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Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the tragic events that have occurred in the Middle East, including the deaths of many people and the loss of families. The importance of transparency and sharing stories is emphasized, as well as the need for hope and inspiration. The speakers share stories of actions taken by Islam's founder, including dismemberment and killing human beings, leaving their bodies in river streams, and causing people to become horrible. They also warn against lying to oneself and offer advice on how to testify against oneself. The segment also highlights the importance of returning to life of the prophets of Islam, including testing against oneself and others, and reposition oneself as the highest-pressure person in the universe.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he already gives out your ugly Missy fatty Sammy is sematic OBD tion de Lille Khedira fear is the crematorium Emilija legal Bohan for female is mucociliary me What's he eating me cathedral go fron Jamila Sana agency La da image EB da Emily sun. Surreal hisab Misha de kabhi la mala either via diseases assault on when a shadow Allah ilaha illallah hula hula charity gala. Phil Hello okay well when I said to Ana Mohammed Abdullah who was Hulu and McGraw Hill us for the Willa elmen are to be shudder he said they were very thick was sallallahu alayhi wa ala Ali he was hobby Allah Xena whom hula. So to Lara Bella Raja Wahid will holla at by the MBR I'm about to do

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for ya Yohannes wide Allah for inner toe Hydra SUTA at what's Aquila find Nicola Mila cool hasard where are they gonna be sunnah? Fein the Sunnah today the lily draw. I'm gonna thaw Allah What else hula who forgot the Russia what? What year come will be the final be the IDA da de la Marcia Amin Allah wa Rasulullah who forgot the Ebola Waikawa Wa alaykum Shun, for in Allah who will mercy Nene with the Ufa, in whom would you with Darrin was subzero whom did the Combi unwinding, were winning? Or the villa humaneness shade on the Rajin

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Yeah, you hola Xena Amanu Kuno agua Amina leela, shahada blocklist while I get you the mana Commissioner, an omen Allah Allah Tala de Loup er de Leeuw, who are occur rapidly Toccoa. What's Akula in Allaha, kabhi, don't be my time alone.

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Over the past so many days,

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we continue to watch and observe in horror, the tragedy and the travesty and the oppression and the indiscriminate violence against our brothers and sisters in Philistine specifically in Gaza.

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And their, this is something we have been talking about for a number of days for the past week or so. And something that we need to continue to talk about.

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I wanted to address something very specifically related

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to the tragic events as they are unfolding.

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Something that I personally, also felt and I have fielded and received inquiries, and I've had conversations with dozens and dozens of people in the community expressing a similar sentiment. So I felt that it was relevant and pertinent for us to speak about it here today.

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And that is, as we continue, and this is a part of just the tragedy of just the times in the culture that we live in.

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Whereas we continue to watch the numbers climb.

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We're so sometimes fixated on just information,

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we should definitely be informed, but the way we process information

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and how we're watching like a counter just go up in numbers.

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As if we were watching the counter of, you know, some type of game like you're watching the score of the game, and you see the score going up. They've dehumanized.

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Human life has become so you know, cheap, and without value. They've done this, that we watch the number of people killed.

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People lives destroyed, lives taken.

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We watch those numbers rack up and climb.

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And it's so inhumane. It's no different than like watching the score of a game just going up.

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And it's gut wrenching. And there are moments where you sit there and it just,

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it's heavy on the soul

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or the loss.

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And so, Allah subhanaw taala told the prophets Allah, He said of a long, long time ago, more than 1400 years ago,

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while the prophets a lot of a sudden was watching Sahaba being murdered in the streets in Makkah

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and being forced out of their homes

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are being tortured to death.

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When the prophets Allah the son was watching people being hunted down, in the hills in the mountains outside of Makkah.

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When the prophets Allah, He said I'm had to hold in the battlefield the other

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day the dying body of his own cousin and his companions, when the prophets allowed him to bury loved ones and friends and students and people that were like little brothers and sons to him. In the aftermath of the Battle of boyhood, when the prophets Allah the cinema to watch his entire community starve to the brink of death

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in in Hanoi, duck,

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it wasn't easy.

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And Allah told the prophets Allah Islam at that time, will coolin nakasu

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la come in and buy it Rosalie

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man who thought b2b For ADEQ

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they're all the stories of the prophets that we are telling you in the Quran. These are not entertainment.

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These are not just a good pastime. These are not bedtime stories.

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These definitely is mechana. How do you think you've thought, Oh, these are not fables and fairy tales.

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These are not even historical accounts. Like we're just Oh, interesting. We're reading history. No, no.

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We're Quinlan, all of it nakasu aligment, number iersel. All the stories of the prophets that were telling you, man with a b2b e fu ADEQ. It is to actually give you strength when you need it most.

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It is to give you hope, when you need it most.

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It is to comfort you end to console you when you are suffering.

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When your heart is broken,

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when you're angry, or you're sad, you're frustrated, you're upset, this will help you through it.

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And so thinking, experiencing that same kind of sadness and frustration and anger and disappointment and all the rage, the whole spectrum of emotions that we are experiencing witnessing this.

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And then unfortunately, no matter how hard we try to block out the noise, hearing the conversation surrounding it.

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It's it's very difficult. It's very heavy on the heart and on the soul.

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And that's when I had to remind myself of what Allah said, and what Allah told the prophets Allah Allah, Allah husana what the Prophet saw some kind of iman Kubla Khan,

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gana Fie, man publikum there are half a dozen or more instances, when someone came to the prophets, Allah the salam and was struggling and was upset or was beat down was feeling defeated. And the prophets of some would say kind of iman publikum

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the people that were came before you, this is what happened with them, connect with that find strength. When the prophets Allah the salam was surrounded, and they were trying to kill him and assassinate him.

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What did Allah say in the Colombian l Mursaleen.

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There are people who have walked your path before you find strength and comfort by returning to that.

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So especially the loss of life,

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and this magnitude,

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of loss of life.

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It's so mind numbing. So I looked for some hope and inspiration in the book of Allah.

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And I was reminded of a very powerful incident that Allah tells us about

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Allah subhanaw taala, sent Musa alayhis salam to Pharaoh

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and told him to call him to Allah, and tell him for our cinema or you have any extra eel release bunnies raw eel from subjugation and enslavement and oppression and violence.

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And he was given miracles. And when Mousavi some demonstrated the miracles that Allah gave him,

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fit own tried to find a way to be able to spin it. We see the spin happening even today. There's always some kind of a spin. There's always some kind of an angle.

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There's some way to obfuscate the truth and distract people from the reality. So what did he say? He said that this is a Jeep Denali talk

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cretin. I mean, are they not be SANIKA? Yeah, Musa, you're a magician. You're a sorcerer. You're a charlatan. You're playing games with our minds.

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So the the verses go on, but essentially, he said in her Danny, Lisa Hey Ronnie, you read Danny and your creature coming out of the compensatory BCI ima with her Bobby 30 article Musleh they are using their sorcery, their magic.

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And today the accusations would be of all kinds of other things.

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But they are using their sorcery, their magic to oust you from your land.

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The irony, we get the hubbub at article Mithila. And they want to ruin your way of life for me okay to soften the Avila Hayama masala. So then he amassed together all the talent he could find of all the, you know,

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magicians or illusionist, and everybody who practice these kinds of parlor tricks all throughout the land, gathered them all together, amassed them all into one place and said I want you to confront Moses in Khartoum Musa and Harun Aleikum, wa salam Pouya Musa Emma and to Luca YAHWAH. Ima and Hakuna.

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They said Musa will you go first or should we go first? Musa Ali's transit but Allahu Iago first for either he Bilu Whom are you see you whom you hate yell la him in Cid Mannahatta SA. When they threw down their staffs, they played some kind of trick or illusion, where it looked like to all the onlookers, the audience that had gathered to witness the spectacle, it looked to them as if their sticks removing it for Oh Josephine FCTC for the Musa initially Musa Ali Salam felt a little intimidated by the situation. He did. But then canola to huff Allah comforted him, Allah consoled him, Allah gave him strength

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in NACA until Allah

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you will when

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Allah told me was hardly some victory will be yours. You are the one who will come out on top. Well, the mafia mean he could tell us my scenario in my center. Okay, do sir. What are you?

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Allah commended Musa let him throw down your stuff, and it will devour and it will dismantle this trickery that they are engaging in. Because these deceptive kinds of people deceivers they never ultimately succeed for opening a Sahara to Sujatha and then all the magicians they fell down in sujood before before witnessing the power in the might in the Majesty of Allah Balu I'm gonna be Robbie Haruna will Musa and then they believed in the message of Musa the Sunnah. But this is the part that I wanted to mention here.

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Allah mentum LA who Avila and as Anna Lacan Sharon was outraged. She said you believed in Moses, you followed Moses and I didn't give you permission to do so.

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And he says to them in the hula Kabiru como la Hola, como se. He y'all were in on it together all the time, the whole time for the ad, a Kumar,

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laughing, I'm going to string you up. I'm going to sever your limbs from your body, your arm of the right side, your leg of the left side, I will name you. I will mutilate you. I will commit horrible acts and atrocities and do all of this to you I will disfigure you. Well, it will suddenly when the confit you do and nothing. Then while I have maimed and dismembered you and mutilated you while you are bleeding out as it is, I will then hang you from trees.

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I will commit one of the greatest atrocities that this world has ever seen. And the narrations mentioned even cathedra himolla Bucha Allah Imam will be our Lucy Razi, all of a sudden they bring these narrations that they say that some narrations mentioned, there were 70,000 of them.

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The saccade on there were 70,000 of them. The mind can't even process

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like dismembering and maiming 70,000 human beings and then hanging 70,000 human beings from trees. Like where do you even find 70,000 trees to do that?

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It's just, it's unfathomable.

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And the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is such

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that Allah subhanaw taala you

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Let me read the ayat.

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Well, it was Sunday but not comfy judo and knuckle I will hang you when Attala Muna au Natasha do other than what Abacha and then you will know who you really should fear you fear Moses his god you should fear me says fit on

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Aalu they respond no understanding and knowing what's on the line London theater aka Allah MA and Amina will begin at

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you can threaten us if you want you can do whatever it is that you are capable of but we will never defer to you over the truth

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what's right is right what's wrong is wrong

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and you cannot make us give up what's right what are the Fatah Rana we are devoted and dedicated to our Lord fficult the mountain to Aden. Do what you can do what you will do your worst in the Matakohe de la jolla to dunya what's the most you can do? You can end quote unquote you can end our lives in this world. In this dunya

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in NA Munna be Rabina. We have believed in our Lord Lyon, federal Anahata, Jana, Accra, Ghana, Leguminosae her and our Lord will forgive us for our misdeeds, and our Lord will forgive us for anything wrong, we might have done out of compulsion of dealing with you, any missteps that we might have made?

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Deal dealing with you, Allah will forgive us for that as well.

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What Allah who I have a call God is better and longer lasting, everlasting. And then Allah subhanaw taala gives us the verdict. And by giving us the verdict, this is the Mercy of Allah. Allah does not explicitly tell us what happened. But Allah gives us the verdict, the end conclusion instead.

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You know, sometimes you skip over some a very graphic scene.

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That's what Allah does. Allah skips over that part.

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But the Quran makes it obvious and amorphous, you don't explain to us in case somebody doesn't read between the lines. Frown actually committed this atrocity.

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He named disfigured the 70,000 human beings for no other reason than who they were in what they believed.

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And then he while they were already some half of them dead, half of them dying. Then he hung them from trees and left their bodies hanging there and left their, you know, severed limbs lying around on the ground and let everything rot and decompose in plain sight.

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He committed this atrocity.

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But what did Allah say in a humane yet tear up by whom? Mooji Riemann? For Inilah? Who Jahannam whoever goes and stands before Allah as a criminal, having committed this having committed what these people are doing right now?

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Killing 1000s of 1000s of innocent people, children

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for Inshallah, who Jahannam that person is destined and doomed for the fire of *. Now you're moot if you have Allah Yeah.

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They will not live there in nor will they be allowed to die. They will be made to suffer for all of eternity. May Allah protect us, will mean yet to me none. But whoever goes before Allah with iman, with humility, with submission, but the Amina suddenly had this person that the strived, tried to do the right thing for Hula, hula. Hula, for them will be the highest stages in paradise, such high stages in paradise. Our messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told his beloved wife, our mother, I Isha declara, the Allahu taala, Anna, that our Isha does the sky, the ceiling, the top of your paradise will be the outer shell of a man will be the throne of God. Every time you want to

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look at God, you will just look up and you can see him

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the highest stages in paradise.

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Jana, to Arden Interjet even Dottie Hill and how they will be in gardens of Paradise rivers for all of eternity rivers and streams flowing from beneath these gardens. Collie Dena fie her enjoying them, they're enjoying their, their bliss for all of eternity. They're in weather and he could desert lumen Zakka This is the reward of those who stuck to the right thing.

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They stuck to what was right and correct. They committed to following what is good, what is right and what is correct.

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This is the comfort and the consolation.

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the strength, the emaan the conviction that we can find in the Quran. There's a lot of noise outside and I don't know how well, somebody, maybe you're better at it than I am. But it's hard to just deal with all the misinformation and all the noise and all the distractions out there.

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But we can always come back to the book of Allah and come back to life of the prophets, Allah the salam, and cleanse, purge all that filth and misinformation from our hearts and our souls and recalibrate ourselves. It's like, you know, when you wear glasses, and you clean your glasses, and you put them on, and then you can see clearly again, that's what the Quran does, literally can label Ronna Allah coulby him the Hadith of the prophets, Allah Islam, the Quran says your heart become stained, dirty smudged. You can't see clearly. And then the prophets Allah the psalm says that the remembrance of Allah the Quran, is the cleansing of that.

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So it's like cleansing your lenses and then putting them back on. And then you can see once again, clearly, we need to come back to the Quran, we need to come back to life of the prophets of salaam so that we can see things clearly. And I wanted to end in conclude with this as a reminder to myself,

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as a reminder to all of you, and also as a warning

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to the rest of the world that might not see things clearly. Allah subhanaw taala in Surah, number five and pseudotumor EDA in Iowa, number eight, Allah subhanaw taala says Yeah, you heard Athena Amanu Oh, you who believe Kulu ko Wamena Lila,

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remember that you have to stand before God Shuhada Bill Crist.

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And that you will have to bear witness you will have to testify against yourself. Honestly, because no one will be allowed to lie on the day of judgment you can lie right now. You can have propaganda you can have this PR machine, you can have all the other tricks of the trade. But on the day of judgment, nobody gets saliva Yamanaka anymore Allah for him, the mouths will be sealed.

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What to call Nimona ad him their own hands, who will speak against him? What does he do, to whom their feet will testify against him about what they actually did shahada because we will all have to testify against our own selves on the Day of Judgment in front of Allah. And we cannot lie on that stage on that moment. At that moment. While I get you the medina Commissioner Coleman Allah Allah delu Do not let the transgressions of any group of people cause you to become unjust.

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Ei de Loup, who are Acropolis taqwa, er de Loup, who are accountable Itakura er de Loup, who are Acropolis Taqwa. That's the call of the Quran, that is our call today. Be fair and be just

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be fair and be just

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because that is what is closest to Allah.

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If you want to be close to Allah, you want to be in the good graces of Allah, you hope to be a recipient of the Mercy of Allah, you hope to attain salvation, when standing before Allah, Be fair. And be just let us all remember, remind ourselves, remind those around us in our community, to continue to stick to either to continue to stick to fairness and justice. Talking about it, demanding it and praying for it, working towards it. And let us also issue that warning against the rest of humanity as well. Tell them era de Loup, who Acropolis Taqwa

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that Allah is establishing the proof

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Allah this moment right now will be a proof on behalf of many people.

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And it will be a proof against many many people. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us on the right side of that scale.

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BarakAllahu Lana welcome fellow Khurana Laude MONICA I knew what you can build it was a cracking Mustapha Allah Hi Lea welcome Melissa it in Muslimeen of a stuffy room in the hula fedora.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allah Akbar to the Moto quinoa Salatu was Salam ala so you didn't know Selena wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman to be our home via Sandeep Nila yummy Deen pal Allahu Allah azza wa jal forgetter beginning Majeed Bauder are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. In Allahu wa Mala, et cetera, who you saw Lunarlon Nabhi Yeah, you hola Xena. Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam, Moto Seema.

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Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Rasool Lake wa salam ala meaning may not well you must see me in our mercy much barbaric ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala as Raja who were to reality Allah from ISIL Islam only Muslim in Allah one sudeley Islam are well mercy mean Allah Medina Allah had even our to Allah sub eliminated Allah Marina Allah they can recover show critical mercenary about the tick Allah Massena after batana feeling more equally ha

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dunya our other Villa Kira Allah one Saudi one and FE Philistine Allah Monthsary one enough equally makan.

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Call Allahu Allah azza wa jal in Allah He got Marula our delivery. Anyway either way, her annual fracture you will monkey will bug you. Allah come to the Quran. Allah has got to come with the rule who you said you blocked them. Well, they could Allahu Akbar Allahu Jana Mamata stone Hakuna Sana.

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