 11 units. In other reports it was narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would pray 13 units, so 11 and then additional two light units that he would introduce his night prayer with.

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So this was the way of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during the night prayer, eight units and then an additional three

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guides or units as with it, and it continued to be the case that the Companions performed the taraweeh prayer every Ramadan, a separate groups in the masjid whilst others they prayed individually, so they were scattered all over the masjid. And that continued to be the case during the life of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and then during the field effort of Abu Bakr, and when Omar Ali Allahu Anhu became Khalifa he wants entered the masjid and he saw people praying separately and he said well Allah He inshallah Allah Jamar to hula Allah kata invite that can be answered.

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He says that it would be better if we gathered all of these Muslims to pray behind one EMA. And then he appointed obey YBNL cabas, their Imam. And in essence, he had restored what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had initiated when he started leading them in the Tarawih prayer now that he died, there was no more fear that it can become an obligation. And this act of Hallmark this decision of honor was approved by the consensus of the companions. So no one can ignorantly claim that this is a bit of an innovation from our side, the Companions night prayer was so long that by the time the night had ended, they would be leaving on sticks, and they would end their Salah with

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just enough time for

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the pre Dawn meal. So they will perform 11 units of prayer

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aid. And then they will do an additional three, as we tell people struggle to keep up with this because of the longevity of the resuscitation. So they decided that the amount of resuscitation would be reduced. And it would be compensated for by increasing the number of units to 20. So that's where the 20 came about from.

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And again, people struggled to keep up with this. So the number of units was increased further to 39 units, including the Witr Prayer, so 36 plus three naffaa, whose base with the city of Medina, he said that lamb Audrey can nurse 11 Homeless alone, at least advertise it you know what you don't I mean, Happy Fella. My experience with people meaning in Medina was that they were performing 39 units, which included three units as WITR.

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So this was the way of the people of Medina

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a few years after the death of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam In fact, when the governor of Medina contacted Mr. Maryk for the purpose of you know, reducing the number of units for the night prayer 39 units, Imam Malik prohibited him from doing this. And he said had a drug to NASA and he will have the number will Kadeem let the limiters Elina. So Allah He, He says this is what I found people doing. Like don't change it. And this is the old traditional way of the people 39 units including the water. So by the way, if Imam Malik Subhan Allah is saying that this is the old way. Although he himself is a very early Muslim born in the year 93 After the hijra, then it shows you

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that it was a very early tradition. Now many masajid mosques have opted for the eight units that are concluded with the three units as waited to be in line with the prophetic way.

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But before we start pointing fingers at each other and starting completely unnecessary battles, to what extent are we actually following the Sunnah?

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In other words, is being upon the prophetic way just about imitating the number of the prophets units in taraweeh? Or does it also include the imitation of the quality of those units as well? I mean, we live home

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For the Tarawih prayer, we get back to our house an hour later and your wife she's like, mashallah, you finished already and you say Alhamdulillah Yes, we applied the Sunnah of the Prophet Elijah. We prayed eight units and we did three years later.

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Yeah, the Sunnah is beautiful, no doubt. But is this the Sunnah? Is this the entire picture of the Sunnah? Is the prophetic way. Just a number or is it also a description of quality as well? And that's why I wonder he said describing his night prayer, she said you solely for notice Allah and Hosni him, not only him he will perform for units of my prayer, but don't ask about their beauty and length. So my use only Arbonne then he'd print out the four filters and then Hosni him what only hidden from somebody else and then he performed four units, but don't ask about their beauty and length. Then he will conclude with three. So yeah, if the best form of night prayer is that witch

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam performed with respect to how many he performed eight plus three, but it's also about how he performed them as well. So for those who can't do this, I mean, to pray this type of length of sunnah, okay, there is maneuverability, there's no problem there. But the point of this recording is not to argue a case for a particular number of units for the night prayer. That's not my issue here. The purpose I want to establish is for us to carry ourselves in a more humble fashion towards our brothers and sisters who are doing things differently, but still within the Sunni paradigm.