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Check this out.

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They use their mind now to shop around for the best car and use their mind to get a degree. They use their mind for everything, almost everything. Now when it comes down to the Creator God Almighty. Now, it seems like many people put it on hold. Okay, so we want to talk about the concept of God. Okay, but you know what, for the person who's really, you know what, he doesn't know too much about the Quran or the Bible? You know, let's start at somewhere where we can all agree on some things. Okay? Okay, you know, I'm going, can you You think you can give us an even even ground here? Something that we have some some things that we can all agree on before and then we can come to what

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actually Islam says the console game. Let me ask you something. Can you imagine yourself? Seen a poor person?

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Seeing a widow, seen Understand? Everybody sees that they need you given them $5 $10 $50? But you're starving. And you're not buying yourself? Even a sandwich, a Subway sandwich anything? Well, this makes sense to you? No, it doesn't make sense. So when you tell me that people use in their mind when you go to Walmart or whatever department stores or, and buying things a suit or a tie using the intelligence of God, Almighty Allah gives him the use in your brain. But when it comes about God, they can accept anything you understand, to be a god. Some people say that God is Mother Nature.

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What is a mother nature? Ask somebody? What is the mother nature? Nature is like what mountains, the mountain created you? The ocean? What do you mean by the trees.

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Because if the mother nature is my God, I can defeat this God, I get a bulldozer as example. And I can cut through the mountain and make Katana. So I'm bigger than God and I'm stronger than God is the mother nature is the ocean and the river, I can build the dam. And I stop this river. So what is the mother nature, Mother Nature could not be a god. Some people say take the cow to be a god. You're not talking about people walking in the street, we're talking about people who will educate it. As they worship in the cows, he sees a cow to bees of God. So I can take a knife and kill a cow. I can cook the cow, I can milk the cow. The cow doesn't know where to defecate if it's a living room

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or a dining room or a field. Okay, so how something like this can be my God. So is it. So in actuality your actions say that my tie or my suit? It means a lot to me more than God. Who are because I use my mind for everything. But when it comes about God, I forget about this, okay? He told me anything you understand your God, I accept you can tell me Jesus.

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God, I say okay. Somebody wants to tell him the Mother Nature is yours. Okay. Somebody else has a small rock statue. image of somebody, this your God, okay? Why? Why do I have to minimize or degrade the this grace or book to the limit? God you understand to the things like God's supposed to be greater than anything else that you can imagine? Is it? Absolutely. So why is this people are not using their mind? I don't know really know. What's the problem? How can we get somebody who's worshiping let's say like you mentioned the cow, okay. One person is worshiping Mother Nature. another person's worth worshiping Jesus. Mm hmm. How do we get this people now to understand that?

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This is not right, this is not correct. Or what do you need? Sit, sit and think, sit for a moment and think? Because if you're stronger than God, so what is the purpose of God in my life? Why do I have to fear Him, or love him? Or beg him because if I'm stronger, you could not be stronger than your God. You could not be more knowledgeable than God. You could not be more kinds of God. You see, God Almighty, by nature, and biologic by all means, that it has to be greater than me.

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Otherwise, why is going to be deserve to be God? Why I have to submit Myself to him. What a rock. He takes the rock he can cut break the rock, this statue. Okay, you can

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Break it, you can curve it, you can throw it in the dirty water, you can do anything like this. In the meantime, he could not harm you. And look, look the story of the Prophet Abraham, this recorded in the Quran, when he shows the people the common sense, that use the common sense of God gave you when he saw the sun and said, Oh, this is my God, this, my lord. But after a few hours, sunset said, disappear.

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This could not be my God. Later on, night came and he sees that the moon was the light shining, oh, so beautiful. So this must be my God. But fewer hours than morning, no moon, no light.

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Says could not be my god, you see. So this is a common sense is this things disappear, and die and shrink, and he can throw it in the water? You can. Same thing when he went and broke the idols. They came and say who this is to our idols to our gods.

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So they want to know that it gives us this is Abraham, Abraham, he said, Are you the one who breaks our idols? He said no, the oldest of them, the biggest of them.

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he lets him use their sense. So they go to the because they have a small God, a big God big statues like this. So if you go to the big one xenos exists, status could not even move. You could not take a hammer and knock things down. But Abraham, the prophet Abraham, is a piece and the Blessing of Almighty Allah be upon him, gives him this answer to wake up their mind. Go and ask him if they can speak if they can defend themselves. So this is the reality. You need to stop following your family, your ancestor, your culture, start to think for yourself. Okay, what about the person who, you know what, he's not worshipping a cow or a rock? He's beyond that. But he sees a man come and do some

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miracles give life to the dead, okay, and do other certain miracles. So he takes him as a god in particular, he takes one of God's mightiest messengers, Jesus peace be upon him. Okay, God, okay, how do you deal with this issue? Okay, we say, Did this man himself who performed this miracle? claim that he's on who making it? Or this is a support from God, this man ever

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pray to his God? Did he ever claim that he is God? We don't have any quotation in the Bible, that Jesus say I am God. Not even one single quotation is the whole Bible that Jesus claims that he is God. But we have a quotation that Jesus prayed to God. So he says, I'm not God. But you're insisting said no, you are God.

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What, why can't if you say, why are you limiting God? Why cannot God Be a man out of his love? He turned into a man, he came to show you how to live. Okay? So that's the same thing. He understands that he telling me, the policeman, he wants to humble himself and be understand so submissive. So he goes to the robbers, and the junkie, and the drug users and all these things, and he stands there, he throw his gun away and say, Hey, guys, I'm here. beat me up. Come on, man. We we have to start really to be real.

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So the only way that God you understand to show me He, He is a God, by whom you're letting himself disgracing himself.

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This is what's this? What about those who say look out of His love, he came he turned into a man Okay, out of His love, okay. What turning to amend, turning to amend that you are going in deficiency. You are going in a lower level, we have to understand that God is almighty. God is saying, God can do anything, okay. Don't misunderstand me. God can do anything he wants. But God also he told us that he is almighty. All right. So like a man, but if I cannot give you an example, because nowadays we have so called gays okay. But if you go to other countries with manhood is a privilege that God gives you and that you have the honor that a man, we don't have a man in Arabia

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as example. He will go say, I'm going to show you how I humble myself and he will dress like a woman

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because he know he's a man. Okay? He's supposed to be defending the women, not for him to try

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To put himself in a position, okay, now I'm here I became like, like a woman, they silicone. So God Almighty able to do anything he wants, but at the same time there is something doesn't fit with the majesty of God. So just to take you back on that if they say, Okay, look, well, you said God can do anything, why can't he be a man? Okay? So you become a man, you have to go to the bathroom, you have to go to the doctor, and the doctor has to cut your stomach, and they understand you. So now you're suffering, okay? God doesn't suffer. God doesn't sleep. God doesn't get sick, doesn't have to go to the bathroom. Now you you can see the great in God. Instead, they say glory to God, you are the

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great in God and say, God law. So if me and God are the same, so why do I have to even take care about something called God?

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Ah ha, we'll be right back. As for nothing but but is the beginning of bismil is for otaku be wearing? In 30s, for the web, we will. Jerry Spurgeon, the garden of Paradise is for the blessed pilgrimage for his for her seal of the prophethood given to the Prophet Mohammed solo

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there is for Dean and Islam religion with Allah since time began, that is remembering Allah

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that is supposed to kill greed, when we give our money to those in need set is for Salah Alaykum Peace be with you.

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Shut up is for shams, the shining sun, which plays for everyone as soon as possible for when we pray facing him every day facing him till we meet our low

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is he is missing.

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Because you had said you made a explicit statement saying that Jesus never claimed divinity. Never Have you since you actually you are in the field of Dawa.

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Tell us. What do you mean by that? Because we have some non Muslims the meaning that you call people, don't you? You invite them to surrender submission to God alone. Okay, which is Islam? Yeah. Now if the person says look, hold on, you know, the preacher actually gave him some evidence. So look, Jesus said, No one comes to the Father except through me or I and the Father are One okay? Whoever seen me see the father, okay. Things like this. Are these other ones. The other verses in the Bible says that no one ever seen God? No. What about when Jesus say Why are you calling me God? There is only one God which is Almighty God. Why when you say you understand my Father and your

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Father, okay, my God and your God? What about the verse that say, My God is greater than me?

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So there is no clear cut evidence is a whole Bible. You can read it from cover to cover by King James by Mormon by Jehovah Witness by the revised version, any Bible, no single verse, that Jesus say I am God worshipped meat there is no there is no explicit statement on actual vocal statement as it is ambiguous statements like I had just given you that they give you things that you can twist the meaning Exactly, exactly. Okay. But we understand that Jesus peace be upon him. When born,

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God Almighty doesn't give birth. Neither God Almighty has a father. Jesus is a human being.

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He came from his mother.

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So what are you talking about how a man can be a god, man could not be a god, neither God can be a man. Because for a simple reason, this a take away from the honor and the glory of God to be turned in himself to a man and to be there in the cross and

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Somebody's spitting on him, and somebody telling him deliver yourself. And after this is crying and say, God, I abandoned myself back, then he removes this cup away. So he's calling in who, if you are God, and you're always across who you call it on.

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You see, like I said, all what it takes call in the eyes of can be well hidden, and the qumola he must not have forgotten so much that Allah is telling you go and really go sit by yourself and think about it. Leave was your ancestor used to do what is the society teaching you was the preacher was the minister was the leave everything I said, really sit with yourself, and think about this issue. And now you will get to realization that what you call it, or what you claim, it is not true. And it could not be real.

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Okay, we cover the animal, Mother Nature.

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And we cover the rock and all these other things, the idols, and I had to mention Jesus because peace be upon him, because that's the man that people like there's other men that people have taken as gods, but today, particularly the most widespread is Jesus. Tell us quickly, just, we don't want to go too deep in this, but what do we believe about Jesus, we believe in Jesus peace be upon him to be the prophet of Almighty God, the Messenger of God came to deliver the Word of God. He shows many miracles, and all this miracles is a strength in God Almighty, God strengthened him by this miracles, so that people will know that he is the messenger of God. We believe in the miraculous

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conception of Jesus, peace be upon him, that he has no father, his mother gave birth to him by the will of Almighty God. Adam has no father, he has no mother, if came from a man, no woman, Jesus came from a woman, No, man, me and you came through a man and woman. And this shows us the ability of Almighty God. So my birth and your parents are my conception and your conception is itself is a miracle. And the conception of Jesus is a miracle. And also the existence of Adam and Eve. All of them are miracles, and God Almighty, showing us his ability. Great.

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That was one, excuse me, one very important issues. That what we believe Jesus, that he never been crucified, neither he being killed. We don't believe that Jesus been crucified or been killed. God, Almighty, Allah has saved him. He's a messenger of God is not part of God is not Son of God. He is the messenger of Almighty God can see pacifically for the children of Israel. So we testified that he was a mighty messenger of God, one of the mightiest messengers of God, yes, we cannot be a Muslim. If you don't believe in him. We believe that God saved him from this humiliation of being spit on. Yes. And all these other things. And he raised them up and he's actually is he with God?

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Now? We don't want to use that.

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With because to some people with like, under submit with you, okay. So he is God on my head, elevated him, raise him up, okay, he saved and save him from the date of the crucifixion. And also, we believe in his second coming. Okay, so that's another topic, but we got to cover all the wrong concepts of God. Now, let's get into the actual concept, the true concept of God in

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this question, yes, we want to know now for someone who's trying to find the truth where he can actually differentiate. Okay, everything that you said, I mean, for someone who hasn't been indoctrinated. You know what it makes sense? It's logical. So let's continue on. Let me give you a summary about God. Okay. Yes, God Almighty is the creator of all things. everything other than God is his creation. Is that simple, simple. There is only one creator, Almighty Allah. Everything else that you see, or you don't see. You know about it or you don't know about it. It's part of his creation, God Almighty, nothing similar to him. You could not say that he's from light, his flesh,

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his blood is this is that nothing simply you know, what is the word? Nothing. Similar to him. He is unique.

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He is unique. He has no

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family relationship with anyone. That mean no father.

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No mother, no son, no daughters, no cousin, no, no equal, no equal, he is one alone, unique, nothing similar to him is the fairest without beginning is the last without end is Hi, Hello, can you He is the living one, the self is subsistence, no sleep or slumber takes over him, he is the cause of all causes. He is the owner of the heaven and the earth, He is the Creator of all things, no one can be more knowledgeable than him. No one can be more merciful than him. No one can be more powerful than him. No one can be more wiser than him. He is the Almighty, if the word Almighty can give you a full meaning about what he is, is beyond even for us to comprehend, or to limit him. But he is perfect in

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everything. He is this then and away from any kind of

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deficiency, or weakness? Let's rewind when you said that he doesn't have any sons or he's not the father of anybody has any daughters? What do you mean by this go into a little bit because He is the Creator, everything else is creation. And there is a big difference. There is no comparison between creator and creation. Okay, so everything other than Almighty Allah is his creation. So there is no any, any connection by blood or soul or whatever that imagine between you and God, other than he is your Creator, you is his creation, you are part of one of the things, the millions and the billions and trillions of things that you create, that he made that infection. So how you can be part of him,

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there is nothing called part of God of God comes in me or me and God in what all these things is the wrong concept about God. God is almighty is perfect is glory to Him. So if someone says, look, God had a son, what does that mean? What does that mean? So why is it in so what does that actually mean when he says that God is a human? Okay? God above being, being a human, he is a creator. So he says that God created, he created his part of his creation, and the creation has to come to an end. So that mean, God will come to him. Does that mean there's two Gods not God had a son? Wouldn't that be two gods?

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It depends. They forgiven him. There is no us yet. It's confusing, but I wanted to cover this because if there is, if God has a son, son will have the nature of the Father. What does that mean? That means the same way. Like Eddie has Hamza, your son walks in to like you. He hears and talks like you. The monkey gave a birth to a chicken. The chicken gave birth to a monkey. Wait, hold on, hold on. You said Oh, okay, so you're awake? Yes. The chicken gave lay down eggs and the eggs It comes with rabbit. Is it no comes with a chick? Yes. Is it? Yes. And the horse when you give birth to give birth to a baby horse, as the elephant gave birth to a baby elephant? Yes. If God Almighty

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Glory be to Him, have a son, his son has his own nature. Okay, so now if we kill the Son of God, so what is stopping us of killing the

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father? Because, or even if Jesus died in his own self, without somebody killing him, so we understand the nature of the Son of God to die, so he died? So sooner or later, they're also God's the father will die, because they have the same nature.

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You got me gotcha. All right. How about those who say, Look, let me let me ask you something which one is more simple? One God, love him, worship him obey Him, or to God or three gods have been seen masters or have been one master, one master. So why do we have to make it? Why do we have to complicate it? And one God is not enough.

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How does someone because if somebody from young adulthood from at an early age, this is all they're hearing, they've been programmed this programming constantly in their head indoctrinated into this bizarre, they go, Is this true? But guess what? The moment that you start to talk to him, like what I'm talking to you right away, you know, like you have a light that he didn't use it for a while, and dirt and dust comes over it. He turns the light on, it comes on but still dirt is there. The more that you shine, it comes upright.

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So the moment that he starts to talk to people, and this is, shows this the importance of giving power, inviting people talking to the people have conversation with him, opens their mind, talk to him, they will realize it, because it's still what you may call it, the touch of God, the nature that God created me still inside Zim, but some kind of dust and dirt came over it. So it can be removed, as this is the reason. Look how many millions of Muslims in here in America, the born and raised Baptist Christian, what Stan to name it is their own.

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Without even me or you talking to them, they start to read things about Islam. And some of them say try Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, know everything.

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Some people went through even studying all these things. And then finally, they found that the only true nature, the true only pure source is to come to Islam, to come to La ilaha illAllah, that there is no deity worthy of worship, except to Almighty Allah is the Creator of all things. This is your own upright nature doesn't matter. What you've been preaching and taught, since you are a baby, is still a moment for you to think. And all what we tell is that people go and examine it. Go and examine it for yourself, and think, and after this, kneel down and say, oh, Allah, Who, oh God, who you are us, a true God, creator of the heaven and the earth, lead my heart to you.

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And you see the result? How do we now if we don't depict Almighty God, in His creation? He's nothing like anything that is created. He's the Creator, where the creation? How do we have a relationship with him? How do we get to know him? And this is the reason Almighty God, he said, Revelation, and send messengers, because we never saw God, as there is nothing to resemble or to be similar to God. So God will introduce himself to us, through many ways, his creation, so we can know that he's kind, he created all the things for us, and through revelation, okay, he will inspire and reveal, and he will tell us through the books, and the prophets as the messengers, who is, what he can be what you

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could not be. And this what is the prophets as the messengers came to tell us about? Who is Almighty Allah? Or Who is God? And what fits to His Majesty? And what does it fit with His Majesty, and what he likes and what he doesn't like, so we can get closer to him so we can love him so we can serve him so we can have the honor that we are His slaves and servants. Can we get to know him through some of his attributes and what are the thoughts tell us some of his attributes?

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Hola, hola, de la ilaha illa Huwa al Malik al cudos. seller, Al movement, Mohammed Al Aziz al Jabbar, Al Motta Kapur alcoholic Albury Misawa and each one of these names carry a attribute of Mike Allah was our as example give us the one who fresh for all those names. You said give us the English Okay, we'll give our the fashioner the one who fashion you. Okay? Your eyes can be here, but he bought it here. Okay, what's your earring? Okay, I'll call it john who creates al Hakim z wise, z, Al Malik the king. So each name, okay. It tells you something about God tells us that he doesn't sleep. Okay? He self is subsistence, who doesn't need anyone, he can remove us or he can bring the

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other creation, his own cause the sun to rise he was the one who make the more rise is the one you understand can connect to both of them. So it tells you everything you need to read. And this is the main This is the main from the mentors of the religion of Islam for you to know who is your Creator. And what does it fit to him? And what does it face to His Majesty? And how to please Him or any of these attributes? Loving Merciful of course Allah dude, tell us about this. Allah do the one. The ones that who loves and deserve all the love. Okay.

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And out of the love of almighty and the mercy of almighty that he created all these things for you. What do you think the horse is for?

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The cows are for is for you. You can milk this, he can ride this. You can play with this. So he's spoiling you. He's manifesting his love to us. Of course, it's time for us to manifest our love to him. Exactly. Yeah. By action. How about the first action that one can take right now? They're watching this program. And you know what? That everything they taught before you know what that dirt that was on that bulb you talked about? You know, it suddenly is shiny and they're like, that's my Creator. So I'm not worshipping no man knowledge no monkey, no rock no cow, that God that you're talking about? acknowledge it now I worship him. What do you say I shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah a

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bear witness that there is no true deity worthy of worship except to right now you negated all those Gods we talked about in the beginning, you negated all none of this. All these things is false stuff. Remove all stuff from here all these girls Gods on only ones that I'm going to direct Myself to him. submit to Him, you're slave to him. Exactly. I'm ready to listen to him. I'm not listening to anything else. I'm listening to him. What are the benefits of listening and obeying this one guy, you'll be rewarded in this life as well as the here after you will get the best of this life and their heaven or paradise in the heat of paradise. eternal life. Exactly. Exactly. So we are wise.

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You are a loser. Otherwise you might have something here. You know what, but you really don't get that peace of contentment you chase in this material world when you die. Nothing at the end. This is true. So shadow in La ilaha illallah wa shadow Anima Hamada Rasulo you heard it here on the dean. So a shadow La la la, la, la,

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la, la, la, la, la la. I bear witness, I testify that there is no true deity worthy of worship except to Almighty Allah, which is your Creator and also testify that Muhammad is His Messenger and the seal of all the prophets May Allah guide us all to the street bear with me. That's it thank you and that's a new beginning thank you for being with us on the show my pleasure always mystery thank you for Thank you tackling this very important topic. inshallah God willing, many people have gotten the benefit and inshallah, that some people actually took that first step, the most important step recognize who their Creator is, and they submitted by making the declaration of faith, claiming that

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there is no god worthy of worship except the one true God Allah Muhammad is a slave servant and the CEO finale of the prophets. And may Allah guide us on army mean, I mean, well, you heard it here, firsthand on the dean show, thank you for coming to the source continue to increase your knowledge. You don't have to go through any other third party through the media through this person, that person come to this source if you want to learn about Islam, which is surrender submission to God alone to his to the creator and not his creation. We discussed that the true concept of the Creator and if you can dig this, then you can dig the rest. Everything else will fall in place. We'll see

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you again next time. God will inshallah us until then Salaam Alaikum. peace be on to you.

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