Mirza Yawar Baig – Fajr Reminder – Gratitude is about me

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of gratitude and the success of Islam's subesterday-ive policies, including the creation of the rainbow and the use of animals to symbolize the presence of god. They stress the need for gratitude and acknowledge that everyone is appreciated for their contributions to the success of their families. The speakers also touch on the importance of thanking people for their jobs and receiving small thank-you payments. They end with a story about a family of people who wake up early and drink coffee, but then go on to tell them how grateful they are to have their mother and sister, and how they talk to their mother and sister about thanking them for making coffee.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala ala Nabi mousseline Mohammed Salah, that's even Gosselin casilla from Nevada my brothers sisters, we are in the hi babies. This is what you drink tea to leaves and about ourselves and about. And this is how it is plugged.

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We are in the highways and we are

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looking down there is the plucking machine that is being done. They are sharing the leaf. And if you see how it's the leaf is sucked into the bag

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as they go forward and this is what they're actually cutting

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in the with the with the machine.

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This is where I spent 10 years of my life

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doing this, I didn't actually cut the leaf but I was the manager of states like this, the highways as I said,

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the anomalies in valparai

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the beauty of the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala these tea estates and the surrounding forests, the ravines in between with water running. We are finally at a time here when this this dam should have been full of water but there's nothing there. As barely a trickle at the bottom because the rain seemed to have all what failed. What are we we still are in the rainy season. So we are hoping for the best to get some rain.

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And I remind myself again and again of the

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way in which Allah subhanaw taala created this whole earth and what he did and how everything around us in some way or the other benefits us.

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The trees benefit us. The plants benefit us the grass benefits us water benefits us, the sun and the moon. Everything benefits us.

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Whether we thank Allah subhanaw taala are not the mercy of Allah, the grace of Allah, the blessing of Allah does not stop, it doesn't decrease. And this keeps coming. We get it whether we

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are grateful for it or we're not grateful. And that's the reason why it is so important to be grateful. Not simply because it is our duty, but because

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to thank somebody for what they have given us. This is from our

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this this is to prove that we are among the Surefire We are the people who are worthy of honor.

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Sometimes people feel people don't thank each other for things. And even though our source Hassan's his hobbies is famous where he said that the one who was not saying the slave has not thanked Allah.

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But we forget this. And we sometimes feel that robot is even know. So for example somebody needs to offer you you don't thank you for making it. Oh, yeah, it is, you know, it is your duty after all, you're my brother, you're my father, your mother.

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In our homes, we have people serving us and doing all kinds of good things for us. We hardly ever thank them. We think that yes, well, you know, and they're getting a salary. They are doing they're doing their duty. But and many times I've seen when when you ask people say did you thank your mother for making your food everyday? Or do you thank your wife, for what she does for you? Did you thank your servant, your cook,

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your driver, whoever it is a gardener? People say well, no, they I am thankful. I'm grateful if they know that. Don't they know that? They know that? My point is Allah subhanaw taala said, ln shakar Tulasi de novo. Allah said the one who thanks me I will increase the blessing. So it doesn't Allah know whether you are thankful or not. So Allah subhanaw taala knows what is in the heart. Despite that Allah subhanaw taala said thank because this is not about whether I know or not it's about whether you are expressing your gratitude or not. This is not a question of

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saying we know more after my mother knows my wife knows my husband knows know, whether they know or they don't know. Thanking is an expression of your own being honorable, your own honor. I was teaching a course in Chennai once and

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do a two day course. So during the first day, I was talking about thankfulness and this was the vironment leadership course all non Muslims, almost almost everyone there was a Brahman or Tamil Brahmin was was in Chennai. And the reason I'm saying down Brahman is because the travelin Brahmin routine is universal. And that routine is that

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In the morning, the lady of the house, the mother or the wife, she wakes up first. She has a bath, she goes and does her Puja, then she goes into the kitchen, she makes this wonderful filter coffee, that gentle filter of

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the men wake up, and they come out and sit, and they drink this coffee. And then they read the Indian newspaper, this is the standard procedure. So I told these people I said, Tell me, am I right? This is what you guys do. He said, Yes. They all look very happy about the fact that I knew this their routine.

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So I said, then let me ask you one question. I said, What if your mother or your wife was ready the house? What if she does not make your coffee?

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This is a whole

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terrible disaster. I'm not having my coffee in the morning. I'm this is like, was the fit was the death? So I said then, next question. How many of you thanked your mother, your wife or sister whichever is the lady's house? God forbid, the man will never do it, right. He's only the woman who does. So I said to him, I said to these people. I said, How many of you thanked your mother wife, whoever it was today for making their coffee and not a single? reply. They all kept quiet. Then one guy was sitting in the front. He was sort of almost my age. He started laughing. I said Why? Why are you laughing? You know, did I say something funny? He said no, if I thank my wife, she will die of

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shock. So as a letter die happy, um, you know, do tanker. So anyway, this finished next morning for the day two of the course. I always go Elisa was there. One young guy comes to me and he says, Sir, my mother's asked me to thank you.

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I said your mother asked you to thank me. Who's your mother? I don't know your mother. Who's your mother? What did I do? He said No, sir. yesterday. No, you told us did you thank you ever thank your mother for making coffee. So I went home and I thanked my mother. I said, Thank you so much. You make this coffee. I've been drinking it all my life. I have never thanked you. And thank you. He says the first thing she says is

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will be this Yara Saldana. He said Who asked you to tell me this?

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So he said I tried to pass it off and said Oh, no, no, I felt you know, grateful. He said shut up. I know you. Somebody told you to do this. Who's that? So then he said I said our teacher we are doing this course our teacher

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told us to tank he said tomorrow you go and thank your teacher on my behalf.

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That this is the this is the thing that we have to understand. And while I'm talking to you, there is a secret as I started calling, I don't know if you can hear it, or the sound of the of the machine but Okay, anyway. So this is the the importance of thanking and we need to thank Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala gave us this world which he made for our benefit Allah gave us due to will friends and relatives who make dua for us, Allah tala gave us all our faculties. You were talking today in the morning while we were having breakfast, tea before breakfast, about allergies, food allergies are different people just imagine somebody who has a food allergy, what

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kind of test that is in life and hamdulillah we eat anything that is walking, and then you know, we live to tell the tale how much we need to thank Allah Subhan Allah, Allah did not give me this is Allah gave me the ability to eat and digest and you know, make the best of it are hungry that there is no end to this. I asked Allah subhanaw taala dilijan Allahu to be pleased with us and to be pleased with all of you and to make us among the shaqiri among those who always thank him for whatever he gives us and we ask Allah to increase that blessing as he promised to do. Well, Salah harana will carry while he was I believe named Veronica.

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