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Hi there, Jamie

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Boone and Abby Herrera Tara Viola and who are the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? hustle attorney lattice Damien if he Manasa

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smeller Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim.

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The hypocrite or the monastic, he won't possess two characteristics at the same time, something that is impossible.

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The first characteristic is what he calls Salahuddin sanlam. A good somet hostname is something

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and the second one is fit in the religion

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is hairy, is actually Hadith that there is some overlap between the scholars of Islam in regards to his authenticity,

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the share who wrote the book, the book that we're dealing with the Hadith that talk about the personality of the Muslim, obviously, he believes that the Hadith is Hasson is good as a result of the multiple chain of narrations that come all of them a week, but they strengthen each other. So he took the position of his chef and Imam and abahani Rahmatullahi Tana in his books and Scylla and Hadith Asahi, Anil Ambani graded this idea as being authentic.

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But there are some major scholars of Islam who said that this hadith is weak. And they refute it and Eman Ll Benny Ratna to lie and he and the other scholars before Him who said it was we want to mention very quickly two points about the week ID.

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The first point that we want to mention is, we have mentioned earlier that there is a hadith that we've gone over that some of the scholars said that that Heidi was weak as the last but the chef said it is authentic in his opinion.

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So one of the Shabaab had mentioned, if it's a weak Hadith, then why should we even explain it? Because Eliza gel said in the Quran, or Mather about of happy Illa Allah? What is the act of the truth except what is a stray and what is wrong? All we need is the Huck so let's not explain the week Heidi, we say in regards to the job or the answer to that is, we found that the mother and Hades past and present and in the future inshallah, because this is from the mirror off, and the inheritance of Mr. Velarde, we found those Hadees being explained by our scholars of the plats major scholars of the past those Brahma who explained the hadith of an imam of Tierra maybe

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as soon as you have an Imam Abu download them, or what have an Imam Malik, all of those books bring a hadith that are not authentic all of them. And we found that the scholars that we sat with him that we met, and the scholars from the self Ratna to lay him from when those books were written, we found that they explained those books in those ahaadeeth in their books. They will say that fees a Hadeeth a week, but they will still explain them. We found that in our lives. And we also found that being done by the rhythm of the slab, and what was enough for them is enough for us. But they would always explain the ruling of the Heidi, that's the first point second point, as it relates to the

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week Heidi like this one and the one that we dealt with already.

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The scholars will Islam who said that it is permissible to work by and to work with a weak Heidi, although the majority of the Red Hat mobile headset is not permissible. But some of the nmi was the opinion it is permissible with some conditions. We mentioned those conditions a number of times from those conditions that the Hadeeth cannot be extremely weak. The depth of that idea can be extremely weak, like it can be a fabricated Hadeeth can't be fabricated. If it's fabricated. You don't work with it. You work with it in for by law, man, those things that encourage you to do better those things and encourage you like this hadith. Not to be a person who doesn't have

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to be a person who has fifth in the deen not to be a person who resembles the Mona 15. So this is in the Forgotten element that's one of the conditions at the weakness can be extremely weak. Another

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condition that they put is that it should not be connected to the halal and haram or to the devil Islam because

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Because making things halau or making things Haram, and things that we believe in an hour a card, it can be built upon predicated upon what is by faith. So it can be in those issues, and the forgotten, man, only.

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The third condition they said is that the Hadeeth has been mentioned. It has to come under the umbrella of Islam. It has to carry a meaning that you're going to find an ayat of the Quran talking about that thing of a hadith talking about that thing, this hadith is not going to come. And it's going to be the only thing that dounia telling us to do this thing in our religion. For an example, bears a week Howdy. If you can imagine that says, If you make salaat L. Witter standing on your right foot, just your right foot, because it's going to cause you to exert more energy, you're going to go to Geneva, let's say for an example, that had if lagen daraja Tata Aslam in a soulless lab,

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you won't find anything like that, in the Quran supporting it, anything of the sooner supporting it, so you're rejected, so has to be under the umbrella of Islam. And lastly, from those conditions, is that the Hadith when you say it, you can't believe and you can say Rasulullah he said this. So he said that some of the law while he was setting up, he told us in an authentic hadith and camdeboo la la Sokka Caribbean

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and caribou la lays a cabin on a hidden lying about me. And lying on me is not like lying on somebody else if you lie on someone else, that's Haram. And it's a major sin. And it's a moose Eva is a Kabira from the kabaya. But when you lie on the nibi of Islam, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. It is from the Akbar Al Qaeda from the major major biggest sense and it is the way that the religion has been changed, like what happened to the you hold and then the solder when they begin to lie on a 70 Marion and Moosa Salawat de la he was sitting whiny man, Kevin baliya with me then fell Leah toboa, Mercado, hoomin and na. Anyone who lies on me intentionally when Lenin prepares place in

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Hellfire, so the designer

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of relay in week had even notice week and your lion like many of these groups do, and many of the speakers do. He'll make the Hadeeth up, he was married, we cut Eve, and he'll say is in Bahati. And you have to be careful of those text messages that get sent around that at the end of it. It says it was collected by Imam Al Bukhari. Or some of them even get more slick and they say it was narrated by a Muslim.

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And you think he's talking about Sahih Muslim, he said it was narrated by a Muslim. And he will put eight between parentheses. And if you're not aware of that, and if you don't have some background, about the tricks that these people play, and about a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam be a problem. So this particular idea why he clearly it doesn't have a dolphin weakness that is severe. And that's why there are some empty lies between the scholars, as relates to the meaning of the Hadith is an important idea for us to struggling to strive, and to make Jihad to be in the opposite of what this idea is describing two characteristics that you will not find in the monastic. At the

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same time, he says a lot of what he was selling them has new scent, and he won't have knowledge of the religion, person is some assumption. It actually means the way you look, as a Muslim when people see you. They see you and you look like a Muslim. As soon as he sees you, he says, This person is a Muslim people from Eritrea, you have Muslims then you have now Muslims in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Arabs, if you're not used to the Arabs, you don't know which Arab is from Jordan and which Arab is from Iraq, and which one is from Egypt, if you don't mix with those people. So Arabs, there is some tissue between certain people. So when you see the Muslim from Eritrea, as soon as you see them,

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before you hear his name before you hear me speak, you're going to say I think that this man is a Muslim because of his subject, the way he looks, his hate because of the way he's carrying himself, the way he's sitting in the way he's behaving in public that's a stumped the Muslim has a religious obligation and responsibility to take care of his son is eating with your right hand given with your right hand.

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taken with your right hand, drinking with your right hand, is when you put your clothes on, you put your jacket on with your right. You start combing your hair with your right. You go to the barber shop, and they sometimes it starts where when the barber, that's his profession, he starts to cut your hair. And he knows that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is our mother, our Isha said, may Allah be pleased with hot, Kenny or gebouw at tm, Fisher only he

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he used to be impressed with doing things starting with the right and all of his affairs. And she said, like in combing his hair and putting his shoe on. So when the barber cuts the hair of a Muslim or anyone else's hair, he says Bismillah. And he starts on the right side, the one who's sitting there was going to get his hair cut, he may not be cognizant of that, you're not thinking about that, maybe is maybe is it. But if he's sitting in that chair, and he is the barber, say Bismillah. And he starts from the right side, he has an idea this man has some, some edit. And he also has a some. That's what something is, is your serum is the way you hold yourself. Like our daughters. You

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don't allow your daughter to sit and she's sitting in the way that's inappropriate. She sits in a way that is lady like, that's a saint. So the lunenfeld He won't have some along with fit. He may have some, but he won't have it along with fit. He may have fit, but he won't have some. The two characteristics won't combine in the munaf hip as relates to a slumped one in the scholars will get slammed. They used to pay a lot of attention to ascent and is something that we've gotten away. It's the manners that we're responsible for teaching our children, teaching our students teaching people with new reverse ascent. The great scholars of all the same like Eman Abraham and nihari Rahmatullah

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here lie.

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He said that if we the tab your own, if we went to get knowledge from a man, we would not take knowledge from him until first we looked at and we observed, how does he pray? and his son? How is his

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daily wear hat? Did he have a beard? How was he as relates to dealing with the people? Was he a practical joker? Was he an individual who was screaming out loud talking out loud? If he behaved in that type of way, they wouldn't sit with him to take any knowledge. Yaqoob one of the students of an Imam, I made the right not to lie, and he said about himself. for 13 years. I went to Dallas, I went to the DeCosta halaqa Mm hmm. 13 years, 13 years. He said, I didn't write down one hubby's, not one I used to go to see and to learn from him, his son and his hubby. How was he? how he treated people. He sent me another narration that I'll admit when he was in Baghdad, at the height of the Islamic

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empire during that time and knowledge. He said that Imam Ahmed had 5000 students, 5000 students 500 of those students were in front of him. And they were the ones who were writing the Hadith from an Acme 4500. We're just from the r1 just a regular people who were there to learn the son of an Imam at MIT. So we have a lot of statements of the past from the Sabbath. They they put a lot of emphasis on this issue, a lot of emphasis. And I told you the story of Mr. Manik and there are many, many, many, many, many different examples of this, that if a man didn't show a cent in his behavior, they will look down on that man, like well, mmm, a table. Baghdadi brought in his book called fake fake

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and fake well, alpha k one.

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Talked about the people who knew effect and how to get fit. Well, Mr. Malik was sitting and because of his old age, and because of what I perceive as being maybe arthritis during that time, because he had bad knees, the students didn't mind because they knew his situation. He was sick, and will put his feet out like this because he had bad knees and his knees just to hurt him. So everyone who used to sit there used to know what his situation was. But when the stranger came, if the stranger looked as if he was someone who had knowledge. Maybe it's a scholar from Iraq, maybe it's a scholar from Egypt, from Syria from wherever else, Imam Malik, out of respect for that new person.

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We'll bring his foot in. And he did that with a man. And the man acts the man at the time of the q&a session. Yeah, hmm. I have a question. What's your question? He said, ramadan ramadan right now we remember been

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in the month of Ramadan if the sun were to rise from the west, and it was to set in the east. How do we do iftaar? How do we do support, because one of the signs of yomo piano, as you know, is that the sun will rise from the west, and it is set in the East right now. It rises in the east, and it sets in the west. So when it rises up, we have to stop eating. And then when it says we break out fast, so this man changed the situation, thought he was being smart. And this is not one of the ways that you are a good student, trying to ask questions that are difficult to ask, trying to hacks, hypothetical questions. Now. When Mr. Malik saw the man, he brought his legs in and a respect q&a

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session, the man said, if in the month of Ramadan, the sun were to rise in the western set in the east. How do we do if Thor and how do we break out fats? When he heard that question from that man, who had a nice imama on he looked like he had knowledge I had a big beard that something was there. But when he opened up his mouth, it was clear that man was Jay Hill alima Malik put his feet back out, as if to say, you look like someone of knowledge, but you're not a person of knowledge with that kind of Cologne. The showerhead from the point is, it shows how the scholars used to have an Waqar, they used to have respect, looking at a person's outer appearance. Now, that doesn't mean

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everybody who has a nice appearance that you have to loan them money, you have to let him come and sleep in your house because he needs some help. And he's no not saying that. But every Muslim is responsible for appearing in public in a nice way. So he used to order us for an example from this segment is the way the white fold. He ordered people sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to wear white robes. Because if you wear the white fold as a Muslim, you're going to have to keep up with that phobia, you're gonna have to keep it clean. Whereas if you were a phobia of a different color, which is permissible, you can wear it 234 days, and people won't be able to see the stains on that

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particularly doesn't mean it's haraam. But wearing a white bowl that people can see you're looking bright and shiny, like the idea of jabril when he came in His hair was exceedingly black. And his toll was exceedingly white. Everybody looked at him, they said this is a strange thing because we don't know him. And it doesn't look like he's a traveler, which goes to show he came to teach you your religion. He said that at the end of the Hadith. The people know who the one who asked that question. What is Islam? What is he man? When is when is your piano? How are the signs from Mohammed answered each one. Some of the law Why do we suddenly got up in life? He said, Did you people know

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you know who that was? They said a lot is must know best. He said that was jabril he came to teach you your religion. So his hate his subject, the way he appeared. That's part of the religion. Muslims should look like a bum. The young Muslim kid shouldn't wear his jacket and his jacket is always hanging down his shoulders. So when his parents say to a boy, put your jacket on your shoulder. That's from Ellis lamb. Is that as parents giving them a hard time, not as parents giving them a hard time. Now we can't conflate and confuse firstness stumped with Alibaba, Alibaba that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Inman Baba, the terminal e man. Being a person who don't doesn't go

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overboard and grooming yourself is from a man

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being a person who doesn't go overboard in grooming yourself like a woman. So looking nice, representing that's from the dean. He mentioned what was collected by Mr. Muslim on the authority of Abdullah minimus rude may allow you to either be pleased with him. He will not in tune to the agenda the person who has one iota of caber or arrogance in his heart, the man say jasola but I like to have a nice job and I like to have nice shoes. I want my phone to be nice and I want my shoes to be nice. When hubby told him something in LA while he was selling them in Nala Jamil when you hit boogyman. Allah is beautiful. And Allah loves beauty. All you have to do is look at his creation.

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Look at the people we create it. Look at the animals. Look at the fish. Look at the birds. Look at nature. It's a clear indication

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That that Harlock of that must look at. He loves beauty. So when you dress you have to represent that to represent that's from our religion, but not go overboard like the woman. And remember, Abdullah Mubarak, one of the greatest scholars of Islam, a middle Mussolini momineen, Amir alimak, meaningful Hadith, concerning Assam tea set up among the somet you will get comprehension of the religion, if you have a slumped or something close, good clap. Having good character, being humble. being patient is all of that. So as some one word can't mention it in one word, it includes a lot of ideas. His good character is knowing how to walk his manners is knowing how to behave, knowing when

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to talk.

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I get people in my messenger after the hook, but to Juma they come and they want to ask questions about combining the prayer while they're traveling in their in Liverpool near me go somewhere, but they might have is whatever and they want to know sometimes they don't even know because of the method they just knew practicing Muslims. So they want to know what's the ruling. So I say what the people ask questions, I answer the questions that I have the ability to answer. Good something is you are a brand spanking new Muslim, you don't know much in the religion. So when the person comes in asks the question, what is the ruling about this and that, don't you jump in and start giving

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fatwas and giving your opinion or after the person has been spoken to you take them to the side and you start giving your whacked out our you know, the whacked out our I'm talking about whacked out dour as some days, knowing your position for you younger people, as some days, your father's there your uncle is there, people who are older than you, as some days, you're not talking, you're not talking and that measureless until they give you the permission to talk. Unless they're okay with you. It's just something they don't mind you doing. But your father, he gets some guests who come from outside their men, and you come in and you behave in a way they're going to look at your dad

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and say, You need to teach this boy, you need to handle your son, you need to teach your daughters that is as something as simple as it relates to the fifth in the religion. As I mentioned, you will find them on who may have some you can have some. But he's not going to have a subject and flick simultaneously. How do we know that he may have stumped? Because Abu huraira or Abu sufian May Allah be pleased with him when he was a non Muslim, and he went after the Muslims who had made his way up to Ethiopia, from Mecca to Ethiopia, the first idro he went after them to bring them back as captives to Mecca. And the king, the ninja she wrote one Why? And he, he asked Abu sufian I'm going

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to ask you some questions about this man, back in Mecca, Sung Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and I want you to be truthful. And he brought some of the non Muslims of Quraysh, who were traveling with Abu sufian. He was a non Muslim, yo, Maven, and they were non Muslims. He said, I want you to tell the truth. And I want your friends your companions to tell me if you lion. So you begin to ask them a series of questions. When this man sell a lot of what he was selling has a war with his enemy who wins. I will soufiane says sometimes he wins sometimes we win. He said that's how it was with the profits before. He said who follows this man for monks, your people, your community? He said the

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weak the downtrodden than the oppress the hierarchal said, that's how the practice are the weak, the downtown and the oppressed. They're the ones who follow him. He knew because of the knowledge he had from the total from the NGO. So he's asking me questions. He said, when he makes a contract with you, Does he ever break his contract? sallallahu wasallam. Listen, I will soufiane said

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he hasn't broken a contract up until this point, but I don't know what he's gonna do tomorrow.

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He said that was the only word I can get in where I wouldn't be lying. But it will reflect negatively on Rasulullah sallallahu. What do you say to them? Because I will Sophie and did not want those kofod courage to say you lied. You lie. You're a liar. You lied to the king in the court. And then I will Sophia will be known as a cadaver cabinet.

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So he didn't want to be known like that. That is hosting a sent by a non Muslim on that day. He wasn't even he wasn't a Muslim. monastic is a care of him wasn't even a Muslim wasn't claiming Islam.

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Similar to that is the companion and I shudder at the place. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was watching that man move around, while he was dealing with the people. And then he kept watching that man just kept watching them kept his eye on and kept his eye on him. And then he came in he sat on a stool I said to this man, a shed at the pace for the Align home in the FECA hustla attain you have boom Allah,

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Allah will enact you have two characteristics that Allah loves in a person Allah loves these two. He said, What have a yellow sola What are those characteristics? He said, You are haleem you're soft and gentle with the people. You're not a roughneck. You're not hard, harsh course. You are gentle and easy when you deal with people.

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The other one is, you take your time, you're not in haste. You take your time. I was sent some messages via WhatsApp last night. And for a long time, I have not listened to the rhetoric of the people in this country who are on that takfeer stuff. And who are on that. He laughs stuff. I haven't listened to this stuff in years. Because for the most part, the Dow is dead. Because of that dow of being on the roof. They were taken off of the plane of a dour because they want to clash with people. They were taken off of the plane. The leaders got arrested. He has diarrhea and those people so I haven't listened to that in a while. Someone sent me three of them last night.

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The steady job, the haste of those brothers the haste.

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If you don't say that someone is a cafe thing, you are a cafe, because you do not judge by what a lie reveal.

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But he's talking about he's a little boy. He's a brand spanking new Muslim, his father's a brand spanking new Muslim fathers know all about that. His father doesn't want to get into that discussion with this. I don't know. And you won't give him any Rama to say, hey, okay, you don't know you're ignorant. Whoever doesn't say, the King of Saudi Arabia, or Jordan or Egypt? Or here? Or if you don't say that they're kuffar your caffeine? Yeah, take it easy. Take it easy, told me nostalgia. So this man, I should add the pace. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them, Allah loves that. Another example of bml sturgeon is to get married right away. You don't know the brother, you don't know the

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sister. stop seeing you in love. Because you found them on the marital website, you found them. And then after two weeks, you're saying I love you. And I love you, too. You don't know those people yet? You have to take your time. And you have to ask people. So the point of that is, I should read the law and we say yeah, that's the law. Are those characteristics in me because I develop them? Or are they in me because Allah created me like that. He said, a lot created to like that.

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So he wasn't always a Muslim. There was a time before al Islam, he was like that. You go to Indonesia, you go to Malaysia go to places like that. You will find that those people are gentle and easy. That's the nature of those people. Gentle and easy. That is a cement. The monastic. He may have it, he may have that, but he won't have along with it. He won't have along with it. The issue of

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there's a hadith that the Prophet mentioned civilize Salim is really important that it made him afraid and worried when he said, halfway, mighty men. monatshefte men Cooley, Malachi allemande. Listen, the thing that I'm most afraid of for my own man is the hypocrite who has a lien, Elise and he has a tongue that he can speak. He's a monaci. But he has a lien from Alan Mulally Sanne, he has the ability to speak the gift of God.

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The scholar said that this can mean he has knowledge of the religion. He memorized the Quran. He knows a religion, but he's munafo. He's a munaf. He's a lunatic. He's ultimately sad. So that brings us to the other issue about the fifth in the religion. The Nabi sallallahu Sallam in this hadith of Abu huraira mentioned that the monastic

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It won't have an assumption. He may have fifth, he may memorize the Quran.

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He may know this religion. But does he really believe away from the people? He doesn't pray doesn't pray. fudger The Buddha has a McGreevey shot, he'll only pray like the moon at 15 when the people around and when they're watching. So that goes to show that he can have knowledge he can have knowledge, because those are the people the Prophet felt, was going to meet his alma stray sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as it relates to a new fact it's important for us to mention this. There are two types of new fap that we have to be aware of. We mentioned in a number of times, we don't want you to make the critical mistake of making tech fear and seeing people or kuffaar because

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maybe they have in them one of the characteristics of the monastic team and there are many

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there is that the fact the hypocrisy of la carte the person who was a real live monastic he doesn't believe in Islam, and they are here. They're in Greenland.

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They are in Mr. Rama in Liverpool. There are missed it a sinner. There are missed the Ratner right here, in in in Birmingham, there in mystic al hijra.

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real live Muna 15. They go to Mecca, and they go to Al Medina, they could have been born and raised as Muslims, but they have become hypocrites, real live hypocrites. just no way possible that they're going to be present during the time of the Prophet doing the best time. So a lot of what he was sending them when there was no need for them to be present to be present, there's no need, you're in the presence of the Nabi sallallahu, wasallam, who you saw with your own eyes, his miracles, you saw his history taking place and unfolding right before your very eyes. So your heart, your mind should have been affected by that realities those I at now. Now, we're living in a time, which is the worst

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time to live in. And there's a little bit of knowledge, and around us are around a lot of delighting a lot of things that encourage you to be a monastic up people know RSP, right RSP some of our community are always banging on about, we have to get involved in the political system in order to change the situation. So we have to pick someone from amongst us so that he or she can run on our behalf. So that when issues like RSP comes up, we'll have our voice heard. Not a single, not a single member of parliament, not one from amongst the Muslims, not one voted against RSP not one.

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Not one. Do I say that they are Mona, if you call her she don't say that. I'm gonna say that at all. I don't say that at all. But what I am saying, without a magnetic film, as enemy buys me nothing. I'm saying this is the time that we're living in, where as a Muslim, you can make a point, you can take a point, and you say your point, and that's your point as a politician, but due to pressure, due to fear, people are trying to please other people. So they're here. That's the showerhead. They're here. So as I said, I'm this member, as I say, from this microphone, many times, you be careful who you share your intimate business with your intimate business, because these people will

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step to someone and put pressure on them and tell them we're gonna kick you out if you don't give us some stuff. And then they'll start giving people stuff, information. Sometimes it's real, and sometimes it's not real, they just give things just to save their own skin. So if they know something about you, they'll rat you out, they'll crash you out. So according to understand the Hadeeth it is possible for the monastic to have a subject or to have elphic but it can combine a subject and infect simultaneously at the same time for the admin why he is not going to happen based upon what the prophet said sallallahu alayhi wa Ali was sending them to steaming kathira okay 20

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that's 45 minutes if you guys have any questions inshallah we'll answer any questions that you have connected to the dose

00:34:41--> 00:34:42

and in the come shake

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

Okay, we want to welcome that in Iran back Mashallah. He's been gone for a long time and it was saddening that in Iran and so your call today my little man had me busy and want to welcome our brother Jody back as well.

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Jodi had a brand spanking new little baby boy called them Ziad.

00:35:07--> 00:35:35

alias lies which will protect ilias and the rest of our Shabaab and shad bat me allies with God bless us all with a sum and and fit in the religion. So we have to work on this guys we have to work on it all of us as stumped as some and getting knowledge and comprehension of the deen. However, with some Lola who will send them about a Canon ebina while he was happy he was Santa Monica Mara to La Habra, cat.

00:35:39--> 00:35:40

Anybody got any water?

00:35:41--> 00:35:42

Anybody have any water?

00:35:43--> 00:35:46

I wonder? Where's the custodian today? The mask?

00:36:12--> 00:36:17

That's the question. Send it to me. I can't read manga No, my eyesight is jacked up man. I can't see

00:36:22--> 00:36:25

you the next question unrelated to

00:36:30--> 00:36:31


00:36:33--> 00:36:35

I find somebody now. I think

00:36:41--> 00:36:42

the call

00:36:43--> 00:36:51

me and my wife had what do you call it? Jenna migraine and I got home. My little man was given a hard time so I had to take

00:36:52--> 00:36:53

my little man.

00:36:54--> 00:36:58

Little shaver at Santa Monica. How are you doing my man? Okay, good to see you. Okay, man.

00:37:00--> 00:37:02

How you doing when you haven't seen in a while.

00:37:03--> 00:37:08

You're working out? What do you want this or something? What are you doing?